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Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0

I really appreciated all the little nods to Clint’s deafness in this issue. I’m glad other writers are acknowledging it and it’s not just a temporary thing in Fraction’s run. I also enjoy the fact that Wade apparently knows sign language.

Everyone experiences days of the week differently, and a minor factor which can play a part in that is their ruling planets, more specifically which days of the week share a planet with which houses. The days of the week elevate, draw attention to, or somehow emphasize the energies of the planets & thus activate (to some extent) whatever area(s) of your chart relate to them. These days will likely be the most active, productive, and/or conscious for said areas of life.

Sunday: ruled by the sun (Leo)
Monday: ruled by the moon (Cancer)
Tuesday: ruled by Mars (Aries & Scorpio)
Wednesday: ruled by Mercury (Gemini & Virgo)
Thursday: ruled by Jupiter (Sagittarius & Pisces)
Friday: ruled by Venus (Taurus & Libra)
Saturday: ruled by Saturn (Capricorn & Aquarius)

A few examples: someone with the sun in their 6th house may feel most healthy or energetic on Sundays, and they may get the majority of their chores & to-do tasks done then. Someone with Cancer on the 3rd house cusp may be more inclined to communicate (especially about their feelings) on Mondays. Someone with Taurus on the 12th house cusp may be more likely to indulge in their desire for solitude on Fridays and treat themselves to some “down-time.”

Again, this plays quite a minor role, but it can be interesting to see how your week may be affected in this way, particularly in combination with transits. Longer transits, especially involving the personal planets, can be interpreted differently or with a lot more detail when you keep this in mind – each day will bring out a new aspect of the transit in a cycle, depending on natal placements.


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