get me a whiskey shot

Smoke & Whiskey

Summary: Unspoken feelings manifest in a steamy night in the bunker. .

Prompt: Whatever doesn’t kill me had better start running.
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 2445
Warnings: Smoking, drinking. Some of the smuttiest smut I have ever written. Use protection, make good choices.

A/N: This started when I was drunk one night, then I got smoker!Dean feels. So I drank some more and finished it last night. For the record, smoking can be hazardous to your health, and it’s best to not even start. I’m not a smoker but I used to be, and still have the occasional social cigarette or five when I’ve been drinking. That should cover all the FAQ’s. 

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Title: Jealous

Paring: CasXReader

Word count: 2,730

Request: Could you do some jealous/ possessive Castiel fluff (no smut)?

A/N: This is my first request so I hope I did you justice and I appreciate this request so much! It was extremely fun writing it.

“Get me a shot of whiskey,” you said as you took a seat in one of the booths at the bar. The waitress nodded her head and left with your order as well as the boys, and Cas well, Cas wasn’t much of a drinker. You let out a sigh and ran your hand through your hair, leaning back against the booth. 

“You ok there?” Sam asked. You looked across the table to see Sam and Dean smirking and you rolled your eyes, looking over at Castiel and letting out a smile, who was sitting right next to you.

“I’m perfect! I’m here hanging out with my three favorite guys after taking down a vampire’s nest. Hell I’ve never been better,” you said while throwing your arms up, letting your excitement get the best of you. Sam and Dean laughed at you and you then looked over at Cas, who when sitting next to you made you feel so small, was now smiling at you and letting out a slight chuckle. You put your arms down and looked down at the table with a smile, all the while feeling butterfly’s begin to form in your stomach. Cas was unlike anyone you had ever met, of course he was an angel so that was a big game changer, but it was just the essence of him that made him so unique. He was kind and smart, and although he seemed to be innocent when it came to modern time things, he was also a badass when he needed to be, and honestly you couldn’t decide which side you liked most.

“I’ve got your drinks here, enjoy,” the bartender said, handing Sam a napkin as she left. You raised your eyebrow and gave him a curious look, as did Cas and Dean.

“Why did she give you a napkin but not Y/N and Dean one? Perhaps she forgot,” Cas said, looking over the heads of people to see your waitress, but you soon pulled him down, making him look down at you and you motioned your head over to Sam and winked.

“Look’s like Sammy’s got a number,” you said, giving him a smirk before taking your shot. Sam blushed and then Dean quickly took the napkin from Sam, looking at it in disbelief before chuckling and putting a cocky grin on his face..

“Must have given it to the wrong man. Thank you Sammy,” he said, getting ready to pocket the number before you took it from his hands and gave it back to Sam, shaking your head at Dean.

“No no no Dean, it was pretty obvious that she was giving Sam the love eyes,” you said, winking at Sam. Dean let out a frustrated groan while Sam laughed and shook his head, examining the number before putting it in his pocket.

“Oh come on Sam. Go talk to that girl!” you said motioning towards the bar. He looked at you then at the bar, seeming unsure of what to do.

“I don’t know,” Sam said, trailing off. Just as you and Dean were about to convince Sam to go though, Cas spoke up.

“Y/N is right. She was looking at you the same way Dean looks at pie, and I believe that look does indicate a want of something,” Cas said. You choked on your next shot and nodded, trying to hold in your laughter.

“See Sammy she wants you, so go crazy,” you said, gesturing towards the bar. Sam sighed and got up, pointing at you all.

“If I strike out you owe me big time,”

“It’s not our fault you have no game,” Dean said, letting out a laugh. Sam gave him his famous bitchface and then turned around to walk away, leaving you and a laughing Dean and a smiling Cas.

“Don’t forget, confidence is key!” you screamed at him before he disappeared in the crowd. You let out another laugh and then a sigh, looking over at Dean and Cas.

“So what now boys?” you asked, sitting up straighter, tracing the edge of your cup with you finger.

“Well I don’t know about you guys but this hero is gonna find himself a nice reward for his hard work tonight.“ You let out a laugh and rolled your eyes at him.

“Pig,” you said laughing as Dean got up from the table.

“It’s what I do,” Dean said as he walked away from the table toward a group of girls. You rolled your eyes and then looked over at Cas, only to find his staring at you.

