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fake ah crew gta au aesthetics/inspo for a dumb fanfic [9/?] >> Lindsay Jones

“Lindsay, like Ray, is a nomad for hire. She often helps the Fake AH Crew with certain heists, or whatever chaos Geoff has planned for the day. There are times she helps the Girl Gang with stuff too, but mostly she just hangs out with them outside of work. And even though she’s married to Michael, the rest of the Fake AH Crew has pretty much adopted her and calls her family. For a surprise wedding gift, Ryan blew up the canyon behind them during the ceremony when they kissed. He claimed it was for dramatic effect. Gavin filmed the whole thing for their wedding video, including the part where everyone screamed and ran in mass hysteria. Lindsay often cat-sits mimi, mochi, and lloyd for Suzy, Arin, and Gavin. She spoils them rotten when she does, along with her five kittens named zelda, link, cat, gavin jr, and pusheen.”

Paid to be Popular Pt. 1

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Summary: When Calum, Michael and Ashton are offered 5000$ to get the nerdy Luke to be popular, there was no way to deny. And who knows, maybe one of them will mingle with the gorgeous Y/N?


“It’s ridiculous. “ Michael muffled at Ashton. The three boys sat in leather chairs in a big office, the sun shining through the grey curtains.

“Mate, it’s a lot of money. “ Calum chipped in. Ashton looked exhausted from discussing with Michael for hours now. Michael had been coming with awful arguments since the boys left his house.

“It’s our reputation we’re talking ‘bout! “ Ashton looked at him one last time before the door finally went up. They had been sitting in the office for a while now. All three guys got up from the fancy chairs.

“Hello lads. “ Andrew Hemmings walked in and closed the door carefully after him; as if he was scared, someone would hear them. “Have you decided yet? “

“Yes, we have Mr. Hemmings. “ They had all agreed that Ashton would do the talk, since he was the oldest. “We’ll take the offer. “

Andrew smiled slightly at Ashton’s words while Calum and Michael stood behind Ashton as if they were his guards.

“Good. You know what you’re gonna do. “ Andrew was still smiling, but his eyes were dead serious. His tone was quiet, almost whispering.  

“When do we get our money? “ Michael interrupted with his eager voice and stepped a step closer to Andrew.

“In about two weeks. Then you’ll get half of it. “ He answered. “Now I think we’re done here. “

Andrew pushed the three boys out of his office and out of the back door. They stood there for a while, before going back to Ashton’s car. The ride home was mainly Michael yelling at Calum and Ashton about “the dumbest mistake they’d ever make”. That made Ashton think. Questions about the choice they took haunted Ashton all night.

When Ashton saw Michael’s face the next day, the worries didn’t become less. However, Calum assured him it was going to be alright as long as they played their cards right.

“Okay then. Let’s find that Luke kid. “ Ashton padded Michael’s shoulder and they all three walked in the school. Michael and Ashton had kept an eye on Luke since Andrew proposed the offer, so they knew exactly where Luke would be although the day. They choose to approach him at lunch. He sat alone, with his face drowning in homework, but getting his attention weren’t hard.

“I’m not doing your homework, I already used my lunch money and, believe it or not, I’m not good with people, so please be quiet. “

Luke didn’t look up from his books as the three guys sat down. It was almost like Luke had practiced his words as he spoke them with a robotic undertone.

“Oh we believe you, buddy. “ Michael looked over at their usual table. They were getting weird glares from their soccer team and some girls. Luke looked up from his textbook and looked petrified as he stared into Ashton’s green eyes.

“Okay. “ Luke let his gaze wander to Calum, who was itching his neck, looking away from all the stares. “What are you doing here? “

Michael felt an unbelievable urge to just get up and walk over to his team’s table. He just wanted to sit with his mates – since this would be the most embarrassing thing, he had ever done.  

“We probably should have thought about our actions. “ Calum whispered in Ashton’s ear as Ashton fixed his hair, thinking about the answer to Luke’s question.

“Are you good at soccer? We might need a new stopper? “ Ashton grinned, not knowing if it was a good idea or not.

