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You can drink too much and forget the night before but I’ve learned you can never drink enough to forget the people you’ve loved and lost.

Beau Taplin || A most unfortunate truth. (x)

Chapter 201 translation

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HT: Listen well, tomorrow (Saturday), you have to wear that ear stud. 

HT: After that, come find me.

GS: …

GS: Why should I listen to you! Wearing that disgust me to death! Get lost! Don’t press me down! 

HT: If you shout so loudly your Mum will hear.

Mum: *knock* *knock* 

GS & HT: !!

GS (kicks He Tian off his bed): AH! WA AH—–

(Mum opens door)

GS: Mum. 

HT: Hi Auntie.

Mum: ??

Mum: Time… Time to eat. 


JY: (humming)

JY (in his imagination): Zhan xixi

JY: Fuck… I feel weird down there…

JY: (reaches into his pants)

JY: Ah!!

JY: (pulls out a strand of hair)

JY (puts the strand of hair into his book): So it was this strand of hair making me feel weird… Made me think too much…

Paint me a future

pairing: jikook

length: oneshot, 3.2k

genre: domestic fluff, mentions of officer!kook

summary: Waking up to Jeon Jungkook every morning was everything Jimin could have asked for in life. Having police officer for a husband was fun especially when he gets to play around with his uniform.

Having Park Jimin in Jungkook’s life was as perfect as it gets.

Except for when said husband likes to scare the life out of him by asking important questions rather casually while doing tasks such as re-painting their guest room.

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Jikook Fluff Week Day One: Domestic Sunday

He wakes to the smell of linen.

Not a particularly sharp scent, and definitely by no means overwhelming. It was a comforting one that enticed him to burrow his face deep into the juncture between his pillows and get lost for days. He presses further against his surroundings, letting his hands grip the bed below him and adjust slightly with a soft sigh escaping from his lips. Jimin had forgotten that he had washed the sheets the day before, leaving him with a relaxed aura of cleanliness. The soft fabric cradles his skin, wrapping him in a blanket of warmth and filling his brain with pictures of soft tufts of cotton and silky threads.

He also wakes to an incredible amount of body heat and what felt like a pair of lips pressing to his cheeks.

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Oblivious to the Obvious [Poe Dameron x Reader]

Summary: Poe has had a crush on the reader for ages, and asks Finn for his advice, which leads him to make several very sudden decisions.

Word Count: 6000+

Warnings: Moderate to Severe Accidental Injury

It wasn’t like Poe was looking for excuses to get to maintenance. (Well, once, he had sped up the disrepair of his com link just a little bit.) Otherwise, all eight visits to the maintenance wing over the past month were for completely legitimate reasons. It was as if his X-wing somehow knew that there was a wonderful girl at the reception desk and kept falling apart just so he could see her. This time, it was the navigation system that had decided to give out. System in hand, he walked to the to the desk where Y/N spun around in her chair until she saw him.

“Oh! Hi, Poe!” she greeted with her bright, heart-stopping smile. She was looking awfully cute with safety goggles rested on the top of her head, pulling her hair back. She had a smudge of grease on her cheek that she probably didn’t even realize was there, and her eyes were lit up as they usually were with a playful spark.

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Season 5: RC/KB tell each other about losing their virginity. Doesn’t have to be smutty. ;) prompted by @her-pegship.

“How old were you?” 

She’s balanced on that precarious cliff between dreams and reality, sweat still drying on her overheated skin. He’s worn her out, made her body writhe and jerk with pleasure, her voice moan and chant his name and, now, when they should both be sleeping in preparation for her return to the 12th Precinct after serving out her suspension, he wants to talk.

Sure, she could scowl at him, refuse to answer and insist that they both get some rest, but she doesn’t. As curious as she is amused, Kate cracks open one eye, glancing at her boyfriend and that self-satisfied smile of his. “What?” 

The shiver that rolls across her flesh has nothing to do with the cold air that begins to filter through the vent above her bed and everything to do with the two fingers that slide along the path of her abdomen, skirting around her belly button and then dipping just a bit lower. It’s meant to be a tease, one designed to get her attention with the promise that the sureness of his touch holds.

She hates that her bottom lip has already found its way between her teeth, that her body is responding to something so simple, but she also loves that it’s this satisfying and this easy. 

It has been anything but with anyone else that she’s ever allowed into her bed. 

“I was wondering,” Rick speaks up again, spreading his entire hand across her torso, back up across her abs until he pauses just below her breasts. “How old you were when you lost your virginity.” 

Kate opens her eyes again at that, her heart tripping in its steady rhythm at the sheepish look he’s giving her. With his hair tousled from her fingers and his lips still swollen from her kisses, he looks like that teenage boy that her mother always warned her about; the one with the roguish good looks and endless charm who wanted to get into her pants and not much more. 

In fact, it had been exactly that sort of boy that had convinced her to give it up. A boy with shaggy hair, a beat-up leather jacket, his own motorcycle, and a desire to be the next Kurt Cobain - without the depression and heroin addiction. 

And, true to form, he hadn’t wanted much more than sex in the end.

