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I’m not saying that I designed an entirely new oc specifically for genderqueer pride day but wait yes that is exactly what I’m saying

idk who this cool cat is but they’re cool and I love them

(and they need a name)

Ideal (Chicago P.D.)

Title: Ideal

Fandom: Chicago P.D.

Rating: T/PG-13

Author’s Note: I probably watched one too many romantic dramas this weekend, but I was trying to make myself feel better after the announcement about Sophia’s departure. To me, the best case scenario we can hope for after 4x23 (and given Sophia may be coming back for a few episodes in S5) is a follow-up to Erin and Jay’s conversation in 4x21 about ideal living situations so this is what I came up with.

She will never get used to the hustle and bustle of this city - the constant honking of car horns, the way people push past each other on crowded sidewalks without the apology that comes with Midwestern nicety, the thin crust pizza being hawked by the slice at the same cart selling skinny hot dogs that don’t deserve to be called sausage or bratwurst, the turf wars among precincts over which borough they serve, or the tunnel vision the highrises create making it is impossible to see city landmarks.

That last change was - is - probably the hardest to adapt to because it used to be she walk down the back steps of the District or swing by Firehouse 51 or chase down a suspect and be able to see Sears Tower standing up straight. Offering orientation as she floored the 300 or the Sierra or as she hopped over a fence in a foot chase. Now? Now she orients herself by the number of blocks to the FBI’s headquarters, by the coffee shops and hole in the way restaurants that Lieutenant Benson pointed out to her the night she arrived in New York City with Hank’s admonishment not to look back still ringing in her ears.

Advice Hank himself hadn’t followed given that Benson was waiting for her at baggage claim, that the first person she saw upon arrival was someone from her past. It had been Benson who helped her find a place - one that was smaller than her condo in Chicago and without the floor to ceiling windows or the fireplace, but in a neighborhood that didn’t feel quite so sterile or gentrified as the place the FBI set her up with. It had been Benson who took her out to the coffee shop around the corner from her new apartment and offered her a position in her own unit. Offered to open up doors for her at the NYPD that would let her out of a life spent in starched, white blouses and pantsuits.

But she had to pass, had to take Hank’s advice that she not look back because she couldn’t imagine facing the kind of monsters like Yates every single day. Couldn’t handle the mental mindfuck that would come every time a woman was brutalized that way Nadia had been. And she had to keep the deal she made five months ago. Five months, eleven days, and six hours ago.

So much for not looking back.

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Kol Mikaelson in every episode (TVD 3x19 Heart of Darkness)

hoLY shit is that Calia Menethil????

by the way i hope nobody’s rooting for me to win on tuesday because one of the other entrants belongs to the town royalty and i’m just the weirdo from norway that lives alone with their cat so it literally does not matter how fast or how good my boat is, they’ll give first place to this kid regardless; if we race and i win he’ll get it because he tried so hard and wanted it so bad, or he’ll be “the clear winner” for “style points”, or they’ll pull the old “you’re 24, he’s just a kid, can you just be gracious and mature and let him have it?” and the answer to that is gonna be “lol no you should have thought about that when you let your kids cheat against my brothers and i at the pinewood derby”

either that or his father (who works at a boat shop) will have built it for him and blow me out of the water

Steve's transition from being a "Steve" to being a "Papa"

While Ava is a baby, Steve slowly eases into domesticity with Tony until he becomes a permanent fixture in Ava’s life.

By the time Ava is two Steve has officially become a key player in her life, and cannot recollect those first months of her life when it was just her and Tony.

She’s accustomed to Steve being there at night when she falls asleep, and being there when she wakes up.

Steve kisses her goodnight. He tucks her into bed, or reads her a bed time story.

She knows that when she crawls into her daddy’s bed in the middle of the night she’s also crawling into Steve’s bed, and doesn’t think twice about comfortably wedging her little body between the two men.

She catches Steve quietly slip out of bed early in the early morning for his morning run, and sometimes she’ll already be up and ready to greet him when he returns.

He’ll hover over her to make sure she’s brushing her teeth, and he’ll make sure she eats her breakfast.

Steve isn’t her daddy, but he’s her Steve, and that makes him just as important.

As she grows a little older and becomes more aware, she notes that Steve is her unofficial parent, but questions whether his lack of title will make him more likely to one day disappear from her life. Steve promises that he wont leave her no matter what happens between him and her father. She starts calling him “Papa” until she eventually stops calling him Steve all together.

Nothing really changes for Ava when her Daddy and Papa get married, other than receiving a second last name, but with it also comes the comfort of certainty in knowing that Steve is there to stay.

You win  Joker x Reader

33. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”

97. “You’re so cute when you pout like that.”

