get it wow i am very lame


hi i’m jad and i’m the biggest hopeless romantic ever but also ‘lOVe isNT REAL!!!’

💗happy valentine’s day💗

Might as well post this, wow am I behind the train. Guess who made a FNAF Security Guard OC? I did. I’m a lame-o. Notice me new overlord senpai.

Anyhow this is Emily Pepper, she’s 19 and a college student (theater major) who took a night shift at Freddy’s for college money (cause man does uni not come cheap). She’s very headstrong, curses like a sailor and is kinda harsh but underneath all that is a heart of gold. You have to get seriously close to her in order to find that though. She also has a significant other, nicknamed “Teddie”. Teddie is kinda like Mike’s Doll because they are open for all types of interpretation. I do have my own design I’ll post sooner or later, but I’d love to see other people’s designs of them!

Also not too sure of where in the timeline she’d go, I’m thinking that she’d be 19 at about July of 1999 or maybe she could be the guard for the third game? ??? Heck if I know.