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Reading all these trimberly fics and some of you are really trying to convince me that Trini is super suave and cool around Kim like lmao this is the same girl who, when questioned about her feelings, tried to climb a fucking mountain in order to get out of answering the question like deadass if Trini was ever faced with the possibility of even holding hands with Kim she’d either 1) burst into tears or 2) jump out a window like yall arent convincing me this girl isnt a hot mess when it comes to girls

Asexual INTP on Periods

INTP: *glaring down at abdomen* You are useless to me! Stop making me hurt! I will find a way to be rid of you! Damn the hormonal imbalance!

(Male) ISFJ: Why would you want to do that?

INTP: … tell me… if someone stabbed a hot fire poker into your abdomen once a month for four days straight… how would you feel about that person?

ISFJ: Is that… is it really that bad?

INTP: *snarls and buries further into blanket/pillow pile*

ISFJ: … So why not get rid of it? If you’re willing to go through the hormone stuff afterwards?

INTP: *grumbles lowly* Fucking Doctors won’t let girls do that until they’re older or if they- HEY! Wanna stab me?


INTP: I’ll pay you! If you damage the womb enough they’ll-


INTP: OH come on! It’ll be a bonding experience!

ISFJ: NO! I’m not going to Stab you!!!

INTP: See, this is why morals are stupid. You could easily help me out, I wouldn’t press charges and you could get me to the hospital before anything really bad happened-



ISFJ: Not that kind of help!

INTP: *glaring from under aforementioned pile*

ISFJ: … want a hot chocolate?

INTP: … that’ll have to suffice, won’t it?

ISFJ: Yes.

INTP: Fine. Be responsible then. Asshole.

ISFJ: You’ll appreciate it when you remember how much you hate hospitals.


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Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 4 101
warning : smut
summary : Kai meets Reader at the Salvatore house and teases her with magic.
*gif by christophwood

Ever since Kai turned into a heretic , Damon and his friends made it their mission to keep an eye out of him and keep him busy so he doesn’t kill anyone. Weirdly none of them seemed to even consider that maybe he was changing and that now with his coven was gone there wouldn’t be any reason for him to snap. When they asked him to come over that day he had no idea the day was going to be full of surprises for him.
To Kai spending the day at the Salvatore’s with Damon and everyone else (except for Bonnie who still couldn’t stand to be anywhere near him) had seemed like the most annoying thing in the world. They kept eyeing  him, following his movements around the room while he looked around , wondering if he’d give them the slip. There were so many things there , he couldn’t help but want to check out every single one of them. It appeared that over the decades , the Salvatore’s had gathered quite an impressive collection of all sorts of trinkets.
    “Put that down creeper.” said Damon , taking a sip of his bourbon seeing Kai holding one of the old vases. “If you break it , I will break you.
    “Always so hostile , Damon. Why is that ? Has Elena stopped letting you — tsk tsk , you know.” said Kai wiggling his brows. “Cuz that would definitely do it , or maybe its just who you are. I still can’t figure out which one is it. Or what Elena sees in you. Stefan is so much better than -”
Damon held onto his glass so hard , the glass smashed in his hands sending shards everywhere. Elena ducked to try and avoid getting pieces of it in her body , rolling her eyes before pulling Damon down on the sofa with her to keep him from killing Kai.
    “Owh , did I struck a nerve ?”
    “Ignore him.” said Elena quietly , rubbing Damon’s forearm.
The young heretic kept walking around the room under the stare of the couple , slowly making his way to the hallway , checking out the paintings when the front door opened and someone he had never seen before in his life walked inside the house and bumped into him almost knocking him down.
    “Watch where you are —” started Kai , freezing on the spot. “Oh hello.”
Kai checked out the knew comer from head to toe,  twice - the girl looked around his age , wearing short shorts , a plain white top with her hair made in waves. He was surprised to figure out she was a human since there weren’t that many humans left in the Mystic Falls gang. He wondered who she is. One thing Kai knew for sure - the girl stole his breath away and he wanted her to like him and be his friend or more maybe than a friend. So far he hadn’t managed to screw anything up with her , so maybe there was a chance for at least one of those things to happen.
    “Sorry.” she smiled nervously , taking a step backwards.
    “No harm done.” he smiled , unable to look away. “Wow you are like really pretty. How don’t I know who you are?”
    “I um — W-who are you again?”
    “Oh right sorry , manners. I’m Kai.” said Kai grinning at her , nervously running his fingers through his hair before shaking her hand, holding onto it a few seconds too long.
    “Step away from the human.” said Damon , getting up from the sofa to welcome his friend. “Welcome home troublemaker. Had a good year at NYU?”
Kai couldn’t take his eyes off the new girl and she appeared to have the same problem , glancing at Damon only for a few seconds. He could hear her heart racing and  her breathing becoming uneven. Damon gave Y/N an awkward one arm hug , messing up her hair right after until she slapped his hand away.
    “NYU was — fun , I guess though nowhere near as fun as hanging out here…apparently.” she said , running her fingers through her hair trying to fix the mess her friend had made.
    “I am just trying to get to know your friend , thats all. Why ? Does she have a boyfriend or something ?” wondered Kai , not taking his eyes off her. Thinking  this girl might belong to someone else but him made him feel weird. “You still haven’t told me your name.”
    “Sorry — I’m Y/N and no , I d-don’t have a boyfriend.” said Y/N smiling nervously. Elena wrapped her hands around her pulling her into a hug. “You never said he was that hot.” she whispered to her friend.
    “You think I’m hot ?” said Kai with an smile on his face,  taking a step towards her until Damon pulled him away. He glanced at the vampire , pushing him off. “Oh stop it with the over protective stuff. I am not going to hurt her. I think she likes me , it would be a shame if I don’t get to know her at least. What do you say? Do you want to spend the rest of the day with the most dangerous heretic ?”
Damon groaned and Kai ignored him , taking another step towards Y/N. He could hear her heart beating so fast, as if trying to leap out of her chest the closer to her he got. Something told him it wasn’t fear that was causing her reaction.
    “I promise you , whatever they have told you about me - they’ve over reacted.” said Kai , snaking his hand around her waist and walking her to the sofa.
    “Yeah because what you did at the wedding was a walk in the park.” said Damon , but Kai ignored him completely. All his attention was on Y/N.
    “Who knows , maybe you will see the good in me.” he smiled lightly brushing his fingers against her cheek for a moment. “Hey do you have twitter ? You should follow me - cobrakai1972. You know , like Karate Kid? ”
Y/N felt a tingly feeling spread from her stomach through her body the second Kai touched her. He didn’t seem evil like her friends had told her , he just seemed — like he wanted someone to talk to. There was no denying he was smocking hot and somehow in their first few moments together he had stirred something inside her , something she hadn’t felt since her boyfriend Kol. No way she’d hate Kai , ever. It was already too late for that.
    “Um … I don’t believe I’m familiar with that movie.” she laughed nervously.
    “OH then maybe we can watch it together like — you know, on a date?” he asked raising his brows for a moment just as they sat together on the sofa.
    “Wait – we just met and you are asking me out already ?”
    “Yeah , why ? Is that odd ? Sorry , I’m a little rusty on my social skills. You know , magical timeout and all.” he smiled nervously.
Y/N turned towards her friends raising her brows as if to say ‘Thats the super dangerous person you told me about ?’. Kai had a danger vibe around him , yes , but he didn’t seem as dangerous as her friends had made him out to be. He seemed nice and cuddly with eyes that could melt any girl’s heart. Like they already had started melting hers.
    “You two are full of surprises , aren’t you ?” she wondered turning towards her friends. “So where are my welcome home cupcakes with those red sprinkles on top ? I thought you said there would be cupcakes.”
    “You like cupcakes too ? Awesome ! Ch-cholate ones right ?”
Y/N glanced at Kai and then at her friends and then at Kai again , slowly starting to piece things together. Were they trying to make up for killing Kol with the white oak stake to get the stupid cure ? Sure they hadn’t known about her and the original vampire back then but it still hurt like hell. A nervous smile showed on her face and she ran her fingers through her hair.
    “Yeah …. with chocolate frosting and melted chocolate on the inside.”
Kai grinned rubbing his hands excitedly. “OH those are the best. I love you already.”
    “S-sorry what?” said Y/N blinking a few times really fast.
    “What ?”
    “You said ‘love’.”
    “No , I didn’t. I said ‘like’.”
    “Ohh-kay.” she said clearly remembering him saying ‘love’.
    “You like cupcakes and you are talking to me without that judgy look in your eyes all your annoying friends get whenever I am around.” said Kai sincerely. “How can I not like you ?” Kai grinned at her , pinching her cheek.
    “Don’t – don’t do that.”
    “Why ? Is it annoying you?” he said pinching her cheek again as she tried to swat his hand away. “You missed.”
Y/N started laughing , even more seeing Elena and Damon’s expressions. They were looking at them with a look of disbelief , suspicion , surprise as if Y/N had gone crazy and like Kai had done something evil instead of being all cute.
‘What?’ she mouthed. 'He is smoking hot –’
    “Alright thats - that’s enough. If you two keep it up like that I will need  a lot more of this.” said Damon shaking his empty glass in his hands , moments before he poured himself another glass with bourbon.
Kai raised his hands in defence. “Fine , I’ll stop talking.”
    “Yeah , as if thats going to happen.” muttered Elena sitting on the other sofa , reaching for Damon’s glass and gulping it at once. “Sorry , you might need to get yourself another one.”


