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Be Kind To People Who Work in Costumer Service


I was shopping a Victoria’s Secret once that is always busy on the weekends. The line gets very long but it never bothered me. Ive always had a soft spot for costumer service workers and that grew even larger after having a few costumer service jobs myself. I dont mind waiting. I chose to go.

Back to the story, on this particular Saturday it seemed extra understaffed. Who knows why… and it really doesn’t matter. There were only two registers open and I believe only one floor girl. They seemed frazzled but pleasant as always. The floor girl was particularly sweet. We struck up a conversation when I asked her which shirt she liked more, and that turned into how we didn’t like a new style that Victoria’s Secret put out. She had to go off and do other things soon after; she was doing her best to help everyone who had questions.

I’ll spend a good hour looking through the store so I came to her multiple times with questions and help finding things. It took her a while to get to me each time because she was helping so many people and doing so many things but it didn’t bother me. I always told her to take her time. No rush. She was so nice to me and so helpful. One particular time she took me over to some bralettes, away from most of the other costumers, and said “Thank you so much for being so patient.” I was sort of surprised and asked “Are people being impatient?” She said “Ohhh yeah…In fact, I just had a women yell at me about how the line is too long and accused me of being lazy because I wasn’t at the register. I’m not cross trained though so I can’t do it even if I wanted to….. I told her that and she literally THREW her things on the floor and left. I had to clean it up.” I told her how ridiculous that was, shared a few quick stories I had about rude people at my job, and told her that she has been beyond helpful.

I’m waiting in line a little while later and the lady infront of me turns back and gives me a soft of “ugh” face, regarding the line. I just kind of shrugged. She says to me “This line is ridiculous”. I respond “Yeah its pretty long. They seem understaffed. Probably some people called in sick or something.” She tries to get gossipy and says “Well they could have more people at the register. THAT OTHER GIRL could go up there.” I put on a smug ass face, because I couldn’t even help it, and explain to her that the girl does not know how to use the register but is trying the best she can. That EVERYONE is doing the best they can. She raises her eyebrows and turns away.

I get to the register after like a 20 minute wait and I walk up with a smile. I say to the girl working the register “wow you guys are packed today!”. She looks relieved and gets a big smile before sighing heavily saying “OH MY GOD. YES. I’m just exhausted….Thank you for being so patient and waiting like you did.” She rings me up and she tells me that I’m only $5 away from getting their free item at the time. Shes telling me where the mini spray bottles are and then says “Screw it. I’ll just TAKE you to where they are. Screw these people.” I walk with her past the big line of angry glares to which I respond with a big smile. (We were gone literally 3 full seconds). We chat as she rings up my last item about the craziness and that gross woman who threw her things on the ground like a child. I make sure to give the floor girl a big shout out for being so helpful and told them they were doing great.

I left totally satisfied with my night.

This isnt me trying to say “wow look how great I am” or some shit. I have my own expierences as a costumer service employee but I wanted to share this one, from the outside looking in if that makes sense. This is me trying to tell you that being nice is so fucking easy. All it takes is a smile and the ability to sympathize with a stressed out costumer service employee to change their whole day/night. Your patience means the WORLD to us/them. Please. Be patient and understanding. We/They are always trying their best. Truly.

Be. Kind.
It means a lot.

Being abused really ruined me.
I was abused and assaulted by kids when i was young multiple times and it has made it hard for me to connect with people my age, and adults whom i looked up to and trusted makes it hard for me to be able to form healthy relationships with adults.

I can never let my guard down or get too close. Ive learned that its dangerous. Anyone can hurt me at anytime.

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yuri on ice staff:

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sasaki haise in aprons ╰(▔∀▔)╯
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sometimes you need to accept that yes i may have been a little bit manipulative. yes i worded something in a specific way that would make my friend/fp/SO feel a bit guilty. yes i could have handled that situation in a much better way. yes i am wrong.



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