Y/N finished typing the last words of her report. Checking the clock, she winced when she noticed the time. 12:47. Shit. And she had to get up early too? She knew she didn’t have to go to this college, J had told her many times he could threaten a few people and make sure she doesn’t have to show up. But she wanted to support herself even though she considers his offer every day. J was a brat, to put it nicely. He always wanted to be around her when she had something to do, and he never took it nicely when she tried to explain she was busy. When he was busy, on the other hand, she always understood. She closed her eyes and sighed when she heard dragging footsteps down the hallway. She had sent him to bed a while ago, even though he was reluctant. At first she was happy to have someone around to keep her company, but the first time she let him stay all he did was wander around and complain.

“Are you done yet?” J walked from the couch to the desk, laying his forehead on her shoulder.

“No, just like the last time you asked.”

“You can do it tomorrow.” Sighing, Y/N turned around and grabbed his face in her hands.

“J, I’ve been putting this off for weeks. Please, I need to finish this.”  He pouted and went back to the couch. When she finally got done with her report, she stretched and looked over at J. He fell asleep, which was the cutest thing ever. His hair was in his face and he still had on that angry pout. She suddenly felt guilty, it was adorable he couldn’t fall asleep without her being there. Walking over to the couch, she laid down beside him. His arms immediately wrapped around her and pulled her to him.

J finally made it to the room, squinting at the light.

“You comin’ to bed?” She smiled, the same angry pout was on his face.

“Yeah, just let me turn the computer off.” He walked up behind her and started kissing her neck.

“J, I really need to turn the computer off. I don’t want my electric bill to be through the roof.”  He mumbled something into her neck, and then proceed to yank her rolling chair away from the desk. Before she could complain, he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. When he threw her on the bed he wasted no time crawling on top of her. Then he was out like a light, with Y/N under him debating on whether or not she should shove him off her. That thought soon vanished as she took in the view. His cheek was resting on her face, restricting her breathing. He had his mouth slightly open and small snores were coming out. She laid like that for awhile, nothing in the world could make her move and wake him up. He didn’t sleep much, she found that out when she had to stay out of town for a couple of days. As soon as she was home they took a nap, him nuzzled into her chest the whole time. Whenever she noticed him get tired during the day, she laid with him while he took a nap. She even got some pretty cute pictures of him on her phone.

What felt like 5 minutes later, she had to get up and get ready for school. As she was putting her makeup on in the mirror, she sees J walk into the bathroom. He reminded her of a puppy, following her wherever she goes.She smirked at him as he squinted  his eyes, obviously still tired.

“You’re so cute when you pout like that.”  He ignored her and rubbed his eyes with his knuckles.

“Come back to bed.”

“J, I can’t. School.” She reminded him. He continued to stand there, making her feel like an awful person.

“Can you try to sleep? For me?” He shook his head and swayed back and forth, like he was going to pass out. She sighs and starts doing her makeup again. She starts feeling uncomfortable when he continues to stare, his eyes more awake now, but still tired. When she was about to say something else, he poked her. It was on her cheek, leaving her a little confused. He kept doing it in different places and she started to get annoyed.

“J. Enough.” He continued.

I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention. Or until you stop going to that school.”

“I want to go there.” He scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“That’s a lie. You’re exhausted.”

“J I need this so I can get a job-”

“You have a job.” This time she was the one to roll her eyes.

“Watching you torture people doesn’t count as a job.” He hesitated, then looked her in the eye through the mirror.

“You could help me with some of the other missions.”



“No, J. I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

“Oh, so watching me do it makes you a good person?” He snapped at her, causing her to grit her teeth while tears welled up in her eyes.

“If you’re just going to just stand in here and bother me, get out.” Noticing how upset he made her, he left and slammed the door on his way out. When she got ready she went to get Frost so he could take her to school. This highly annoyed her that J wouldn’t let her go by herself, but he settled on Frost just driving her and not following her around the whole day. He told her if she wouldn’t let Frost take her then it would be the panda. It was obvious which one she picked. She went to get her book bag and smiled at the balloon that was attached to it. J had but her favorite cookies by it, as a way of apologizing, which is something he wasn’t very good at. When she couldn’t find Frost she assumed he was already in the car, so she went there. To her horror, she found J leaning on the car.

“Where’s Frost?”

“I’m taking you today.” She started shaking her head.

“No, no, no that’s ok. Can I have Frost back?” He smiled an evil smile, squinting his eyes as he let out a breathy laugh.


“You don’t have to do this. I’m sure I can somehow fit you into my daily life.” J offered for the hundredth time that she could stay home.

“J, we’re already halfway there. C-can you slow down? I really don’t want to attract any attention.” He ignored her and continued rambling, reminding her of when her dad used to take her to school.