Kai had stopped talking , mostly because he couldn’t figure out what to say to Y/N to get her to get out with him. He was starting to get worried something had gone seriously wrong with him because not once in his life he had felt that way. Why were his palms so sweaty and why was his heart doing those weird flips? How it was that he couldn’t focus on anything else but her in that moment ?
Y/N kept glancing at Kai noticing how he hadn’t taken his eyes off her , studying her face with curiosity in his blue eyes. Was she imagining it or was he moving closer to her ? Kai pressed his lips together for a moment , lightly licking his lower lip with a low 'hmmmm’ following afterwards.
Damn thats hot. she thought unable to look away from him.
A few minutes later Stefan and Caroline arrived at the house with the cupcakes her friends had promised her when they called two days ago. Stefan said something to her but she could barely see or even hear him. All her focus was on Kai and how in this moment his fingertips were grazing across her arm slowly sending chills all over her body. Y/N swatted his hand away but he didn’t give up. No matter how hard she tried to focus on reality it wasn’t possible , not with her new blue eyed friend doing all of this.
    “Oh just get it out of your system and kiss. I can’t stand the thought of an evening with the two you and that tension.” said Damon suddenly.
Y/N and Kai turned towards him. The young heretic was grinning and she was looking at her friend with a mix of shock and surprise in her wide eyes. Only half an hour ago he had practically tried to drag Kai away from her and now he was suggesting they make out. What ?!
    “I – I don’t want to kiss him. Why w-would I want to kiss him ?” she stuttered. “T-this is ridiculous.”
Kai put his arm around her shoulder pulling her towards him , sending electricity through her veins.
    “Oh sure you do , sweetheart.” grinned Kai placing his other hand on her stomach. “Owwh listen to that heart beat - racing so fast , so strong. Hmmm…”
Kai leaned in towards her brushing his nose against her cheek slowly moving it towards her neck while snaking his other hand on her stomach , getting her to lose it completely. Y/N’s eyes fluttered closed for a second and glanced at Damon then at Kai , pushing his hands away getting up quickly.
    “I’ll be right back.”

Y/N almost ran to the kitchen to get something cold to drink and find a way to cool down. Kai’s touch and just his presence had sent so many butterflies in her stomach she was 100% sure somehow they’d burst out of her. A few minutes later she had poured herself a glass with her favourite lemon / ginger ice tea and had leaned against the kitchen counter , taking a sip. Her eyes closed and she threw her head back for a moment letting out a small moan.
    “Oh that felt good.” she muttered to herself.
    “So hot moaning like that…” said a male voice , sounding way too close.
When her eyes opened Kai was standing right in front of her , so close his body was almost pressing against hers. He placed his hands on her waist and pulled her towards him leaning in towards her. His eyes kept darting between hers and her lips , his breath lightly hitting her face.
    “Kai – what are you doing ?”  she wondered trying to find a way to pull herself away from him. No way she’d kiss him. No way she’d let him kiss her either no matter how much she wanted to. Luckily for her his grip wasn’t to strong and she pushed him away.
Kai grinned at her , reaching for one of the cupcakes on the counter swiping some of the frosting with his finger and licking it clean right after. Y/N’s eyes widened and she tried very very hard to push away all those thoughts , but instead of helping he pushed it even further - licking some of the frosting from the cupcake with his tongue without taking his eyes off her.
    “MMmmmhmmm those are delicious. You should try them , here.” he swiped some of the frosting and held out his finger for her. “Come on , you know you want to. Plus how can you say 'no’ to chocolate cupcakes.”
Y/N gripped his wrist and pushed his hand away. “I um …no , t-thanks.”
Quickly she turned around walking out of the kitchen when barely a few steps away from the door , Kai caught up with her and without saying a word backed her against the wall , pinned her hands over her head and kissed her as if his life depended on it. Then as if nothing had happened he walked on his way to the living room leaving her breathless with her heart pounding so fast , even she could hear it. Y/N walked to the sofa , clearing her throat and lightly scratching her head. Kai poured two drinks - handing one of them to her.
    “T-thanks.” she smiled nervously unable to stop thinking about that kiss. Kai had sneaked up on her pushing her buttons so hard they were stuck and now all she could think about was him. Even more than before. How did he even do that ?
    “Go out with me.” he asked suddenly.
    “I barely know you. Why would I go out with you ?”
    “Thats why I want you to go out with me. To get to know each other. Isn’t that obvious or do kids do it differently those days? Tell you what. If by the end of the night I haven’t convinced you, I’ll let it go.”
    "Just like that ?”
    "Just like that.” he said raising his hands in surrender and then something flashed in them for a split second. “But you will go out with me. I know you will.”
    "Cocky much?”
    "Alright you two , break it up - my ears are bleeding.” said Damon sitting between Y/N and Kai. “Y/N is the smartest person here. She is not going to go out with you -”
    "We’ll see about that.” said Kai with a smug smirk on his face. 


