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Can you do a tadashi x reader in which you're trolling Dashi with how his boxers are those colorful ones filled with little drawings because he's a nerd but then when they're dating and getting it on she teases him about it again and is surprised by some very very tight black boxers

Oh gosh!  I can totally picture Tadashi owning Pokémon boxers!!!! This is pure gold! Haha

“Tadashi! Are you almost ready?!  We’re going to be late, if you don’t hurryup!” you call out as you hurry up the stairs to his room.

“(Name)?!” he calls back. “Wait!  Don’t come up here!”

But it’s too late. You’ve already bounded passed Hiro’s side of the room and over to Tadashi’s side.  You stop and take him in.  He’s only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of boxers.  You can’t help but grin in amusement.  Crossing your arms, you lean against the corner of the wall, “Pokémon boxers, huh?” The blue fabric was decorated with Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander.

He cheeks flush as he scrambles to grab his pants and put them on.  “Don’t laugh,” he says in a stern tone.

“Too late,” you respond, already starting to giggle.  “Oh my gosh, you’re the biggest nerd that I know!” your giggles turn into full on laughter.

He rolls his eyes at you as he grabs his cardigan of the day and puts on his baseball cap.  “Let’s just go before we’re late to class,” he says walking passed you.

“You know you’re never living this down, right?” you say with a grin, following after him.

He wisely chooses to just ignore you.

“Do you have anything I can change into?  My jeans are seriously squeezing the life out of my legs.”  You complain, stretching out of your crisscross position.

“Yeah, help yourself,” Tadashi replies, indicating to his drawers.

You hop off his bed, being mindful of all the books and papers scattered all over the place.  The two of your were currently studying for a midterm and it was beginning to look like you were going to have to pull off an all-nighter.  And if that was the case, you wanted to be as comfortable as possible.

You riffle around in his drawers and pause when you see something very familiar.  Grateful that your back is turned to Tadashi, you don’t have to hide your smirk as you pull out a certain set of his boxers.  You quickly move out of his side of the room to go change in his bathroom.

When you come back, Tadashi glances over at you before doing a double take.  “Seriously?”

You can’t help but laugh at the expression he’s giving you.  “What?” you ask, feigning innocence.

He shakes his head and rolls his eyes.  “You’re unbelievable.”

You hop back onto the bed and grin widely.  “And you’re still a nerd.”

“Hey, I’m not the one wearing them, this time.”

You laugh, “It’s the fact that you own them in the first place, Tadashi.”  You lean to the side to bump his shoulder.

Tadashi’s fingers skim your sides as he slides the fabric of your shirt up your body, then over your head. You heart beats frantically in your chest as he leans down to capture your lips once more.  His large hands press against the skin of your lower back, holding you close.  His mouth detaches from yours and starts a trail down your neck and over your bare shoulder.

“Is it bad that I’m kind of hoping that you’re wearing those Pokémon boxers?” you ask, your voice breathless.

He chuckles slightly, pulling away from you.  “Why don’t you look and find out?” he says in a tempting voice.

Your nimble fingers undo his belt buckle, slip the button through its loop and pull down the zipper of his pants.  You then push his jeans down his hips.  He most definitely is not wearing his Pokémon boxers. Instead, he’s got on a pair of tight, black boxer briefs.  You gulp and look up to see that he’s giving you a smug smirk.  “Wow, Hamada, you sure are starting to lose a bit of that nerdiness,” you say in a slight daze.

He lifts you up into his arms and moves over to the bed.  “Glad I could finally change your mind.”

You give him a tilted smile as he sets you down and crawls on top.  “Just don’t change too much.  I’ve kind of got a thing for nerds, if you haven’t noticed.”

He grins down at you. “I think I noticed.”  You both share another kiss.

“And FYI,” you start after he pulls back.  “If one day in the future, you go looking for those boxers and can’t find them… Don’t go looking in my closet.”

Tadashi laughs outright, “Now who’s the big nerd?” he asks with a raised eyebrow.

You stick your tongue out at him.  “You don’t even know the half of it, Hamada.  You still have yet to see my Batman bra.”

Both of his brows shoot up in surprise.  “You’ll wear it for me next time, won’t you?” he asks after getting over his shock.

You laugh, throwing your head back, “Only if you’re good.”

He smirks down at you confidently, “Oh, I’ll be the best.”

“Don’t you mean the very best?  Like no one ever was?”

When he catches on to what you’re talking about, he huffs and rolls his eyes, “Would you quit it with the Pokémon thing?!”

You can’t help but crack up.