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I am so highkey proud of every single member of got7. I am so proud of them for pushing through and working so hard all the time and never getting a break. They don’t get breaks very often, but that’s not what this is post is about. They’ve worked so hard to be where they are now, and like… honestly this is gonna sound so lame but without this band, I would be nothing. I would be absolutely nothing without these seven nerds who dance and sing and have worked so goddamn hard for every second of their career. They’re grateful and so am I, man. I just… I never really stop appreciating everything they do for us and I honestly am so, so thankful for these boys. 

Might as well post this, wow am I behind the train. Guess who made a FNAF Security Guard OC? I did. I’m a lame-o. Notice me new overlord senpai.

Anyhow this is Emily Pepper, she’s 19 and a college student (theater major) who took a night shift at Freddy’s for college money (cause man does uni not come cheap). She’s very headstrong, curses like a sailor and is kinda harsh but underneath all that is a heart of gold. You have to get seriously close to her in order to find that though. She also has a significant other, nicknamed “Teddie”. Teddie is kinda like Mike’s Doll because they are open for all types of interpretation. I do have my own design I’ll post sooner or later, but I’d love to see other people’s designs of them!

Also not too sure of where in the timeline she’d go, I’m thinking that she’d be 19 at about July of 1999 or maybe she could be the guard for the third game? ??? Heck if I know.


Hey everyone! Thank you all again for helping me reach 4,000 followers, WOW! I know everyone says this, but I never even dreamed of having 40 followers. It’s so lame but getting on tumblr is one of my favorite parts of the day. It’s getting better, but transitioning into college was very hard for me at first, and during that time, tumblr helped keep me sane and happy! So seriously, thank you for letting me be the nerd I am! Thanks for sticking with me as I obsess over Repliku and COM, as I continue to sell my soul to anime, as I complain about my dumb problems, as I eat 10,000 pounds of pizza and twizzlers, as I make horrible gifs, and as I freak out over any bit of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy news announced. Thanks for all of your kind words and messages, you all mean so much to me, I will protect every single one of you to the DEATH♥

I’m probably going to forget a lot of people, but please know that I love every single person I follow, as well as all those who follow me! So thanks again, and here we go:

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