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Update on The Fitting -

Since the “Great Tomato Sauce Incident of 2017″ damaged my computer yesterday, the next chapter of The Fitting is a little further behind than expected.  I’ve got appointments after work on Monday and a work dinner on Tuesday, so I might not get it done until Wednesday at this point (I’ll try to get it out sooner! I swear!  But I can’t guarantee anything before Wednesday)

What I can do… if you are interested… is post 5 random paragraphs as a kind of preview.  Send me an ask with a number between 1 and 100 and I will take the first five and post that paragraph.  Paragraphs could be lengthy pieces of exposition or a one word piece of dialogue.  You can try your luck if you want.

I got my 5 requests!  I’ll be posting them shortly.


Lol @ my first attempt. Done on iPad Pro and Pro create. Heads up guys–my Etsy shop will be shutting down on Thursday! I’ll be moving on next Saturday, which means I’ll need a few days off to pack my stuff and get my shit together, so Wednesday is the last day to purchase from my shop, and everything ships on Thursday. Lots of prints and stickers will be discontinued so it’ll be your last shot at lots of items 💖✨ #art #myart #artist #drawing #draw #sketch #sketching #doodle #doodles #cute #beautiful #girl #work #wip #paint #painting #watercolor #watercolors #keelyelles18th

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so, the kiss was huge and its being widely discussed

but like, the kiss happening or not happening is not even that conclusive to it being canon. like someone has said already, they have been canon for some weeks now, but this episode RLY cemented it, and it was beyond the kiss. like

man. thats canon.

(specially the last pic. their gazes, victors hand behind yuris head to protect it from the fall, yuris hand clutching the back of his coat, i wanna die)

and i have the BIGGEST soft spot for yuris mental monologue during his performance. he doesnt put victor on a pedestal anymore, he says victor is inexperienced and an idiot, and he wants to surprise him and go beyond his expectations, and its so endearing. victor lost his cool bc he was worried, and he shows how deeply he cares for yuri. every new episode, theyre growing and i DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. im so hyped this is bad.

YOI Fanfiction Wednesday

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containts nsfw = ///

An interview with Viktor Nikiforov - @victuri-doubleb 

World’s most eligible bachelor NOW ENGAGED! 

Follow Victor Nikiforov’s epic journey in finding his one true love, starting from a drunken request to love on ice. For the first time, he shares his life changing moments with the world, his heart revealed. A history maker. 

In the Shadow of a King - @pencil-amateur

Takes place mostly during/ after episode 11 and before episode 12.
“JJ’s younger brother is bad at dealing with his inferiority complex”

Kiss and Tell - @bee-sauce///

Yuri doesn’t have student loans even though he went to college in America.
Yuri knows how to pole dance.

Victor fails to put two and two together until Phichit reveals the reason behind both.

Sacrifices vs decisions - @ victuri-doubleb ///

Victor and Yuri are preparing for the Grand Prix series. As Victor teaches and advices Yuri day by day, he notices, that no matter what, the state Yuri is in right now, he will not be able to win. Yuris performance is perfect yet it is still lacking something…this something…will Victor be able to discover it and how will it influence Yuris performance? Will everything turn out well, or will Victor and Yuri have to face a situation, neither of them did expect to happen. Will it put them both for a choice, whether to go on and risk everything, or to be satisfied with how things are and try their best to make sure things won’t become worse…

Slacking Off - @nooowestayandgetcaught///

In which Yuuri raws Viktor under the mistletoe. (A lot of mistletoe. A whole ceiling’s worth.)

Take Me into Your Loving Arms - @simply-emily24///

It’s all been happening so fast. Yuuri breezed through the Four Continents and the World Championships, staking his claim on gold for both events. It’s the night of the exhibition gala and he and Viktor have quite the surprise planned for the audience. 

Two L-words - @simply-emily24///

It’s happening.  They have the rings.  They have the programmes down.

And right now, they just need to do something to calm Yuuri’s nerves before the big night.

You Wear Your Best Apology - @simply-emily24///

Fame and glory aren’t meant to live forever.  As the winds of springs sweeps through, the former champion and his coach are easily forgotten, replaced by the next young things.

Then why is Yuuri trying so hard to hold onto it?

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Thoughts as I prepare to head to the polls tomorrow

I don’t usually write posts about anything other than fandom but tonight I feel compelled so I hope you’ll indulge me.

As I prepare to cast my vote tomorrow there are a few people I can’t help thinking about.

My college Calculus professor who, despite me having the highest grade in the class by far, told me he was sending two male students to an inter-university math competition because after all they’d be looking to make a career someday and I’d probably be getting married right out of college. (This was the 80s folks, not the 50s)

The car salesman at a local dealership who insisted on addressing almost his entire pitch to my husband even after being told repeatedly, including by my husband, that it was going to be my car and my decision. The only time he addressed me was when he was talking about seat warmers and grocery hooks. (And this guy was in his 30s)

The mason we hired to build a stone wall around our pool. We spent hours mapping out exactly where I wanted the gates but when he actually began building he disregarded everything and tried to put them where he wanted them. When I told him to tear it out and put the gates where I asked he told me his way was better and he’d take it up with my husband. (This was 5 years ago)

I’m thinking of every time I’ve ever had something mansplained to me–especially those occasions when I knew more about the topic than the ‘splainer.

I’m thinking of every boss who ever leered or made a crude joke because he knew he could get away with it.

Every guy who ever got a little too close and a little too handsy then insisted I should take it as a compliment.

Every salesman and contractor who has ever told me I didn’t want what I said I wanted and I should just trust him and he’d make it pretty/pick one for me and I’d be happy in the end.

And tonight I can’t help but think of my grandmother, who worked hard raising a family and running a home but had to ask my grandfather for money any time she wanted to buy something.

All of those people will be on my mind tomorrow when I step into the booth.

The issues are important, and trust me they’ve all been considered, but for myself, and I think many other women of my generation … memories like these are why #Imwithher.


So lazy he won’t even open his eyes to see who was petting him he just smelled about until he realized it was me!


Exclusive Preview: Secret Empire #0

What if your greatest ally was secretly your greatest enemy? What if the most trustworthy, stalwart hero in the Marvel Universe was planning in secret a massive betrayal? That time is now – and no one will see it coming!  Witness Hydra’s first move as the dominos begin to fall and war erupts on three fronts! To stem the coming darkness – it will take everyone! Avengers, Champions, Guardians, X-Men and more. United they stand against a common foe – will they stand a chance?

Variant Covers by ROD REIS (FEB170760), ELIZABETH TORQUE (FEB170761)
And RON FRENZ (FEB170759)
FOC – 03/20/17, On-Sale – 04/19/17


nadia pym in the unstoppable wasp #002 (2017)

‘i’ll let you know when i become more interested in kissing someone than in quantum physics, okay?’

Unexpected Valentine’s Day fic
I’d say set about a year from now

When Erin rolled over this morning, she stretched her arm out to pull Jay closer to her but she was met with nothing but cold sheets. Lifting her head from the pillow, she sees that she’s not late for work, in fact it’s still pretty early. But from what she can see, Jay’s gone.

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