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Here is all of the Yuri on Ice merch that I received this month~

Aren’t these all the cutest things ever?! (✿◠‿◠) ♡

The first three charms are from @hyde-draws

The Yurio charm is from @toasterkiwi

The Victuuri and Otayuri charms are from @say0ran-arts

I don’t believe that the artist for the last charm has a Tumblr, but if you message me I can link you to their Etsy shop if you’re intrested in purchasing! ^^ 

i won’t fear love

         happy sciles day, everybody!

The prettiest mermaid out there. Adore Delano has the most magic voice I’ve heard. Get this girl even more famous please.

Yixing as a boyfriend  :-)

Group: EXO

Member: Zhang Yixing

AN: I hope you guys like!!~~~`

He’s a very confused and wondrous man, however how could he be so confused about something he studies so much? Yixing would be the boyfriend that studies you. Not in a creepy way, but in a caring, enduring way. Most people stop learning about their partner once they get together, not Yixing. He can’t get over you. Everyone knows Yixing as the ‘out of it’ kind of guy. However, you best believe if you tell him one little thing that you just threw out of somewhere he’s going to remember it. You better expect a date night and tons of questions whenever he’s home. When Yixing comes home from tour or even the store he’ll bring home little items and be like “I couldn’t help it! It reminded me of you!” Being with Yixing is the highlight of your day, heck even your year. Nothing is ever better than spending time with your true love. He makes you feel special and truly loved. He makes you laugh non-stop, smiling from ear to ear, mouth about to rip in half. Yixing would take care of your soul, your well being, your heart, everything that is you. Every second of every moment couldn’t get better.

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