get lost in nature and you will find yourself

“I am a believer in meditation that isn’t thought of as traditional meditation. It can be in the form of music or walking or painting or anything else that carries you into the flow state. Getting lost, isn’t actually getting lost, that’s the paradox. Getting lost is actually going inward. Getting lost is finding ourselves in a deeper capacity. Getting lost is sometimes essential to growth and ultimately a greater understanding”

Victoria Erikson

Eris: the black winged goddess of strife. Also called the 10th planet takes 560 years to transit, it is a transpersonal planet and therefore the house is important and what aspects it creates.

Eris defines the part of ourselves whose essential nature is as odds with our current cultural norms. This part of us stands against “what everyone does”. With Eris now recognized in our solar system and now part of our developmental path as a species, this is the time for us to recognize that true inner voice that does not bend to the will of the many. We may kick up some discord, but it is for our own good.

Eris in the Houses

•1st house: When Eris resides in your first house, your mission is to trust yourself. You will have opinions that differ from societies’, you will do things different from other people. You will experience pain and loss here, because though you may desire to integrate fully into society, you can not. This in not a Uranian process where you discover your individuality. The Eris process dictates that your innate sense of values pits yourself against society. You have no other choice.

•2nd house: With Eris in your second house of resources, it is your task to sound the alarm regarding the incorrect use of resources. You have a vastly different way handling money and wealth which involves the sharing of resources. People think you are foolish with your use of money. You are not. You realize the value of sharing cooperatively, though there is a danger of using your resources to dominate your social sphere.

•3rd house: In the third house of communications, Eris gives you a strong voice that sounds discordant against the sounds of the collective. You have the intellect to discern what is off balance and not in the interests of the society. You must beware of forcing your opinions on others, but it your job to tell society at large your perceptions.

•4th house: When Eris resides in your fourth house of the home you have the power to recognize how past conditions have contributed to current problems. You experience through your childhood how unequal power distribution causes problems in the home. If you are wise, you will work on these dynamics in your own life, so the same bitter fruit is not born. If you do not, you will repeat the experiences of your parents.

•5th house: Eris in the fifth house of romance and creativity gives you the power to create divergent forms that highlights societal problems caused by unequal power distribution. Your images, your writing, your music can inspire others with the power of your message. Likewise, if you misspend your gift, your art will devolve into pointless blame games. You must work to overcome that tendency in your life.

•6th house: When Eris sits in your sixth house of health and servants, you challenges your authority with others and other people’s authority to make health care decisions for you. This latter situation can manifest as a health care crisis that is not managed correctly by the care provider calling for clarity of thinking and intervention on your part. You will have to be your own best health care advisor.

•7th house: In your seventh house of partnerships Eris will create situations of unequal distribution of power that will stress your relationship. You will have to work at finding a partner that will share your goal of sharing the work and well as the joys of partnership, or suffer the consequences for failing to doing so. If you attempt to follow traditional male/female roles, your relationship will ultimately lose its vitality and strength of purpose.

•8th house: Eris in your eighth house of death [transformation] creates situations where you experience people trying to take away your resources. Inheritances, insurance payments and loans can be contentious and difficult experiences, especially if you are elected to be the consevator/distributor of those funds. You may have to share a partnership role in the disbursement of funds, but do not have final say in where they are to go. In the area of sexual development you may have sexual experiences that are incomplete or unsatisfying due to one partner or the other demanding a control of the sexual experience.

•9th house: With Eris in the ninth house of law and education, you may experience education and travel opportunities that are divergent from the norm. You may find the traditional educational process difficult to complete because of your urges to pursue your own line of study. Travel takes you to places where you glimpse the economic inequities of life. Even if you go to a sunny Carribean beach for vacation you might find yourself getting lost in the slums.

•10th house: When Eris resides in the tenth house of authority and power, you are here to understand your role in taking care of the those with less power than you. Should you not have a natural understanding of this role, Eris will make sure you experience the consequences of the bigger fish eating the smaller fish. You will experience why some people insist on “survival of the fittest” and you will not necessarily be the one considered “fit”. When you grow in wisdom in this role, you wlll be a fine steward of the needs of the people.

•11th house: Eris in the eleventh house of organizations and friends, you either do or will come to understand the necessity of a cooperative role within the group. You may be confronted with situations that place you outside the group for a time to experience the feeling of “odd man out.” In a cooperative society there is no room for pushing people to an outsider’s position. When you come to understand this yourself, you can teach the rest of your brothers and sisiters.

•12th house: In the twelfth house of connection with the your higher sources, Eris gives you a voice to speak about how this dimension’s experience does not necessarily mirror all of reality. You have a powerful prophetic voice that holds much wisdom and truth. You can channel the wisdom of higher realms and have the ability to access the Akashic records without the guidance of the guardians from the other side. However, because your voice is at dissonance with the drumbeat of your time, often you are not listened to, like Cassandra of Trojan War fame.

From: The astrology of Eris: there we go with them apples again By Beth Turnage

The finished piece.. “Find your path.”
Sometimes it’s hard to trust the process, but you must have faith and perseverance. Keep walking, and keep doing, eventually you will find your path.

