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What do you think about SI employees obstructing the rogue Avengers from seeing Tony after CACW?

I think SI employees would absolutely obstruct the rogue Avengers from seeing Tony.

Like the first moment one of them steps foot into the lobby, the secretaries have sent out a red alert. The rogue Avengers were going to meet with Tony, but they find him rushing out of the conference room, wild-eyed, shouting, “EVACUATE! EVACUATE NOW!” and suddenly there are klaxons and everyone’s running and Tony gets lost in the shuffle and the security guards are barking at them to get out NOW. (Later, the secretaries send a very stern reprimand at R&D. “DO NOT RIG SOMETHING TO EXPLODE WITHOUT MR. STARK’S IMMEDIATE ATTENTION AGAIN. MRS. OLSEN IN PUBLIC RELATIONS WAS ALMOST TRAMPLED.”

The second time the secretaries send out a red alert, Tony walks into the conference room to meet them but doesn’t manage to do more than open his mouth when Friday cuts in, “Boss, all of the servers went out in HR and it’s possible we lost everything for the next two weeks” and instead of words coming out of Tony’s mouth it’s just a high-pitched scream as he turns on his heel and runs for the elevator to get to the servers because it’s gonna be a clusterfuck if his employees don’t get paid. Friday gets a very polite email from the secretaries thanking her for her help.

The third time, Tony actually gets through some civil pleasantries before an intern bursts through the door and shouts “MR. STARK HELP!” And Tony’s on his feet and following this intern going “What? What’s wrong?” But the intern doesn’t really know because he panicked but luckily one of the other interns sees him and clutches her chest and wheezes, “My inhaler!” “WHERE IS FARAH’S INHALER?!” Tony shrieks. (”I didn’t know you had asthma,” the intern says, and Farah gives him a blank look because she doesn’t.) The interns get a pizza party. Tony assumes it’s because of a breakthrough or morale but it was for thinking on their feet to get him out of that conference room.

The rogue Avengers are, of course, starting to suspect, so when another intern rushes in just before Tony has to say something, Clint grabs them by the arm and asks them angrily what’s going on. And then he is blindsided by Tony’s fist, so much so that he doesn’t even have the chance to stumble before he goes down, and Tony snarls, “Don’t you touch my employees. Yes, dear, what is it?” And Esme stutters and thanks him and then says their numbers have turned out all wrong and their manager is out for lunch but the data is due in ten minutes and they don’t know what to do, and Tony would really rather help this intern about to burst into tears than someone who would threaten them. “You had your chance,” Friday tells them ominously after Tony and Esme are out of earshot. She unscrambles Esme’s data and when they see it they do burst into tears because they swear it was wrong a minute ago Mr. Stark!!! “I believe you,” Tony says, giving one of Friday’s cameras the side-eye, and Esme ends up with a thousand dollar bonus in their next paycheck because Friday really should have chosen a less anxious target.

“…You knew, boss?” Friday asks meekly.

Tony scoffs. “I knew the minute R&D called me about the explosive situation. Protocol calls for immediate evacuation, not the entire R&D team milling about anxiously for me to arrive.”

Friday still has a lot to learn, but luckily the secretaries compile a digital list of protocols for each division for her, even Accounting, and they still like to deal with paper.


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“It’s christmas, don’t be mad at me.” Klaus declared with a sigh as he walked in as if he already knew you’d get mad. “I lost your friend and I have yet to locate them again.”

“If only I’d gone over when he called.” You sighed and hurried to grab your phone.

“You were meant to be watching him!” Klaus reminded you when he followed after you.

“Yes thank you,” You sighed, smiling slightly when he agreed to follow you and help you find your friend.

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One of my best friends needs help.

She accidentally deleted her tumblr. Meaning every follower was lost.

Please help her get them back.

She’s such sweet girl and her imagines are amazing.