The evening dragged itself on. Eventually everyone stopped eyeing them and she relaxed a bit. Kai had cooled it down with the teasing but just as she thought he might’ve given up on that idea something happened.
All of the sudden she felt as if someone was touching her way down there. Y/N glanced at her lap but there was nothing there. For a moment she thought it had been her imagination and pushed the thought away.Then it happened again only this time there was a little more pressure and it felt as if someone was drawing circles her clit and a quiet moan left her lips before she had had the time to stop herself.
    "Are you okay ?” asked Kai innocently , placing his hand on her hip very slightly moving it. “Do you need water or something ?”
Y/N turned towards him seeing the devilish spark in his eyes for a second and thats how she knew - whatever was happening , it was him. He was somehow responsible.  Damon glanced at her then at Kai , grabbing the heretic’s hand and droppingit on Kai’s lap with a smirk on his face.
    "No , I’m g-good. Thanks.” she muttered with a small smile , shooting him a warning look. How can he do that , specially with Damon sitting between them?! Kai grinned at her and took a sip of his drink when all of the sudden her legs parted slightly and an invisible finger entered her ,making her moan a little louder. Damon turned towards her straight away while everyone else glanced at her and she started coughing to try and cover it up.
    "S-sorry , it went down the wrong p-pipe.”
    "Go out with me.” whispered Kai leaning over behind Damon’s back.
    "No.” she whispered through gritted teeth , feeling the invisible finger getting joined by another. Y/N gasped , starting to clear her throat to cover it up feeling them curl around pumping in and out of her slowly picking up the pace. Quiet whimpers kept escaping her lips no matter how much she tried to muffle them.
Y/N balled her hands into fists , her nails digging in her palm almost drawing blood while she tried not to moan every time Kai’s magic fingers curled inside her. A couple of times she shifted on her seat , even tried pushing her legs together but none of it seemed to work.The girl was sure if she says something her friends would intervene but — she didn’t want them to. Y/N had no idea how her new friend was doing this but she enjoyed every second of it.
    "Ahhh that’s some really good bourbon.” muttered Kai , taking a sip looking around the room innocently while he continued teasing her with magic. Her skin felt on fire and the more she tried not to moan the worse things got. It was as if Kai wanted her to moan and his fingers picked up the pace even more. Y/N rested her back against the sofa digging her nails in the cushions. For a second she glanced at Kai and could see devils dancing in his eyes , turning her on even more. Another curl of his fingers later her back arched off the sofa and a quiet moan left her lips. Kai turned towards her grinning , his fingers slowly picking up the pace while an invisible thumb rubbed her clit. Y/N’s cheeks had flushed , her eyes kept fluttering closed and the way Kai kept looking at her with innocent eyes as if there is nothing he had done was just too much.
    “I freaking hate you.” she whispered through gritted teeth.
    “What did I do ?” wondered Damon. Y/N grabbed his glass with bourbon and gulped it all at once.
    “Woawh…” said Kai with an amused look in his face.
Kai continued teasing her , pumping his fingers deep inside her curling them around ,watching her squirm and try not to moan failing almost every time. Luckily her friends had started laughing about something and didn’t hear her whimper or see her legs shake as she came. Her thoughts were a mess , her skin was on fire and the lingering feeling of Kai’s lips on hers was driving her completely nuts. All she could think about was how much she wanted him. There was one thing left to do. Y/N turned towards him with an innocent smile on her face.
    "Yes , Y/N ?”
    "Will you come help me with the um - “
    “Yeah … lets go with that.” she muttered , getting off the sofa with Kai on her tail.
Y/N’s legs felt like jelly and she tried to hide it while walking out of the living room and into the hallway , turning right instead of left , heading towards the cellar. Kai caught up with her at the stairs pinning her against the wall not waiting a second before smashing his lips against hers. Their lips moved hungrily together as if trying to swallow each other. He took her hands by the wrists and pinned them over her head , pressing his body against hers ,pushing his crotch against hers making her moan into the kiss.
    "Go out with me.” he asked again gazing longingly into her eyes.
Y/N shook her head , wounding one of her legs  around his waist. A smug smirk showing on his face pushing against her again , resting his forehead on hers. Kai started saying something but she shushed him.
‘They are listening.’ she mouthed.
‘I dont care. I want you and I always get what I want.’ he mouthed back , slipping his hand in her jeans and under her panties until his fingers reached her clit. His lips formed a small letter ‘oh’ realising her panties were pooling with arousal.
    "Someone had fun.” he whispered as quietly as possible. “I wonder what you taste like ? Hmmm … ”
Y/N s eyes widened knowing her friends are upstairs listening in. What if one of them comes looking for them ? A devilish spark flashed in Kai’s eyes and his lips smashed against hers drowning out her moans while his long fingers pushed inside her to the last knuckle curling around , pumping inside her a couple of time. Each curl made her back arch off the wall and her hips kept pushing down on his fingers wanting him to go deeper. Y/N tried hard not to groan in frustration when his fingers pulled out. She had thought teasing her with magic had felt good but that felt magnified to the max. Kai brought his fingers to his lips , moaning as he cleaned his fingers as if her juices are the most delicious treat there is.
    ”So delicious.“ he moaned , leaning to whispering her ear. "And so tight around my fingers. It will feel so nice stretching you out.”
Y/N’s eyes widened and she slipped down the wall for a moment just thinking about what would happen next but he held her steady. However on fire she had felt upstairs , in that moment she was burning up.
    “Mmmmhmm … So , what do you say sweet cheeks ?” he whispered in her ear. “ Will you go out with me?” he asked again loosening the grip on her hands.
    “Tomorrow ?”
Y/N hooked one of her hands around his neck , slipping her other down between their bodies pushing its way in his jeans , palming him through his briefs. “Only if we get out of the house in the next 15 seconds.”
    “Is that a challenge?”
    “12 seconds –”
Kai grabbed her , whooshing them upstairs and through the door before anyone had had the chance to see them , though the sound of the door closing shut with a loud bang got all her friend’s attention.
    “Pay up brother.” said Damon with a smug smirk. “Told you they wouldn’t be able to resist each other.”


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How do you not like the Genji and Mercy dynamic and like the Genji and Zenyatta dynamic? This is not hate in anyway. I'm honestly curious because that's why I can't be comfortable about Genyatta personally.

Been awhile since I’ve elaborated on this. No problem, I don’t mind explaining my reasonings to people.

When it comes to Gency I wouldn’t be that bothered by it if it wasn’t so… generic? Let me explain. It’s got a lot of cliche, typical, straight ship stuff going for it. Hot blonde girl and the hot guy get together. It’s an overdone thing that’s honestly bland. I’ve seen a lot of art involving them where they’re both really out of character, a couple where Genji willingly harassed Mercy for affection. It’s sad that’s how fans decide to interpret their ship dynamic. 

Then there’s the backstory involving them. There is proof that they’re good friends now, but how they started off kinda veers me even further away. I just don’t enjoy that when Mercy saved Genji’s life it was mostly cause it was her job. Overwatch wouldn’t have even saved Genji if he had not agreed to work for them, so, that’s another thing that really makes me frown. I’m sure Genji is appreciative of Mercy being able to get him into a stable condition, but in the end he did fall into a really bad state of mind and felt disgusted with himself. 

All in all, that’s how I personally feel about Gency. I started off not liking it to begin with, but then fans started talking and drama happened. I’m just not happy with it all.

When it comes to Genyatta, however, there’s real potential there. They aren’t like a typical couple. They’re different. They have a different relationship, a close one, probably closer than a lot of the characters in Overwatch. Zenyatta found Genji when he was at the lowest point of his life. He’d left Overwatch, destroyed what was left of his family business, he felt like a monster. But, it was Zenyatta who offered himself to him. His help, guidance, and teachings. He saw inside Genji, all of his doubts and pain, and wanted to do something about it. He was patient with him, and eventually Genji began to trust and accept his teachings. Genji grew new confidence with himself, and was able to find his inner peace. 

I know a lot of people say they don’t like Genyatta because they are “teacher and student” but in reality they’re both so much more than that. They’re close friends. They talk to each other in game, sometimes personal stuff. They’re open with one another, and understanding. They even have cute banter with one another, like “Even the teacher can learn from his student.” “I still have much to learn.”

That’s what I enjoy most about them. The genuine respect and love they have for each other. It’s stated in their bio’s, and you hear it in game too. 

I also appreciate more gay relationships and human and omnic/robot relationships as well. I feel that sort of representation would be good for the game. But, then again that could be the shipper in my talking. Genyatta just makes me happy, and they make each other happy. I guess that’s why I like them so much. Why I have this blog dedicated to them. I hope this helps you understand my reasonings more.

Whats Your Name?