Don’t Camp Much

Hello Loves!! Here’s another addition to the Don’t ___ Much collection. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you want to see anything particular! I’m always open to ideas and requests. I can’t promise that requests will always get filled but I will definitely read and respond. You guys are amazing! Lots of love!! XR

To say you detested the outside world would be a gross understatement. You loathed nature. Sure, yes, (some) wild animals are cute but dirt… bugs… campfire songs… Yeah those sucked. But as usual, when Harry wanted to do something and he looked at you with those big green eyes and poked out his bottom lip you agreed to go. After kissing him senseless, of course.

And that is how you ended up covered in dirt, surrounded by bugs, listening to your boyfriend sing the “C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E” song from Spongebob all whilst trying valiantly to make the perfect s'more. When the fourth marshmallow dropped into the fire, you had had enough.

“I hate nature!” You wailed, stomping away from the fire, trying very hard not to trip over any sticks.

“Babe!” You could hear Harry shouting from behind you but you ignored him, looking everywhere for his damn Range Rover. Why did you think this would be a good idea?

Before you knew it you were in the middle of nowhere. How did you get so lost in such a short amount of time? This is why you don’t go camping. Or outdoors. Ever.

The eerie silence made you shiver. You needed to find Harry and get out of here. It was creepy out in nature all alone. The sound of breaking sticks caused your heart to race, so you did what any young woman lost in the woods would do. You grabbed the nearest weapon you could find, which happened to be a rather long stick. Pointing it at the sound, you prepared yourself to fight off a coyote, bear or any other wild thing that could possibly kill you.

You let out a small scream when a shadow popped around a tree, pinning your arms to your side, preventing you from swinging at anything.

“Put the stick down, baby.” Harry laughed in your ear. You let go of the stick with a huff, pulling yourself away from his warm embrace.

“You scared me, you prick.” Your arms reached around your middle, trying to mimic the warmth of Harry’s much more muscular ones.

“I’m sorry. But I couldn’t risk you damaging the money maker.” He gestured to his face, causing a small smile to pull at your lips.

“There’s my girl.” He smiled, reaching to pull you into his arms. You went willingly but you still weren’t happy about the situation.

“I don’t like camping, Harry.” You admitted after a moment.

“I could tell.” You could hear his smirk but you chose to let it go and just enjoy the embrace for a while longer.

“Can we go home?” You hesitantly asked, hoping he would say yes.

“Of course, love. “ He answered, pulling away to smile down at you. But you could see in his eyes how disappointed he was. Guilt began to gnaw at your stomach as you made your way back to the campsite to pack up.

A week or so later you sat anxiously in the dining room, waiting for Harry to get home from a session. You were hoping this would make it up to him. When you heard the door open, you sprang from your chair, practically running to him. You greeted him with a kiss and waited patiently for him to take off his shoes and put his keys in the bowl by the door.

“Love, what’s going on?” He laughed, eyeing you suspiciously. Smirking, you grabbed his hand and pulled him through the dining room to the living room and waited for him to see it. His jaw dropped and you saw his eyes begin to twinkle, letting you know you did okay.

In front of both of you was the product of three hours spent wrangling pillows, blankets and christmas lights. If you couldn’t go camping, you’d bring camping to him. You had fashioned a blanket/pillow tent in your living room and had hung the lights all around it. You had even bought one of those indoor marshmallow roasters.

“I thought that since I ruined our last camping trip, maybe we’d try my version of camping.” You walked towards the tent, running your fingers along the edge of one of the blankets.

“Can we still sing campfire songs?” The nearness of his voice startled you. You turned around to find him standing incredibly close to you, eyes radiating with love and fairy lights. You bit your lip and nodded, failing to contain the smile that was threatening to burst across your face.

He leaned down, pressing his lips to yours, pulling you flush against his chest. When he had kissed you breathless, he pressed his forehead against yours. And you both relished in the great indoors, the fireplace crackling on your laptop.

What Are The Odds? - Part 4 (Final)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,308

Summary: Before the reader left for college, she had a one night stand with Dean. Eight years later, Dean learns that he has a daughter in an interesting way.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“I didn’t realize you felt that way. I mean…I knew you liked me because I’m awesome but…” You ramble on.

“I know. I kept it to myself.” Dean chuckles making you blush.  

“Weird how things turn out.” You say quietly.

Dean nods his head and watches you sitting at his kitchen table.

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Stop Worrying About... (Check Moon and Mars)

Aries: Losing. You win some, you lose some. Try your hardest and at the end of the day, sometimes things don’t work out for the best.

Taurus: Unrequited love. Sometimes it won’t work out, but that only means you’re one step closer to finding true love.

Gemini: Social anxiety. Many people go through it. Just be the best self you can be, and show people the sides you want them to see.

Cancer: Your insecurities. Honestly everyone is too busy worrying about themselves than to care about you too much. You have to embrace and fix your flaws and strengthen your best abilities.

