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If you’re saying I play favorites you’re wrong. I care about all the servants equally. Except I don’t care for Finny, or Bard. Mey Rin’s feeling like a lost cause too.
—  Sebastian Michaelis


Today is my work-week Friday. Tomorrow i’m going to get my brows done and head to the farmer’s market for some squash and fresh veggies for this week, then nails and hangs with @m00n-lov3rs Monday before our two back-to-back weekends of adventure/sobbing at concerts

Hey Bleach characters, how would you convince more people to read/watch Bleach?

As requested by anon. :)

Ichigo: [thoughtful silence]

Ichigo: Mmmm….show them a picture of me, probably.

Ichigo: I’m pretty hot.

Tsukishima: I recommend sitting outside, prominently reading.

Tsukishima: People will wish to copy your coolness.

Shishigawara: Damn straight they will!

Rukia: I’ve never understood why humans don’t advertise Bleach on containers of *bleach*!

Rukia: I mean, it’s right there.

Renji: Maybe it’s because Bleach doesn’t have anything to do with bleach?

Rukia: Have you SEEN how human advertising works, Renji??

Grimmjow: Go up to random people, thrust Bleach into their hands, and demand that they watch it!

Chappy: And if they refuse, sit on them until they agree!

Grimmjow: Great idea, weird fake Rukia thing!

Chappy: Thanks!

Aizen: Simply manipulate everyone you know into watching Bleach.

Aizen: Easy.

Ulquiorra: Threaten to kill everyone they love if they don’t read it.

Kenpachi: Just tell them about all of the awesome fights!

Yamamoto: Tell them about my awesome abs.

Urahara: Sell it as a “limited edition”! No one can resist that!

Nnoitra: Bleach won’t be strong until everyone has heard of it!

Nnoitra: …so, I dunno, viral marketing campaign or something?

Tesla: That’s so much less - violent than I was expecting, Nnoitra-sama.

Nnoitra: Really? ‘Cause in my experience, Szayel’s schemes are usually violent.

Tesla: Wait, so when you say “viral”…

Szayel: Nnoitra knows that I get things done!

Szayel: My marketing-by-virus technique will be absolutely perfect!

Orihime: I’d recommend loaning your Bleach manga or DVDs out!

Orihime: To your friends…your crush…anybody stuck in the hospital…

Orihime: If everyone in the world shared with all of their friends, then eventually everyone would be exposed to Bleach!

Orihime: Except the friendless, I guess.

Ulquiorra: Yeah, way to leave us out, woman.


Orihime: Sorry?