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important things from Lucifer 2x13
  • Lucifer going against his reaction to take Chloe to the hospital because she said so
  • Lucifer getting pissed with Amenadiel, but forgiving him
  • Chloe kneeing that douchebag right where it counts.
  • Lucifer scaring the shit outta that guy some more. and then chloe’s “too bad.” man, he is rubbing off on her.
  • him holding her as she weakens and then faints. “Detective?!”

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  • Lucifer getting out of his handcuffs in 0.8 seconds and then sassing Dan
  • Celestial Planning Sessions and the fact that LINDA was included.        “I think that…I followed about half of that.”
  • “This is the craziest plan I’ve ever heard….I’m in.” oh maze, we love you
  • “Okay, who wants to kill me?” *Maze and Amenadiel both raise hands*
  • Amenadiel and Trixie bonding. basically Trixie is a treasure and needs to be around way more often
  • k but Lucifer actually looks super hot on that hospital bed
  • *Mama Morningstar dies* ….. “Maze!” ‘Oops.’
  • Ella has a brother?! say whaaaat? please say we’re gonna see him again
  • oh wait I actually kinda feel bad for Mama Morningstar…losing a child is literally one of the worst things that could ever happen to you
  • oh no please no not Unsteady…i’m not crying i’m not i’m not i’m not
  • Maze’s look of sad horror when Lucifer still doesn’t come back
  • Amenadiel being a badass mofo who won’t move for nothing or no one because his brother trusts him not to and basically my heart
  • oh look lucifer also looks pretty hot all rumpled and back from the dead
  • that shoulder grab that shoulder grab THAT SHOULDER GRAB i am loving the bros back together (kinda) again
  • Chloe wanting to pick up where they left off and Lucifer not committing to anything and his look of utter heartbreak is killing me
  • “you set out to break my heart. well….mission accomplished.”
  • Lucifer laying down the law. “So no more. I’m done.”
  • Chloe leaving adorable and multitudinous voicemails, clearly worried about Lucifer. “I just hope you’re okay.”
  • “Lucifer? Are you here? …… Lucifer?!”


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rax-writes  asked:

Imagine Jughead taking care of you when you were sick. It wasn't the Martha Stewart-esque care that some people would give -- in fact, you weren't really expecting any care at all, aside from maybe a "get well soon" text. Instead, you were greeted by Jughead gently shaking you awake from your nap. "What're you doing here?" "You were sick. I was worried. So I came once I got outta school." "How'd you get in?" "You told me about the key under that fake rock, remember? Now sit up, I made soup."


send me soft jughead headcanons please?

Mini Horror Movie Starters

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”
“You don’t seem too broke up about it.”
“I did try to save them but couldn’t.”
“Well we’re officially fucked and shit outta luck.”
“No tears please its a waste of good suffering.”
“They’re demons to some angels to others.”
“It was a mistake!”
“Go to hell!”
“No time for arguments run!”
“Nobody escapes them.”
“You opened the book you killed us all!”
“No one is here to save you now.”
“I’ll drag you to hell with me.”
“He isn’t something you can just kill. He’s a monster and monsters dont die.”
“You can’t just take it on by yourself!”
“Get me out of here before it comes back!”
“It wasn’t supposed to go this far. Now we’ve created a monster.”
“I saw the boogeyman.”
“It’s a mindless machine. It won’t stop until its killed you.”
“They’re here…”
“Rumor has it the house your living in, a family was murdered there.”
“So who do you think will die first?”
“You let us die!”
“Don’t run. It can’t see you if you’re still.”
“Stay calm. And don’t. Turn. Around.”
“Quiet or it’ll hear you!”
“But…they died a long time ago? How could you have just talked to them?”
“It can take on human form. It looks like us. It mimicks our language and our faces.”
“It can haunt you even in your dreams.”
“Are you scared?”
“Don’t fall asleep or he’ll get you.”
“If you leave the monsters will get you.”
“They’re outside waiting for us.”
“Somethings inside the house…”
“Did you hear that?”
“What if it doesn’t stop until we’re both dead?”

Em Hotep

I plan to start getting more into the religion than I am now. I’ve been away due to college and just life stress but i wanna go into it, actually do Senut everyday! maybe even get up super early and do it in the morning, get my depressed ass outta bed :P 

i also wanna start a prayer/hymn thing/book thing :P like just post a bunch of prayers i write on here for ya’ll to use and can use during the personal time in Senut

send me suggestion in my ask please! I love to hear from ya’ll ♥

Senebty -


Honestly I’ll be retreating right outta here right now.  If you’ve got something interesting to share with me, please tag me.  I get too tired to play, so I won’t.

I’ll just be hanging out in the realm of this mad, sweet beast.

wow ok, i’m so angry right now. so i’m here trying to have a good time re-watching kingsman when i get slapped in the face with some foreshadowing that i didn’t ask for. 

um wow. ok?????? rude much????? like what the actual fuck!!!!! was this rE A LLY necessary??????? fuck this and shoot me in the face instead.