Leo: Being alone. You’re surrounded by so many people, but you often feel lonely. Know that many people care for you and though they adore you, you have to learn to love yourself too.

Virgo: Failing. Like Aries, you’re afraid of letting yourself and others down. Don’t be. You tend to like to try and be great at everything, but you have to realize you won’t be and that’s alright.

Libra: Feeling out of place. Be yourself, appreciate yourself and those whom are supposed to be with you will naturally come.

Scorpio: Never getting anywhere in life. You work so hard and try to control everything. That’s not healthy, sometimes you’ve just got to ride the waves and understand that everything works out okay in the end. You’ve got to remember to be happy

Sagittarius: Being lost. Being lost isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s a great way to start with nothing and build yourself up to the best possible person you can be. Don’t be afraid, take the chance to get to know others and yourself.

Capricorn: Becoming your worst nightmare. Everyone fears this, especially you. Embrace your flaws and work on them, don’t run. Find the happy things in life, and embrace the little things. Work hard and stop over thinking.

Aquarius: Yourself. You constantly doubt yourself, constantly wonder if you’re good enough for anyone, this world. You are, stop stressing over yourself.

Pisces: Everyone disliking you. Stop trying so hard, you’re a great person. Show them how much you appreciate them because they sure love you.

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i have a reaction request that i've been dying to ask for! nct 127 reaction to their gf being very friendly and trusting people a little too easily? thank you so much <3


Originally posted by onceagainnct

Honestly, Mark would be baffled that you trusted strangers so easily, even if they seemed friendly.
He’d be a bit concerned. What if he wasn’t around and something happened? His mind would probably be working a mile per minute of all the terrible things that could happen from trusting a stranger so easily.
“He said he’d be right back-”
“It’s been 15 minutes!”
“I’m sure he’ll be back soon.”

Due to your trusting demeanor, Mark would worry a lot when he knew you were out & about alone.


Originally posted by trainingpanda

He’d be concerned, obviously. 
He likes that your friendly, but not when you’re oblivious.
He’d keep extra tabs on you, making sure you don’t go anywhere you shouldn’t.
Doyoung wouldn’t be sure how to bring it up, keeping silent about his worries, knowing you wouldn’t understand where he was coming from.
“Don’t listen to people who tell you to take shortcuts through alleys-”


Originally posted by animequeenn13

Is literally the same as you, but awkward.
Actually, he can pick up on little hints and would tell you what to look out for in certain situations if he felt that worried


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

I feel like Johnny would nag you a lot about it. Giving you safety tips and lessons. You’d get irritated at him often, arguing that you’re not stupid-
“Don’t ever buy whole like insurance, it’s a scam-”


Originally posted by jonghyen

He’s gotten used to it, but that doesn’t mean he likes it.
It’s a bit stressful because he worries about you a lot already and is possessive.
“Why were you so friendly to him?”
“He was nice-”
“He was flirting with you, don’t give him the wrong idea…”


Originally posted by xehunted

I feel like Taeil would be disappointed. It’d be stressful for him to worry so often about you, but he’d had hoped you’d grow out of your oblivious nature.
“Call me when you walk to your dorm. It’s night, so don’t talk to anyone else on the way-”


Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

Truthfully, Jaehyun would find it amusing.
He’d laugh when you’d find yourself in weird or awkward situations and would think your innocent nature was precious.
However, he’d have serious talks with you on occasion about what kinds of things you should avoid.
“Just stay by my side and hold my hand so you don’t get lost and I don’t have to worry.”


Originally posted by korean-coffee-prince

Similarly to Mark, Donghyuk would be semi-confused as to why you were so friendly to strangers and trusted them so easily.


Originally posted by y-ta

Taeyong really wouldn’t like it. He’d like you being friendly to him and his friends, but not to other guys and he certainly didn’t want you trusting strangers so blindly.
“That’s it; you can’t leave this house-” [semi-joking]
He just thinks you’re precious and he wants to shield you from the nasty you could encounter in the outside world, but you’d probably stir up arguments often about him being too controlling.

Fearing death is not pathetic, most people fear things that are inescapable to the comprehension of their minds and will never be explained to them. Fear of the unknown is a thing. And fear of death is not a bad thing, as long as it is not a crippling phobia. That fear keeps as alive as creatures. You fearing death is your consciousness keeping you away from harm. 

And for as long as you’re alive and there’s breath in your lungs, you can fight. You’re not weak, even if you feel that way. But feeling weak is not an inherently bad thing, we all get tired. You can, and should, find support in those who love you and cheer you on on your way to finding true happiness. Perhaps your friends, perhaps your family, or me, if you want reassurance. I support you on any decision you make for as long as you’re fighting to achieve your dreams and aspirations, da’len. 

And you do have dreams, you have goals. We all do. Some goals are more grand in nature, some are simpler, more modest, but all equally valid and important. Sometimes people get lost trying to find their life goal, they feel hopeless for not having one, lost in their uncertainty. Rest assured, you do not need to be 100% sure of it right now. Perhaps your dream has not materialized in your mind yet. Take some time to get to know yourself, to do things that make you happy and inspire you and that will help you figure out what you truly want to do in life.