“If anyone bothers you, get their first and last name. If you want to come home at any time, just call and I’ll be here in ten minutes.” It was a thirty minute drive. She didn’t doubt he could make it in ten.

“J, really, slow down. I don’t want to get there so soon.” She was already nervous and his driving didn’t help.

“Do you know what you’re going to eat for lunch? How about I take you to dinner, what’s your lunch time?” She winced internally.

“J it’s fine you don’t have to.”  They pulled into the school parking lot. She glanced towards the radio, her face burning red at his terrible music taste. He notices her looking and smiles.

“This is my song” He blasts the radio and she flinches. She can already see people looking their way.

“J, please turn it- Wha-what are you doing?” Instead of parking in the lot, he drives her to the front doors.

“I don’t want you to have to walk all the way up here.” Kids surrounding the door turned to stare at them.

“J, I’m fine with it.” He ignored her and grabbed her bookbag, which of course said ‘Property of the Joker’. He gives her a smile, showing all teeth.

“Have a nice day!” She waits for him to completely stop talking before she opens the doors. As she gets out,he suddenly leans over.

“I’ll be here at-” She slams the door as hard as she could, her face burning from embarrassment. As she walks to the door, J rolls down the window.

“Come give daddy a kiss!” Knowing she can never show her face here again, she walks back to the car and gets in.

“Take me home.” She snaps. He knows what she means and lets out a laugh as he speeds away, nearly hitting some kids.

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‘Baking with the Bittles’ is the first cookbook from the food blogger and vlogger extraordinaire, Eric Bittle and his husband, Jack Bittle, who helped with the food photography. 

We sat down with them to talk about it, and here are some excerpts:

“There are so many cookbooks out there and I was offered the opportunity to publish one of my own, I was a little nervous, because I wasn’t too sure what I can publish that hasn’t been already. I talked to my family and friends, and they convinced me to give it a shot. I wanted to make baking simple, fun and accessible to everyone so that’s kind of the concept I went for.” - Eric Bittle

“I normally take photos during my free time and never felt the need to publish them. But when Eric asked me to do this for him, I didn’t want to refuse him. I wasn’t too confident about my skills but he was always there for me and encouraged me so it didn’t feel like a job, more like another day-to-day shoot.” - Jack Bittle.

The cookbook has been getting loads of good reviews and we think it is well-deserved! We’ve been following Eric for such a long time and we’re so proud of his success! Watch the full interview with the Bittles here.




When Light tries to finish writing Near’s name, he gets all but the last letter written down. He comes extremely close to succeeding in killing Near, and although he would still have lost, where would that leave the world? With no L. (Yes, yes, okay we ALL saw the Noel pun). No L, no Near, no Mello or Matt. Wammy’s would probably have to pull some half-trained kid out of the orphanage and throw them out into the real world as L. I also don’t doubt that they’d do it.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. Near’s face when he sees what’s written on the Death Note clipping. His expression when he realized just how close he really did come to dying. He snaps out of it quickly, but he really looks genuinely shocked. I think, despite working this extremely dangerous case, he never actually considered the fact that he might be killed. He takes every possible precaution. He would never have agreed to meet everyone at the warehouse if he wasn’t 100% certain that his plan would work. And yet, even though everything went according to keikaku, he still almost died. It’s a big moment for him, even if it’s just that– a moment, nothing more.

derpy-giraffe  asked:

Ohmygosh! I'm so excited that you're taking prompts again! I am so in love with your work! Do you think f!warden/Alistair "What's that behind your back?" might be fun? (Aeducan is preferable but I totally understand if you'd rather a different warden)

“What’s that behind your back?” Alistair asked as he tried poking his head over her shoulder. 

“No peeking!” Reilan jumped back with a scowl. By the Stone, why were humans all so forsakenly tall? She tightened her hand around the gift and cleared her throat. “Now close your eyes. You won’t get the present if you try to sneak a look again.” 

Alistair puffed out his cheeks but did as he was told. 

She huffed slightly, her face starting to warm as she relaxed her arms. “Hold out your hand.” Pressing the rock into his fingers, she retreated a step. “Fine. You have your present now.” 

He blinked at the stone in his hand. “A rune?” 

“A Paragon one: Silverite. For your armor. You’re always getting yourself knocked around, I thought… well—” She crossed her arms, cheeks hot enough to roast a nug. “If you don’t like it then give it back.” 

“No!” He held it close to his chest. “Absolutely never.” His thumb traced the pattern in the stone and he grinned. “I love it, Reilan. Thank you.” 

“Yes, well, I—” She blinked at the soft brush of his lips along the corner of her mouth. “J-just don’t lose it.” 

“I won’t,” he promised with another kiss on her cheek. “Not ever.” 

