get me a whiskey shot

Request: Hi could you please write a jack lowden x reader imagine please, a first meeting type thing Thanks


Sometimes you really wondered why you were friends with the people around you. All they ever wanted to do was go out drinking and partying. Sometimes you were able to use work as an excuse to stay home. But other times, like tonight, you didn’t really have a choice in the matter.

Which is why you found yourself walking up to the local pub, Mulligan’s, at midnight with your already drunk friends.

“Ay! Shots all around!” Your buddy, Marcus, cheered as he stumbled up to the bar. The bartender recognized the group, after all they did visit at least twice a week. He immediately got to work making the usual shots, and you fell into conversation with some other locals.

An hour later found you exhaustedly plopping into a seat at the bar, already done with your friends antics. You were so used to being the responsible one of the group, the one who chased their friends around to make sure they didn’t do something too stupid. But tonight you just wanted to get away from it all.

“Ev'rything alright over there?” A soft voice spoke as you rubbed your temples tiredly.

“Just peachy.” You grumbled back, not glancing up towards the stranger.

“Your friends are ahh, quite a handful eh?” The voice spoke again, and you glanced over towards the fellow. Instantly, your eyes connected with a startling blue pair, leaving you breathless.

“You could say tha.” You breathed out, discretely checking him out. Blonde hair, strong facial structure, lean muscles. This man was quite handsome.

“I figured, mine are too.” He said, glancing over at a group of rowdy guys in the corner. When he turned back to you, he had a smile on his face. “Think I can buy you a drink?” He questioned, scooting his stool slightly closer to you.

“I wouldn’t say no to a shot o whiskey.” You told him, a smile forming on your lips finally. He seemed surprised for a moment, before smiling wider.

“A whiskey girl, eh? I like it.” He said, before turning to the bartender. “Hey lad! Can you get me a shot o whiskey for the lass and I?” He questioned, and then turned back to you. “I’m Jack.” He spoke, holding out a hand.

“Y/N.” You responded, taking his hand. He pulled your hand to his lips, pressing a slight kiss to your knuckles.

“Beautiful name.” He whispered as he pulled away, and you felt a blush rising to your cheeks. You breathed a sigh of relief when the bartender came back, taking that time to rid of your blush.

Jack handed you one of the shots, and then held his up for a toast.

“To stupid friends.” He joked, his eyes glistening slightly. You laughed as you clinked your glass against his, then downing it all in one go.


“Aye! Y/N, let’s head to Kevs house! His da’s got some ale.”

That night, when 3am rolled around and the bar closed, it wasn’t you dragging your friends out of the bar for once. You had sat at the bar all night, chatting with the handsome man who for once helped you enjoy being at the pub.

You talked about loads of things; favorite music, books, lifelong dreams. You talked about your dream job, and he in turn told you about being an actor. He told you about his new film, Dunkirk, and you promised him you would go and see it.

You honestly didn’t want to leave the pub, you had enjoyed yourself so much while talking to him. It seemed he felt the same way.

“If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like ta walk miss Y/N home tonight.” He told your friend, before turning to look at you with a wink. “If Y/N here agrees.”

“I’d like tha.” You smiled, taking his offered hand as you both stood up.

“Someone alert the presses! Y/N’s going home with a lad!” Your friend screamed, making you redden instantly. Instantly all your friends began drunkenly cheering, irritating you further.

“Aye you bloody tossers! Shove it.” You started toward them angrily, before Jack tugged you towards the door.

“Don’t worry darlin’, they’re jus havin’ a laugh.” He chuckled as he removed his hand from yours, only to wrap it around your shoulders as you moved out into the chilly night. “Lead the way.”

“You really don’ have ta walk me home. I’m right around the corner.” You told him, but he just shook his head.

“I know, but I wan’ to.” He replied, pulling you closer to his body to keep you warm. “Besides, what kind o gentleman would I be ta let a gorgeous lass like yourself walk home alone.”

“Gentleman? I don’t see any gentlemen around.” You joked, trying to force down yet another blush. Jack let out a wholehearted laugh, squeezing your shoulder.

“Aren’ you just a funny one.” He laughed, letting go of you as you turned up the walkway towards your apartment. You fumbled in your pockets for the key, before pulling it out triumphantly. You turned towards him when you got to the door, a gentle smile on your face.

“Thanks for walking me home, and for makin’ tonight more bearable.” You said, pulling him into a hug.

“For once I’m actually glad my friends are annoyin’, I might’ve never met you otherwise.” He said as he pulled away, placing a kiss to your check as he did so. “I was thinkin’-”

“Well that’s not a good sign.” You cheeked, laughing as he pretended to be offended.

“Fine than, I’ll just leave.” He sighed, turning and taking a step away.

“Alright you little diva.” You laughed, grabbing his arm. “What were you thinkin’?”

“Well, maybe I can take you to lunch tomorrow?” He asked, sounding hopeful.

“I’d like tha.” You responded, smiling when he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Great! So I’ll pick you up at 11:30?” He questioned, beginning to walk away.