It is okay to have small, temporal goals that make us happy. You might find your goal is finishing a particular book, making a little piece of art, cooking a very delicious dish, taking a nice stroll through the forest… anything. Anything that makes you happy and content is important. Not everything is about the future, not everything is about success or failure. 

Be kind to yourself. You’re brave, and more capable than you think. These things are worth fighting for. As long as you’re alive, there is always hope.


Let me tell you something about confidence...

When we were younger, we think we can conquer the world, but somewhere between childhood and adulthood, our enthusiasm to dream big are squashed. Especially as a girl, we always get taught to be hard on ourselves - don’t you ever brag or bring attention to yourself! 

How sad is it when you’re too embarrassed to even admit to yourself that you admire something about yourself? 

I for myself can say, that I had the luck of having a great mother who always made sure I can try out new things, who always made me feel like I am worthy of everything. We all have times in our lives where we don’t feel like it, but the majority of my life time I felt beautiful and loved. She reminded me every day that I was a queen and that the feeling of insecurity and “not being good enough” is a part of everyone’s life. I had to crawl, walk, fall, and repeat to get comfortable with vulnerability and insecurities. I made tons of mistakes, and a lot of it hurt but in the end I wouldn’t change a thing, because it all made me the person that I am now.

We tend to believe that insecurities are a synonymous for weakness, but it’s okay to be emotional. I even think there’s something real bad ass about a person who can show emotions and vulnerability. There is nothing shameful about the experience of sadness, heartbreak or emptiness! 

Confidence is something that we all have, it’s something you’re born with that gets lost along the way, or gets stolen by others. Sometimes you have to dig really deep to find it in yourself again. Confidence is part of your original nature before time started chiselling away at it. Keep reminding yourself of this…

Learning who you are doesn’t happen overnight. It can be hard to know which parts of you are you and which parts are who you think you should be. Banish every thought or action from you, that is no longer working for you.  Sometimes we can’t see how awesome we are over the opinion from others about us. But it’s just an opinion it doesn’t make you any less loveable. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and then weigh those against what you really enjoy. No one in the world knows everything. Everyone is good at some things and not so good at others. Don’t weigh your security against what you know or can do - weigh it against your willingness and capacity to learn!

If someone criticizes you, take it is an opportunity to improve.
If someone does better than you, see it as an opportunity to learn from them.
Don’t worry if you’re not confident in what you can do now – be confident in your potential!

Remember, battling insecurity isnt about getting to the point where you never feel insecure about anything anymore. Be brave and know that the bravest thing you can do is be willing to not fit in. Never take pleasure in someone else failing – always dare to fail yourself. 

But no matter how talented, smart or confident you are, you can’t predict or control everything that happens in your life. Confidence comes from knowing your competence but acknowledging it’s not solely responsible for creating your world. Remember you are capable and worthy, just as much as anyone else, regardless of what you’ve achieved, regardless of what mistakes you’ve made in the past.  Be kind to yourself and to others. Especially us girls, we should stay together! Society brings us down enough – so don’t bring each other down, too -  support each other! Hype each other! Love each other! GIRLS SUPPORTING GIRLS (okay I got a bit off topic – but I just love me some #GirlLove)

And always remember, even if you feel insecure you can still be happy, still like yourself and be a bad ass queen at the same time. Don’t wait until you’ve got it all together to give yourself permission to like yourself - Go and kick some ass!

Love, Jey.

Part 1: Insecurities, my experience and the theory of clouds…

captainalinjastars  asked:

Scenario: Tsume's reaction when she first meets Kiba's s\o, by walking on them kissing in a fluffy puppy-love way (nothing heated =)) Please ^^


“[Y/N], have I told you lately how perfect you are?” Kiba’s lips brushed against your ear as he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer to him.

His body was warm against yours and his bed was soft. You two had spent the entire afternoon together and the exhaustion from the day was finally overcoming both of you.

You laughed softly and rolled over to face him. “You definitely have, but please, feel free to tell me again,” you said smugly.

It had been about eight months since you had started seeing each other. It was completely unexpected but neither of you would have been happier any other way. Kiba never failed to make you feel good about yourself. Meanwhile, you had been everything he never knew he needed.

Kiba buried his face in the crook of your neck and gently pressed his lips to your skin, raising goosebumps on your arms. His hand stroked your thigh while he inhaled deeply, taking your scent into him. He let out a content moan as your hands softly scratched the back of his head.

“Mmm, [Y/N] you’re intoxicating,” he murmured, turning his head up to you. “Kiss me.”

Naturally, you obliged. Kiba was irresistible with his soft lips and dark eyes that held so much emotion. Sometimes they were the only gateway to his soul and you really did find yourself getting lost in them.

You smiled against his lips as he kissed you deeper, bringing a hand up to your cheek. The heart beating in your chest began pounding as you melted into him.

