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135 malec if you can plss 💕

135. “Please, take me instead!”

Jace knocks on Alec’s office door, eyes still on the papers in his hand as he slowly opens it and says, “Alec, come on, the jewellery store closes s-”

He’s interrupted by a loud sound of someone clearing their throat, and Jace looks up, immediately realising his mistake. Alec is leaning against his desk, eyes wide and panicked as he looks at Jace, and Magnus is there, his gaze more curious than anything, a smile on his face.

“Jewellery store?“ Magnus asks, looking over at Alec, who stammers out a few incoherent words, and then Jace says, “Yeah, I just wanted to ask Alec is he would come with me to pick out a gift for Maia.“

Alec’s whole body relaxes, a thankful smile on his face, while Magnus only grins wider.

“Please, take me instead,“ he says, obviously excited. “Or at least let me come with you-“

“No,“ Jace burst out, a bit too hastily, but before the situation grows too awkward, Alec jumps in. 

“Didn’t you say you were meeting Luke for dinner?“ Alec asks. “This may take a while and Jace wants to give it to Maia tonight.“

Jace just nods, keeps nodding as Magnus eyes both of them for a few moments, but then just lets out a breath, nodding.

“Okay then, but send me a photo of what you pick out,“ Magnus says and smiles, leaning in to kiss Alec briefly.

“I’ll see you at home tonight,“ Magnus says. “I love you.“

“I love you, too,“ Alec responds, a wide smile spreading across his face. Magnus exchanges a goodbye with Jace before leaving the office. It’s quiet for a few moments until Jace is sure Magnus can’t hear them.

“That was close,“ he says then. Alec nods as he quickly gathers his things. When he’s done, he and Jace leave the office, and a few steps into the hallway Jace stops, turning to his brother.

“I’m really happy for you, Alec,“ Jace says. “I can’t believe you’re getting married!“

Alec smiles, bright and happy, his eyes lighting up, and when the light blush on his cheeks appears, it completes the look on Alec’s face Jace has named the Magnus look. Happy, content and so in love.

“I haven’t even asked him yet,“ Alec says, and while he’s still smiling, there is a quiet anxiety in his voice.

“Like there’s any chance he won’t say yes,“ Jace scoffs, smiling at his brother. “Now, come on, that engagement ring isn’t going to buy itself.“

Protect Park Jaejung this precious!

NCT’s no.1 fanboy. Adept with NCT’s unit system and can fluently explain it. Trash since 7th sense era. Really appreciates NCT’s music and aesthetics. Got super hyped when he finally got his Firetruck album. Jams to NCT in his car. Super SOFT for Mark, the ultimate Mark stan (he has a fuckin list of things he wants to do with mark and he gave him flowers and that first meeting looks like a proper date). A certified NCTzen!

hhhng i still felt bad abt not getting her skin color right so here’s my bby

also i kinda finished pokemon moon finally so

tagged by @crvdence 2 stop and drop a selfie so here we are (yes all my selfies r w the dog filter bc it makes me look Bomb okay)

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probably going to delete this later just needed to (literally) scribble out a vent drawing during lunch at work 

If y’all are going to learn anything from me: Don’t do credit cards kids!

emo abbie back at it again

don’t you think it’s so mad how the majority of us are all strangers and yet we all join together?? like i’ve made so many friends that i cherish and honestly i feel like im gonna drown in my tears but its true and honestly i appreciate everyone i talk to n everyone i see on my dashboard n everyone who comments on my shitty posts n you’re all shining stars, thank you :)

i started watching pretty little liars when it first started airing in 2010 and i am literally still only on season 4 - and it’s not because the show isn’t interesting or i don’t enjoy it, it’s literally because i physically cannot look at Ian Harding for extended periods of time without needing a rest, the man is too good looking to look at