“I’ll be waiting.” With that, you disappeared into your apartment, back leaning against the door as you smiled.

Just this once you were happy to have been dragged out of the house by your friends.

Smoke & Whiskey

Summary: Unspoken feelings manifest in a steamy night in the bunker. .

Prompt: Whatever doesn’t kill me had better start running.
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 2445
Warnings: Smoking, drinking. Some of the smuttiest smut I have ever written. Use protection, make good choices.

A/N: This started when I was drunk one night, then I got smoker!Dean feels. So I drank some more and finished it last night. For the record, smoking can be hazardous to your health, and it’s best to not even start. I’m not a smoker but I used to be, and still have the occasional social cigarette or five when I’ve been drinking. That should cover all the FAQ’s. 

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Happy ending

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Wynonna x reader

Request: “You need to wake up and realize that you two belong together! The two of you have something that most people spend their entire lives looking for and never find. They’re one of the best people I know and one day someone is going to realize that and you’ll lose them forever. So I’m asking one more time, what are you still doing here? Go, it’s about time you got the happy ending.” 

You never expected someone like Wynonna to come into your life.

Everyday with her was an adventure and you couldn’t remember a time you ever felt so alive.

For the last year, the two of you danced around the truth that you had real feelings for each other.

Neither one of you had ever cared about someone in this way before and it scared you both.

When you went missing Wynonna could barely keep herself together.

She couldn’t sleep for a week until she found the revenant that took you and sent him back to hell.

You were resting back at home and Wynonna found herself at the homestead, sitting at the dining room table, drinking straight from a bottle of her favorite whiskey that you had bought her weeks ago.

“Wynonna, what are you doing here, shouldn’t you be with Y/N?” Waverly asked her sister as she walked into the kitchen.

“Why, they’re safe and we got another revenant down,” she said taking another swig of whiskey.

“I don’t know, maybe because they could have died and you never would have gotten to tell them how you really feel,” Waverly said dramatically taking a seat.

“Oh and how is it that I really feel about Y/N,” Wynonna scoffed.

“Jesus Wynonna, you need to wake up and realize that you two belong together! The two of you have something that most people spend their entire lives looking for and never find. They’re one of the best people I know and one day someone is going to realize that and you’ll lose them forever. So I’m asking one more time, what are you still doing here? Go, it’s about time you got the happy ending.”

Wynonna took a moment to herself before standing up, “thanks babygirl,” she said giving a quick kiss to the top of her sister’s head and walking towards the door.

“Well finally,” Waverly muttered to herself picking up Wynonna’s whiskey bottle taking a drink.

There was a knocking at your door and you hesitantly opened it, still cautious after the revenant attack.

You were relieved when it was Wynonna standing on the other side.

“Hey Wynonna,” you greeted her.

“Y/N, can we talk,” she asked.

“Yeah come on in,” you said stepping to the side, “what did you want to talk about?”

“It’s something Waverly said.”

“What did Waverly say?” you asked confused.

“That I deserve a happy ending,” she blurted out.

“Well yeah of course you do Wynonna,” you stated still confused as to what she was on about.

“No I mean,” she took a step towards you, “I’ve been alone for a long time, Waverly was the only person I ever cared about and then I met you and it scares me how much I care about you. But almost losing you, it made me realize that I’m even more scared of living my life without you.”


Before you could say anything Wynonna had her arms around your neck and was kissing you.

“Wynonna,” you smiled pulling away, “you’re not alone anymore, and I really care about you too. Maybe we should finally give this a shot.”

“Oh believe me, it took a lot of shots of whiskey to get me to do this.”

You laughed and grabbed her hips pulling her back in for another kiss.

Wynonna was finally going to get her happy ending after all.

Welcome Home Princess - Part 2

First of all I wanted to thank everyone who has read and given me feedback on not just WHP but also my other short stories and fics - it means the absolute world to me that you guys enjoy and anticipate more from my writing, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside - As promised, a part 2 of WHP.

Warnings: OC is a dark character, there is swearing, mention of knives??, and sexually suggestive content - if any of this bothers you or is a trigger please be advised and feel free to go read my fluffier or less aggressive content x


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You're Favorite Dancer

Prompt: Perrie goes to a strip club in search for her favorite dancer that is usually Jesy, but finds Jade instead, an amazing stripper. (Who is also a sex goddess tyvm)


Perrie smirked flinging the door open, and walked inside the strip club. She wasn’t one for strip clubs often, but their was this one girl that had her addicted like a drug. The way her hips moved so … . professionally, her seductive eyes, her smooth skin, and Jesus Christ, don’t even get Perrie started on the girl’s butt. She wasn’t really interested in looking at any other dancer, because she was set on this girl’s type of way for dancing, while Perrie was searching around the strip club, one of her best friends Taylor stood their awkwardly, feeling uncomfortable in the atmosphere, due to the fact she was straight. 