Kitty Quintuplets

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For Steter Week day 7, Fluff/shmoop

It’s Stiles who comes back to their apartment one night stinking of alcohol and grinning hugely declaring: “Peter, werewolf boyfriend of mine. I am pregnant.”

Peter honestly pauses. Weird stuff happens in Beacon Hills, and what is he going to do if Stiles is actually pregnant? Never mind completely smashed.

“With kittens!” 

Oh, never mind. 

Except Stiles then carefully releases five kittens from under his jacket onto the floor. Tabby kittens. All different colours and Peter isn’t even sure how he managed that. Stripes mostly; orange, light grey, dark brown, charcoal, and one light brown marbled tabby. 

“Stiles, no.” Peter says in a firm voice. 

“Stiles, yes!” Stiles all but shouts, before collapsing onto the couch in giggles. Peter watches the kittens with narrowed eyes, but they don’t seem upset about Stiles abandoning them on the floor and simply claw their way up the couch to curl up with the human. 

Peter only winces a little as he watched them. 

Peter listens to all six heartbeats slow and breathing even out in sleep. He stands and snaps a picture, because Stiles with five kittens laying on him is too good to pass up. He leaves a glass of water and some Tylenol on the coffee table with a note for Stiles. 

We are not keeping the kittens. 


Peter wakes to the smell of coffee, eggs and bacon. It’s only when he walks into the kitchen that he realises those smells have been covering the smell of cat. 

“Stiles,” he says in a warning tone. 

Stiles just grins hugely at him, giving him a kiss on the check, handing him a mug of coffee, and a plate of bacon and eggs just the way he likes them. 

“No.” Peter says firmly. 

“Yes,” Stiles counters easily, leaning down to scratch one of the kittens (grey), and give each of them a bit of bacon. The kittens purr happily. 

Peter flashes his eyes when they look at him. He turns to go sit down. He’ll deal with it after he eats. 


“So, this is Stacy” pointing at the dark brown kitten, “Narnia” the marbled kitten, “Sparta” the charcoal kitten, “Winter” the grey kitten and “Oliver” the orange kitten Stiles declares proudly. 

“Why did you name them?” Peter groans. 

“Because they are our children Peter, love them,” Stiles scolds, happily petting Narnia. 

“What kinds of names are they anyway?” Peter sighs, flashing eyes and fangs at Sparta, who simply narrowed his eyes. 

“Brilliant ones,” Stiles grins, pointing at the kitten that’s padding over to him, “Look, Winter is coming.” 

“Oh dear lord,” Peter sighs. 


Peter stares at his new photo file. Surely he hadn’t taken that many. He glances over at Stiles, happily playing with the new laser pointer he’d bought right after exclaiming; “For Narnia!” 

The five kittens chase the spot eagerly, making Stiles giggle. 

Peter snaps a picture before he can talk himself out of it.


“I’m going out,” Stiles calls from the doorway, “Look after the children.” 

“They are not our children.” Peter sighs, keeping his eyes on his book. A few moments later Peter hears the first little mew. Oliver looks up at him with large eyes, Peter frowns. 

“Go away I’m reading.” he commands. Oliver blinks up as him before jumping up into his lap. “I’m not petting you.” 

Stiles comes home to Peter playing with the laser pointer, all five kittens tumbling over each other to chase the little spot of light. He snaps a picture before the werewolf can stop him. 


Stiles comes home with catnip one day. He gives each kitten a little bit before offering a sprig of something to Peter. It looks and smells enough like wolfs bane that, if it were anyone but Stiles offering it, Peter would have ripped their throat out. As it is he just stares at it suspiciously. 

“It’ll help you relax,” Stiles informs him with a fond smile. 

“That’s not really comforting,” Peter murmurs, but he accepts the sprig. He knows Stiles would never actually hurt him. 

Next thing he knows his laying on the floor with five stoned kitten. He’s staring into Stacy’s eyes, and Oliver is sitting on his chest like he owns it. 

“Your mom does have it going on,” he informs Stacy seriously, “It’s a dumb song, but he really does.” 

“Yes,” Stacy agrees. Peter narrows his eyes. 

“You’re not supposed to talk,” he accuses. 

“Yes.” Stacy says again. 

“Is that all you can say?” 

“Would you rather we discuss quantum physics?” Narnia asks as she attempts to walk over to him. She ends up laying on her side halfway. 

“You’ve been spending too much time with Lydia,” Peter mumbles, “I forbid you to see her anymore.” 

“You’re not our mom,” Winter informs him with a hiss. 

“I am the alpha,” Peter hisses back. 

“Not our alpha.” Sparta replies, despite wrapping himself about Peter’s foot. 