Taking a moment to break the kiss, Kiba carefully pushed you on your back and climbed on top of you. Heat was beginning to build between your bodies. It was sweet. Kiba played with the ends of your hair while he planted gentle pecks on your forehead and cheeks. A soft giggle escaped your lips as his eyelashes tickled your skin.

Suddenly the bedroom door slammed open. “Kiba, I know you’re not still -”

He exhaled hard and ripped his body away from yours, landing on his back next to you. “Mom, what are you doing home? Why don’t you ever knock?” His nostrils flared and his hand tightened around yours.

You hadn’t met Tsume yet but you had heard terrifying things about her. She was the typical Inuzuka: fiercely protective (especially of her children), beyond threatening, and hard as nails. You froze and prayed she wouldn’t be upset that you had just been caught kissing her son.

His mother seemed to completely ignore your presence. “Excuse me, but this is my house and I don’t need to knock before entering any of these rooms. Get out of bed and clean that kitchen.”

Kiba rolled his eyes and swung his legs off the bed so he was sitting next to where you were. “Mom,” he motioned to you. “This is -”

Tsume cut him off, “I’m aware of who this is. She’s very pretty. But don’t think that’s an excuse to be lazy. And I better not find any pups running around here any time soon.”

Tsume quickly left the room and Kiba was mortified. Not only had she spoken about you like you weren’t even in the room, but she directly addressed your sexual relationship.

You couldn’t help but laugh at how red Kiba had become. He was steaming. He swiftly turned to look at you, “What, you actually found that funny? I thought she was going to kill me for having you in here.”

You had to admit, Kiba’s mother was hands-down the scariest woman you had ever encountered, but you were so stuck on the “pups” that you didn’t care.

You gently took his hand in yours and sat up next to him. “Come on, babe. You should probably do a formal introduction,” you laughed again.

With a sigh of relief, Kiba nodded and stood up, taking you with him. He opened his door and lead you down the hall so you could officially meet the terrifying woman that you would be spending a lot more time with.

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Can I request more yandere Getaway? Because holy shit, I didn't think that was something I'd ever need until now

Hell yes there’s gonna be more yandere Getaway!! Here are some headcanons for how he behaves in an actual relationship should his little… Obsession… accept his feelings

Getaway (MTMTE)

  • He has exactly zero boundaries or sense of personal space. It’s like every moment he’s with you, he’s trying to fuse your bodies together. Not that you get a lot of time away from him. He’s with you when you wake up, when you’re eating, he’ll even insist on helping you bath and shower. It can get more than a little suffocating to say the least.
  • You aren’t allowed out unless Getaway is by your side. Of course he trusts you, but he doesn’t trust anyone else on the Lost Light to keep their hands to themselves and steal you away. It’s only natural that he doesn’t let you out of his sight. Especially with all this competition around him.
  • Getaway’s manipulation is increased tenfold as a yandere, and he’ll talk you into doing absolutely anything he wants you to do. Even if some stuff he asks of you goes against your own moral code or personal beliefs, you’ll find yourself behaving like a puppet on a string for him. 
  • If you do refuse one of his demands that’s fine. If his words won’t persuade you, maybe his actions will. And by actions he means he’s gonna break a couple of bones. He says he doesn’t want to hurt you, of course he doesn’t, but you’re so fragile it’s hard to control his strength around you, he’d never break you on purpose. That would be barbaric. It was totally on purpose
  • He’s going to find a way to make his nudge gun work on a human if it doesn’t already. You find yourself forgetting things a lot more frequently now. You don’t even recognise half the mechs on the Lost Light anymore. But that’s okay, because Getaway is with you, and you know Getaway. You know he’ll keep you safe and provide for your every need. Heck, it’s as if you never even had a life before he showed up. Come to think of it, you can’t remember anything from before you met him. Whatever. All that matters is that Getaway does his best to make you happy, so now you have to return the favour no matter what.
BTS Bodyguard Yoongi 'Breaking Point' Part 1

@hyunguponew​ asked: *whispers into the void* bodyguard Suga expansion

A/N: This started as a drabble expansion and then grew legs and ran away from me. *awkward laugh* Hopefully you guys will like it even though it’s long. 

This is a drabble freaking long expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

Yoongi hadn’t been with the security detail long before he had an impact. Highly observant he was the only guard to notice the color was off on one of the service staff’s jackets. It was a tiny detail but enough to get his attention. Which made him keep an eye on the person long enough to notice other things were amiss. Turns out Yoongi was right, that guy didn’t belong there. His good sense had ended up diverting a serious situation. 

After receiving congratulatory pats on the back from his peers you came over and thanked him personally. It had been a long time since such a serious effort had been made against your life. Even though it may ruffle the feathers of those with seniority you asked to have Yoongi moved up to your personal guard. He’d already proven himself more than capable. 

And that’s how you met. Months went by with him at your side. He was diligent and always polite but kept a professional distance. It was hard to know what was going through his head. You supposed you didn’t mind. Maybe it was easier for him to do his job that way. But sometimes it irked you that as friendly as you tried to be, he always held a part of himself back. 

