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Arcade AU! Part 2

I’m so glad people liked my first one! And I would like to thank @geral-feral so much for the art they did from Part 1. If you guys haven’t seen it, then go check it out if you’d like! You guys should also see their other amazing art as well! 

Ok, so here goes!:

·Whenever Stephanie wins big at one of the machines, everyone at the arcade flocks to where she was and tries to win big after her

·Robbie always brings his daughter and son on the weekends. His daughter is Rottenella and his son is Jives

·Stephanie is the king at mostly all the games only because:

  • Stingy, whenever he’s not at the prize corner, is king at the plush claw machines. He has gotten many friends for Piggy
  •  Pixel is king at the fighting games. You can barely get a hit on him. Fear him
  • Trixie is king at the racing games. (Her inspiration comes from Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph) Whenever Robbie wakes up from his naps and she’s there, he’ll always race her
  • Ziggy is king at the candy claw machine. (Sportacus doesn’t like that he gets a lot of candy for himself, but it works out because Ziggy always shares his winnings)

·The kids love to play with Rottenella and Jives. They all love to see Rottenella do dance battles with Stephanie and see Jives battle with Pixel

·The kids were getting tired of playing at the arcade because it’s the only fun thing to do in town really. But it all changed when Wreck-It Ralph came out in theaters and they all zoomed back into the arcade. (Robbie, Rottenella, and Jives got really happy because they all missed them)

·Robbie is taking less naps now that he’s seen Sportacus (He fakes them sometimes)

·One day, Sportacus has to take his kids home early from the arcade and he can’t find Trixie. He finds her racing Robbie. Watching this man, after seeing he’s the manager and not some stranger (he’s great friends with Milford and Bessie so he knows they hire nice people), be amazing with his daughter, he can’t help but feel his own heart racing

·When the kids go to prize corner Robbie tells the person working to go on break. He uses this time to ask the kids for advice on how to woo their dad. He gets A LOT of help and encouraging words

·Sportacus and Robbie only start talking to each other because of their kids. The kids get them to team up and play against them on multiplayer games. They can see they’re obviously in love with each other

@melilossa here ya go!
Are you a Aizawa, Hizashi, or Toshinori typer

Tag yourself I’m Hizashi

Aizawa: you use absolutely no capitalization and sometimes forget the proper names for words. half of what you write is shitty but hilarious puns with sometimes a veil of very dark humor. but you have impeccable grammar and god help you you will keep that going.


Toshinori: Everything you type is extraordinarily…text book. You are easy to get along with and jive well with the other two. Sometimes you Use Capitalized Letters to show the Important Shit.

“So the story for our trio is basically [that] Normani is a country girl lost on her way to find some place. She’s busy looking at the map and she passes by this mechanic shop where a bunch of country boys are eager to show her the way…and the hoedown ensues.”

Sounds like fun. Lol

I see the “Sport and Robbie adopt and raise Stephanie, Ziggy, Pixel, Stingy, Trixie, &sometimes Rottenella”

and the “Ithro and Glanni raise Sport and/or Robbie (together/separately)” domestic set ups

BUT where’s my fic of Sport and/or Robbie telling Ithro and/or Glanni they’ve practically adopted a bunch of kids and not expecting them to be like “neat, we got one of those too!” And introducing them to this preteen/teen named jives who loves to garden with Ithro and drives Glanni insane with his fashion sense and dirt while also being quite fond of him for some reason.

(And maybe they’re in the process of picking up another stray named Penny who is a cunningly charming girl that has Glanni more wrapped around her finger than not and who Ithro has proudly watched Glanni teach to actively pursue her wants rather than just beg and whine, even if that means Ithro now has to fondly keep their get rich schemes from getting out of hand)

Also acceptable would be if It’s Glanni and/or Ithro who decides to tell Robbie and/or Sport about the kid(s) they’ve found themselves parenting and Robbie and/or Sport are like “You should try raising this many” *gestures to the group of kids actively getting into mischief* and “Oh yeah, that reminds me, did I ever remember to tell you that I have my own kids now? No? Oops, well, to start with there’s 5 of them…”

Also imagine Sportarobbie and Glannithro comparing parenting stories, exchanging advice, and silently competing at who can be the “better dad.”

