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How do you feel about lovecraft as a person. I personally rlly rlly love the mythos but absolutely hate that little dilweed as a person because he was extremely racist, hated jews like me and my Muslim brothers and sisters n yeah. I tend to call it the cthulhu mythos alot bc of this (tho ovi its not just cthulhu that's just the name I found works best 4 me)

omg there is so much here, I will try to tackle all of this.

So as a person, I don’t think Lovecraft would have be very likable at first but after a while he might have been fun to hang around. He had his demons, which is ok, and he was very arrogant, which is one of my biggest social turn offs.

Now you bring up the racism bit, which is very complicated. Partly because we have to look at it in it’s historical context. I think we can honestly excuse his racism without, excusing racism.

Hear me out before flooding me with hate mail!

Lovecraft was really into science, in the early 20th century the big thing in science was eugenics. Eugenics is probably one of the darkest ideas to come out of science by far. The scientific consensus of the early 20th century was that blacks were the missing link between man and ape. Basically, back then, not being a racists would have been a kin to being a “science denier,”  Lovecraft did really love his science, he read journals and wasn’t really capable of doing the experiments himself. So his racism really makes him more a victim of his time and less of a bad guy. (watch my follower count drop for this view lol.)

Eugenics was the main justification for the holocaust and for what the imperial Japanese did to the Chinese in WW2. Thank god we have moved past this (mostly, there are some who still see the world this way). Also, don’t give me this crap that it was “pseudoscience,” back then eugenics was peer reviewed, bonafide, ivory tower, science. So I don’t really know if we can fault him for believing in science.

Of course now days  we know better, so we can fault racists, as we should.

I think it is fair to call it the “Cthulhu Mythos” because Cthulhu is the pop-star of the whole mythos. If you call it the “Azothoth Mythos” that would be more accurate, but no one really knows who Azothoth is.

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I’m just gonna do some hcs for them cause I’m tired sowwy

1. Nap dates are totally a thing with these two, they nap a lot, and Kunikida always finds time to put it into his schedule to join his love for a nap. They can be found napping everywhere, usually tightly entangled. Its really cute.

2. When Lovecraft and Kunikida make out, Lovecraft leaves love bites alll over Kunikida, neck, collarbones, chest, you name it. Hickies everywhere. Kunikida actually got some concealer from Yosano to cover up the hickies.

3. Every once in a while they surprise each other with little gifts??? Lovecraft gets Kunikida little journals and fancy writing pens, and roses sometimes, while Kunikida gets Lovecraft ocean related gifts for shits and giggles.

4. They like cooking together, because Lovecraft isn’t a huge fan of going outside, they often make meals together inside their shared apartment. Kunikida is amazing cook 2k17

5. Their apartment smells really nice? Like flowers and vanilla, its a really cozy smell and makes everyone who stops by super happy. Nobody knows if they use candles or what. But this apartment is beautiful.

Bloodborne Lore Planning
  • FromSoft: Well, it's a Victorian themed game.
  • Miyazaki: Right.
  • FromSoft: So, it really only makes sense that Bloodborne have traditional Judeo-Christian mythology.
  • Miyazaki: You know what's lame?
  • Fromsoft: ...
  • Miyazaki: Traditional Judeo-Christian mythology.
  • Fromsoft: ...
  • Miyazaki: You know what's not?
  • Fromsoft: ...
  • Miyazaki: The Great Old Ones.