get more airtime

I don’t get why the fandom’s suddenly acting like being upset about Cartoon Networks scheduling of the show is an SU critical thing? Like I’ve seen SU positive blogs complain about Teen Titans Go getting more airtime before this fiasco. I mean, if anything, people who love the show to that extent would be even more pissed off.

But now that the new episode was literally replaced with more Teen Titans Go, people are acting like only fans who criticize the show a lot would hate this instead of it being a problem that all fans seem to have with Cartoon Network at this point.

okay. i understand people are getting upset about callie having big storylines and the most airtime BUT THE WHOLE SHOW BEGAN WITH HER. she’s the focus, it all started with her and finding a family to be a part of. i love her character tbh.

How are people getting mad about Iris West getting more airtime? Airtime they feel belongs to someone else … I’m sorry but the credits for The Flash goes:

  1. Grant Gustin
  2. Candice Patton

if anything, she’s getting the airtime she rightfully deserved from the fucking beginning as the female lead.

You know what I want to see more of? Post-Game godtier powers.

Give me a John who gets more airtime than should be possible when he jumps, who never gets too hot or too cold and can always tell when it’s going to rain or snow or bluster. (Give me a John who dreams of flying, who has to concentrate to keep himself corporeal, like if he stops thinking about having mass he’ll drift apart, unable to pull himself back together.)

Give me a Dave who can tell what time it is down to the millisecond, with infallible accuracy. Who makes split-second catches like it’s second nature, like time slows down for him before a crisis, who can fast-forward through any of John’s movies by speeding up his perception. (Give me a Dave who can’t stop hearing ticking. Who sometimes blinks and finds himself ahead or behind of where he should be, who can never be sure if he’ll wake up the morning after he fell asleep.)

Give me a Jade who can make any bag into a bag of holding by shrinking what she puts in it or making the inside bigger than the outside. Give me a Jade who can shrink herself at will to go on adventures inside terrariums, who could tell you where anyone is with pinpoint accuracy, who can show up on any of her friends’ doorsteps like it’s nothing at all, who never gets lost. (Give me a Jade who misses being able to wander, who feels trapped, confined, in her body, on this planet. Give me a Jade who feels purposeless without Prospit’s quests or the pressured trials of the game, who feels like nothing presents a challenge anymore.)

Give me a Rose who can still tell the most favorable outcomes of any decision. A Rose who is never in the dark, figuratively or literally. A Rose who never gives a wrong answer. (Give me a Rose overwhelmed by all the information in her head. A Rose who dreams of tentacles and ink and darkness and wakes up choking on her own tongue, who knows she shouldn’t be afraid of what she saw but can’t reason with her own emotions. Give me a Rose who can’t tell if she thinks people are individuals or pawns anymore.)


parliament debating whether to ban donald trump now lol

(tbh as much as i hate him, i gotta admit that if they do ban him, trump will just use it to parade around in victimhood and about how much the UK hATES FREEDOMMMMM and that will whip the ‘Murrica crowd up into even more of their ridiculous and deluded frenzy and get him even more airtime)