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aquaburst07  asked:

I have to ask with your Black Lion and Shiro meta, where do you think Shiro went at the end of season 2? Do you think he's the Astral Plain? In another dimension? Got sent to Pollux (long story short, it's a planet from Go Lion and it's like the sister planet of Altea, who aligned themselves with the Galra)? Or somewhere else? (As a side note, I find it cute how the Black Lion is protective of Shiro like he's her cub)

Okay strap in and let’s play WHERE’S SHIRO here’s the possibilities:

  1. He merged with the Lion somehow - Allura said that “the quintessence of the pilot is mirrored in his Lion” so part of me thinks this could be… literal? Like what if every past Paladin merges with the Lion at the moment of death or something. Or the Lion absorbed Shiro to protect him. I’ve seen this theory bounce around a lot, so let’s put it first.
  2. The Lion phased Shiro into the astral plane to protect him - we know how protective she is. And her power is phasing through solid matter and becoming incorporeal. She could’ve used that power to send Shiro onto the astral plane and vanish his body into thin air.
  3. He’s on the astral plane battling Zarkon - this would expand on the general direction of S2, which introduced the idea of the astral plane and this spiritual realm where Shiro and Zarkon fought. If Shiro is up there, my feeling is that Zarkon is there too. They’re either doing battle or just pointedly ignoring each other and making passive-aggressive remarks.
  4. Shiro is trapped in Zarkon’s body - I honestly think this would be hilarious, but it wouldn’t explain where Shiro’s body went.
  5. Shiro’s still in the Lion, but he’s invisible - honestly this is just based on watching too much classic sci-fi, but there’s always a cool episode where someone becomes invisible/gets trapped in the spirit dimension or whatever. Imagine Shiro hanging around like a ghost. No one can see him. No one can hear him. He’s just chillin, making sarcastic remarks and providing unhelpful commentary the whole time. It’s a riot.
  6. He instinctively teleported himself to safety because he’s part Altean and can do magic - *coughs loudly* *points to conspiracy theories* {Druid Shiro pt 1} {Druid Shiro pt 2} Where is he? Hopefully a beach planet somewhere, but one cool idea could be that he’s teleported to wherever King Alfor is (NO BODY NO DEATH WHERE’S ALFOR I BET YOU HE’S STILL ALIVE THE SNEAKY SOB). Imagine Shiro chilling with Alfor learning how to do magic okay. IMAGINE IT.

Personally my favourite theory is number 6 (obviously) because it combines my pet conspiracy theory with a cool possibility: Shiro discovering the last of the Alteans, who teach him how to use magic. This would take the show in a whole new direction by introducing some more surviving Alteans, but it would also allow for two parallel storylines: one where Shiro is learning magic, and one where the rest of Team Voltron is trying to figure out what to do without him.

If Alfor is one of the surviving Alteans so much the better because IMAGINE THE ANGST. Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the shallura okay just imagine Shiro chilling with his future father-in-law oh sorry got distracted there.

And hey, I actually have evidence to back this theory up: remember in the S2 finale when Zarkon was pumping a lot of quintessence into Voltron? We saw a lot of that get all over Shiro:

But if he’s really part-Altean, and has the same magical abilities as Allura, then presumably he can absorb this the same way Allura did. And that extra boost of energy would give him the power he needed to teleport far away from the battle.

TL;DR: I think Shiro teleported himself to safety and is chilling with some Alteans somewhere (possibly including Allura’s dad) and learning how to do magic.