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I just realized that the gems are basically like shoggoths from the Lovecraft mythos

  • They can shapeshift (shoggoths being able to create temporary organs and the gems being able to also shapeshift organs)
  • they rebelled against their overlord(Shoggoths rebelling against the elder things and the gems rebelling against homeworld.)
  • they have gigantic eldritch temples (in the huge cyclopean city in ‘The Mountains of Maddness’, and every gem temple ever seen in the show)
  • they were artifically created by space faring species to help conquer other planets (Shoggoths being created for food and labor, and Gems needed for war and maintenance)
  • Crewniverse has made references to lovecraftian stories before, as with Junji ito’s  ‘Enigma of Amigara fault’ 

woah…. has anyone had this idea before ?

Someone: ‘Hey, I know you Lovecraft and Eldritch horror and junk so I found this short story that tries to do a deconstruction on all of that! Here, it’s great!’

Me: Okay, let’s see…

Story in question: *is written in the POV of the embodiment of the ‘Old Magical Negro’ trope*

*said character literally ends every other sentence with 'Oh Lord’*

*said character also lives in a shack and can travel through the dimensions by playing Blues on his guitar*

*story brings in Lovecraft himself*

*the first thing he does is take up a job as a school principal and call the main character a “n*gger”*

*the real Lovecraft barely could leave his own house and would have probably pissed his pants thrice over before actually getting close enough to any minority to say anything like that audibly*

*because, remember, he was confined in his home by an abusive mother who only let other sickly pale around him*

*and even when he got married, his wife didn’t even give this reclusive, mentally unwell fuck time to adjust to the different types of people in the world before saying 'Fuck this noise, we’re moving to FUCKING NEW YORK’

Someone: So… What did you think? Great, right?

Me: … Yeah, sure, amazing.

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I’m reading this book on Lovecraft and I’m dying.

Lovecraft got his first actual writing job when he was 30 because he was subscribed to a anthology magazine called “The Argosy” and wrote a lengthy letter harshly criticising some love stories published in th magazine. The book doesn’t say if h found the stories to be bad or if h was annoyed that love stories were in a horror/sci-fi magazine but it could be either.

So here’s Lovecraft writing a letter saying “this is terrible here is why”. And the rest of the fanbase started attacking him for his criticism. And then this one dude decids to drag him by writing a poem to be “witty”

And Lovecraft, being a writer  himself, was like “lol u wot mate?” and wrote and EXTENSIVE satirical piece back to throw as much shade as possible.

And this massive pre-internet internet fight in the fanbase goes on for a year before the magazine itself is like “hey knock it off!”

But by this time a different orginization of amatuer writers saw this internet shade being thrown around and was like “lol this Lovecraft guy is actually pretty good” and contacted him saying “yo do you wanna write for us? We only communicate through mail so you don’t actually need to interact with human beings irl”

And Lovecraft was like “well since I’m not doing anything with my life except waiting for death I might as well.”

moral of the story; Just because there was no internet, doesn’t mean “the internet” didn’t exist.

(time of event; 1914)


Lovecraft novellas from American Eldritch Press, featuring new covers by Lee Grant. The Shadow Out of Time and the Dream-Quest are available now; the Mountains of Madness will be available imminently is also available right now, get it. 


Three rare photos of a Dagonite in a coastal stream taken by a crew cleaning up litter. This small specimen was glimpsed briefly before darting away into the water. Given it’s size it is guessed to be around two weeks old, as is it already showing multiple appendages. Dagonites this size live off small fish and insects, eventually graduating to larger prey like birds and larger fish. As it grows, the Dagonite will work it’s way down stream, eventually ending up in the ocean where is is free to grow unrestrained.

While their full size is unknown, lore describes them as being massive. These creatures have been observed throughout the centuries, entering into seafarers’ tales of monsters from the deep. It is believed that H.P. Lovecraft’s tale Dagon, describes an ancient one of these creatures, from whom it gets it’s name. 

jaytr13  asked:

Are there any "geek retro" things that you think are dangerously close to be forgotten by time, even with the internet?

Too many to even begin to answer. I guess my entire blog could be the answer to this question! 

Off the top of my head,it is strange that it fell into the memory hole that part of the reason Tiny Toon Adventures closed down production was because of a furry stalker who sent death threats to the cast. That could have been a film.

What surprises me isn’t what’s forgotten (because forgetting is natural and inevitable with the passage of time), but what’s remembered. I love H.P. Lovecraft to death but I find it surprising that he is the Weird Tales guy that thundered into pop culture, simply because, as good as he was, he wasn’t super-prolific; his correspondence is enormous, but his body of work is smaller. You could read everything Lovecraft wrote in his life in one summer. Also, his work is so context dependent, “inside baseball,” with a billion little shout-outs to all his buddies like Clark Ashton Smith, that I wonder how possible it is to dive in deep and get it. Lovecraft is so big now, that he isn’t even a man anymore, he’s a word: Lovecraftian. 

Part of it is that Lovecraft (like Lord of the Rings) was rediscovered by the 1960s counterculture. Lovecraft was frequently mentioned and influential in one of the most important books of the 20th Century, “The Morning of the Magicians,” which is easily the beginning of the New Age movement.