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Stop Flirting- Young!Derek Hale

Request- Can you please do an oneshot were u have a crush on Derek, but he never acts like he feels the same. Then, when he gets turned into a teenager, he won’t stop hitting on you.

A/N: I didn’t follow it exactly. I hope that’s okay.

Derek Hale was a mystery.

Not just because his house burned down and the fact that he was a werewolf, it was mainly because he refused to show even the slightest bit of emotion. You couldn’t tell his happiness from his disgust and that seemed to bother you. He was a cold, lifeless exterior shrouded in intimidation and brooding looks. Sometimes you actually believed he was a robot sent from outer space to destroy earth and enslave the human race. Then one rare occasion, something that was so out of the ordinary you hardly believed it, proved otherwise.

It was just after the pack got back from Mexico in search of your emotionless counterpart. The first thing you noticed was that Derek; was so much younger than when you last saw him. The second thing you noticed was that Derek; hardly recognized you or anybody for that matter. And the last thing, the last weird thing that you hardly believed was that Derek, well “baby” Derek; constantly flirted with you. It didn’t actually bother you, if you were going to be honest with yourself, you actually enjoyed the attention. You didn’t know why he had taken such a liking to you, but whenever Stiles and Scott begged you to watch after him, you always agreed. He was like a little child, so scared and lost, but he always hid that beneath his cocky and flirty nature. You were determined to see the scared boy, but getting past those pick up lines and suggestive comments was going to be hard.

You were in charge of watching Derek, making sure he wouldn’t run off to find the Berserker’s and Kate that had found their way into Beacon Hills. He was pretty calm about the whole situation, but underneath those beautiful eyes was something you were afraid of. He was a younger version of Derek, which meant his relationship with Kate was still very strong and not broken. You feared he would run off to her, he trusted her more than he trusted you and to you, it seemed like he was going to love her more than he would ever love you.

“Y/N.” Derek called from the kitchen, his voice dripping with sleep. You looked up from your laptop, furrowing your brow when he came into the room, his tired eyes roaming your slouched and relaxed figure. He smiled at you, running a hand through his hair before making his way over to you. You hummed when he sat down next to you, his tongue swiping his bottom lip, a sign he was going to make a suggestive comment. “If being sexy was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged.”

You felt yourself blushing, rolling your eyes before returning to your work. “Nice try Derek, now stop flirting.” You huffed, trying to reread the paragraph you had started. Derek laughed, throwing his arm around your shoulder with a smirk. You tried to ignore the arm around you but your skin felt like it was on fire. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes.

“If you treat me like an angel, I’ll take you to heaven.” He whispered in your ear, lips brushing your sensitive lobe. You clenched your eyes shut tightly, biting back a moan as your toes curled. Derek smirked against your skin, peppering kisses down to your jaw. You tried to keep calm, your blood pumping quicker through your veins with every kiss left. You tilted your head on instinct when he reached your neck, listening to his quiet mumbles against your skin.

“Derek, stop.” You tried to get out, biting hard on your bottom lip. Derek ignored you, nibbling on your sweet spot as he hands moved underneath your shirt. You jerked in your spot, your computer falling to the ground with a thud. His soft and warm hands climbed higher, moving up until you let out a strangled moan. Derek pulled away with twinkling eyes, his smirk stretching into a grin. You stared into his glassy orbs, running your fingers down his arms and over his chest.

“You’re beautiful, and so gorgeous. So so so gorgeous.” He whispered, leaning forward to press his lips against yours. You felt your eyes closing on instinct, your body leaning into his as his hands grappled for your back. You arched into him, digging your nails into his shirt.

“Derek.” You started, pulling away to look into his warm eyes. “Do you… do you love me?” You whispered, avoiding his curious gaze. He smiled at you, teeth catching his bottom lip. “I’m only asking because when you were much older, you seemed like you hated me, and I don’t know. I’ve always liked you.”

Derek blinked before laughing, pressing a kiss to your mouth. “Older me thinks you’re the prettiest girl in the world.”

21 Undeniable Signs You're an INFJ (cont.)

(17:21/21 Final)

17. You love learning, especially when it comes to psychology, self-improvement, spirituality, and certain sciences.

18. When everyone else is gossiping, discussing celebs, or talking about other trivial things, you often find yourself thinking about outer space, time travel, human nature, the meaning of life, and other more epic topics. You rarely try to steer the conversation in that direction, though, because you don’t think other people will be interested.

19. You feel compelled to get things done. You often write to-do lists, and you enjoy checking things off them. If you don’t have a goal to work toward, after a while, you feel lost and bored.

20. When you’re passionate about something, it feels like nothing can stand in your way. The INFJ motto is, “The impossible takes just a little bit longer.”

21. Other people see you as wise, insightful, and almost spiritual. They often come to you for advice and emotional support. You relish your role as the “wise one,” and you like being needed. But sometimes it becomes too much. You’re an introvert, for crying out loud, and sometimes you just wish everyone would solve their own problems and leave you alone for a while.

Inveigle - Chen

So this one’s inspired off an outline my friend came up with during our little ‘feels war’ and i couldn’t get it out of my head so I had to write it and this has honestly destroyed me OTL why do I do this to myself

(He has a way of capturing you on purpose or non purpose.)