“I am your new God,” Oliver whispers. 

“Yes.” Stacy agrees. 

Stiles comes back a little while later to find Peter and the kittens sleeping curled together on the floor. He snaps a picture and quickly makes several copies so Peter can’t delete it. 


“You drugged me.” Peter grumbles into his coffee. 

“Yes, and you finally bonded with the kittens,” Stiles smiles in reply, “It wasn’t too bad; I made sure none of the pack would come over, and that you wouldn’t leave the house.” 

“It was manipulative and insensitive.” Peter mumbled. Oliver jumps up onto his lap and Peter begins to pet him absently. Stiles’ smile widens. 

“But that’s why you love me,” he says, giving Peter a kiss on the cheek, “I promise to warn you next time I give you werewolf nip, ok?” 

“This doesn’t mean I like them.”

“You love them,” Stiles laughs, running his hand through Peter’s hair as he passes. 

“Sadly.” Peter sighs, looking down at the orange cat in his lap. Oliver looks up and meows at him. Peter rolls his eyes and returns to petting him. 


Peter later finds that Stiles had set up a video camera. He never manages to get rid of all the copies, but the pack never brings it up, so he assumes Stiles is keeping it to himself. He wants to argue about it, but honestly, they know each other too well for him to bother complaining. 

Besides, the kittens aren’t that bad.

All I need is You

Happy Valentines Day! 😘💚💗

Can I have a Draco imagine where the reader and his are secretly dating (I’m in slytherin and mudblood) and she’s really badly bullied for being a mudblood and she keeps it from Draco and one day he walks into the common room to see people surrounding someone and he walks over laughing only to find out it’s the reader having insults thrown at her and he stops them and tells everyone they’re dating and no one bullies her after that cause they’re all afraid of Draco. Just really fluffy. Thanks! -Anonymous

You wiped your tears stained eyes as best as you could whilst waiting for your boyfriend, Draco in the empty common room. It was happening again. All the terrible comments about your blood status and how you weren’t supposed to be sorted in Slytherin. 

This made it hard for you to make friends with the other houses.

You always wondered why the hat sorted you in this house. During your first year, everyone either thought you would be in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw due to the fact that your were courageous and very intelligent. 

You also wondered why and how you were dating Draco Malfoy. He was known as the Slytherin prince, a pure-blood who despises Mudbloods such as yourself. Of course, your relationship is kept hidden from the public’s eyes. It would ruin his reputation, along with his family’s. His father would never approve of this! If the time came, he would practically disown Draco. This frightened you as much as it frightened him. 

You continued to think but in a few moments, you were snapped back into reality once you heard the all too familiar voice of your worst bully, Pansy Parkinson. 

“Look who it is” She taunted “The Slytherin outcast” 

You did your best not to get affected by the title but finding it hard as Pansy and her peers laughed. More students started entering the room, some joining in the group that surrounded you. Soon enough, insult were being thrown at you like bullets from a gun. It made you feel vulnerable as if you wanted to scream so loud it would be compared to the screams of a hundred unearthed mandrakes. 

You backed up a bit against the wall, thinking as if the emerald walls would consume you. This action made you look weak causing Pansy to erupt into even louder fits of laughter. Being much too focused on the laughter from the crowd, you hadn’t noticed a certain blonde enter the common room. 

Draco was intrigued by the crowd who seemed to be making fun of someone. Although he couldn’t see who it was he had a couple names in mind of who it must be, excluding yours. With his signature smirk plastered on his face, he strutted over and laughed along, stopping once he realized the victim was you. 

Hurt was evident is both your eyes. He’s never seen you like this. You always hid the sadness from your eyes by the fake smiles you made when he was around. 

“Come on, Mudblood! “You can never fend yourself, can you?” Pansy laughed “That’s why it’s always satisfying to make fun of you?” You looked down, ashamed of yourself. 

“So this has been going on for a while?” Draco thought “How come she never said anything?” It angered him to even imagine the pain you undergone. He was determined to stop all of this. Right now, he didn’t care abut his  reputation. He loved you too much. 

“Stop!” He yelled angrily. The noise came to an abrupt stop as everyone stared at him. He walked over to you and pulled you close to him by the waist. You looked at him wide eyed as he stared at you. 

“What are you doing?” you whispered. This will ruin everything for him, and you didn’t want to be the cause of it. He didn’t answer. Instead, he gave you a small smile and kissed your cheek. You blushed a bit, feeling flustered. 

“Draco what are you doing!?” Pansy gasped, rather exaggeratedly “You might get a disease or something!” 

“Funny, coming from someone who’s last name is an actual disease” Draco scoffed, his grip on you increasing in tightness. You bit your lip to stop yourself from giggling. 