Castle, she knew, wanted everything she was willing to give, which was why she didn’t mind the way he would prompt her with questions to pull out a story from her life before he was taking up so much of it. 

He just wanted to know her, all of her, even the parts that she tried her best to keep locked away. 

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For Everything You’ve Done.

Requested by Anonymous: Hi! Can I request a StevexBuckyxreader smut? Maybe 1940sStucky. No plot in particular, thank you for considering!! I love your writing!

Author’s Note: Sorry I took so long. And sorry if it’s shit. Thank you @just-call-me-mrs-captain for the advice. This would have been 88% worser without your help. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes, Stucky

Words: 1700+

Previous Part: The Least I Can Do

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genre: fluff

characters: you, Wonwoo

word count: 320

You try to teach a stubborn Wonwoo how to play the piano.


“That was good!” Wonwoo clapped excitedly as he came up behind you, leaning onto the back of your chair. You were practicing piano when he came in, and he insisted that you continue.

“Really? Do you want to try?” you ask excitedly, looking up at him hopefully.


“Come on! I’ll teach you a simple song.” you tugged on his arm.

“Well..” Wonwoo hesitated, scratching the back of his head.

“Pleaseee.” you blinked your eyes repeatedly and pouted up at him.

“Fine! But only a simple song.”

“I promise!” you scooted over to the other side of the bench and patted the seat beside you. He sat down and looked at you expectantly.

‘Okay, start with your ring finger on this key.” you pointed to the key with one hand while doing the action with your other hand. Wonwoo lifts his hand up and mimicks you.

“Good, now press down once. This key is called B.” you explained, speaking slowly so he wouldn’t get too lost.


“Now press down on this key with your middle finger. This key is called A.” Pressing down on the key, Wonwoo nodded.

“Now using your index finger, press down on this one. This key is called G.”

“Got it.” he presses down on the key.

“Now back to A.”

“A? Which ones A?”



“I just told you!” you pressed your finger on A and played it repeatedly.

“Okay, okay.”

As 20 minutes, Wonwoo started getting more and more bored.

“Y/n.” he said, nudging you with his shoulder.

“What?” you turned to face him.

“I’m bored. Can’t we just do something else?”

“Wonwoo, you’ve only learned 7 of the notes..”

“But I’m bored. Come on babe, I’ll buy you ice cream.

“Fine!” you give up and rest your head onto his shoulder, defeated. 

Who knew it could take so long to teach someone how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb?


Summary: Phil comes home with a new tattoo and Dan can’t believe how much he means to Phil.

Words: 1k

Warnings: swearing

Author’s note: wow omg this is based off of moreorlester’s amazing art which you can check out here

Phil’s skin is a canvas, and Dan fucking loves it.

Phil’s been walking around the flat idly with no other intention other than to show himself off to Dan for the past ten minutes; he’s just got a new tattoo and decided that stripping down to his boxers was the obvious next course of action. Ink is shifting lazily over his legs and colours are bursting over his shoulders in arrows and Dan’s dizzy staring at him because Phil is so goddamn beautiful.

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Brownie and Showers Part 2 (Quicksilver X Reader)

Part 1

“Bruce it was an accident.” (Y/n) muttered, as she bandaged Pietro’s arm. Hulk had been less forgiving when he found out that Pietro was on top of her sister, half naked.

“Honestly, it looked wrong.” Tony muttered and (y/n) glared at him.

“How many times do I have to say it was an accident??” (Y/n) as she got up, throwing a cushion at Tony as she stormed out of the room. Pietro felt guilty but then again, it was an accident, and he happened to like it.

“I’m sorry.” Bruce muttered to Pietro, looking dejected as too left, leaving Pietro, Tony and Clint in the room.

“So kid, what were you doing in her room?” Clint questioned, as him and Tony advanced towards him.

“I already told you, my shower wasn’t working and I didn’t know she was in there.” He replied, leaving out the bit that he kinda lost himself and waited for her.

“Look kid, don’t let it happen again, cause hulk won’t be the only one smashing you.” Tony threatened.


“(Y/n), I’m sorry.” Bruce mumbled as he found (y/n) on the roof, sobbing. He sat down next to her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder, pulling her into a hug. Even when they were younger, they had been very close.

“Bruce. This is the third time.” She whispered, remembering the last time hulk smashed her best friend when he asked her out.

“I’m sorry princess, I can’t help it. You’re my baby sister, I have to protect you.” He sighed, rubbing her arm. They stayed there, for a while, just in silence.

“Come on, let’s go.” Bruce smiled as he helped (y/n) up. They walked back into the kitchen, everyone else was already there.

“Bruce, I want to apologise for what my brother did.” Wanda spoke.

“Don’t apologise Wanda, it was an accident.” Bruce smiled, shocking almost everyone. (Y/n) looked at Pietro, who was sitting on the furthered the stool, they made eye contact and Pietro winked, causing her face to heat up. She grabbed some food and sat down next to Pietro, as it was the only seat available and not that she minded.

“You know, I wouldn’t mind doing that again, especially, on the bed.” He whispered in (y/n)’s ear. Her face heated up as she almost choked on the rice she was eating as she coughed violently. He gently patted her back, causing her even more butterflies in her stomach. She grabbed her glass and drank some of the water.