But meanwhile, her other best friend Valerie was already pulling dollar bills out of her bra, and throwing them onto the stage, cheering the dancer on. (A/N: fuck bitches get money A.K.A the meaning of Valerie’s name) Perrie clicked her tongue, seeing her favorite dancer no where around. She shook her head and walked towards the back of the club, seperating herself away from the pedophile men in the club. She leaned against the wall, and let her eyes roam around the other girls in the club, deciding who could replace her favorite one in the meantime. Though, none of them would move as good and as sexy as Perrie would like. She huffed out in annoyance, while her friend Taylor was walking towards her. 

“Why did you drag me here?” Taylor asked in a irritated tone, because she would rather be at home watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. Perrie giggled, and shrugged knowing Taylor was straight, but still dragged her to the club. “Just let loose,” Perrie said in a cheerful tone, but deep down inside her head, her mind was clouded with thoughts of her favorite dancer, giving someone else a lap dance. All she got from Taylor was a groan, before she stood next to Perrie against the wall. 

“I’m surprised you aren’t getting a lap dance right now.” Taylor scoffed, picking at her nail polish, a grin plastered onto her face as she felt Perrie’s body stiffen at her words. “Just looking for the right one,” Perrie replied in a stone-cold tone. “What’s your ideal stripper then, Miss Sassy Edwards,” Taylor giggled, still waiting a response from Perrie. “Dunno, maybe a girl who could actually dance, and look good while doing it?” Perrie answered truthfully, not wanting Taylor to investigate her anymore. “How about that one over there?” Taylor pointed towards the brunette in red lingerie, who was preparing to give herself to another girl, sitting firmly on the girl’s lap, before she began moving her hips in a slow, hypnotizing way that made Perrie aroused even more. Maybe it was the fact the mysterious brunette had a great body, and a nice butt, but Perrie was addicted to the way the brunette moved.

“Perrie!” Taylor shouted in the ivory-skinned girl’s ear, causing Perrie to make a squeak and jump up from the loud unsubtle noise. “Jesus Christ! What?” Perrie asked, groaning as she rubbed her ear, feeling slightly deaf from Taylor’s screaming (A/N: (; ‘Taylor’s screaming’) “I wanted to know if you wanted anything from the bar?” Taylor suggested, really needing to get away from all the lesbian aura she was in when she was around Perrie or Valerie. “Just get me a shot of whiskey … . .” Perrie mumbled in a hurried voice, her eyes trained on the brunette who was finally getting off of the girl. Taylor shook her head, and walked towards the bar and sat on one of the bar stools awaiting to be served by a bartender or a barista. Meanwhile, Perrie was walking over towards the mysterious brunette, who was bending over in a corner to pick up the money she had dropped earlier. 

Perrie grinned and spectated the brunette’s bum from a fair distance, loving how amazing it looked. She had wanted to get her hands onto this girl as soon as possible, but before she could the girl was already up on the stage and near the pole. Perrie growled, and frowned, but nevertheless pushed away the men that was blocking her way and stood around the stage, her eyes trained on the brunette. She had a gut-feeling her favorite dancer wasn’t here, but she had a feeling that the brunette could satisfy her tonight. The brunette started dancing, and Perrie pretty sure her ears were gonna go deaf from the wolf whistles coming from the pedophile men around the stage. 

Perrie growled, herself becoming needier, because boy could this girl dance. Her hips would move so fluently, as if she had done this type of thing for decades. As the brunette gripped the pole, Perrie felt fingers curl around her wrist and she was tugged away from the stage. She had only been dragged back to the wall she was at before to see Valerie there, while Taylor was dragging her by the wrist. Perrie yanked her wrist away from Taylor’s grip, and rubbed her wrist. “What?” Perrie snarled, unpleased that she was dragged away from the brunette. 

“Valerie claims she walked in on a guy and a stripper, and wants to go home.” Taylor scoffed, rolling her eyes crossing her arms over her chest. Valerie gripped tightly onto the lapels of Perrie’s leather jacket, shaking the ivory-skinned girl furiously. “I don’t know what life is anymore.” Valerie mumbled tugging onto Perrie’s leather jacket. Perrie chuckled, and embraced Valerie into a comforting hug, “Jesus, maybe if you go to church you wouldn’t be like this.” Taylor said, downing down another shot of vodka, her lipstick imprinted onto the shot glass. Perrie rolled her eyes, and walked away in search for the brunette again, to see her walking towards the private rooms, fingers linked with a guys. Before the brunette could even make it to the door with the taller lad, Perrie had walked in the same direction, holding her shot of whiskey, Taylor had gotten her, close to her. 

Perrie smirked, and purposely bumped into the brunette causing her shot of whiskey to spill all over the brunette. The brunette squealed and let go of the guy’s hand, while the guy just stood their slowly backing away, finding the brunette unattractive with sticky alcoholic all over her now. Perrie was mentally squealing inside her body, but really she was trying so damn hard to keep her cool. Perrie clicked her tongue, shaking her head. “Should’ve watched where you were going, love.” Perrie grinned, walking closer to the brunette, as the brunette would back up until her back came in contact with the wooden door, that had led to one of the rooms. “Well thanks to you, I just lost one of my customers that was going to pay well.” The brunette huffed trying to push the ivory-skinned girl away from her, but there was something so soothing about her presence that made the brunette want to keep her right where she was.