Robbie and Glanni are totally the dads who find ways to place bets on their kids against each other. Sport and Ithro are the type to find out, act disappointed and reprimand them while secretly also putting bets on their partners and on their kids.

MOSTLY I just want Jives (&penny) included and raised by the glannithro (the forgotten play children for the play versions of sportarobbie)

ok so, usually even for my big pieces, i tend to only spend about 4-5 hours on them, BUT GODDAMN I’ve spent like….15+ hours on this?? I’m exhausted. I feel like it really paid off though???? I mean I’m really happy with it. I’m also trying to be more art positive, so I’m forcing myself to like it (ง'̀-‘́)ง

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Could you write a niall blurb about being mad at eachother and he keeps trying to fix it every time he does whatever it is wrong by buying chocolate an flowers and your tired of him doing that to make up for his wrong doing?

Niall had been known to disappear when he was recording.  When the two of you started dating, he took off after your third date because the group was in the middle of recording FOUR.  You didn’t hear from him for almost two weeks.  You moved on, even said yes to a date with another guy.  So when Niall called up the night before your date like nothing was wrong, it took him three hours to get you to understand.  

What made you finally crack and give him another chance?  Any man who would spend three hours on the phone trying to convince you he wasn’t playing with your head was probably someone worth taking another look at.

When the group went off to record Made in the A.M. it wasn’t such a shock.  In fact, you weathered the almost three week absence rather well.  You had classes and exams to take your focus anyway.

Besides, when Niall finally returned…he was good at making it up to you.  Very good.

It had been a week since he’d kissed your forehead, told you he would call you later and walked out of your house.  He hadn’t called or texted since.  It was like he’d dropped off the face of the earth.  He didn’t even come home for a change of clothes.  

And it wouldn’t have bothered you, if he hadn’t left you sitting next to an empty chair across from your parents at an expensive Italian restaurant.  Your mother did what she always did, she tried to ignore the elephant in the room while your father boisterously exclaimed that he loved Italian food and this was some of the best he’d ever had.

Humiliated didn’t even begin to explain how you felt.  Alone, empty, betrayed and generally pissed off came close.  

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lazytown characters as things my cats do/have done

sportacus: often runs across the house at light speed

robbie: sat in the same (inconvenient) spot for 5+ hours, mostly slept, but occasionally moved to yawn or reposition themselves

stephanie: headbutts both humans and other cats because they love everyone

ziggy: started eating a slice of pork on the counter, but once they heard me walk in the room they bolted off the counter with the pork in their mouth because they knew they weren’t supposed to be eating that 

trixie: pulled the entire tablecloth off of the table, along with a plate and a glass cup that both shattered (very loudly) on the ground

stingy: often steals socks, but always has to meow once he’s done (to let people know that it’s HIS) once he even stole like 5 pairs and put them in a pile under a table, we couldn’t find them for days 

pixel: will sit right in front of my face whenever i use my phone before bed, looks as if they want to see what’s on my phone 

bessie: loves talking (meowing) at both people and cats

milford: lives in constant fear

glanni: when we first adopted them they were super nice and sweet, but after a few weeks showed their True Colors as a grumpy, first class drama queen

Normalcy Pt. I

sasu/saku/naru indecisive madness

In which Sakura decides that dealing with her teammates’ millionth departure gracefully is much more effort than she wants to afford them, and it’s about time the two of them experience the sensation of being left behind anyway. 

or alternatively: Sakura comes back from an unnanounced year long mission as her badass ANBU commander self and the boys just can’t fathom that she would be anything other than ecstatic to see them

Sasuke’s slightly less of a dysfunctional ass, Naruto’s put his big boy pants on, and it’s all downhill from here

i suck at writing serious things tbh

but here’s the beginning of an attempt

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 just a small rant under this cut. but, i’d encourage you read it.
it’s actually turned out to be a little character building!