Pairing: Toni Topaz x Fem!Reader

Requested: No

Warnings: Underaged Drinking (?), Shitty

Originally posted by supergaytvshows

You walked into the Whyte Wyrm with your black, skin tight dress. The high slit on your dress made it easier for you to walk. You tugged on your jacket, making your way to the bar. You sat down as you watch the other Serpents socializing with each other, not noticing the boy thats making his way towards you. 

“Hello there, Hotness.”

You rolled your eyes,”Hey yourself.” He chuckled at your cold tone,”Aw don’t be like that Baby! You know you want a piece of this!” You looked him up and down, humming. “I’m impressed how you have enough confidence to show off that body of yours. Sorry, Baby Boy, but I’ve seen better.” 

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could u write a scenario of lance finding his s/o that he left behind on earth in a galra prison ship and just like, him comforting them and their first night safe in the castle with him?

My son deserves happiness and not the angst I put him through to get there

Lance had thought that leaving behind everything on Earth had been one of the hardest things he had ever done. It was nothing compared to finding a piece of his life turn back up on a Galra prison ship. When he had laid his eyes on s/o he suddenly felt like a broken mirror, shattered on impact and unfocused. Out of all the impossible things he dealt with on a daily basis this was the thing that he just couldn’t accept as real, it had to be some kind of mind trick just to throw him off. But then he heard his name leave their lips and their eyes look at him wide and hopeful. It was then that he knew that this wasn’t a trick, this was terrible and real. It blinded him with rage and he couldn’t remember much after that, not that it mattered because the only thing he cared about was the end result. And he got exactly what he wanted … kind of.

They were back safely in the castle which should have been more than enough to make him happy. After all how often had he daydreamed about being the hero for s/o? To sweep them up in his arms and have them fawning over just how strong and powerful he was? Too often to count and yet he was feeling more nervous than the day he had asked them out, which was saying a lot since that day involved a lot of puking and several shirts ruined by sweat. It was just that he was realizing that being a hero wasn’t about saving damsels in distress, it was about dealing with the after math of bad people doing horrible things.

And at that moment he wasn’t feeling like much of a hero as he sat cradling s/o in his arms while they continued to cry into their third consecutive hour. Lance knew that he should be trying to do more but he felt as if he was recovering from shock himself. “Sweetheart … angel … please tell me what I can do. I am completely at a loss here and I can’t stand seeing you like this,” he muttered into their hair, kissing the crown of their head while pulling them even closer to his chest. He breathed in their scent, memories of laughter and sunshine breaking through the cold still air.

“I wish this was as simple as failing a test. Remember what I did then?” he asked with a small smile and a deep chuckle building in his chest “I tried to have Hunk show me how to bake brownies. Mine of course came out terrible so I tried to steal his to act as if they were my own. Too bad I ended up eating all of them before seeing you the next day. I still think that those crumbs were equally as delicious and were more than appropriate in cheering someone up,” he added feeling the ghost of a smile pulling at the corner of his lips.

 His smile grew when he heard the crying turn into sniffles and a small hiccup of a laugh. “I’m just glad that he had the sense to make a second batch knowing exactly what would happen,” they said, their voice hoarse and rough but it was music to his ears. They hadn’t said a word since coming back to the castle and this was more than a step in the right direction. “Though if I remember right … you made me fail that test because you had me so distracted I didn’t finish on time. You kept blowing me kisses and holding up cheesy pickup lines you wrote on scratch paper,” they continued, shifting to that they were now looking up at him with tears still on their eyelashes but sounding much clearer.

It was so small and yet he felt his heart melting, the familiar family of butterflies taking up their residence in his stomach. Even a million light years from Earth and he found himself completely enamored by s/o. “I refuse to acknowledge any wrong doing and stick with my defense that you were the one distracting me with that cute face of yours. I can take this to court if thats what you want, although maybe the jury would also be swayed by the hotness radiating off of you,” he teased, his fingers running down their sides in a soft tickle. It achieved just what he was looking for, a laugh.

They laughed and scurried to push his hands away. “Thats my (girl/boy/personal preference),” he sighed happily, feeling all the muscles he hadn’t even realized were tight relax all at once. “Hey I got an idea why don’t we try and get rid of those puffy circles under your eyes? I got some great face masks from the space mall, not that I am sure we are ever welcome back to get more, and while we let our faces get all cleaned and junk I can braid your hair. Cause wow its gotten so much longer since I saw you last and I am loving it. Keith is going to be so jealous~” he sang giving a small shimmy in what was suppose to be an attempt at dancing. 

 “You know that actually sounds really nice,” they said reaching a hand up to stroke his cheek. Lance eagerly leaned into the caress, kissing the tips of their fingers. “It will be just like when we were at the garrison. I missed those spa nights Lance … I missed you.” They finally met his eyes making him realize that they had been avoiding doing that all night. He felt himself holding his breath as he stared down at them, counting their freckles and the different shades of (eye color) speckled in their eyes. He had missed this too, more than anything.

“Things are going to be okay now s/o. I know that because of me that you went through a hell of a lot but I’m here now. I’m going to make things right. I’ll make things normal again,” Lance whispered, breathing the promises against their lips that were suddenly so close to his. There were tears in their eyes again but they where laughing, smiling against him. Maybe they were the good kind of tears like the ones he was blinking back.

“I don’t want normal Lance. I want you,” they finally said before at last crossing the bridge between their mouths and kissing him. It was wet and salty, short and rough with their chapped lips against his own soft ones. “After all your my hero,” they said with a tinkering laugh, holding his face in their hands “and despite everything I think … I think this is where I belong.”

Lance smiled back, a steady stream of tears of his own staining his cheeks. “You’re absolutely right, there is no where you belong more than here with me.” 

More Ravens from Sansa to Tyrion
  • Sansa: Dear Tyrion, I just met this very nice Tarly named Sam, he likes dragons, books and not dying. I told him you and him would get along. By the way could you kindly make sure Danny and Jon don't have any incest babies anytime soon? I just had a chat with Bran -Xoxo Sansa
  • Tyrion: Dear Sansa, yeah incest babies, Wait did find out about Cersei already? Damn your Wi-fire connection must be the best. About this Sam guy, are you sure he's a Tarly? All Tarlys are assholes, there's a reason the heir was named 'Dick'-on, ask Sam if he's adopted- Love Tyrion, Ps: They're still fucking
  • Sansa: Dear Tyrion, Sam is not adopted he swears, also my condolences about your siblings incest pregnancy and the whole Danny boat sex thing, Jon couldn't get himself a nice northern girl or Wilding somewhere Nooo, my brother HAD to screw the Queen because fuck politics! Let Sansa deal with the fallout in Winterfell, thats it when this is over you and I are taking a vacation in Dorne -Xoxo Sansa.
  • Tyrion: Dear Sansa, at least you don't have to listen to them, I encourage loud fucking as much as the next guy but come on, Jorah and Davos are here and this is painful for big bear. Promise me that when we reunite we will not torture our friends with shit like this, also Dorne sounds great, sun, sand, hot people in skimpy clothes, sign me up - Love Tyrion Ps: Arya still has her hit list right? Asking for a friend
  • Sansa: Tyrion stay away from Arya, I like you alive, also Jamie is here chasing Brienne. Wtf I did not ask for your brother, I asked for mine, did the package deliveries get mixed up again? I knew I should have changed my PO Box from Sansa Lannister back to Stark, this shit always happens I demand a refund! That's what I get for ordering from Tarth Amazon, ughh -Xoxo Sansa

thejurassicjuan  asked:

so i hear you're like really famous or something i don't know that's what they tell me i guess

this is what my friends do. they make fun of me. lmao.