Writing comes easily to you. That’s just how it’s been since the beginning. You grew up rearranging words, structuring them into sentences that rapidly evolved into detailed paragraphs. A few years later after tons of practice, you began developing stories. Your hand feels most comfortable with a pencil tucked in between your fingers.  And when you were gifted your first laptop, you wrote even more.

You’re a writer.

But just as writers have their successful moments and hours upon hours of time spent on forming their stories with consistent flow, there’s also moments when things start going downhill. And unfortunately, you’ve reached this depressing time period.

Writer’s block.

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The Signs as People I've Come To Know
  • Note that everyone described was born under the sign they are listed next to.
  • Aries: He doesn't really know fear, but when he does it's intense fear. More than anything, he is a daredevil, going from place to place and from person to person quickly and dangerously. He tells jokes until they're soiled and sour and you just wanna tell him to shut up, but you know you aren't going to because his stupid jokes that often make no sense and aren't even funny are all a part of what makes him who he is, so you can't help but laugh, and at the end of the day that's a person you find yourself always coming back for. A person you just genuinely want to be around for a long time. He can be air headed, but he protects ferociously and is endearingly kind to strangers. Inside, he never quite lost his childlike nature, something I hope he can one day embrace. I also hope he can one day understand, he is not his mistakes.
  • Taurus: She has a lot to say that she keeps inside, but whenever she does speak it is always soulful and insightful beyond description. It's so easy for her to get lost in her own mind, and though she doesn't care to admit it, it happens a lot that she shuts down and isolates herself. But everything is honestly better when she's around. Sometimes it's hard to convince her of that, but she has an inner and outer beauty that glows on everyone she meets. She doesn't realize other people take notice of her radiance. When she retreats, it's not uncommon for her to be quiet and not really know how to explain why she's feeling the way she is, and yet she approaches things with such an extreme level of insight and consideration. She makes everyone around her proud. Introverted as she may be, she pampers all her friends, even when they may not deserve it, and she's more brave and outspoken than I think she understands. She is one of the people who genuinely makes me happy.
  • Gemini: She is curious about almost anything and everything, and invests fully into things that interest her. It's actually beyond pleasant to watch her work out a task she loves working on, or talk about anything she loves in general, because her eyes light up and she has this smile on her face and you can just tell in that moment she loves being heard and she loves sharing what she's come to find wonderful with someone. I wouldn't call her quiet, at times she is, but I would first use the adjective "thoughtful" to describe her, as her mind is constantly generating new ideas. She processes and remembers information quickly and speaks about her feelings almost fluently. More than anything, I hope she knows I am always there for her. I hope she knows how much people love her. She is so kind, and a delight to be around.
  • Cancer: She has been through a lot. She used to walk through life with a heavy heart, but she is trying to learn how to remove the crutches and take everything as it comes. Very driven by her emotions, she experiences drastically different periods of highs and lows, but never lets anyone go to bed without knowing how much she loves them and cares about them. She has certainly been done wrong by the world, and this has led her to experience frequent trust issues and to on occasion become suspicious about other people's motives. However, this doesn't stop her from giving her all to those she loves, even if at times they may not completely deserve her help or her advice. She often settles for less than what she deserves, but I hope that she can eventually come to understand she need not settle and need not cater to people who do her wrong. She should look out for herself too, it's something she owes herself.
  • Leo: Though I haven't known her for very long, it's clear how influential she is and how in tune she is to other people's feelings. She seems very open to the world around her, and has no problem expressing herself without fear of what other people may think. She always does her makeup almost flawlessly, and you can tell she dresses for herself and no one else, and only worries about impressing one person, her. She is extremely loyal to those she cares about, and often talks about them as if they are wonders of the world. Even if you haven't spoken to her before, you will want to, because she gives off extremely positive and warm vibes, and publicly stands for everything and everyone she happens to believe in. She has a big personality, but a beautiful one at that, she is a true individual, and is one of the only other Leo's I've come to know, as well as one I hope to know better soon.
  • Virgo: She is wise beyond her years. She often works harder than most adults I've seen, although she is young in age. She always wants to make sure she has a say, but it's just as important to her that other people do, too. Other people don't always treat her as nicely as she deserves to be treated, and it's because they think they don't understand her, but in reality, they wish they had the heart and bravery that she does. She has accomplished and been through so much in such a short period of time, and she never let it taint all the love in her heart. She can be a bit anxious and scared, waking up at night after a nightmare or worrying she has not done her best, but she always gives her all, and I strongly believe there is nothing she cannot surmount or accomplish. Always willing, always eager to help. I wish I had her strength. I wish I had the beauty of her soul. I hope she someday sees how magnificent she is.
  • Libra: He is a character, he has always been a character dating back from the first day that we met. Everything he does and everything he says is with good intent and magnifies his already vibrant personality. Overall, he is a people's person, friends with everyone who is kind and attentive toward him. And he plans to keep it that way. He always tries to see the best in everyone. Although sometimes he cannot continue this and experiences outbursts of anger, they are usually temporary and he can move on from situations quickly. He is a marvelous friend. Creative, funny, often indirect, but always there in some form. Half the things that Come out of his mouth are jokes, but when he speaks and he's being serious, all you can hear is his heart speaking too. He's great to have around.
  • Scorpio: He says that he has a twisted mind, but really he's just into a lot of horror movies and has extreme reactions to otherwise small situations. I couldn't see him harming a fly, unless the fly went and did something to really piss him off. He can be a little self centered, but he is also self sufficient and just wants to make sure he himself is okay. When he starts something, it'll get done before he moves onto the next thing, and he's not really one to leave anyone with unanswered questions as he's pretty intense and direct. He's great to talk to because no silence is ever awkward, some of those silences are necessary and he knows it. He won't let things stay quiet for too long, either. One of my favorite things about him is once you've been a part of his life, he'll never forget about you. Even if you're miles and miles away.
  • Sagittarius: He gets extremely excited about small things, like going on a trip or hanging out with his friends and playing video games. He knows no part of life is insignificant, and that everything we go through either means something or leads to something else, but he also knows when to let go and stop worrying about things that are out of his control. Overall, he loves to have fun. He loves to laugh with his friends and share what makes him happy. When people disagree with him, he can become rather snippy, and might even resort to telling them they are flat out "wrong." He doesn't realize he's being rude, but often it just doesn't come out the way he would like because he speaks exceedingly freely. That's what he is, a free spirit. He makes decisions for himself and is not afraid of his opinions. He will share them willingly with anyone who asks and takes great pride in being who he is and leading the adventure called his life.
  • Capricorn: She is aware of who she is, what her limits are, and what her intentions are as well. Though sometimes she surprises others by acting the way one wouldn't have expected, she is consistently trying to take responsibility for things she know she's done wrong and does not like it when people refuse to acknowledge it when she has been acting like a fool. She holds herself accountable for many things, even when they are not exactly her fault, and she refuses to be kept in the dark for too long. When people don't like her, she wants an explanation, because she always tries to do her best and be the best version of herself she can become. It hurts her to consider that she is not doing well with that. She wants stability and security, she wants to be able to feel safe in situations, and that's all a part of what she fights for. Overall, life is a fight she does not want to lose. And one she will not allow herself to.
  • Aquarius: She is one of the most artistic people I've had the privilege of meeting, and decorates everywhere she goes and everything she creates with her glowingly positive vibes. She cares deeply about her friends, and however quiet she has a brilliant way of words, and is a phenomenal person to have a late night (or any time of day really) conversation with. She understands life on a deep level that not a lot of people do. Although she may not always feel comfortable completely showing her emotions, she is not afraid to be in touch with them and always knows how to nicely phrase them. I'm grateful that when I ask her what's wrong, she doesn't lie to me and she trusts me enough to talk to me about it. I know it's not always the type of thing that's easy for her. She is artistically talented in every aspect, and aims to perfect her performance in all she does. But honestly, the way she adds her own flair to all she accomplishes and makes it so original is an amazing thing to witness in itself.
  • Pisces: He doesn't understand the impact he can have on others. It is not uncommon for him to get so lost in his thoughts he forgets about the rest of the world, but he seemingly always finds his way back. Whenever he drifts, he will usually talk about it at one point or another, and he always has all these philosophical things to say that never cease to amaze me. His speech is always sweet and fluid, and he always sees things, both their interior and their exterior. Even though sometimes he asks silly questions, he's highly perceptive and caring. He loves having a good time, but he loves talking about life and all it entails as well, and he knows that both those things can overlap. He's one of the greatest friends I think I will ever know, and he always tries to be, even if at times he can't. I wish he came out everyday.