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Dancing with the Stars Season 24 Week 8: I Just Don’t Know Anymore

Here we are. Back for another week of DWTS. Another week of crap. Just a quick note. I’m so frustrated with this season more than any in the past. I hate that the judges (except Len) keep acting like Normani and Val can do no wrong. Meanwhile, they have been tearing the other couples down. We especially saw that tonight. Normani got lavish praise 7 out of 8 times. David and Rashad received unnecessarily harsh criticism for one of their two dances. I really don’t feel like Simone got any actual compliments and Bonner was outright ripped to shreds. It would be one thing if Normani was just far and away the best dancer left and everyone else sucked. But she’s not. Two of the couples are on her level and another is a respectable dancer as well. The only one that is not a good dancer is Bonner and even he didn’t deserve the trash that he was handed in terms of critiques tonight. Especially because he was headed home anyway. It just bothered me. And it clearly bothered both Bonner and Simone and rightfully so. The judges have no right to trash them like that. Now let’s get started.

Rashad and Emma- Jive (Score=36)- I thought this dance was really good. The energy was great and I loved his swag. His feet were nowhere near as bad as the judges tried to make it seem. He could have pointed his toes more, but they were acting like his feet have not improved over this entire season. I’m here to tell you that they have.

Normani and Val- Contempoaray (Score=40)- I called this score as soon as I knew that this was gonna be their style. Not because I knew it would be good. Because I know that the judges were gonna give her a perfect score for a contemporary, whether or not she deserved it. I don’t think this dance deserved it. It was like every other contemporary on this show that I hate. It was overwrought with emotion, flaily and not cohesive. The judges always love and fall for that and so do the viewers, so whatever.

Bonner and Sharna- Argentine Tango (Score=30)- This was a classic Bonner dance. Not terrible, but not good either. He was stiff and lacked performance and connection to Sharna. But he pushed through it and didn’t go off time. So that’s always a good thing. Len was extremely rude to him and to the audience. He has said that people overstayed their welcome in the past, and it has always been rude. But he’s never done it to this level. Yes, Bonner was not good, but guess what? The viewers wanted him there. And if he’s pissy that Nancy left, then he should be mad that they, themselves, didn’t do more to get the public to vote for Nancy over Bonner. The judges have a lot of influence over the audience and they could have done a better job of spreading the love around versus saving the majority of it for Normani and only giving the other couples tiny little morsels of praise (if they were even that lucky). Don’t blame us and don’t blame him. Blame yourselves for the stunts you’ve been pulling this season.

Simone and Sasha- Foxtrot (Score=36)- I actually thought maybe a 10 or two could have been given to these two for this dance. I thought this was a really good foxtrot. There was one small problem area where it looked like she slipped a little. But it wasn’t huge and could have easily been missed. CAI and Julianne were reaching with that whole connection and emotional and being authentic and not knowing who she is critique though. 1) Because she clearly showed us who she is and why she smiles and all of that during her Most Memorable Year. She smiles because her life could have easily gone a completely different way had her grandparents not stepped in and adopted her and her sister. And really, what other emotion is she gonna show for a run of the mill foxtrot? Please enlighten me. Is she supposed to be sexy for a One Direction song? Sad? Passionate? Why can’t she just smile and have a good time? So of course she was a little disgruntled here. The comments made no sense.

David and Lindsay- Waltz (Score=36)- This was by far, David’s best dance of the season. It was so simple and pure. And yet the simplicity of it was all that was needed to make it a beautiful dance. There were some questionable moments but otherwise, I really loved this dance. It was my favorite of round 1. Also, the shots that Len and CAI took at Rashad in his critiques were not necessary.

Trio Round (I don’t like the fact that the judges chose the trio members)

Rashad, Emma and Witney- Argentine Tango (Score=39)- What does this man have to do to get a 40? This dance was perfect and amazing. I loved the story and I loved his interaction with both Witney and Emma. The lifts were incredible. Honestly, this was the best dance of the season in my opinion. He didn’t even have any problems with his feet this time around. Of course Len thought otherwise for whatever reason.