“I guess that’s your problem then.” Perrie husked in the brunette’s ear, hands planted firmly onto the brunette’s hips, while the dancer just stood their, her hands latched onto Perrie’s upper arms. “What’s your name, love?” Perrie purred into the dancer’s ear, her fingernails slightly digging into the brunette’s hips. “J-Jade …” The dancer replied, feeling herself getting flustered at the girl’s presence. The girl practically looked like a typical badass chick who had her own gang in high school, but a sex goddess at the same time, Jade bit her lip in thought of the random blonde’s lips claiming her’s. “I’m Perrie,” The blonde spoke once more, “I couldn’t help, but notice how good you were dancing earlier … .” Perrie made up, because she was hadn’t even seen Jade dance with a pole, but only seen her give someone a lap dance, and Perrie was 101% ready to get one from Jade.

“Oh really?” Jade whispered, into Perrie’s ear, her hand squeezing Perrie’s upper arms, earning a groan from the taller girl. “Yup, and since you’re free now … .” Perrie whispered, before opening the door, causing the brunette to fall back a little bit, but was saved as the ivory-skinned girl wrapped her arm around the brunette’s waist, pinning the petite girl against the wall. “I don’t think I really have a choice at this point.” The brunette breathed out, feeling her breathing becoming uneven, and before she could even say anything else in protest, the blonde’s lips were againsts her moving fiercly. Perrie moaned into the kiss, backing up until the back of her knees hit the chair, and she fell back onto it, finding that the brunette tasted of cotton candy and her lips addicting. Jade straddled Perrie, as she broke the kiss, staring into the ivory-skinned girl’s eyes before she began moving her hips in a circular motion, moving at a slow delicious pace.  

 Perrie groaned and dug her fingernails into Jade’s hips even more, urging the brunette to go on, but all Jade did was continue her torturing pace. It wasn’t soon before Jade’s lips attached to the ivory-skinned girl’s neck, nibbling softly on the blonde’s collar bone, sliding the leather jacket down the blonde’s long arms, flinging the jacket somewhere in the small room, grinding her hips harder down causing Perrie to reciprocate by bucking her hips up to meet the brunette’s. A moan falling carelessly from both of their mouths. "God, I can do this all day, but I don’t have all day, so let’s get it on, yeah?“ Perrie growled, her hands searching the brunette’s back for the clasp of the bra, successfully finding it quickly, as Perrie unlatched the hooks and threw the brunette’s bra against the locked wooden door, her lips instantly attaching to Jade’s erected bud. 

Moans became more frequent to come from Jade’s mouth, as she felt as if she was seeing stars, because Perrie obviously knew all the rights spots Jade enjoyed to be touched at. Jade moaned as she felt all muscles clench inside your abdomen, grinding down harder onto the blonde, feeling herself becoming needier, and grinding wasn’t gonna do it. She gripped tightly onto Perrie’s shoulders, her fingernails digging into the blonde’s soft skin at her shoulder, pressing their lips roughly against each other. Their mouths moved fiercly with each others, both of them needing some type of pleasure, as Perrie stood up, to only have Jade wrap her strong legs around the blonde’s waist, squeezing her waist softly with her thighs, the ivory-skinned girl carefully placed the brunette down onto the velvet-colored chair, and got down onto her knees. Jade moaned at the sight of Perrie on her knees in front of her. Very slowly, Perrie peeled off Jade’s knickers, that were now a more damp due to the wetness coming from Jade’s clit. 

Perrie clicked her tongue, and shook her head, smiling at the sight of the glistening clit in front of her, very hesitantly she hooked her arms with Jade’s thighs to keep her in place, as her tongue gave a few kitten licks, earning a groan from the brunette, before she dove her tongue in, elicting a loud moan from the dancer, as her tongue moved around in circular motions, digging her tongue in deeper, it wasn’t soon before Jade’s hands were gripped tightly onto the blonde’s locks, as Perrie’s fingers were now pumping in and out of her, sometimes curling inside of her, and that would drive her insane. Perrie groaned, sending vibrations throughout Jade’s whole body, as the brunette tugged on her blonde locks harder, encouraging the blonde to continue what she was doing. It wasn’t soon before Jade feel her body go rigid, and Perrie pulled her tongue away, her fingers still pumping inside of Jade, feeling the brunette’s walls clench around her finger. Jade moaned, gripping tightly onto the blonde’s shirt, and bringing their lips together in a fierce, lustful kiss.

Perrie, who was first to break the kiss, instantly began lapping at the spilled juices of Jade’s, moaning at how amazing she tasted. She was really expecting her favorite dancer, but she had decided Jade would be her new favorite. Perrie chuckled, helping Jade put back on her bra, and damp knickers, as she drapped her leather jacket around the petite brunette’s shoulder. 

