get me an iv

honestly? fuck being depressed about not having a family to go home to on the holidays. i don’t need that, i can just Celebrate Me instead

i just took a bath and did a facial mask and now i feel soft and smell like peaches, i’m making a big box of my favorite mac and cheese and i’ve got lemon meringue pie waiting for me for dessert

and the best part? i don’t have to deal with the chaos of having other people around, i don’t have to wait for people to leave, and i don’t have to spend a second around anyone i don’t like

fuck holidays, they’re My Days Now

all i’m saying is that brooklyn nine nine better get at least 15 seasons 

“mothman is bullshit”

fuck him up, bobert

[[available as a sticker and other stuff hither]]


so uh, about aizawa,

Everybody loves Daichi

CAN WE JUST APPRECIATE how matt went from being terrified of fighting

and needing to be saved by shiro

to literally fighting with his bare hands

and helping to lead rebels in a coordinated attack


Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are acutely aware of how powerful words are. They don’t understand how Gryffindors throw out sentences like a competition, Slytherins weave monologues with nothing but the end goal in mind, and Hufflepuffs grace everything and everyone with compliments. None of these are bad things, but Ravenclaws tend to think more about the effects of words, how they play on each other, how the placement of a word in a sentence can change the meaning. How words are beautiful and complicated and truly amazing, how people managed to create this form of communication, and in many different ways too.


it’s midnight but i’ve been thinking about this since the video came out ahdbabaij

bonus under the cut :))))

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anonymous asked:

how do you feel about sixpenceee?

we will surpass sixpenceee

can’t believe tom holland murdered toby maguire with his bare hands