Normani, Val and Alan- Jive (Score=39)- I actually sort of liked this dance. I think a lot that has do with the energy that Alan brought into it. It changed and Normani seemed like she was having a blast. Now, her feet were not good in this number. And the judges just conveniently looked over that. Meanwhile, they just got done ripping Rashad apart for his feet being a little less than perfect. Not only that, but there was a blatant lift CAI. Why did you not call it and mark her down? It was the same lift that she called them out for in their foxtrot a few weeks ago. If anything, this dance should have been a 36 at the most.

Bonner, Sharna and Britt- Jazz (Score=28)- Well this dance was awful. So to shield my eyes from Bonner’s terrible dancing, I decided to pay attention to Britt because she was killing it. Bonner was awkward, stiff and really hard to watch. But he did show personality. Now I wish he hadn’t been so creepy in his rehearsal package. I was so ready to super hate on the judges (and everyone else) for coming down so hard on him. But he did that, so I’m less inclined to defend him. At least in regards to this number. This does not give Bonner haters a pass to come into my inbox and trash him, fyi.

Simone, Sasha and Brittany- Paso Doble (Score=36)- Simone was doubly screwed for this dance. She was the only celeb to get a pro that was the same gender as her. That makes things all the more difficult for her. She also had the paso which is more of a dance to showcase the man anyway. I thought the dance was fine, but I could tell that she got in her head and was trying to stop herself from smiling. She ended up looking really unsure of herself and just doubting herself throughout the dance. It was clear that Simone was frustrated after that dance though. And CAI’s comments seemed to really piss her off. How is someone “too on beat”? What does that even mean? And then asking her why she wasn’t smiling or whatever was just a way to get a reaction out of her. And I mean she gave them the best answer she could have and a line that I may use. “Smiling doesn’t win you gold medals” was the perfect way to shut CAI down and stop her from talking anymore. I just hope this wasn’t the kiss of death for Simone. The main demo that watches this show, hate it when women (black women in particular) show that they are displeased in any way. And while Simone did exactly what she should have done, I’m not sure if it’s gonna work out for her next week. This is so frustrating.

David, Lindsay and Hayley- Paso Doble (Score=29)- I thought David did an okay job with this dance. He didn’t really get off time or anything. His technique was just horrid. But that’s okay. It wasn’t 29 worthy (probably 30 or 31) but the judges had funky attitudes tonight.

So in the last like 2 minutes of the show, Bonner and Sharna were eliminated. I would have liked for them to have a more pleasant departure, but at least he can relax and rest his body. That’s the biggest thing.

I don’t know what next week’s theme is and I don’t really care. All I know is that I will be livid if Simone is eliminated next week. I’m starting to see that this show has no problem sacrificing an Olympic gold medalist and the greatest gymnast of all time for a woman in a girl group. I love both of the women but it is so obvious that that’s what they’re doing at this point. And I feel like it might work. So yeah, let me know your thoughts and I will talk to you all soon.

Double Trouble

This was written for @piranhapunk! Enjoy some Robbie x Sportacus x Reader.

A quick note: the “weasel” in this story is the reader. I avoided using any name as much as possible as I hate using the y/n thing. Enjoy this cluster fuck of shenanigans!

Robbie took a deep breath, putting as much sugar into the dish as he could. He had been preparing for this plan for months! Months! He’s not going to let all his effort go to waste! Ugh… the fact that Robbie had actually put effort into something disgusted himself. But he had to! That Sporta-noodle can’t be with this new person! He won’t allow it. Whoever they are, they aren’t good enough for Sportacus! The poor elf is gonna end up getting hurt.

Now then, the sugar should be disguised by all the dressing Robbie added. Sporta-loon won’t taste a thing and then he’ll pass right out! The date will be so embarrassed they’ll leave Sporta-duck FOREVER! He never did catch the name of who he was going out with… oh well! All that matters is that he gets rid of them.