"You can keep it, keep yourself warm. You seem a little bit too revealing tonight.” Perrie chuckled, winking at the end of the sentence. Before Jade could even say anything, the wooden door flung open and was shut very loudly, signalling Perrie was gone. She put on Perrie’s leather jacket that was big on her, and took in the radiating warmth it provided. She shook her head and reached into the pocket of the leather jacket to feel money. Jade grinned to herself, not only did she get the best sex ever, she was also paid. She had decided on saving herself for Perrie if she ever came next time. 

Jade was Perrie’s favorite dancer, and she knew it.


Sorry if i disappointed you guys I finished writing this with a horrible headache and my bae telling me she cheated on me since 2009 ;-(


Title: Jealous

Paring: CasXReader

Word count: 2,730

Request: Could you do some jealous/ possessive Castiel fluff (no smut)?

A/N: This is my first request so I hope I did you justice and I appreciate this request so much! It was extremely fun writing it.

“Get me a shot of whiskey,” you said as you took a seat in one of the booths at the bar. The waitress nodded her head and left with your order as well as the boys, and Cas well, Cas wasn’t much of a drinker. You let out a sigh and ran your hand through your hair, leaning back against the booth. 

“You ok there?” Sam asked. You looked across the table to see Sam and Dean smirking and you rolled your eyes, looking over at Castiel and letting out a smile, who was sitting right next to you.

“I’m perfect! I’m here hanging out with my three favorite guys after taking down a vampire’s nest. Hell I’ve never been better,” you said while throwing your arms up, letting your excitement get the best of you. Sam and Dean laughed at you and you then looked over at Cas, who when sitting next to you made you feel so small, was now smiling at you and letting out a slight chuckle. You put your arms down and looked down at the table with a smile, all the while feeling butterfly’s begin to form in your stomach. Cas was unlike anyone you had ever met, of course he was an angel so that was a big game changer, but it was just the essence of him that made him so unique. He was kind and smart, and although he seemed to be innocent when it came to modern time things, he was also a badass when he needed to be, and honestly you couldn’t decide which side you liked most.

“I’ve got your drinks here, enjoy,” the bartender said, handing Sam a napkin as she left. You raised your eyebrow and gave him a curious look, as did Cas and Dean.

“Why did she give you a napkin but not Y/N and Dean one? Perhaps she forgot,” Cas said, looking over the heads of people to see your waitress, but you soon pulled him down, making him look down at you and you motioned your head over to Sam and winked.

“Look’s like Sammy’s got a number,” you said, giving him a smirk before taking your shot. Sam blushed and then Dean quickly took the napkin from Sam, looking at it in disbelief before chuckling and putting a cocky grin on his face..

“Must have given it to the wrong man. Thank you Sammy,” he said, getting ready to pocket the number before you took it from his hands and gave it back to Sam, shaking your head at Dean.

“No no no Dean, it was pretty obvious that she was giving Sam the love eyes,” you said, winking at Sam. Dean let out a frustrated groan while Sam laughed and shook his head, examining the number before putting it in his pocket.

“Oh come on Sam. Go talk to that girl!” you said motioning towards the bar. He looked at you then at the bar, seeming unsure of what to do.

“I don’t know,” Sam said, trailing off. Just as you and Dean were about to convince Sam to go though, Cas spoke up.

“Y/N is right. She was looking at you the same way Dean looks at pie, and I believe that look does indicate a want of something,” Cas said. You choked on your next shot and nodded, trying to hold in your laughter.

“See Sammy she wants you, so go crazy,” you said, gesturing towards the bar. Sam sighed and got up, pointing at you all.

“If I strike out you owe me big time,”

“It’s not our fault you have no game,” Dean said, letting out a laugh. Sam gave him his famous bitchface and then turned around to walk away, leaving you and a laughing Dean and a smiling Cas.

“Don’t forget, confidence is key!” you screamed at him before he disappeared in the crowd. You let out another laugh and then a sigh, looking over at Dean and Cas.

“So what now boys?” you asked, sitting up straighter, tracing the edge of your cup with you finger.

“Well I don’t know about you guys but this hero is gonna find himself a nice reward for his hard work tonight.“ You let out a laugh and rolled your eyes at him.

“Pig,” you said laughing as Dean got up from the table.

“It’s what I do,” Dean said as he walked away from the table toward a group of girls. You rolled your eyes and then looked over at Cas, only to find his staring at you.

“So Cas,” you started looking at your drink then bringing your eyes up to scan the place, “Do you like places like these?” you asked, curious for his answer. You would do this often with Cas; ask him a question about his opinions, because you loved hearing the answer that came out of him. They were always so in depth and would often end in a story that you could even ask him if he liked French fires and he would end up telling you about the first French fry ever made.

“No,” he said, not offering anymore to say. His answer stunned you and left you speechless, which didn’t happen too often. 

“Oh,” was all you could say. You looked back down at your cup and then back at the bar, and hoping to get out of an awkward silence, you looked for something to do.

“I’m gonna go get a drink. I’ll be right back,” you said, getting up from your seat. Cas quickly got up to and shook his head, making his way out of the booth with you.