“Hey (y/n), these brownies are amazing.” Pietro smiled as he ate one. Her face heated up again, for the past week, Pietro would take every chance to flirt with her and not that she didn’t like it, it was the opposite, she loved it.

“Thanks” she mumbled as she started to exist the room but Pietro stopped her, grabbing her waist, he pinned her to the wall.

“Pietro.” She stuttered, he was so close to her, she could feel his warm breath on her lips. He was seriously testing her, as she so badly wanted to kiss his lips.

“(Y/n).” He whispered, stroking her cheek.

“W-what are y-you do-doing?” She mentally scolded herself for being so pathetic right now.

“Don’t deny it.” He replied.

“But Bruce won’t agree.” She mumbled.

“Shhhh.” He placed his finger on her lips, shouting her up.

“I really like you.” He said, a sincere smile on his face. (Y/n) starred into his blue eyes, getting lost. Without warning, he pressed his lips against hers. They both smiled into the kiss as (y/n) wrapped her arms around his neck, tangling her fingers in his silky hair. Pietro pulled her closer, and wrapped his arms around her waist. Both of them felt fireworks go off as their lips connected. (Y/n) broke the kiss and rested her forehead against Pietro’s.

“I really like you too.” She replied, smiling.


“So you two wanna date?” Tony said as everyone starred at (y/n) and Pietro, who were sitting on the couch together.

“Yes.” Pietro replied, as he squeezed her hand.

“No, I refuse.” Clint cried dramatically.

“Me too.” Tony added.

“Can you guys ever shut up?” Steve glared at them.

“Let Bruce and Wanda decide.” Natasha scolded.

“Can I talk to you two alone?” Bruce asked, finally speaking up.

“Sure.” Natasha said, dragging Clint and Tony out as Steve and Wanda followed.

“Are you sure about this.” He asked.

“Bruce, I know you’re are worried but I promise, I will never give (y/n) a reason to complain or ever upset her. I will always do what’s best for her and keep her happy.” Pietro confessed.

“Well, then, go on but one thing, don’t take her innocence away, she’s still young.” Bruce warned.
(Y/n) blushed as she hid her face in Pietro’s chest, not believing what her brother had just said.

“Thank you so much.” Pietro smiled at Bruce, feeling very happy.


“Hey, my shower isn’t working so I am coming over.” Pietro said as he entered her bathroom. (Y/n) sat her in bed, reading her favourite book with a mug of hot chocolate. A while later, Pietro came out, shirtless again.

“Put on a shirt.” (Y/n) smiled. He grabbed her book off her, placing it on the side table. He got on top of her, supporting himself with his arms and knees.

“Now, where were we the last time?” He smirked, wetting her face with his wet hair and tickling her.

“Pietro stop, please.” (Y/n) giggled as she struggled under him. Just on cue, Tony and Clint burst into the room, shocked looks on their faces, ready to murder Pietro.

“Get out of here or I’m never making you brownies again.” (Y/n) threatened as they retreated, shutting the door behind them.

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We all know Louis gets lost in Harry's voice cause he loves his baby's voice, so it makes it easy to imagine Louis and Harry lying in bed together, and Louis always asks Harry to sing for him while they cuddle cause Harry's voice is his favorite thing to listen to. Louis just closes is eyes and gets lost in it, pressing his lips to Harry's neck to kiss him there, feeling the vibrations from him singing, each note a giving a different feeling of love, then they fall asleep smiling and kissing..

I’m going to pretend I didn’t read this

Songprompt!Verse prompt from @sirenja-and-the-stag, who wanted something based on Of Monsters and Men’s “Wolves Without Teeth.”  This follows on from the first two parts (readable here), but all you really need to know is that we’re in a post-finale slow-burn-Hannigram ‘verse.  One boat, no dogs, so far.

Also up on AO3 now if you’d prefer to read it there.

Wolves Without Teeth

I can see through you

We are the same

It’s perfectly strange

You run in my veins

How can I keep you

Inside my lungs

I breathe what is yours

You breathe what is mine

~”Wolves Without Teeth”, Of Monsters and Men

Some nights they find a place to dock and they both sleep. On others they take turns, one sleeping and the other keeping watch as they keep moving through the night.  The two of them are more akin to sharks than wolves out here on the sea, Will thinks as he leans on the rail and looks out at the dark, starry sky.  But then sharks can be pack hunters, too.  

Not that he’s at all sure he’ll be doing any hunting.  He still needs to believe that there’s a line he can draw and stay to one side of, between self-defense and wanton hunting.  Even if the self-defense killing had been semi-premeditated.  Even if it had been breathtaking in its ferocity and beauty, in a way that returns to him often in dreams that are far from nightmares.

The nights Will keeps watch are good for thinking through these questions. It’s hard to remember sometimes with Hannibal’s gaze on him that he has no intention of becoming Hannibal’s pet killer.  His friend and travel companion, yes.  Quite possibly his lover. That’s in the air, too, in looks and small touches and moments that hang shimmering in the air between them like heat haze but haven’t quite materialized yet into something more tangible.

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