I’m literally no one. I’m just a girl who used Vine as a creative outlet for my experiences with queerness and anxiety - and people related, then Snapchat for rants - and people found my anger humorous lmao, and this blog as a hub for it all. I’m constantly humbled and grateful for the love and support I get and for the audience that’s still here to watch what I do. Y'all really help a girl through when I’m not feeling too hot so thank you truly. it’s been a tough couple of weeks and seeing your lovely messages, which do get seen I promise you, really does make my day brighter. 💞

As far as YOU GO, JUAN - you’re alright I guess ❤️ Bless you for Flaming Classics (IG:@flamingclassics)

Yandere Simulator Reacts: Mid-January Update
  • Ayano: -flying around with fire hands-
  • Taro: -jumps back- Get away from me! Back off!
  • Budo: Well......that's strange.
  • Osoro: Ummmm. Understatement.
  • Budo: Hey Ayano! You're HOT! On FIRE! GET IT! FI-
  • Osoro: -hits Budo with bat-
  • Budo: -Comatose-
  • Midori: Flame Demon I thought you loved me? Why does Ayano have your power? YandereDev! YandereDev! Explain!
  • YandereDev: Shut up Midori.
  • Rainbow Six Girls: FRIENDSHIP BRACLETS!!!<p/><b>
  • Rainbow Six Boys: -chasing Ayano- APPREHEND HER!!!
  • Inkyu: No Oka. I don't have anything to do with this.
  • Oka: -looks at Sakyu-
  • Sakyu: Neither do I Oka
  • Oka: -in her journal- Suspects p-possibly lying. Still will remain a-alert.
  • Shin: -takes her journal and writes- Also stop being paranoid about the Basu Sisters.
  • Oka: H-hey that's m-mine!
  • Shin: -kisses her cheek and drops it in her hands-
  • Oka: -blushes heavily- Not f-funny S-Shin
  • Taro and YandereDev: - running from Ayano and Midori-
  • Ayano: -flying after Taro-
  • Midori: -crying while chasing YandereDev-
  • R6B & Megami: -chasing Ayano-
  • Osoro: -chasing Ayano with bat while dragging Budo across the floor-
  • Shin: .......I know I shouldn't have gotten out of bed today.
  • What do they React to next. Like, Reblog, Follow, and ask.
He’s No Prince Charming

Pairing: Shawn x Y/N

Scenario: We’re just friends right? Thats all we’ll ever be.

Requested: Nope, but guess who can start writing more often now!

A/N; This may or may not be a series. This may or may not be me trying to get back into writing and accepting requests….