“Get away from her!” 

“Actually, I’d prefer being around (Y/N), my girlfriend” He stated, causing her and everyone else to gasp. 

“Girlfriend?!” Pansy was fuming. She had a huge crush on him. And having to lose him to a mudblood isn’t a good thing for her. The way she reacted made you smirk a bit. Hmm…

“Now, I want everyone to apologize to her or else I’ll beat you all up and place spiders inside your dormitories and if anyone ever insults her again…there will be consequences” The Prince himself ordered to his servants. A menacing look that made them all mutter a small “sorry, (Y/N)”. You’ve never seen Draco like this and to be honest, it was pretty hot. Everyone silently dispersed to their dormitories but you noticed Pansy try her best to blend in the crowd. You paid no attention…..but Draco did. 

“Parkinson!” He barked, causing her to stop and turn around nervously. You could see her body trembling in fear. Draco glared at her, making her slowly saunter over to you. 

“Listen…Mud- I mean (Y/N), I’m….” It was obvious she wasn’t the kind of person to say sorry but she tried her best to apologize “Sorry.” She finished. You gave her a nod, not knowing what to say. She gaped at you for a moment before running off somewhere. 

You sighed in relief as Draco lightly shook his head. Everything was going to be fine now. He looked at you with a look of worry before leading you over to cuddle on one of the couches. 

“How come you never told me?” He questioned as he softly stroked your hair, helping you relax a bit. 

“I didn’t want to worry you” You shrugged, laying your head on his shoulder. It helped you relax as you felt the way his body moved when he breathed. 

“You should’ve told me” He said, kissing your temple. 

“I know” You sighed, kissing his neck lightly “Thank you” 

“Anything for you, love” 

“What about your reputation?” You asked, worriedly. Draco shrugged, lacing your fingers together as you listened to the cackling of the fire in front of you. 

“You’re all I need” You smiled, gently placing your lips on his. 

All was well.

The (Partial) Fall of the House of Winchester: Deconstructing Ask Jeeves

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Planes Don’t Pull Over - Stiles Stilinski imagines

Request: Can you write an imagine where reader and stiles go on an airplane and she has a panic attack due to her fear of heights, and stiles calms her down and she falls asleep on his shoulder? Thank you!! ☺️💟 

[A/n]: [Y/l/n] means Your Last Name if you did not know. Thank you to whoever requested this, and I hope you enjoy! :)

Word count: 700+

Your fingernails dug into the cushioned arm rests on either side of you as your eyes bored into the head rest in front of you. The flight attendant mumbled something about taking off; you were too busy assuming the worst to actually pay attention to what she was saying. You sunk into your seat, and your face paled. The thought of you being thousands of miles above the ground terrified you, but you didn’t want anyone to know.

“Uh, [Y/l/n],” Coach Finstock sounded from beside you. “You alright?”

You quickly shook your head. “I think I’m gonna be sick. I have to get off of this plane.”

You stood up from your seat, literally prepared to exit the plane, but Coach Finstock pulled you back down. “Calm Down, [Y/l/n],” he muttered sternly. He stood up from his own seat and look around the other seats of the plane. They were all filled with Beacon High School seniors ready to head to Florida for their senior trip. “Stilinski!” Coach yelled quite loudly.

Your eyes shifted toward Stiles who shot up at the sound of his last name being called. “Sir?”

“Come get your girlfriend.”

“Yes, sir.”

Now, you and Stiles weren’t necessarily dating, but everybody labeled you as boyfriend and girlfriend anyway because…well, you practically were. Your feelings for each other were unstated but there, so why not?

Stiles climbed over classmate after classmate, spilling one girl’s water all over herself and stumbling over nearly everyone’s feet along the way. He took Coach Finstock’s spot beside as you as the grumpy lacrosse coach made his way to Stiles’ previous seat.

“Hey, [Y/n],” he frowned at your sickly face, “What’s wrong?”

You shook your head, “Nothing. I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

You shook your head again. Stiles sighed, tugging you up by your hand and leading you to the only bathroom of the plane.

“Sir,” A flight attendant spoke as you almost reached the bathroom. “The two of you will have to return to your seats. We prefer to have passengers seated while the plane is taking off.”

“Yeah, one second.” Stiles ignored her. Maybe the flight attendant realized you were on the verge of a panic attack because she didn’t make any other attempts to get Stiles to sit down.

Stiles pulled you toward the plane’s bathroom and closed the door behind you.

“[Y/n], calm down, okay? Nothing’s gonna happen to this plane. I promise.” 

He stared at you with wide eyes as your erratic breathing turned into sobbing and hiccuping. Your shoulders shook with every attempted breath. Stiles wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into his flannel-covered chest. 

