get mah face

Challenge completed!! Here’s your precious Okami with pajamas and a plushie of a pink bunny @cata-824 

OHHH this took me forever to finish ;v; yeah I hate pink but I actually used a lot for sleeping lmao and yeah that’s my favorite giant plush bunny, Usa-chan *dies* somebody kill me.

Nevertheless, I did it so HAH! >:’333 in your face

anonymous asked:

Its 2017 and you still believe in camren? Even after lauren denied it and repeatedly shut down camren shippers and haters??? Even after lauren has dated lucy and now ty???? You obviously dont respect her

It is 2017 and I can’t believe that you are still dumb as fuck. Don’t you dare assume who I respect and who I don’t. Wanna know who I really don’t respect tho? Fucked up people like you who go in here, disrespecting our fandom’s domain. The existence of Ty and Lucy does not make Camren any less true. It doesn’t negate the other. You are really dumb for not getting that shit. What the fuck are you even doing here you fucking asshole? Get out of mah fucking face, you shit. Send another thing like this and you are going to be blocked.

(Same as always; open in new tab for bigger version)

I was in a Mass Effect mood and seeing indecentinkling2’s sketches of Javik and his “little warrior” just melted my heart and I needed to color one of the frames ;u;

She is one of my favorite artist when it comes to Javik art and I tried to do clothes like the way she does (because holy shizzle it’s smexeh)
The background is really lazy (and a bit the same for the shading OTL) but I had a lot of fun coloring the characters nfdsklnc <3

If you don’t think that papa!Javik is the cutest thing ever, you can geT OUT OF MAH FACE >:U

Baby Asari is probably done with the world because her primitive friend stole all her coloring pencils back at school, idk HAHA <3


I’m off to my work’s summer party. The theme is ‘Summerdream’ but I forgot to take something with me that fit that theme, so I decided to wear a cute and kinda-summer-looking outfit instead 🌸💖✨