She is @christophmd

Everytime I saw your eyes, I thought I would just drown in them. The blue of your eyes reminded me of the ocean, and I would have constantly taken the risk of getting lost in them. Sometimes I thought I would really find something in your eyes, like peace. Now, I know that your eyes, clear blue miracles like the sea, aren’t that safe. And I’ve learned that I drowned in nothing than my own blood. I forgot that the ocean is salty, and I forgot how dangerous beauty actually could be.
The Moon Signs & Sadness

Aries Moon: Sadness leaves them lazy and empty

Taurus Moon: Sadness chews away at their brain / obsesses over feeling

Gemini Moon: Urges to express their sadness / doesn’t understand it / wants to relate to others’ sadness

Cancer Moon: Sadness comes in waves / they let it come and go

Leo Moon: Hides a sad heart behind confidence and sometimes cheeriness

Virgo Moon: Tries to ignore sadness / has a hard time with acceptance

Libra Moon: Sadness hurts but they hide it behind a smile or calmness

Scorpio Moon: They feel like their drowning / needs time for healing

Sagittarius Moon: Is processed as an annoyance / easily crashes with actions / needs to be patient to open up emotionally

Capricorn Moon: Sadness clouds thier mind / slowly eats away at them

Aquarius Moon: Denys sadness / can get lost in their own mind

Pisces Moon: Sadness can consume them / they need an escape

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Hi! New around here... May I ask what do you like about Madancy? Mads sure seems to fancy Mr. Dancy, Hugh.. not so much )=

My dear sweet baby fannibal, I need to stop you right there. 

Since you say you’re new, I’ll help you out.

“Well, it came about because one of the things that was very important was that Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter have a likeability, not only on screen but with each other. The fact that Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are very good friends in real life cinched the deal, in my mind. That was important because I knew it was going to translate to screen. We wanted the audience to like these two men liking each other.” — Bryan Fuller on how he ended up casting Mads Mikkelsen (x)

“Hugh Dancy was the first actor cast and that made the project all that more appetizing for Mads Mikkelsen, who knew Hugh and worked with him in the past and rightfully adored him.— Bryan Fuller (x)”

“Me and Hugh (Dancy) were two of the knights (in King Arthur). So we were sitting for half a year on horseback and we became friends way back then. It’s just been a gift. We’re doing a show like this where you’re working so close together. It’s nice to be comfortable with each other, and that was just a gift that it turned out to be me and Hugh”— Mads Mikkelsen 

“Mads is a remarkable combination of things. He’s more than capable of fighting for what he wants. He’s amazing.”— Hugh Dancy

“Well obviously what I’m going to miss is just sitting down in a chair and having chit-chats with Hugh Dancy.” — Mads Mikkelsen on Hannibal S3 (x)

“It’s great. The very first time we sat down, talked about the show, Mads came up at the conversation. I worked with Mads nine years ago now on ‘King Arthur’. Completely different. Could not be more different. But during that period I got to know him and really like him. As a man as an actor. And had followed his career ever since then. I knew it was going to be great. That relationship is so complicated and interesting. It has to be believable. That’s one of the highlights of the show for me.” — Hugh Dancy

“So, spending that much time with a fellow actor, as I knew I would do with Hugh, it was just a fantastic gift that we knew each other. We are not only in the room, but to a degree, we have to be emotionally naked in certain situations.” — Mads Mikkelsen spoke about friendship with Hugh and cast (x)

(Mads Mikkelsen from Red Dragon Con, post)

(Hugh Dancy, The Path interview, post)

He’s worked with the actor Hugh Dancy previously and agrees that such a genuine friendship lends something special to their on screen relationship. “It was a great gift for both of us, that we were able to spend some much time together on the show. We were kind of in a boat of insecurity from the beginning, but it was nice to have a friend there, if you go down or you stay up. To be able to be comfortable with someone in a room, day in, day out of filming, 12 hours a day, was an extreme gift for both of us. We found a way of working together really fast. Hopefully I’ll get to spend time with him during the third season as well, but if not I’ll just have to go drink some beers with him!” — Mads Mikkelsen (x)

“I would say an actor like Mads, but there aren’t any, there’s just Mads.” — Hugh Dancy during the SAG Foundation interview (x).

And finally:

“Collaboration with Mads, who I love, who’s a wonderful actor and incredible partner in that respect “ — Hugh Dancy on what the show means to him

Hugh has become one of my very, very, very good friends. We knew each other from before, but it’s been so intense to spend three seasons together. I was there when he had his first little baby. It’s been a fantastic journey. We were just very, very lucky that we ended up with each other. Imagine if we had ended up with someone we didn’t like.” — Mads Mikkelsen (post)

Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are friends. I’m not sure where you got the impression that they aren’t or that one dislikes the other.

Mads likes Hugh. 

Hugh likes Mads. 

They’re friends.

And their amazing chemistry and friendship (and various aesthetic reasons) is why I ship the fleet of ships that belong to Hugh and Mads and their characters.