“I need you to breathe, okay? Breathe and listen to the sound of my heart beat.”

You did indeed listen to Stiles’ heartbeat, and with every one, you calmed down more and more until your breathing was regular again and the tears had stopped.

Stiles let out of sigh of relief when he realized your panic attack was over, yet he continued to cradle you in your arms for his own enjoyment. It was quiet

“Stilinski! [Y/l/n]! If the two of you are doing something that would end up with you on Teen Mom, I suggest you hurry it up. We have a five hour flight to Florida and the last thing I want to do is spend more time than necessary with you annoying, hormonal teenagers.”

You and Stiles looked at each other with blushes on your face before you pulled away from his hug. You opened the bathroom’s door to see Coach Finstock standing there with an unimpressed expression on his face.

“Move it!”

You made a beeline for your seat with Stiles filing behind. You took your seat and so did he. The flight attendant muttered another something about taking off, but like before, you ignored it.

You looked over at Stiles who glanced at you. “Thank you,” you said quietly, reaching over the arm rest to grab his hand.

He smiled at you, gently taking his hand away from yours so that he could wrap his arm around your shoulder. You laid your head on his own shoulder, and he couldn’t help but smile when he noticed you fell asleep that way.

Why I'm mad...

1) What was the purpose of showing all of two seconds of Gareth’s back story if he is killed three episodes in? Besides, wasn’t last season all about “you’re not too far gone. You get to come back.”

2) I’ll never know Gareth’s last name.

3) What is the rest of the story? How did they get it back? Why did they lock only that one guy up? What made Gareth so emotionless and coldblooded?

4) Andrew J. West was promoted to series regular, credited for all 16 episodes of season 5. And for what?

5) He was by far the most interesting character we’ve had in a long time. I want to know so much more but no, HE’S FUCKING DEAD.

Only Survivor - Part One

Request: Can you write an imagine where you’re the only survivor from your maze and newt sees you and instantly falls In Love? And the reader is really sad because she watched all of her friends die? Thanks!

Warnings: none

Part Two

You were the only survivor from your Maze. You weren’t from Group A or Group B. No. You were from Group C. The Maze that had a mixture of boys and girls. You were the only one who survived. Although your Maze was the most successful with building things and keeping things under control, no one made it out alive except for you. Only because a terrible mistake happened when fighting the Grievers. A terrible mistake that resulted in most of your friends dying. Then another problem happened, resulting in more death. You were the only one who made it out alive. And that crushed you.

You were the first person to enter your Maze. You were there the longest, meaning you created a ton of friendships. You had to see your friends, your family, die. Be crushed or thrown by Grievers. It was a true bloodbath, and you were forever traumatized.

You sat at a table by yourself in the Common Room. It was time to eat some food, but you weren’t hungry. Instead, you picked and played with your food. You stared solemnly at it, your eyes dull. You were the saddest person in the safe parts of WICKED. Not a hint of happiness was inside you. 

But the boy with scraggly blond hair and brown eyes, tall and lanky, stared right at you. H and his buddies had all just gotten there. You’d been in the facility the longest. Seeing them didn’t faze you at all. You were the first Group to arrive; to survive the Maze, but you had to go through it all alone.

Who’s she?” Asked Newt to someone at his table.

Her? That’s Y/N. She from Group C. A Maze filled with boys and girls. She’s the only one who made it.” A girl explained to Newt and his friends.

Newt looked at you again. You looked so sad. So lonely. It made him frown even more. He felt sorry for you.

Does anyone try to talk to her?” Thomas questioned next. The girl nodded.

Everyone from my Maze has. She won’t talk to anybody at all. Poor thing.

Newt stood up. He stood up, his food tray in his hands. He lifted it up. Thomas and Minho asked what he was doing, but he didn’t answer. He simply got up and left. He went ans set his food down at your table. He sat across from you. You looked up at him, face expressionless. You went back to staring at your lukewarm food.

“Hello,” Newt introduced himself. You didn’t answer. “Name’s Newt. What’s yours?”

You glanced at him, sighing internally. “How about we skip the name exchange, and you just go back to your buds.”

Newt looked at you. Buds? Must be one of your Glader Slang words. But Newt wasn’t going to give up that easily. You were cute. Pretty, even. He also couldn’t stand the fact of you losing all your friends and being alone. If he were in your position, he’d probably be shutting everyone out as well.

“I don’t give up that easily. My name is Newt, what’s yours?” He asked again. A tiny smirk formed on your lips. He was more determined than the others it seemed.

“I’m Y/N,” you looked back up at him. “I’m from Group C. I’m sure you’ve heard all kinds of rumors about me.” 

“Well, I’ve heard that you’re the only one who survived your Maze. That’s bloody awful to hear.”