Robbie sent the dish out and watched the crowd from the kitchen, focusing on Sportacus and whatever their name is. The waiter brought out the dish fairly quickly and now all he had to do was wait. Sportacus was taking a bite and- nothing? The two of them were still laughing away and enjoying their date. But usually the sugar thing was instantaneous! Maybe he just needed to eat a bit more. God please let it be that he didn’t have enough sugar. But no. No matter how much he ate he didn’t pass out. However, at a table next to them, a little kid who has the same order as Sportacus was going nuts.

Damn it… damn it! Well. He guessed he can always go with plan b. Which is cry in the bathroom for an hour. No! He is Robbie Rotten! He can think of something else to ruin their relationship! Something simpler… something that DOESN’T require him practicing for months so he can get a job. Now then… it’s time for a plan that could be thought of only by a genius like him!


Time for the second plan to be brought into action. Robbie had thought on this one for a week and he’s certain this one will work! All he has to do is roll this skateboard in the path of whatever their name is! They’ll slip, and fall on their face and be SO embarrassed! It’s perfect!

Carefully, Robbie rolled the skateboard in the path of Sportadork and his little weasel of a significant other and waited. He watched from behind the wall, seeing the weasel step onto the skateboard and slip! It was a success! Yes! Wait- damn it! Sportacus had caught them by the waist and now it was all… romantic. Ugh they looked like they were gonna kiss, Robbie’s definitely gonna vomit if he keeps watching.

Okay… Robbie may have miscalculated the ability of Sportacus this time but he had a backup plan this time! The local teenager Jives agreed to help him as long as Robbie got him fish. Now then, where was that button.. Ah! Aaannd… there we go! Down the hole the little weasel goes, when they’ll come out, only Robbie knows! Now for Jives’ part! While Sportacus panicked, Jives would get himself into trouble! And then he’d have to chose who to save. But if he chooses Jives, the little weasel will NEVER forgive him! It was the perfect plan.

Robbie laughed to himself, but quickly noticed that the weasel had already gotten out? Wait- he left his ladder down there! Damn it! Ugh, nothing ever works out huh? Now the little weasel and Sportacus were BOTH saving Jives and it was stupidly cute. Well… back to the drawing board for him. Maybe he could do something with… magic!


It was only a few days after the previous failure this time, and Robbie was now moving on to magic instead. This time, he has a nasty little potion that he’s mixed up and slipped into Sportacus’ water. A love potion to be exact. Except, the other half of it Robbie already drank! You can’t fail when it comes to potions! Now he just had to wait for Sportacus to drink his water while he and the weasel were enjoying their stupid little picnic.

Robbie waited in the woods nearby, watching the two desperately. Sportacus took a sip of his water almost every five minutes but nothing was happening! Robbie read through the spell book again, knowing that he got everything right. So what did he do wrong? Nothing! Right here it even says that whoever drinks it will fall in love with whoever drinks the other half as long as they share a kiss! Wait. Kiss? He can’t kiss Sportacus! That’s just.. if he does and it doesn’t work then he’ll never get Sportacus to like him!

Ugh, every plan that he has is a disaster! This was even worse than when he was trying to kick Sportacus out of town. Robbie would be tempted to quit but a true villain never quits! Especially if it’s about someone he l-lo- nope. Not even gonna THINK that word when it comes to Sportacus. Even if it’s true.

Okay. One last plan. One last plan before Robbie gives up. If it doesn’t work he’ll give up. He’ll leave them alone. He may be a villain but he’s not a dick. Now then. What to do next.


Finally, only a day after his last failure, Robbie prepared for his final scheme. It was simple really, as all that he needed was a trap and some cake. But what he’d have to do he wasn’t ready for. He took a deep breath and a bite of his cake, walking into view of the playground where Sportacus and that weasel were hanging out with the kids. Robbie gave a small wave at them, and took a few more steps forward before his net trap sprang up, trapping him mid air.

Yes, his plan was to trap himself. Robbie thought… if he trapped himself and got Sportacus to save him then he’ll have a chance to tell Sportacus how he feels. It may not work, and it may cause him some major embarrassment, but it’s worth a shot.

“Robbie! Are you alright? What happened?” Sportacus called from down below Robbie. Okay. Time to do this.