“I don’t know. “ Luke answered and looked down in his textbook, letting his eyes skim the words before turning the page.

“Let’s go, Ash. We gotta wait for the right time. “ Michael mumbled as he got up his chair and walked towards his usual table. Calum did the same, while Ashton stayed a bit after.

“See ya around then. “ He said and got up to follow Calum and Michael. The three guys were warmly welcomed to their home-table as they sat down. Their table was always surrounded with popular cheerleader-girls who was just longing after a popular boyfriend.

Ashton smacked his locker, being frustrated after the tiring day. Luke was going to get home, unhappy. Because nothing had happened today, expect from the little lunch meeting. Calum was leaning his head against his own locker as Michael approached them. He was completely fine with the lack of “Luke-time”.

“Dude, Michelle’s looking good this year. “ Michael chuckled, throwing his bag over his shoulder. The hallway was crowded with loud students who just wanted to get home.

“If we don’t focus on Luke this year, you won’t get Michelle or the 5000$. “

“ASHTON! “ Somewhere down the hall, a girl screamed Ashton’s name. He looked up and saw the prettiest girl in the school, running towards the three guys. Calum straightened up and Michael just smiled cowardly.

“Jesus Christ, I’ve been looking everywhere for the three of you. “ She laughed. For every guy in the school, this was the dream girl. She wasn’t like the other popular girls. She didn’t take herself to seriously, she was funny and smart and she didn’t care what everybody thought of her. The three guys had been fighting over her since she moved to the city.

“Hi Y/N. “ Ashton smiled, looking down at her. He knew that he had the smile that made thousands of girls swoon, but somehow that never worked on her.

“What are you doing here? “ Michael asked with furrowed eyebrows, trying to look as much as a “bad boy” possible. That was definitely his move. However, that didn’t work on her either.

“I just wanted to tell you that talking to Luke was really nice of you all. “ She looked at the guys with big, beautiful eyes. Unfortunately, those eyes had friendzoned all of them.

“You know his name? “ Michael asked, still trying to stay in character. Calum started laughing his adorable little laugh – something he always thought worked on girls. But not on her apparently.

“‘Course I do, idiot! “ She overreacted as if she was offended. “He’s nice. Very… “

“Quiet? “

“Socially awkward? “

“Not able to be around humans? “

Ashton, Calum and Michael tried to make Y/N laugh with their dumb guesses.

“Yeah, exactly. “ She chuckled and started walking.

“You look good, Y/N! “ A voice screamed from the other side of the hallway, none of the three being able to see who it was.

“Thanks! “ She stopped and yelled back, but turned around to face the boys again. “And he looks like trash. “ She mumbled to them, walking pass them. The thing about Y/N was that she was unaware of the attention she got. So she didn’t feel the stares after longing after her.

“I dunno, man. I’d rather date her than Michelle. “ Calum smirked at Michael as they all looked after her.

“You know what? She liked the fact that we talked to the loser. So… the one who’s the nicest to Luke might be the naughtiest with her. “ Ashton said and threw his bag over his shoulder as they all three walked out of the school with Ashton’s words burned into their minds.

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you want hard proof michael isn’t the cold, calculating, “my only focus is on winning the game” person jacob was talking about in his little game theory monologue?

remember when sucre got trapped in the river in season two after they tried to get westmoreland’s money? michael was there with him and would not leave his side, he wasn’t gonna let his friend die. he wouldn’t leave even when sucre reminded him that if he stayed, he would probably get caught. if michael truly was this person who only cared about people to the extent that they could help him win his “game”, he should have left sucre there in that river to die. he didn’t need him anymore. all he really needed sucre for was to be compliant and not rat him out while he worked on breaking linc out. past that, sucre had no value to him in his game. and yet he still stayed to make sure his friend wouldn’t die.

but okay, jacob, michael is only out to win for himself, he doesn’t care about anything but winning his game.