You titled your head. Newt had a strange accent. A very strange accent. You’d never heard it before. No one in your Group had such an accent. They were all quite the same. You couldn’t help but furrow your eyebrows and look at him in his chocolate eyes.

“You’re accent is weird.” 

“So is yours,” he grinned a little. 

The corner of your mouth twitched up before falling back into a straight line. You looked back down at your messy food. By now, it was all combined into mush. It looked unappetizing, but you didn’t care. You weren’t eating it anyways. You rarely ever ate. The only time when you did was when you knew you needed energy. 

“That looks grosser than klunk,” Newt commented. “Have some of my food?”

“Not hungry.” Your tone was monotone, and once again you didn’t look up at Newt. He frowned at you.

“Please take some food? It’s not healthy to skip meals. I know your appetite must be gone, but still.”

You looked up at Newt. He really wasn’t going to give up, was he? You rolled your eyes at him, taking his fork with a piece of meat on it. You stuck it in your mouth, and only then did you realize how truly hungry you were. It tasted so good. It was chicken.

“Something tells me you’re not going to give up with me,” you said with your mouth full. “Why?”

Newt thought about it for a moment before responding. “Because I care a lot about other people. And after hearing a snippet of your story, it pained me. Surely you must want a friend, and I’ll be just that friend. So no, I won’t give up. I won’t allow myself to.”

A grinned a tiny bit, admiring the determination. You liked this Newt boy. He seemed nice and had that weird accent. He was also kind of cute. But you couldn’t exactly give in that easily to accepting his friendship.

“Well, Newt, I’m going to be honest. I don’t know about friendship being a thing. I saw every single one of my friends die. Every last one of them. I was the first to arrive in my Maze, and the only one who left it. Do you know how much that hurts? I don’t want friendships because they’ll end up dying.” For the first time, your voice wasn’t deadpanned or plain. It showed hints of sadness and frustration. 

“I can’t even fathom what that must feel like, and I’m sorry. But I promise, I won’t be going anywhere.”

You stared at Newt, saying nothing. Instead you reached over to grab his fork from his hand. You stabbed a piece of chicken, eating it. Newt smiled.


For a long time, Newt spent time with you whenever he could. That meant anytime it was time to eat in the Common Room. You let him in. Let him be your friend. He got you to laugh, got you to smile again. He made you forget about your friends’ deaths. But he also made you feel comfortable. You opened up to him. You’d tell him what it was like in your Maze. You told him the terms you guys all used. You told him how you were the leader. You also told him about the multiple breakdowns you had once alone in your dorm room.

Of course Newt shared things in return. He told you all kinds of things. Like how he felt when he first arrived in his Maze, how he tried to kill himself at some point. He told you many things he only ever told his friend, Alby. It made you feel special.

“Uh, Y/N?” Newt asked, suddenly nervous. 

“Hmm?” You looked at him, munching on some food.

“We’ve been talking for a while, and I just want to say… I think I like you. More than a bud, or a shank.” He chuckled, and you did, too.

“Oh…” You glanced away, blushing. You had formed feelings for Newt as well. “I think I like you, too.” 

Both of you were blushing. That’s when Newt reached his hand across the table to grab yours.You accepted it, holding onto it lightly. You hadn’t held hands with anybody since you’d gotten out of your Maze. It felt nice.

You and Newt continued to hangout and talk as much as possible. You found out how to get to his room by using the vents. You would talk with him and his friends. You’d all have a good laugh. Sometimes, Newt would come back with you to your dorm room. He’d crawl in the vents with you, and you guys would talk more privately. You guys would kiss, and you felt better knowing you had a tight bond with people again. Everyone from Group A was a friend of yours now. And a few others from Group B. You were finally opening up all because of Newt.

Then one day, as names were being called to be “taken to a safer place”, yours was called. You were the last name. Newt didn’t get called, though.

“Wait, can’t Newt come with me?” You asked. “Can’t he and his buds come with me? Please, they’re my closest friends!” You pleaded, but the guards shook their heads. The pushed you harshly, causing Newt to stand up.

“Hey! You don’t bloody touch her!” He ran over to you, but guards held him back. The rest of Group A and some from Group B started to join in, but more and more guards came to hold them all back. You started crying then. Half, because you were being separated from people you cared about. The other half because you didn’t realize all these people cared about you

“Come on, Y/N, time to leave,” a guard said harshly, shoving you again.

“Newt! Thomas! Aris!” You called out random names, trying to reach for their hands.

“I’ll find you!” Newt said. “Even if it buggin’ kills me, I’ll find you and get you back!”

Suddenly, the “safer place” didn’t sound much safer at all, and you were scared. The doors closed to the Common Room, and you turned a corner.