“One of my old traps must’ve gone off, just cut the rope and get me down from here!” Robbie called back, hearing his back make a loud crack when he moved. This wasn’t the most well thought out plan, considering Sportacus was having the weasel stand under him to catch him.

Damn it! This isn’t what he expected at all. Usually it’s Sportacus who catches the people not what’s-their-face! But before he knew it, the rope was cut loose and he was flying into the arms of the enemy. Absolutely disgusting… they’re always ruining his plans.

“Hi Robbie!” Ugh. That little weasel was always ruining his plans!

“Put. Me. Down.” Robbie growled, glaring at the weasel until they complied. Thankfully, he landed on his feet.

“I’m guessing you were hoping Sportacus was going to catch you?” Clever little weasel. But he’s not gonna let them tease him like that!

“As if I want that muscle headed sports freak to catch me!” He exclaimed, though it was obviously he was lying at this point.

“Robbie everyone except Sportacus knows you have a thing for him.”

“I don’t care what the weasel has to say about this!”

“That’s not my… nevermind. But I was going to let you date him.”

“Ha! Just like a weasel to- wait what?”

“I’m saying it’s okay. Sportacus has a thing for you too, and if it makes him happy to be with you then I’m fine with it.”

That caused Robbie’s twitch to act up. He could be with Sportacus? It was really okay all this time? He went to culinary school for nothing?! Ugh, he can’t believe he didn’t realize sooner!

“You better get your act together soon, because Sportacus is coming this way.” He heard the weasel tell him, and he turned to face Sportacus, his face beet red. Okay. He can do this!

“Robbie? Are you okay?” Sportacus asked, grabbing Robbie’s shoulders and looking him over for any injuries before pulling him into a bone crushing hug.

“Agh! Get off me you big meathead!” Robbie exclaimed, puffing his cheeks out.

Sportacus laughed and pulled away from the other before Robbie took a deep breath. The potion said it lasted 48 hours. So he just had to kiss him right? Robbie let out his breath before he opened his mouth to speak, knowing he’d need to give a confession first.

“Sportacus I- I really like you, I have for a while and I was wondering if it would be okay if- if- ifwewentonadatesometime?” Robbie blurted out, much to the shock of Sportacus and that weasel. He guessed the weasel didn’t expect a confession so soon. And so… not well put together.

“Robbie I- I would love to but… Only if-” Sportacus started, only to be interrupt by none other than the weasel.

“Yes I give you two my blessing. Now just kiss already and be done with it!” The weasel exclaimed, Robbie and Sportacus looking each other in the eye. Was it a good idea? Hell if they know. The two of them were already at each other sucking face like a couple of desperate teenagers. It was a real sight, especially for the kids who had no idea what was going on. I would say what happened next, but that’s a story for another time.


He wakes up with a pain in his stomach, churning and twisting like knives being jabbed into his gut. He remembers the news, the utter anxiety that crippled him in the hours he spent watching the holovid, hoping and hell, even praying, that the outcome would not be as he and so many others feared. He remembers watching, bile rising in his throat the longer the numbers changed, but the results remained the same.

He remembers Jack holding his hand the entire time, fingers interlocked with his own, gripped tight and unwilling to let go like a lifeline. He remembers blinking back the tears and pressing himself into Jack’s warm chest, silence hanging between them but still thankfully louder than the devastating static being spewed from the screen in front of him.

He feels nauseated. Disgusted. Somewhere caught in between wanting to put the barrel of his sidearm between his own teeth or press it against the chests of the people who decided that the lives of he and his loved ones no longer mattered to the world. It’s all he can do to keep himself from screaming, from crying out in utter heartbreak and despair.

Jack wakes up blearily beside him, face taut, grim, and utterly hollowed no doubt mirroring the expression on Gabriel’s own. He offers no apologies, no empty platitudes, because it’s not needed. Gabriel knows it’s not his fault. Jack isn’t to blame for what was decided for the both of them despite how loudly they resisted and revolted through their own words and actions. Jack had been with him every step of the way, fighting at Gabriel’s side with just as much ferocity and determination as he ever did when it came to things that he’d be willing to throw his life down for.