“No need to come back, I don’t really enjoy bars that much so I think I will just go now,” he said. You nodded at him and you understood his reasoning, bars weren’t exactly his scene.

“Ok Cas that’s fine I’ll just see you later,” you said, quickly giving him a hug before walking away. You felt a blush grow on your cheeks, but when you turned back he was gone, so you quickly made your way to the bar and ordered a drink, hoping to extinguish the heat on your cheeks. When your drink came you went to pull out your money, liking to pay for things the minute they came, but before you had a chance to you felt a hand on your wrist, pulling your hand away from your money. You looked up and saw an attractive man with black hair and brown eyes staring down at you.

“Let me pay,” he said, putting money down. 

“Thank you,” you said, suddenly knowing what you wanted from this night. 

“No problem,” he said, smiling at you, waiting to accept his flirtation or not.

“Please sit! I’m Y/N,” you said, extending an arm. He took you am and shook it and you felt yourself melt, thinking about how you knew another hand as strong as tis mans.

“Names Bruce,” he said sending you a smile. You two talked for a while, getting to know very simple things about each other, but before long you two already knew where the conversation was heading.

“So I was thinking, a pretty girl like you alone tonight wouldn’t be quite fair,” he said, placing a hand on your inner thigh, not going high enough to the point where you felt uncomfortable but just at the point that left you wanting more. You leaned into him and placed your lips next to his ear, barley touching them.

“I’m so glad you noticed my predicament,” you said, whispering it in his ear. Just then though, you felt him pull away from you. You quickly pulled back and looked to see what was wrong and then you saw it. Cas was there, holding Bruce away from you, looking at him with the same expression he gave the vampires right before he chopped their heads off. Cas gave him a look of pure hatred.

“Hey what are you doing!” the guy said, forcing Cas’s hand off of himself.

“Cas what are you doing,” you asked, sending him a confused but upset look, and although he would have usually made a confused expression to match yours when you made a face like that, he still kept the look of hatred on his face, only replacing the look for a blank stare when he was looking at you.

“Wait you know this guy?” Bruce asked, looking back at Cas. You nodded, still confused about what was happening, until Bruce’s eyes widened and he stepped back, taking his coat and putting his hands up. 

“Hey man I’m sorry I didn’t know she was taken. I’m not about that,” Bruce said before he left. Once it clicked in your mind what he said your eyes widened and you shook your head.

“No wait it’s not what it looks like!” you screamed, but it was for nothing because he was already gone. You let out a frustrated sigh and then gave Cas a pissed look.

“What the hell Cas?” you asked, letting your anger come to you. 

“He just wanted to sleep with you Y/N,” Cas said as a matter of fact.

“No shit Cas! I wanted to sleep with him too!” you screamed at him, before letting out a sigh and trying to calm down a bit.

“Cas,” you said, keeping you voice at a low even tone, “I know there are some concepts about humans that are hard to understand but the thing is that two people can want to have sex without even knowing each other and that’s fine, as long as the two people want to do, and that what was going on between him and I.” you said, feeling a bit awkward. But Cas’s expression never changed. He still kept the same anger filled face.

“I know this Y/N, and I knew that you two were both in agreement,” Cas said, taking a step closer to you.

“Then Cas what the hell was that? Why did you send him away?” you asked, raising your voice a little higher.

“Because I wouldn’t allow you to sleep with a complete stranger,” Cas said, obviously being serious.

“Excuse me,” you said ever slowly, your voice filled with venom.

“I won’t allow it,” he said again.

“And who the hell do you think you are to tell me what I can and can’t do, huh? I don’t need your permission for shit Cas,” you said, this time moving closer to him, trying to intimidate him, but he just stood his ground.

“I am an angel Y/N. I have been here on this earth for thousands of years. I believe I know far more about human interaction that you,” Cas said. You let out a bitter laugh and then glared at him.

“Yeah and guess what knows more about human interaction than angels. Actual fucking humans!” you said, screaming in his face. You then turned to walk away from him before you felt a hand grab your arm and turn you around so that you were facing Cas, yours and his face just mere inches apart.

“Where are you going?” Cas said, saying each word ever so slowly. You glared at him and then looked at his lips, not being able to help it, but then bringing your gaze back to your eyes, and you smirked at him.

“I am going to find that guy so we can have hot dirty sex, and I’m going to scream his name over and over again, and you cant stop me,” you finished, pulling out of his grip and turning around, walking away from him.

“Oh yes I can,” you heard Cas say before you felt an arm on your shoulder and then suddenly your surroundings changed. You were no longer in a bar but at your motel room with none other than Cas.

“You fucking took me from the bar?” you said, looking at him dead in the eyes.

“You were going to make a mistake,” he said, adverting your eye contact.

“No I wasn’t,” you said, running a hand through your hair.

“Yes you were! You were going to sleep with a man you didn’t even know. I was saving your self respect!” Cas said. You scoffed and then rolled your eyes, just getting more pissed at everything he said.

“That’s a fucking lie,” you said.

“No it’s not,” Cas said, once again looking down and avoiding you.

