get it taylor ;)

no offense but i can’t wait to listen to the ultimate drag taylor swift is writing about everyone who used her name as a springboard into controversy and tried to blame her for things she has absolutely nothing to do with and have now come groveling back creating buzz over “where is taylor swift?!” smh yall are about to get your asses handed to you on a platinum record

For those of you who want a more recovery based way to get skinny

I have been watching Taylor R videos and she is so beautiful and thin!! I thought she was anorexic but it turns out she eats a normal and healthy amount of food and does exercise! If you want to check her out she has tips for losing weight and stuff like that. So if you are looking to recover but you don’t like gaining weight (like how your body looks) I suggest looking at her channel because she is skinny and healthy at the same time .

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Don't hate me. but. I feel like Taylor is the kind of girl to get really sexually frustrated when she's away from Karlie for too long so she just pushes her down on the couch and grinds on her with their clothes on until she's satisfied and Karlie just looks up at her with wide eyes and blushing


@gay4tay gets some slack for being nice to me from the hardcore Taylor’s, but @gay4tay knows the truth…..even though I am no Kaylor, when I spotted this mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, my mind went there……✂️

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is taylor swift getting enough sun enough oxygen?? i need answers

taylor bought her own sun and her own oxygen. she doesn’t need ours anymore

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Hey Taylor! It's my birthday and I was wondering if I could get a message from you >~<

-Taylor is smiling excitedly- 

Happy birthday!!! 

Wow, I’m not really good at speeches but, I hope you have a wonderful day! 

Hope you get all the presents you wanted too! I’d have gotten you something, but I don’t know how I’d get it to you anyway hehe… 

Still though- 

Happy birthday Em! 

-Taylor is smiling again-

Here on Tumblr I see so many people, rightfully so, demanding more representation of how our world is in Hollywood blockbusters, and superhero films especially. This weekend a film that did that organically and with love and realism at it’s core pushed that ideal onto the big screen, and not very many people went to see it. If you’re not being the change you want to see in the world, you’re failing everyone. Power Rangers is the film we have all been asking for, and it’s done what Marvel and DC outside of television are still struggling with. They put their all into diversity and character driven, beyond face level representation handled with care, but Hollywood will just see that it opens second to other films. It went beyond queer baiting and checking boxes. Don’t let love and hope lose again like it did in November. Bring a friend, bring your children, demand those around you to, in this world that feels increasingly less accepting with films that feel less inclusive to everyone, go support the movie about five completely different people of different skin colors, genders, and sexualities coming together to take on oppression and greed on the same level, pushing toward a better future. The future we all demand, but didn’t show up to support.