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What went down in Volpina
  • Thomas Astruc: are you ready for an epic season finale?
  • Everyone: yes pls
  • Thomas Astruc: with a new fox superheroine who teams up with the heroes to take down Hawkmoth?
  • Everyone: yes pls!
  • Thomas Astruc: PSYCH!!!!!!!!
  • Thomas Astruc: ALL WILL BE SUFFERING
  • Everyone: oh noes
  • Gabriel: *on phone* hey Hawkmoth! how's it going with you not being me and all that?
  • Adrien: whoa this must mean that he's not Hawkmoth bc this is defs not a staged thing
  • Gabriel: imma just leave the door to my secret safe open so that my son can peek in and see that the Moth Miraculous isn't in there
  • Adrien: oh cool let's look inside there
  • Gabriel: I should probs be careful bc if he steals that book he'll learn all my secrets
  • Adrien: hey Plagg let's steal this book!
  • Plagg: you know you're the most gullible person right?
  • Adrien: ye
  • *later*
  • Alya: so Marinette there's a new girl who's flirting with Adrien
  • Alya: wait wot
  • Alya: I thought you'd go into full-on Adrienette mode
  • Alya: do you not like Adrien anymore
  • Marinette: no I still like Adrien
  • Marinette: but this new person is such wow
  • Alya: you're not going into a fit of jealous rage?
  • Marinette: I'm totally fine with either of them dating other people as long as they're also up for dating me
  • Marinette: healthy polyamorous relationships are the greatest thing and solve so many problems
  • Alya: that's possibly the most reasonable thing I ever heard you say
  • Alya: who would have guessed you'd be able to have an unproblematic character arc
  • Marinette: imma activate the nanobots I snuck into Adrien's clothes so we can hear what they're talking about
  • Alya: dangit I jinxed it
  • Lila: so Adrien I'm a fox superhero
  • Adrien: oh cool!
  • Lila: also did you know that the Earth is flat?
  • Adrien: what really
  • Lila: yep and it's ruled by lizard people from the center of the planet
  • Adrien: it makes so much sense
  • Lila: also the moon landing never happened, climate change is a Chinese conspiracy, Shakespeare never existed, and Chloé is a nice person
  • Adrien: wow I'm learning so much!
  • Lila: and Season 2 will be out by December
  • Adrien: ok now you're defs f**king with me
  • Lila: dangit ya caught me
  • Lila: anyway imma go get akumatized now so I can help Hawkmoth
  • Adrien: why do you wanna do that
  • Lila: bc I'm just that chaotic neutral
  • Adrien: fair enough
  • Thomas Astruc: wait what about the straight people love triangle
  • Marinette: it wasn't necessary
  • Thomas Astruc: oh
  • *meteor happens*
  • Ladybug: imma stop it
  • Volpina: how do you expect to be able to do that WHEN I GOT TO IT FIRST
  • Ladybug: omg who are you you're beautiful
  • Volpina: I'm a person who is defs not an akumatized villain and is defs a new hero who's here to help you out
  • Chat Noir: sounds fair enough
  • Ladybug: are you actually just that hot girl who looks exactly like you who said she was a fox superheroine and then said she was gonna go get akumatized
  • Volpina: nope that's not me
  • Chat Noir: see, that's absolutely convincing!
  • Ladybug: no it isn't!
  • Ladybug: also Volpina are you doing anything Tuesday evening?
  • Volpina: I thought you were interrogating me?
  • Ladybug: yeah I'm multitasking
  • Volpina: coolio while you're doing that can you also chase Hawkmoth around?
  • Hawkmoth: I am here and defs not an illusion!
  • Ladybug: but what if he's an illusion
  • Chat Noir: he says he's not so we're fine
  • Ladybug: ok then let's do this
  • Volpina: PSYCH!!!!!!!!
  • Ladybug: you're not gonna fire those
  • Volpina: why not
  • Ladybug: bc you're within the blast radius
  • Volpina: I can survive a missile blast
  • Ladybug: you're no tougher than I am, so if they don't kill you then they also won't kill me
  • Volpina: oh f**k that's a good point
  • Jacques the Pigeon: HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY
  • Jacques the Pigeon: *rescues Ladybug and defeats Volpina*
  • Ladybug: ok Jacques let's not get carried away
  • Ladybug: all you did was show me where the illusions were and then I did the rest
  • Jacques the Pigeon: fine
  • Volpina: imma go to Adrien's house
  • Ladybug: and imma meet you there
  • Adrien: can you maybe not have a big fight scene in my bedroom
  • Volpina: ok that can be arranged
  • Volpina: *dangles Adrien off the top of the Eiffel Tower*
  • Volpina: so Ladybug give me your Miraculous!
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • *ice cream bar happens*
  • Ladybug: hey Volpina I'll give you this ice cream bar if you save Adrien and don't take our Miraculouses
  • Volpina: deal
  • Hawkmoth: no wait you're supposed to be evil
  • Volpina: nope I'm just v chaotic neutral
  • Hawkmoth: dangit
  • Marinette: *walks into Master Fu's place*
  • Master Fu: hello Ladybug!
  • Master Fu: sorry I gotta go do something
  • Master Fu: wait right there and I'll be back in a minute
  • Marinette: *waits right there for twenty-one months*
some highlights from Story and Song from an all-caught-up-now TAZ listener (spoilers abound)
  • hot damn yall
  • i gotta feeling everybody’s coming back for this finale
  • oh god taako just realized he found his sister’s fucking SKELETAL REMAINS
  • griffin: “taako and merle, make a dexterity saving throw" justin: “hell yeah, dungeons and dragons is back!” griffin: “we’re back and we’re rolling dice that have 20 sides on them. it’s got 20 sides and 20 numbers, its great”
  • griffin: “the third figure is a fucking rhinoceros” magnus: “DIBS!”
  • the fact that angus is an 11 year old child and totally DOWN TO FIGHT just reinforces that i was right to make him my favorite npc
  • hell yeah we’re back to DND fights! they like rolled for initiative and everything
  • justin, after talking about taako’s leveling up: “should i talk slower so everybody who’s been complaining about us not playing dnd has time to nut. how’s everyone enjoying this GREAT COMPELLING AUDIO”
  • griffin: “this hand is gonna attack you, taako, cuz you just set it on fire”
  • magnus: “i jump on the back of the rhinoceros” griffin: “of COURSE you do”
  • taako: "hey magnus that was the coolest thing ive ever seen…HANDS DOWN!“ get it cuz they found a giant magical hand…GETIT?!
  • ango used the umbra staff to cast a fireball way above what ango should be able to do and im like hot damn i love this fucking umbrella
  • taako: “i snap the umbra staff over my knee” HOLY SHIT YALL!! ITS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • “lup grits her teeth and says ‘I’m going to fucking kill you now’“ MY GIRL!!!!! THATS MY GIRL!!!”
  • lup: “why didn’t you let me out sooner, dingus?” taako: “i didn’t remember you existed, goofus” THEY’RE SO ADORABLE
  • taako: “don’t worry, I’ve got MAGIC POWERS” magnus: “is that supposed to be a big reveal?”
  • the love between magnus and fisher is one of my favorite bonds of this whole show
  • everyone banding together to fight the big bad is one of my favorite tropes ever (what’s up pacific rim) so that everyone is doing that here is INCREDIBLE
  • magnus: “i use my levitation magic” griffin: “oh im sorry, did you say you take the elevator? the skype call broke up for a second there”
  • griffin: “magnus, something falls from the sky” magnus: “i catch it” griffin: “no you don’t, it’s pretty big”
  • i’m so glad that griffin is committed to calling killian, carey fangbattle, and noelle “Team Sweet Flipz”
  • lup: “here’s my idea, are you ready for it? it’s a banger”
  • griffin: “you remember that, taako, because your memory’s so good!”
  • griffin: “its upsy, your lifting friend” wait what. im sorry, what?????????
  • oh its lucas okay, cool. that moment got wayyyy too much Gravitas for it just to be the worst brand mascot EVER
  • YOOOOOO istus’s gift to taako, the item he could retrieve when he needed it most, has RETURNED TO THE STORY AND IM SO EXCITED BY THAT!!!
  • griffin has really genuinely lost track of the correct timeline of the events of this story and im like shit my dude, you and me both. ive only got most of it down
  • this john motherfucker is like almost tugging at my heartstrings but also im the embodiment of “cool motive still murder” bc im pretty sure this dude’s to blame
  • clint doesn’t remember jack shit about merle’s kids right now and in context, its like merle doesn’t even know how old his kids are. that’s BAD
  • griffin: “although this bear is in like Furious Nonsensical Monster Mode, you see, just faintly, you see it retract its claws as if to say ‘alright motherfucker, lets wrestle’”
  • magnus: “they’re not strong enough, I have to be” damn, talk about a Magnus Burnsides Thesis Statement
  • the fact that magnus is refusing to kill this monster mode Power Bear even though it’s being controlled by an eldritch nightmare is like. proof that magnus has a goddamn heart of gold. what a hero
  • magnus finds it in him to ask for help and avi comes crashing through the walls like “sup dude, need some help from Captain Handsome Hero?”
  • “no dogs on the moon!” AAHHHHHH IM SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT
  • taako: “i don’t know what tacos are. I’ve gotten hints, if you wanna call them taco prophecies. that’s a crazy thing to say out loud, but I just said it, so here we are, I guess, I’m talking at you through a frying pan, try to keep up Joaquin”
  • taako: “I’ll take one taco, extra destiny”
  • taako: “yeah, like I’m going to let myself be seen being taught how to cook anything, nice try”
  • taako: “so, a toast” joaquin: “no, its a taco….just a little food joke” taako: “very little”
  • istus: “huh, didn’t see that one coming” griffin: “across two universes, two food trucks explode” damn griffin
  • griffin: “kneeling at the center of town, is kravitz” OH GOOD! NOW WE’RE COOKING! NOW WE’VE GOT THE GOOD SHIT GOING!
  • i just gotta mention here that I love eldritch nightmares and cthulu-esque monsters, so this story’s eldritch nightmare that consumes everything in its path contrasted with a slowly-more-corrupted human avatar is MY JAM
  • merle: “i cast zone of truth!” travis: “TO WHAT END??”
  • griffin: “it is the most powerful holy spell you have ever cast” THAT’S A GOOD FINALE CALLBACK!!!!
  • griffin: “she turns back to lucas’s lab and she says ‘hero time’” NOELLE!!!!! NOELLE THAT WAS SO GOOD!!!
  • kravitz: “i wanna warm up my face so it’s not weird” AWWWWW
  • lup: “what’s up ghost rider?” kravitz: “you know we’re going to have to talk about the fact that your sister’s a lich, right?” taako: “yeah…i assumed”
  • lup: “taako just summoned all the energy in our reality to come help us fight” magnus: “mmhmm. I fought a bear…when I say it like that, it doesn’t sound as good, does it?”
  • davenport: “lup did you find the starblaster?” lup: “oh i sorta… forgot we were supposed to be doing that”
  • taako: “we have basically been trolling it for 100 years..[..]..and i don’t know about you, but TAAKO’S GOOD OUT HERE”
  • lup: “lucretia, dear, I’ve already forgotten about the whole thing. OH! OH! bad choice of words!” lup you adorable asshole
  • lup: “please don’t die” taako: “i’d say the same but that ship done sailed, hasn’t it?”
  • taako: “i walk over to angus and say ‘hey cool knife, you know he’s got a sword that’s on fire, right? he did just give you a KNIFE’”
  • lup: “hear that, babe? we’re legends”
  • there’s magic in a bard’s songOH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!
  • magnus: “this is it? it’s just a guy!” taako: “yeah it’s one guy, shouldn’t be a problem”
  • clint: “you heal up to 700 hit points!” griffin: “BULLSHIT! WHAT???” clint: “divided evenly” justin: “okay well but you don’t have any 9th level spell slots…” clint: “then I will use Mathias the Living Grimoire!” awesome I’m so glad clint learned how to actually properly play dnd on this LAST EP
  • griffin: “I will say, you’re on a ship, there’s probably a mast or something for you to swing down from” wait what this is an actual ship??? i was picturing like the entreprise or something
  • griffin: “we’re playing a little calvinball with the design of the starblaster” oh okay cool yeah its like a spaceship, not a fucking 17th century pirate ship
  • my dudes you never leave your weapons buried in the dying bodies of your enemies bc if they bounce back, they got your weapon now
  • griffin: “john is up first” justin: “fuck” clint: “he’s still just john? he’s not Demi-john????” travis: “final john” more cross-mcelroy-product jokes!!!!
  • the grubby heroes healed by godly love, i bet some people are feeling some Stuff right now
  • taako: “hey i want everyone to meet a new friend of mine, this is Joaquin” griffin: “OH FUCK! YES YES YES YES!!!”
  • joaquin: “thanks for the wizard powers, I’ve killed like a hundred of these things!”
  • griffin: “oh fuck I thought you were going to summon ME!!!”
  • hot damn clint REMEMBERED his gift from istus and fucking used it!!!!!!!!!
  • taako used the immovable rod!!!!! im so proud of them for remembering AND using all their items!!!!
  • taako: “i gotta be with lup” oh that’s so fucking sweet
  • angus: “hey everybody, johann was right! WE WON!” cool im crying a little bit, no big deal
  • griffin: “how does magnus die?” hey fuck off griffy i don’t want this
  • magnus being reunited with julia is making me cry significantly now
  • they got their happy endings, everybody got their happy endings, and I’m so happy
  • I am SO glad and grateful I got caught up in time for this fucking heartwrenching sweet finale
Bedroom Window

A/N okay, could be insanely cringe-y but who knows, also i’m using Y/N which means your name, also its a shawn mendes story. Pt 2? 