“So Cas,” you started looking at your drink then bringing your eyes up to scan the place, “Do you like places like these?” you asked, curious for his answer. You would do this often with Cas; ask him a question about his opinions, because you loved hearing the answer that came out of him. They were always so in depth and would often end in a story that you could even ask him if he liked French fires and he would end up telling you about the first French fry ever made.

“No,” he said, not offering anymore to say. His answer stunned you and left you speechless, which didn’t happen too often. 

“Oh,” was all you could say. You looked back down at your cup and then back at the bar, and hoping to get out of an awkward silence, you looked for something to do.

“I’m gonna go get a drink. I’ll be right back,” you said, getting up from your seat. Cas quickly got up to and shook his head, making his way out of the booth with you.

“No need to come back, I don’t really enjoy bars that much so I think I will just go now,” he said. You nodded at him and you understood his reasoning, bars weren’t exactly his scene.

“Ok Cas that’s fine I’ll just see you later,” you said, quickly giving him a hug before walking away. You felt a blush grow on your cheeks, but when you turned back he was gone, so you quickly made your way to the bar and ordered a drink, hoping to extinguish the heat on your cheeks. When your drink came you went to pull out your money, liking to pay for things the minute they came, but before you had a chance to you felt a hand on your wrist, pulling your hand away from your money. You looked up and saw an attractive man with black hair and brown eyes staring down at you.

“Let me pay,” he said, putting money down. 

“Thank you,” you said, suddenly knowing what you wanted from this night. 

“No problem,” he said, smiling at you, waiting to accept his flirtation or not.

“Please sit! I’m Y/N,” you said, extending an arm. He took you am and shook it and you felt yourself melt, thinking about how you knew another hand as strong as tis mans.

“Names Bruce,” he said sending you a smile. You two talked for a while, getting to know very simple things about each other, but before long you two already knew where the conversation was heading.

“So I was thinking, a pretty girl like you alone tonight wouldn’t be quite fair,” he said, placing a hand on your inner thigh, not going high enough to the point where you felt uncomfortable but just at the point that left you wanting more. You leaned into him and placed your lips next to his ear, barley touching them.

“I’m so glad you noticed my predicament,” you said, whispering it in his ear. Just then though, you felt him pull away from you. You quickly pulled back and looked to see what was wrong and then you saw it. Cas was there, holding Bruce away from you, looking at him with the same expression he gave the vampires right before he chopped their heads off. Cas gave him a look of pure hatred.

“Hey what are you doing!” the guy said, forcing Cas’s hand off of himself.

“Cas what are you doing,” you asked, sending him a confused but upset look, and although he would have usually made a confused expression to match yours when you made a face like that, he still kept the look of hatred on his face, only replacing the look for a blank stare when he was looking at you.

“Wait you know this guy?” Bruce asked, looking back at Cas. You nodded, still confused about what was happening, until Bruce’s eyes widened and he stepped back, taking his coat and putting his hands up. 

“Hey man I’m sorry I didn’t know she was taken. I’m not about that,” Bruce said before he left. Once it clicked in your mind what he said your eyes widened and you shook your head.

“No wait it’s not what it looks like!” you screamed, but it was for nothing because he was already gone. You let out a frustrated sigh and then gave Cas a pissed look.

“What the hell Cas?” you asked, letting your anger come to you. 

“He just wanted to sleep with you Y/N,” Cas said as a matter of fact.

“No shit Cas! I wanted to sleep with him too!” you screamed at him, before letting out a sigh and trying to calm down a bit.

“Cas,” you said, keeping you voice at a low even tone, “I know there are some concepts about humans that are hard to understand but the thing is that two people can want to have sex without even knowing each other and that’s fine, as long as the two people want to do, and that what was going on between him and I.” you said, feeling a bit awkward. But Cas’s expression never changed. He still kept the same anger filled face.

“I know this Y/N, and I knew that you two were both in agreement,” Cas said, taking a step closer to you.

“Then Cas what the hell was that? Why did you send him away?” you asked, raising your voice a little higher.

“Because I wouldn’t allow you to sleep with a complete stranger,” Cas said, obviously being serious.

“Excuse me,” you said ever slowly, your voice filled with venom.

“I won’t allow it,” he said again.

“And who the hell do you think you are to tell me what I can and can’t do, huh? I don’t need your permission for shit Cas,” you said, this time moving closer to him, trying to intimidate him, but he just stood his ground.