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lumiere x cogsworth, beauty and the beast, enemies to lovers, it's beauty and the beast and they are DEFINITELY STILL FURNITURE only beast runs a luxury hotel in Miami

why is this a jane the virgin/ beauty and the beast crossover au


Bela Farkas, the little boy whose life Jackson saved in 1994:

The young man in the pics is Bela Farkas who was the little boy who Jackson met in 1994 in Budapest while visiting a hospital. It’s the first time he’s ever given an interview. In 1994 Bela was an orphan in need of a liver transplant but at the time no such operation was performed in Hungary and it was very expensive abroad. When Bela was born his parents left him, so he had no hope to get the money. When Michael visited the hospital he asked the doctors why the boy was so thin and yellow and they explained what had happened to him. He immediately said that he would pay for the operation and the treatment. Not only would Jackson go on to pay for the operation, but also all the treatment that was needed after that and he continued to send Bela gifts too. Shortly after his operation Bela was adopted, so he grew up with loving parents. When Michael went to Hungary for the HIStory tour, he met Bela again. The boy then told him: “It as if you are my father.” Michael laughed and told him: “Then you are my son.” They remained in contact until Jackson’s death. Michael would send him cards, gifts for his birthday, for Christmas and Bela sent him drawings and photos and updates on his life. When Michael died Bela cried as if he had lost a father. He is 24 now and has just become the father of a healthy girl. He says the doctors predicted he would not live past his 18th birthday and here he is at 24 still doing well. He is forever grateful to Jackson and is sure he’s in Heaven now.


Hungarian magazine “Story” published a surprising article about Bela Farkas, the young man from Hungary, whose life Michael Jackson saved 20 years ago. The story was prompted by a happy occasion: Bela recently became a father.

The young man on the picture is Bela, the same little boy whom Michael and his then wife Lisa Marie met in a children’s hospital in Budapest in 1994. He never gave an interview before – this was his first conversation with journalists in 20 years.

Bela was born with a serious anomaly: an undeveloped hepatic lobe, a life-threatening condition that required a liver transplant. Such surgeries were not performed in Hungary at the time and were very expensive abroad. Bela’s parents abandoned him at birth, so he had no hope to get the money.

When Michael visited the hospital, he asked doctors why the boy was so thin and yellow in the face and was explained Bela’s condition. Michael immediately said that he would pay for the surgery. It was a rare occasion when Jackson’s charitable act received publicity and media coverage.

Michael himself recounted Bela’s story in documentary “Michael Jackson: The Private Home Movies” eight years later.

What Michael didn’t mention in the film was that he not only found a donor for the boy and paid for the surgery, but also continued paying for Bela’s treatment for the next ten years. “I don’t even like to think about it,” says Bela. “The treatment cost $15 thousand a year. Michael spent over 50 million forints on me – just because he happened to meet me in the hospital.”

Shortly after his surgery Bela was adopted, so he grew up with loving parents eventually. This TV spot about Bela was made about a year after his surgery.

When Michael returned to Hungary in 1996 with his History our, he met with Bela again. The boy then said to him: “You are like my dad. Thanks to you, I was born for the second time.” Michael laughed and answered: “Then you are my son.”

They stayed in touch until Michael’s death. Michael sent Bela cards, birthday and Christmas gifts, and Bela answered with drawings and photos. When Michael passed away, Bela cried as if he had lost his dad.

Bela is 24 now, and in February 2014 he became a father of a healthy newborn girl. He says the doctors predicted he would not live past his 18th birthday, and here he is at 24 still doing well. He will always be very grateful to Michael. “If I could,” admits Bela, “I would ask him, ‘Of all children in that hospital, why did you choose me? ”.


okay but michael and ray before they joined the crew? living in a shitty apartment together and doing jobs here and there, working so well together as a team. ray gently cleaning off the blood that’s on michael’s knuckles, wrapping up his hands and then moving on to his face; it’s not too bad, because michael always wins his fights. michael helping ray wash the blood off their clothes because sometimes it gets bad, sometimes they both have to get too close to their targets so they can finish the job. michael telling geoff that he’s not going to join the crew unless ray can join as well, and ray saying the exact same thing when geoff talks to him next.

(geoff hires them, knows they’ll be amazing in this small crew he’s forming but he also understands that when it comes down to it, michael is going to pick ray and ray is going to pick michael over anyone else in the crew.)