“Y/N! Lights off!” I sighed, turning off my light and getting into my bed. Just a couple seconds later, my door opens slowly. “Good, now stay in bed this time please?” I nodded. My door shuts, and I listen to one of my fathers foot steps fade away. Sweet. I wait for the sound of a creaky door shut, and then I wait for a conversation then it stops. 

My fathers do the same routine everyday, one of them, Marcus tells me that its time to turn my lights off, while the other, Jacob tells me to have a good nights rest. Then he walks into their bedroom, Jacob tells Marcus that i’m asleep, Marcus grumbles something out that always sounds like ‘I don’t care’ or ‘She should be’. Now, don’t get me wrong Marcus is a great dad, but hes a cop and is always worrying about everything and is always stressed. Also, Jacob has been inviting a lot of ‘male friends’ over and it has been pissing Marcus off more. He get jealous easily. Anywho, after that Jacob makes a small remark and then they sleep on opposite sides of the bed. 

Then it takes a couple minutes for Marcus to get to sleep, you can tell from the snoring. After those couple of minutes were done, I hopped up from my bed, and ran to my window. I sat on the window seat, and opened the window, listening to the guitar play from my neighbors house. The boy there, I had learned his schedule, School hours he would be at school, after school he would sleep or hang with friends, and then he’d play music after. I’m not a stalker, I just keep my bedroom window open, just like him.

“Are you always going to listen to me play?” He called, “I don’t open my window to listen to you play” I called back. 

“Really? You just happen to open your window whenever I play any musical instrument, or when i’m singing” 

“Yea, basically”, “You know my mom wants me to get to know the neighbors” “Ahh thats unfortunate, considering I dont like you” “I don’t like you either, just a warning so you don’t get jealous” I heard him laugh. 

“So i don’t get jealous? Why would I get jealous?” I frown while smiling, confused but enjoying our joking. 

“Ya’know all of the hot girl neighbors, so when you see me with one of them, just so you know that i’m not interested in them, so you don’t get jealous” 

“Hot girl neighbors? and I’m not one of them? and trust me, I don’t get jealous over boys I don’t even know their first names of” 

“Shawn!” He called, “Mendes!” “What about you! Your name?” 

“You would love to know that wouldn’t you Mendes? Too bad its my bed time! Oops” I laughed, hearing him shout. 

I laid back on my bed giggling. “I know you can still hear me!” He shouts again. I shut my window while smiling like a dork. 

He runs into his room and starts writing something on a white board. 

‘I’ll see you tomorrow!’ is written on it, I shake my head, still laughing before waving and closing my curtains.

(pt 2 pt. 3 pt. 4) 

Sun Dresses and guys

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Request: Yes! Anon: Could you write an imagine about Fred weasley were he is a protective boyfriend over reader when some guys think she’s hot. Ends up whit a fluffy moment. (so far I’m loving your stories keep up like that sweetie. ❤❤)

A/N:  Thank you! I am glad that you are enjoying my stories! I tried to make it as fluffy as I could. :3

Half a year. I have been with Fred over half a year now. We met when he was running out of the quiditch pitch celebrating the most recent win of Gryfindor when he crashed into me. 

Now, a year later, we were friends for six months until he gathered the guts to ask me out, we were celebrating our six months together. It was a spring Sunday and after having breakfast in the quiditch pitch, he set a picnic in the middle of the pitch, we went for a walk to Hogsmade. 

Since it was spring I was wearing a sun dress and Fred wasnt happy with the idea because when we got to Hogsmade a lot of guys were checking me out.

“I dont like the way they are looking to you” he said to me looking to some guys that were behind us. We were currently in a book store because I was looking for something new to read.

“Just ignore them if you dont like it” I said bending over to see a book

“Dont bend like that! Now they are coming here!” 

“Calm down” I said as I standed up “I dont freak out every time a girl checks you out!” 

“Oh no” he said looking behind me 


“Hey Y/n, how you doin’“

“Wilson” I said looking to the guy in front of me

“You look very hot in that dress” he said checking me again

“Ok, thats it!” Fred snapped going closer to Wilson with his fist ready to hit him.

“Fred! calm down!” I said going in front of him to stop him from doing somethig stupid. Not that he would lose that fight, he wold kick Wilson’s ass in a heart beat, but that was exactly the problem, I didnt wanted him to get into trouble.

“What’s the matter Weasley? It aint my fault that your girl looks incredibly hot!” 

“BACK OFF WILSON!” Fred said trying to get over me to punch him. I wanted him to do it, Wilson deserved it, but I wouldnt let Wilson to get Fred into trouble.

“Let’s get out of here Fred” I said grabbing his hand and leading him to the door.

“But Y/n-”

“We are going back to the castle and we are gonna enjoy the rest of our day in tha Black Lake away from IDIOTS” i screamed the last part for Wilson to hear, he came after us when we leaved the store but then stopped following us when he got his eye on another girl.

When we were back on the Hogwarts grounds I looked at Fred, he was angry, I could swear that he was about to throw smoke out of his ears.

“Fred, are you ok?”

“Yes” he throwed not even looking at me “It’s-It’s just that I hate when someone looks or talks to you like that” he said claming down.

“You know that I only like you, you know that you are the only guy that I love” it was the first time that I’ve told him I loved him.

“Yeah I know but- wait, you love me?”

“Of course I do silly!”

“I-I love you too” he said pulling me closer to him “I am sorry I got jelous over there, I know I can trust you, but I dont trust them, I dont trust the way they look at you or talk to you”

“I know, how about we spend our day here, away from everyone” 

“Ok” he said and then we kissed. It was a sweet kiss, a gentle kiss.

“I love you Y/n”

“I love you too Freddie” i said looking into his eyes. “Now lets go”

Dating series; Yoon Jisung

N/A: This is a series I will start that is heavily inspired by one of my favourite scenario bloggers saythename17scenarios. Read her Boyfriend series please they are amazing!

I will start from the oldest member and go onto the youngest.


-Lemme tell you that the moment you saw on Jisung, you fell right into love

-From his looks to his clothing, everything about him was flawless in your eyes

-Expect the coffee he just spilt all over you

-Jisung would jump from side of the room to the other trying to find napkins

-He quickly would cover you and take you into the bathroom where he could properly help fix the problem he carelessly made

-As he patted the dark coffee off your light coloured blouse, you noticed how careful and soft he was being

-Your cheeks instantly started to become red

-Jisung looked up to and just freezes


-”I don’t think it works like that’

-He wouldn’t even hear you over his screeching

-You grab his face and pull it close to his whiling shaking him

-”Won’t you calm downnnn”

-He pulls back and his face is the same shade as his bright red hoodie

-He calms himself down and properly apologizes for being so careless and gives you his hoodie

-”Wear this so you won’t have to walk around with this stain on your beautiful shirt”

-You try to reject it but he just keeps insisting

-Before running off, he hands you a paper he just wrote on and tells you to call him when you get home

-You look down at the paper and it was an array of numbers with the name ‘Jisung’ above it

-”Jisung heh. Cute”


-You ended up getting home pretty late and finish soaking your shirt in a bowl with hot water, you decide you punch in Jisung’s number

-Your finger hovers above the ‘call’ button for a while until you muster enough courage to press it


-The second the phone line connects, you hear a loud sneeze causing you to scream

-”Daniel what are you doing calling me this late and from another phone?”

