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you know what I do like about tlbm soundtrack is that even tho it’s got a lot of singing non-soundtracky music, it doesn’t feel like a bunch of pop-culture music being shoved into the soundtrack at random times cause most of the songs seem to be made for the express purpose of the movie (with the exception of man in the mirror which was literally integrated into the movie’s core themes and thus doesn’t feel out of place)

even though I still like tlm soundtrack better I still think tlbm is very good in it’s own right, and the fact that a lot of the music seemed to be made for the movie explicitly makes me hopeful that the whole “tlm2 will be a musical” thing will actually turn out very well in the end

The Imamura Brothers  👥

    1760 - Present

S/O to my fkn bae4life @bananahut​ for this amazing edit!!

after all these years, shishio is happy. after six. freaking. years. shishio finally has the chance to be with someone with whom he can truly be himself again.

i am so, so happy for him, because he deserved so much more from hnr, seriously. and he finally has the chance to be happy. i never saw him smile that much since he was with suzume, and i want to cry for him (no, really, i got choked up when i saw his smile in the last couple pages).

and, y'know, what really makes me happy about this one-shot? we see the fruit of his labor. he’s more honest now, and suzume taught him that. he put away the sushi tie, because he didn’t want anything to hinder his chances with samejima. he bit the bullet and kissed her, because he liked her and wanted her to know that. he freaking waited outside his apartment for who knows how long, in the cold, for samejima to come back home so that he could tell her the truth, because dammit he’s messed things up twice already and he didn’t want to lose a good thing a third time.

he did the running this time, and man. i was pissed before over the hnr ending, despite being a mazume shipper, but now i’m just happy that shishio can be happy because this guy really deserved it. ;_;

ok 3 days ago me and my brother bought a new xbox and i’ve been replaying skyrim since then :’v 

this is the damonator. bc. matt damon was his childhood hero until he betrayed him and now his mission in life is to seek and destroy damon slowly through stealing his wealth and distributing it throughout riften. 

i skipped the main quest completely (i havent even gone inside dragonsreach yet) and i completed the companions questline solely to marry farkas. i was always kinda more of an onmund fan when it comes to romanceable characters but. this round i was feeling farkas. I’m almost done restoring the theives guild and i got my guy dressed up in nightingale armor. also he’s riften thane and has all the upgrades for honeyside. also he has the solitude horse.

his top stats are in one handed, sneak, pickpocket, lockpicking, light armor, and speech. 

a big sneaky lizard boy

i wont be able to play again till summer though cause im flying back to school tonight and i go to school v far away :/

  • Draco: The last thing you want to do is get on my mother's bad side.
  • Hermione: Is there a good side?
  • Draco: Yes, and believe it or not, you're on it. Your hair is not on fire, no dead animals in the mail, and the women in her social circle don't think you have syphilis.
  • Hermione: Oh, Merlin!
  • Draco: Why do you think that amazing house across the street from her gets sold every year?
  • Hermione: I thought it was black mold.
  • Draco: She's the black mold.

hey guys my grandma’s soap shop is officially online!

if you have some cash and wanna treat yourself, this is a darn good way! and you can support my grandma while you’re at it. not to be sappy or anything, but as a trans person it can be hard to find the support you need from your family and community, but my grandma has never let me down and I’d like to try and return the favor by helping her get some of this sold. It would mean so much to me if you guys would reblog to spread the word!!

anonymous asked:

Your apparel is getting sold out at a fast pace, did something happen?

Yeah, we made clothes that look pimp, that’s what happened