Jack fought too, and Gabriel fought harder.

But they still lost.

Jack is not at fault; but that doesn’t make the pain hurt any less when Gabriel takes in the sight of those stormy blue eyes and golden hair, and remembers how history has always valued people like Jack far more than they ever valued people like him.

It hurts. It hurts more than Gabriel could ever put into words. The reality that he’s spent so much of his life fighting for people who didn’t even care if he lived or died hits him harder and more profoundly than the war ever did — than how it still does, given how there’s still so much more to go before and end is even close to being in sight.

Jack remains quiet, and offers comfort in the only way he knows can even come close to reaching Gabriel. Mournful and heartbroken, Jack wraps his arms around Gabriel, cradling the back of his head and pressing it into the juncture of his neck while he buries his face into the clammy skin of Gabriel’s own. They spend almost hours like that, holding onto each in one long embrace made of almost inconsolable grief, two grown, battle-hardened super-soldiers clinging desperately to each other like the world could collapse and drag the both of them down into its unforgivingly destructive bowels at any moment.

They don’t recover from their desolation, per se, nor are they able to swallow all of the agonizing sorrow down like a chalky bitter poison that they can only hope takes them away. But they do change it into body armor — Gabriel even goes so far as to transform his righteous anger and despair into ammunition — that will allow them to remain standing as long as possible, to allow them to return fire tenfold, and to not go down without a fight even when the sights and barrels of the world they’re struggling to protect and live in turn and aim at their heads. They let the pain and hurt sink into their hearts and burn into their souls, a constant reminder of something that they should never ever allow themselves to happen again.

They vow to keep fighting.

They vow keep going so that one morning, they can greet the sunrise with victorious tears and scream their triumphs and proofs of existence into the faces of those who made Gabriel Reyes believe his life didn’t matter.

Because it did. It does. And it forever will.

Gabriel won’t allow anyone to tell him any different.

lia-kay-04  asked:

Can we get some purly because I'm indeed over due for some

oh yes purly is my shxt .

- curly luvs pony‘s freckles, the ones on his arms, he especially likes the dark ones

-luvs tracing them, 

- they both spoon 25 / 8  

- they love using pounds of lotion on themselves just 2 stay soft

- and dem boys luv cooking i swear, they be looking thru all the cook books tryna cook like all the meals 4 the gang, they make sooo much food. 

- pony eats HELLA LOT, but this boi has a high speed metabolism , he just naturaly skinny af 

- curly skinny 2 but in the winter season he gets that “cake”, but he burns it of during spring/summer

- late saturday night they be playin jazz on the radio and cookin pasta with wine and parmesan cheeze and all that fancy shxt. 

- then they play old rock n roll and blues and they just get in the jive, using baguettes as guitars , then having a baguette war 

- after they have leftovers, pony is willing to eat the food while curly isn‘t up 4 it 

- pony being the unsatisfied mom when curly disobeys him 

- “ betta eat them goddamn leftovers , dont make me bring tim over here “

- after curly eats (unhappily), ponyboy prolly rewards him with sex 

- after all curly does want the  “d”

- sex sessions get hot and sweaty trust me , lots of tongue and licking bodies r involved

- lots of sweet highpitched kidsounding moaning goin on 2 , like they moan like lil girls

- when pony gets sick, curly goes 2 the atm, withdraws all the money he has, and runs sanic fast 2 the drugstore, when he comes home, he has millions of products in his arms

- ponys just dazed out cause he sick af and he turns and looks at curly with his jaw dropped 


- they both like the oversized t-shirt couple, but yo they like the cute ones with pineapples and lil doodles and stuff, they both like cute clothing, they r so unmanly

- curly likes his hair straightened with lotsa gel (sorry curly just hates grease)

- pony stopped using grease aswell , now he embraces natural hair

- ponyboy luvs curlys natural curly hair so he goes 2 the store and buys curl enhancing products

-he just rubs it in his hair, and his hair gets sUpEr soft and floofy man 

- the un-manly smol cute sweet gay couple