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Story-time with Sora and Noctis takes a weird turn. Noct may have competition for the title of Crown Prince of Napping!

Bonus time-jump panel in which Noctis takes his rightful place as the Naptime King:

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do u have advices for beginnerbeginners :-(

I’ve drawn all my life, spent all my energy honing it into my only talent and tangible sense of self worth, spent 5 years and more money than I care to think about in art school and only in the past couple years have I learned/come to terms with the fact that drawing aint worth a crap sack of shit unless it’s fun, so don’t do it in hopes of making people love you, don’t do it in hopes of being famous, just do it as long as it is fun and don’t make yourself miserable for it unless you can REALLY look at it and know it’s worth it.

in general it’s also good advice, that aNYONE will tell you, is to always draw. if you find ways to have genuine fun with it then you’ll naturally want to draw all the time, so these two advices are connected. when you’re starting out you’ll have lots of bad drawings that you hate, but you gotta draw them, you gotta push out the bad drawings like diarrhea to get rid of them. and even drawing bad drawings can be fun in a way, like, life is like a lucid dream that way. (When I’m drawing crappy drawings, at least the physical movement of my hand on paper is nice. or I just go play a video game and draw again in a few days, idk) Anyway just keep pursuing things that make you happy and try to draw things you want to see, and keep drawing them. You’ll get better over time.

also I know you’re a beginnner and don’t have much of a basis yet, but you don’t always have to listen to every advice, and not every tutorial someone reposts from deviantart is actually good or helpful. Not everyone has good ideas or knows how to actually teach you something, no matter how good their drawings look. you don’t have to get caught up in details like what kind of pencil you should use or what sketchbook to get (unless you have fun trying out new art supplies!! then do it cause it’s fun to experiment). if some advice doesn’t work for you then idk, throw it out. if MY advice doesn’t work, throw it out. forget I even exist. IDC. I’m not real. nothing is real

be good to people and draw fun stuff and don’t hurt anyone. and don’t steal. don’t post traced or copied drawings on the internet. all that’ll get you is yelled at. use good judgement and show your good taste.
also please this is really important, you don’t NEED to share all your drawings. you don’t NEED attention. art won’t make people love you T_T art can only make YOU love you

if your goal is to have an art career then I don’t really have specific advice for that, because I mostly gave up on that for the sake of my mental health lol

For my own part, I find it exceedingly difficult, even at this time, to determine, in which of the Learned Professions I shall list myself.  When I hear a Man of improv’d Education, speak from the Goodness of his Heart, Divine Truths with a persuasive Eloquence which commands the most solemn Silence and serious Attention from all his Audience, my Soul burns to be in his Place.  When I hear of One who shines at the Bar, and overcomes Chicanery and Oppression, who pleads the Cause of helpless Widows and injur’d Orphans, who at the same time that he gains lasting Fame to himself, disperses Benefits to Multitudes, the same emulous Ardor rises in my Breast.  When I hear of another, who has done eminent Service to Mankind, by discovering Remedies, for the numerous Train of Disorders, to which our frail Bodies are continually subject, and has given Relief to Numbers whose Lives without his Assistance would have been insupportable Burthens, I can’t refrain from wishing to be an equal Dispenser of Good.

Thus I am agitated.  ‘Tis beyond far beyond the Power of one Man to shine conspicuous in all these Characters.  One must be determined upon, and I am almost persuaded that it would be that of the Divine, if this did not preclude me from bearing Arms in Defence of my Country (for I can’t read with Indifference the valiant Acts of those, whose prudent Conduct and admirable Bravery have rescued the Liberties of their Countrymen, and deprived their Enemies of power to do them Hurt.)


John Laurens to his uncle James Laurens, in a letter dated April 17, 1772

For those of you curious about John wanting to enter the seminary

Having Hanbin as your bias and Jiwon as your bias wrecker feels a lot like dating the sweetest, most perfect boyfriend and cheating on him with his sexy best friend… I feel incredibly disloyal

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Hi there, can you explain to me how starship have treated sistar badly? I dont follow them and hearing the disbanding news + fan letters gave me the impression that everything was amicable but then I also hear star1's complaining about starship's treatment of this so im really out of the loop!

i’m gonna try keep this short so i don’t go off on a rant. basically without a doubt sistar made starship the company it is today like i said before most of starship’s income comes from sistar. but literally what they got in return is shitty management, poor promo and activities. i mean fgs they’re coming back on the 31st (well now we know it’s their final comeback) and starship didnt even tweet a countdown calendar thing they always do for their other artists (monsta x, wjsn). it’s so disappointing that after sistar gave so much to this shitty company, this is what they get back. like starship are focusing so much on their newer artists (monsta x, wjsn once again) that they forgot they wouldnt be anywhere without sistar and star1′s have every right to be pissed

JuminZen Week Day 1: Secrets | Mutual Pining

Jumin and Zen stealing glances at each other during the RFA party… both of them secretly think the other looks really good in the fancier attire… 


in your opinion, is it okay to ship fictional pedophilia and/or abuse ships?
what’s your opinion on ‘it’s just fiction’?