“Yes it is because if it were true than you would be saying the same thing to Dean every time he had a one night stand but you don’t. So unless you think the only people that can have one night stand that you know are guys, that explanation is bullshit. Unless you do actually think that women can’t have one night stand.

“Don’t fucking put words in my mouth Y/N,” Cas said slowly. You paused and tried to hide your expression to what he had just said, to the fact that he just cursed. He never cursed and when he did you knew something was seriously wrong. But you just couldn’t honestly understand what it was.

“Cas tell me the truth,” you said, your voice a bit softer but still firm. 

“I can’t,” he said.

“Yes you can.”

“No I can’t.”

“Yes you can!” you screamed at him, getting pissed off by his silence.

“I’m fucking jealous ok! I’m jealous that a man who doesn’t even know you can have you and I can’t,” Cas said, mere inches from your face when he finished his outburst, taking deep breaths like he just won a marathon.

“Who said you couldn’t have me?” you asked softly, looking down at his lips. Realization of what you were saying then hit him and he widened his eyes and cleared his voice.

“I don’t understand,” Cas said, looking down at your lips then back at you.

“Cas what are your feelings towards me?” you asked, still keeping the same distance between the two of you. He licked his lips and nodded, closing his eyes.

“I don’t quite know. I’ve never quite felt this before. But I do know that when I’m with you I just think of ways I can impress you, and then I feel what I think you would call butterflies? I feel them in my stomach and they don’t leave, even hours after you’re gone. And I love hearing your laugh, and your voice, and the way you sound when you are talking about something you feel passionate about. And tonight when you were with that guy I couldn’t help but feel angry and hurt. I couldn’t help myself,” Cas said, looking down. You lifted his chin and looked into his beautiful blue eyes, smiling at him and getting a smile back in response. You then let your hand slid around the back of his neck, and you pulled him in, ever so slowly, until you were both kissing. You felt things you never felt before when kissing Cas. You felt excitement and fear, knowing that there would never be anyone better than Cas and knowing that he could hurt you at anytime he wanted to. But you also trusted Cas to, and you knew he wouldn’t do that. You felt everything you should have felt with Cas and a hundred more things. You then pulled away from him and looked at his lips and then at him and smiled, not actually believing that you were doing what you imagined countless times.

“Maybe I should tell you what to do more often,” Cas said, sending you a smirk that made you weak in your knees, but you regained your strength and shook your head at him.

“Ever try that again and I’ll kill you, you’re just lucky it worked for you this time,” you said, separating from him and turning to get a drink. You then felt hands snake their way around your waist and you leaned you head back onto his shoulder, closing your eyes and letting out a sigh of content.

“Well then good thing I was lucky,” Cas said, whispering it into you’re ear.

“Yeah,” you said, still keeping your eyes closed.

“Good thing.”

A Date? A Date. - (Dean x Reader)

Summary: Based on a request. The reader and Sam have been best friends since childhood, and their fathers used to hunt together. Now, the two are older and are both hunters. Maybe the roles have changed a bit, but one thing hasn’t: the reader’s crush on Dean.

Warnings: If you squint, you’ll see a tiny bit of angst.

Word Count: 2,055

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I’m Not a Freak

Pairing: Castiel x Telekinesis!Reader
Warning: Dean and Sam being a tad bit mean, not too mean. 
Summary: You have telekinesis, but the boys don’t know this about you. You’ve managed to keep it under wraps until one day, you’re in a bad mood and some guy at the bar pisses you off. Damn, you’re secret’s out now.
Request: “This is my first time sending in a request and I’m nervous so please excuse the fact that I’m on anon haha :) um SPN one-shot, CastielxReader where the reader has telekinesis but has been too scared to tell the boys and one day she gets angry and stuff starts just levitating and flying around her and the boys are all accusing and angry and she runs away but Cas finds her crying later on and it just ends in fluff?? Sorry if that sounded confusing lol thank you, love your blog :)”
A/N: Ahhh a SPN request! Don’t be nervous! Thank you for giving me as much info as possible so I could write this to your liking!…Hello my beautiful followers! I am back, I am sunburnt….and I failed my exam…anyways. Here is an SPN request! BTW, I love you too and thank you! xoxo

“I don’t know about you guys, but I could definitely use a drink.” Dean groaned as they pulled into the garage of the bunker. You sighed and tried to rid your mind of the family you all couldn’t save on time. You wondered where Castiel had vanished to. He had come in right on time to save you before Sam jumped in and took out the demon that was charging towards you.

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,106

Warning: Drinking, crying, fighting, language

Tags: @d-s-winchester @kazchester-fanfiction

A/N: This is based off the song Drive by Miley Cyrus. Get some tissues, you guys. Hope you guys enjoy this. Feedback is amazing, as always. Thank you, lovelies. <3 Let me know if you’d like a second part! 

(Don’t own pictures, credit goes to owners.)