“I am an angel Y/N. I have been here on this earth for thousands of years. I believe I know far more about human interaction that you,” Cas said. You let out a bitter laugh and then glared at him.

“Yeah and guess what knows more about human interaction than angels. Actual fucking humans!” you said, screaming in his face. You then turned to walk away from him before you felt a hand grab your arm and turn you around so that you were facing Cas, yours and his face just mere inches apart.

“Where are you going?” Cas said, saying each word ever so slowly. You glared at him and then looked at his lips, not being able to help it, but then bringing your gaze back to your eyes, and you smirked at him.

“I am going to find that guy so we can have hot dirty sex, and I’m going to scream his name over and over again, and you cant stop me,” you finished, pulling out of his grip and turning around, walking away from him.

“Oh yes I can,” you heard Cas say before you felt an arm on your shoulder and then suddenly your surroundings changed. You were no longer in a bar but at your motel room with none other than Cas.

“You fucking took me from the bar?” you said, looking at him dead in the eyes.

“You were going to make a mistake,” he said, adverting your eye contact.

“No I wasn’t,” you said, running a hand through your hair.

“Yes you were! You were going to sleep with a man you didn’t even know. I was saving your self respect!” Cas said. You scoffed and then rolled your eyes, just getting more pissed at everything he said.

“That’s a fucking lie,” you said.

“No it’s not,” Cas said, once again looking down and avoiding you.

“Yes it is because if it were true than you would be saying the same thing to Dean every time he had a one night stand but you don’t. So unless you think the only people that can have one night stand that you know are guys, that explanation is bullshit. Unless you do actually think that women can’t have one night stand.

“Don’t fucking put words in my mouth Y/N,” Cas said slowly. You paused and tried to hide your expression to what he had just said, to the fact that he just cursed. He never cursed and when he did you knew something was seriously wrong. But you just couldn’t honestly understand what it was.

“Cas tell me the truth,” you said, your voice a bit softer but still firm. 

“I can’t,” he said.

“Yes you can.”

“No I can’t.”

“Yes you can!” you screamed at him, getting pissed off by his silence.

“I’m fucking jealous ok! I’m jealous that a man who doesn’t even know you can have you and I can’t,” Cas said, mere inches from your face when he finished his outburst, taking deep breaths like he just won a marathon.

“Who said you couldn’t have me?” you asked softly, looking down at his lips. Realization of what you were saying then hit him and he widened his eyes and cleared his voice.

“I don’t understand,” Cas said, looking down at your lips then back at you.

“Cas what are your feelings towards me?” you asked, still keeping the same distance between the two of you. He licked his lips and nodded, closing his eyes.

“I don’t quite know. I’ve never quite felt this before. But I do know that when I’m with you I just think of ways I can impress you, and then I feel what I think you would call butterflies? I feel them in my stomach and they don’t leave, even hours after you’re gone. And I love hearing your laugh, and your voice, and the way you sound when you are talking about something you feel passionate about. And tonight when you were with that guy I couldn’t help but feel angry and hurt. I couldn’t help myself,” Cas said, looking down. You lifted his chin and looked into his beautiful blue eyes, smiling at him and getting a smile back in response. You then let your hand slid around the back of his neck, and you pulled him in, ever so slowly, until you were both kissing. You felt things you never felt before when kissing Cas. You felt excitement and fear, knowing that there would never be anyone better than Cas and knowing that he could hurt you at anytime he wanted to. But you also trusted Cas to, and you knew he wouldn’t do that. You felt everything you should have felt with Cas and a hundred more things. You then pulled away from him and looked at his lips and then at him and smiled, not actually believing that you were doing what you imagined countless times.

“Maybe I should tell you what to do more often,” Cas said, sending you a smirk that made you weak in your knees, but you regained your strength and shook your head at him.

“Ever try that again and I’ll kill you, you’re just lucky it worked for you this time,” you said, separating from him and turning to get a drink. You then felt hands snake their way around your waist and you leaned you head back onto his shoulder, closing your eyes and letting out a sigh of content.

“Well then good thing I was lucky,” Cas said, whispering it into you’re ear.

“Yeah,” you said, still keeping your eyes closed.

“Good thing.”

I just read an article that essentially said “If you aren’t having sex you definitely don’t love him and aren’t ready for marriage” and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be sick I thought we all moved past this is 8th grade someone get me a shot of whiskey