get it shantel

 There’s a new show airing on the CW network and  it’s called the messengers.Since the show was given the “friday night death slot” and not many people know about this show i thought I should make a post about it.

‘The messengers’ stars Diogo Morgado, Shantel VanSanten, Sofia Black D'elia, Joel Courtney, J.D Pardo, Jon Fletcher and Anna Diop AND IT’S A SHOW ABOUT AN IMPENDING APOCALYPSE AND ANGELS.

 Now I know some people might come across this and be like “oouuu” and then see there’s a lot of writing and scroll by, so i decided not to do that.

here’s a first look at the show:

and a  brand new trailer:

if this stuff appeals to you the show airs Friday April 17th at 9/8c !!

I learned more on 9 years of One Tree Hill than I did in 12 years of schooling (My apologies to the great teachers I had throughout school, but it’s true). It’s funny looking back… youth really is wasted on the young, ha! So, I just want to say thank you to everyone who invested in our show. You didn’t just provide me with a lifestyle or job. You were part of giving me experiences that have molded who I am and that have prepared me for the next leg of my journey in life, which is going to be a drastic change in many ways. In a strange way, an indirect way… I supposed we raised each other.

As you sit down with your friends to watch tonight’s series finale, remember my gratitude to you and my sincere hope that we will continue to encounter journeys together, even if we never meet. My heart is full and warm and so very very grateful. YOU are the only reason tonight is possible. May God bless you in strange, great, unimaginable ways. All my love!

—  Bethany Joy Lenz - 4/4/12