I always thought everything between me and Dean were amazing. Lately, it seems the total opposite. The littlest thing seem to turn into a fight. Either me or Dean always speed off to go to the nearest bar. I can already feel like tonight is going to end up like that. The drive back to the bunker was so tense. I sat in the backseat and stared out the window of the Impala. A single tear shed down my cheek, but I didn’t let out a sound. I couldn’t let Sam or Dean see me be weak. I swallowed the lump in my throat and stepped out from the car when we pulled into the garage. I slammed the door shut behind and I instantly regretted that.

“Just because you’re pissed at me, doesn’t mean you can hurt Baby!” Dean screamed at me.

“It’s just a fucking car!” I spat looking at Dean.

I stomped into the bunker and slammed the door behind me. I walked into mine and Dean’s shared room. I leaned my back up against the door and let all the tears fall from my eyes. I heard boots stomping the hallway and I hurriedly wiped my tears away. I braced myself for the argument that was coming. I stepped away from the door and had my arms crossed. Dean pushed the door open so hard the door bounced off the wall. I looked into Dean’s eyes and all I could see was rage. He slammed the door and walked closer to me. I stood my ground, I wasn’t stepping down tonight.

“You really fucked up tonight, Y/N.” Dean snarled.

“Oh really? Because I jumped in front of the vampires trying to save your ass!” I yelled back.

“Because you almost died. God, how can you be so stubborn?” He snapped back.

“I’m the stubborn one, really?” I had my arms down to my sides clenching my fists.

“I’m not fucking doing this tonight.” He said calmly and walked towards the door.

“Why? Because you know I’m right and your pride won’t let you live that down? Because you’re a man, and you’re girlfriend isn’t suppose to help you!” I said and looked away. He slowly turned around back at me.

“I’m fucking done with this, Dean. Everything!” I snapped and grabbed my purse and jacket and walked to door. He pushed me up against the wall and held me there.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He spat

“Out. Now fucking get your hands off me.” I said sternly.

He slowly stepped back and I walked out the door. I was walking through the library when Sam seen me.

“Y/N. Everything okay?” He asked softly.

“Do you think everything is okay? Go ask your dick of a brother!” I yelled, grabbing my keys and walking to garage. I got in my ‘69 Dodge Challenger and started the engine up. I pulled onto the highway and drove in silence. Gripping the steering wheel so hard my knuckles were turning white. I parked in the back part of the bar and walked in. I made myself through the crowd of people and sat on a stool at the bar.

“Whiskey, and keep them coming.” I grumbled to the bartender. He gave me a sad look but went on to get me my whiskey. After a couple of shots I decided to get up to go to the bathroom. I fixed up my makeup and hair. I leaned on the sink and took a deep breath. I got out my phone and unlocked it. A picture of me and Dean lit up and I smiled softly. “Everything will get better. He promised forever, and I believe it.” I said to myself under my breath.

I walked out of the bathroom and seen a familiar leather jacket leaning on the counter talking to a long haired blonde bimbo. I focused on the figure and then suddenly the figure turned his head. It was the same jaw line, jade eyes, and amazing dirty blonde hair my Dean had. It couldn’t be him, not talking to another girl. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in the chest when I seen the figure kiss the bimbo. I tried to catch my breath and held the tears back. I pulled my phone out and dialed Sam.

“Y/N? What’s up?” He asked.

“Where’s Dean?” I asked my voice shaking.

“He went out to some bar, why?” He asked concerned.

I hung up, I couldn’t believe it. After everything I done for him, and this is how he repays me. I dialed the next number I knew. It rang and rang. Dean pulled his phone out and let it ring through then put it down on the bar. He just continued to talk to the blonde haired beauty.

“You said forever, and I believed you. But, I guess forever went out the door.” I texted and waited for Dean look at it. He furrowed his eyebrows and turned around and locked his eyes on mine. i had tears pouring down my cheeks. I ran out of the doors and walked down the stairs and made my way to my car. A large hand touched my shoulder and turned me around. I went into defense mode and swung my hand and hit a hard surface. I looked up to see Dean grabbing his face with pain in his eyes.

“Y/N, wait!” He called and grabbed my arm.

“Get your fucking hands off me!” I spat with tearing rolling down my face.

“I don’t want to hear anything you have to say, Dean. You broke my heart, we fight and you go kiss some skank at a bar! How many other people have you kissed in the past month!” I snarled turning away.

“Listen to me, Y/N. I can explain.” He pleaded with me.

“One try, Dean. Make it good.” I said slowly turning to face him.

“I uhh.” He stammered and looked down scratching the back of his neck.

“Right. You don’t have a reasonable explanation. I was crazy thinking that you were mine, but it was all a lie.” I said getting into my car and pulling off.

I looked into the rearview mirror and seen Dean standing there with his head in his hands. I didn’t want to leave. I loved him so much, but I couldn’t handle him anymore. I’m just going to drive my heart into the night. I continued to cry until I reached a motel and went to check in. My phone vibrated and a message popped up on the screen.

“Come back home. Please. -Dean”

I just read an article that essentially said “If you aren’t having sex you definitely don’t love him and aren’t ready for marriage” and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be sick I thought we all moved past this is 8th grade someone get me a shot of whiskey