-”Sorry who?”

-You both stay silent for a solid 10 seconds 

-”Daniel you have a conniving girl voice HA”

-”Jisung, right?”

-”Thats Jisung hyung to you thank you very much”

-”Yeah I’m sorry, whoever this Daniel guy is, is not calling you. This is Y/N. The girl you spilt coffee all over in the coffee shop today”

-A loud screech come from the other side of the line


-You can’t help but laugh at this guy

-He apologizes for the 100th time today

-You guys stray off of the conversation about the stained shirt completely and start just talking random shit

-You check the clock and its a solid 2 hours later

-Right before you guys hang up, Jisung invites you to Lotte World tomorrow with his friends

-”I’m scared of roller coasters”

-”Not when I’m there! Don’t worry Y/N, you can always hold onto me!”

-Face redness +10 000

-You finally agree and tel him your address


-The next day you hear a loud knock on your door

-The second you swing the door open, Jisung attacks you with a hug

-He stops and backs up, looking at your clothing

-”Is that my…. sweater….”

-You nod and he instantly falls to the ground

-”Wow you knocked him down in one hit”

-Behind him was a taller handsome guy that you soon figured out was Daniel after Jisung yelled at him

-Once Jisung regained the will to continue life, you slowly grabbed his hand, locking it in yours

-The two of you didn’t say anything about it, you let it happen

-Through the day, you two started to do more things like spontaneously hug or caress the others face


-Several months passed and Jisung invited you bak to Lotte world with everyone again

-Of course wearing the same red hoodie he gave you when you first met because ‘it looks better on you’

-While you walked through the busy park, Jisung kept his arm around you so you didn’t get lost

-In the middle of a very cute part of the park, Jisung held your shoulders

-You stared into each others eyes before he reached down and placed a short, sweet kiss on your lips

-You let out a little giggle before pulling him into a longer one

-”I think I could get used to this Y/N”

-”I was thinking the same thing”



some more dance!michael

because i’m a sucker and you have to deal with it. so i imagine certain moves michael doing on jeremy where jeremy literally has to take a hot 30 minutes to catch his breath because holy sHIT. this is also all of the mexican in me coming out sORRY

sometimes michael does [this] , the girl’s movements, but on jeremy. jeremy literally cannot breathe

sometimes they get into [these] movements, where both of them are just in perfect synch (ignore the song just focus on the dance okay)

jeremy likes spinning so he and michael do [this] when they find a sweet song

michael really loves spinning jeremy like [this] until they’re both dizzy and full of giggles

again, jeremy starts out pretty bad at dancing, but he loves old time-y music. michale agrees to help him learn [this] routine which takes jeremy a while but he loves it

i will gladly provide more insight to this head cannon because i love it so much, dancing!michael is my baby

skillwiththequill  asked:

THIS IS LONG college bio (or other sci) lab? Alex&Maggie are partnered on 1st day of class and sparks. Alex is "why are they making me take this weakass pre-req" and maggie is "chill danvers you aren't special. tho you are e-special-ly hot" On the last day of the add/drop deadline (my uni has this at 1 or 2 wks in?) Lucy adds bio and gets partnered w/ them bc Thats How Fic Works. A&M catch her up outside of class over pizza & beer and Don't get your greasy fingers on my txtbk i gotta resell that

Of course she gets partnered with the one girl in the class that managed to make her look twice. Maggie huffs, quietly gathering her stuff and trudging to the station their teacher had assigned them. She reaches it before her partner does, and Maggie does her best not to look like a nervous gay mess.

“Hey, I’m Alex. Alex Danvers.” 

Maggie chokes on her own name.

“I am uhhh… M-Maggie. Sawyer.” She thrusts her hand out awkwardly and Alex laughs as she shakes it, raising one immaculate eyebrow, before taking her seat opposite. The rest of the class is divided into groups of two and three and their teacher hands out a short quiz to gauge every groups knowledge level and skill. 

Alex takes the sheet and immediately reads it through as Maggie watches on, pretending her mouth isn’t dry and that she isn’t just hopeless gay idiot.

“Do you want to look at it or just let me do everything right?” Alex raises her eyebrow again, and Maggie’s small gay brain kicks into overdrive at the challenge. Because Alex thinks that she’s only in this class because she had been forced to select it.

Alex would be wrong.

Sure, you wouldn’t expect the star of the baseball team, class clown, barely averaging a C minus in a good seventy percent of her classes Maggie Sawyer to have actively selected Advanced Biology. But what Alex didn’t know is that Maggie has a brain for science, and Maggie has her sights set intently on the Science Division, and Maggie is nothing if not dedicated to achieving her goals.

So Maggie snatches to sheet from Alex’s left hand, the pen from her right, and speeds through all eighteen questions as quickly as she can. Slamming the pen down, she flicks the sheet across the table so that Alex can look at it.

And Alex raises her eyebrow yet again, looking up at Maggie in disbelief.

“Didn’t take you for a science nerd, Sawyer.” 

“You’re not that special, Danvers.” 

And then everything slows down, because her idiotic, dumb, gay mess of a brain decides that the next words out of her mouth should be the cheesiest pick-up line it can think of.

“But you are e-special-ly hot.”

Silence. Is it hot in here? Someone turn the thermostat down. Alex is staring at her, and then her mouth is doing something but Maggie is decidedly not looking at her mouth. But, who is she kidding, of course she is. Because Alex Danvers is scrunching her nose, an pouting her lips, and then smiling at her.

“Smooth, Sawyer.”

And like that, somehow Maggie manages to land a date with the hottest, most popular science nerd in National City.

Which all comes crashing down three days later when their teacher saunters over to their desk with another ridiculously gorgeous student.

“Danvers, Sawyer. This is Lucy Lane. She’s picked up bio this week and will be joining your group.” 

Alex shakes her hand, all smiles and then harshly nudges Maggie in the ribs when the smaller woman just stares up at the brown haired, green eyed beauty that is holding her hand out to shake.

“Uhhhhh M-”

“That would be Maggie ‘too gay to function’ Sawyer.” Alex cuts in, rolling her eyes playfully as Lucy shakes Maggie’s hand and drops into the seat beside her.

“Too gay to function, huh?” Lucy asks, smirking as Maggie scoffs indignantly, but still can’t get any words out of her mouth, because now she’s been partnered with the two hottest girls in the class and which Gay Overlord is looking after her?

“Definitely. Though at the start of the week she managed to blurt out the worst pick-up line I’ve ever heard.”

Lucy raises her eyebrows, her gaze flitting to where Maggie is sitting, wanting to just curl in on herself and combust because eyes like that should be illegal. 

Earned herself a date tonight.” Alex finishes, and Maggie thinks she can see some kind of evil glint in her eye as she studies Lucy closely, watching for a reaction. Lucy only nods, casting her gaze down towards her books awkwardly and God, Maggie can’t even believe her lucky stars.

“Want to join us, Lane?” Alex asks, causing the two brunette women to snap their gazes towards her. Lucy then looks over at Maggie, and Maggie does her best to smile like her stomach isn’t filled with a quadrillion butterflies.

Lucy swallows. And then Lucy nods.

“Sure, if you’re happy to reschedule your date.” Lucy smiles awkwardly as Alex and Maggie share a look. A look that communicates exactly what both of them want. Maggie nods and Alex smirks and Lucy just stares between them, entirely speechless.

“Who said anything about rescheduling?”