Have you ever felt as if you’ve broken up with somebody even though you weren’t in a relationship?

It’s like you’ve broken up with your unhealthy habits, broken up with negative thought patterns, broken up with things that held you back.

You feel as if you’re a whole new person & you feel as if you have a fresh start, a chance to begin again. A chance to live your life any way you wish. A freedom that you had all these years, but had never realized until now.

You decide to change your life & you make a list of all the things you want to do. You want to feel alive & full of vibrant energy so maybe you decide to eat food that makes not only your mind, but your body feel good.

Maybe you decide to workout more often, practice yoga daily, learn self defense, dance more, go hiking more, spend time to connect with nature, connect with others, & to connect with yourself. Maybe you decide to do everything you’ve always wanted to do, but were too afraid to do before.

Maybe you decide to let yourself worry less & laugh more. Maybe you decide to let your guard down & love more. To go on more adventures with others & to go on adventures on your own. To go on a late night drive, not worrying what time you’ll have to wake up tomorrow. To explore, to get lost & not be scared because you know you will find your way back. To be more present. To feel, to taste, to touch, to experience every moment of your life.

You feel as if your life has just begun. & in a way, it has. This is the life you’ve always wanted; you are finally allowing yourself to live it, & it has just begun.

—  S.L. , 5/20/15