So, after all of this, if you’re interested in some more Mads and Hugh liking each other and goofing around together goodies, check out my tag ‘danish crumpet’.

[Unable to find Steve, Bucky or T’Challa] 

Natasha: Well, this calls for drastic measures. *proceeds to yank Tony’s pants down, causing Tony to shriek and Clint to scream in the distance*

Tony: Why the fuck -

Natasha: *cups her hands together* Tony has his pants down!

[sound of a stampede getting closer, children screaming, babies crying, women fainting, and men turning gay as Steve, Bucky & T’Challa run towards them]

Natasha: There they are. 

Tony: *glaring and struggling to pull his pants back up* Couldn’t you have done that without actually pulling my pants down? 

Natasha: I like the view.

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Why are we all mad at Hartman? I feel like I'm missing a lot of backstory here. I'm usually just reading fanfic and he obviously doesn't come up there much. What did I miss?

Honestly, you’re not the only one that’s missed the happenings with Butch. I wasn’t really aware until pretty recently the extent of how things are/were/seem to be.

I would say that it probably all started back when Danny Phantom was first on Nick. Butch had denounced basically any m/m pairing that people had started to ship together which caused the Phandom to split in half, one side taking Butch’s words to heart, the other completely going against him. This insinuated the Phandom Wars(explained a little further in this post). Luckily I was not a part of this whatsoever and didn’t find out about it until very recently.

Continuing from that, Butch has since tried to interact with the Phandom again, but people feel that it seems like he doesn’t really care about the show all that much. He’s been known in the past to tease phans with little snippits of DP or saying that “maybe it’ll come back, who knows” on multiple occasions. When in reality Butch does not own Danny Phantom anymore, he sold the rights to Nickelodeon(which to his credit he did state in one or more of his youtube videos later on).

I personally feel that everything really started spiraling out of control after the presidential election, though. After the election was over, it came to light that Butch was a Trump supporter, which put all of those already salty LGBTQ+ phans and supporters over the edge.

Then there’s this video that was released on the 20th, in which Butch states 107 facts about Danny Phantom. A lot of which most hardcore phans already knew, and a couple of which added even more fuel to the fire such as 16:59 where he discusses why Danny wears a shirt with his bathing suit(many people take this as him trying to debunk the trans!Danny headcanon that’s been floating around for a while), and 4:45 where he states that ghosts aren’t the spirit of the dead, but just monsters from another dimension. Which clearly contradicts the actual show, but I digress.

And of course the most recent cause for debate is this video where Team Phantom was animated again with the original voice actors no less!! Which a lot of people got heated about and criticized a bit, myself included, admittedly. But you can find my standpoint on that here that I wish more people would take to heart.

So, overall I guess it just comes down to the fact that it seems that Butch did a lot of stuff that got on people’s nerves and eventually everyone had had enough of it.

I didn’t tell anyone about you, except maybe the moon. I’d sneak out past midnight, when the night is at its darkest, the moon at its brightest, and the sky at its prettiest. I’d stay outside for hours singing songs only the moon could hear. I’d tell her all about you - what you look like, what you seem like, what you feel like. I told her about how you and I met, and I think she was shocked on how vividly I remembered it. I also told her about your eyes and how I almost always get lost in them. Truthfully, she knows everything I know about you. These are things I can’t tell anyone else; it’s a secret I can only share with her. Sometimes, I think she responds. You know, sometimes she slighty changes colors. And sometimes, the nightlight looks like it’s dancing. But some nights she looks tired, maybe I’m not the only one talking to her. I once asked her, if you talk to her too. And if so, do you tell her about me the same way I tell her about you?
—  waferqueen 

this is what happens when you stay up too late reading atlantis fics and spotify playlist memes at the same time. 

Each house when: studying
  • Gryffindor: Procrastinate it 'till you make it, binge reads every lesson from the last seven years just in case the night before, studying comfy (on the couch or on the bed)
  • Hufflepuff: T E A M W O R K with snacks and blankets, often reads important parts aloud, makes bad puns that help them memorize names and places
  • Ravenclaw: Studies either the most or the less in the class and nothing in between, *opens a book to fact-check something and gets lost for 17 hours*, needs a Hufflepuff friend to tell them to go to sleep
  • Slytherin: Gets irritated by boring lessons real quick, *classical music dramatically playing in the background*, will try to murder you if you interrupt them