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%ya'll i want to write about their first date being in the underworld but only if there's interest lmao ---- YO I'M DOWN FOR THAT 🙌🏻❤️. You hcs give me life!!! 💕

eee messages like this make my day honestly :,) im sorry this is such a flop, im going through the worst writers blog and everything i right ends up crap—it really wasn’t worth the wait haha

  • you might be wondering how nico and will had their first date in the underworld of all places. their probably wondering the same thing as well to be honest with you
  • nico had a few errands to run in the underworld and obviously he shadow traveled to hades’ place just as will solace grabbed onto him, probably nagging about how he should rest first or get some kind of energy drink
  • for a second, they just kind of stare at each other, not knowing what just happened until will realizes he’s in the middle of hades’ place and almost looses his mind right then and there
  • nico is both trying to calm him down and also bickering with him about why he just had to do that right when he was about to shadow travel, but will isn’t listening and only trying to get familiar with his situation at the moment
  • in a few moments when the initial shock has subsided, his whole face just lits up in curiosity and he becomes all giddy and cute because the he’s obviously never been to the underworld and it’s all so cool
  • nico wonders if he’s in shock but will’s eyes are just searching the whole place, eyes setting on the thrones and all when persephone appears behind her own
  • will’s practically shaking nico at this point because “ohmygoditspersephone” and nico’s rolling his eyes because it’s persephone that their talking about and newsflash, they don’t get along very well
  • persephone’s scowl is quite strong, but she looks more confused than anything else and sighs, asking nico what the hell he’s doing here and why a terribly bright camper looks like he’s about to explode of excitement
  • nico mutters an explanation and introduces the two of them briefly. persephone is surprised about the son of apollo part, but she looks more excited now then anything else and asks will if he wants to see her gardens to which he replies an eager yes
  • nico’s going to roll his eyes to the back of his head at this point, but he tags along because he doesn’t want to ruin the eagerness on his boyfriends face. so they go to see her gardens and nico is mostly in the corner studying his sword while will and persephone gush about the different flowers
  • persephone takes a fondness of will and sneaks in a few herbs for him that makes a medical nerd like will beam. nico’s probably sleeping at this point and when persephone and will come back, will starts gushing to him about the different plants that they saw and their healing properties and nico’s not in a good mood because of persephone presence but he grins nevertheless cause he likes seeing will smile 
  • their greeted to hades when they return to the place, and will almost chokes on air and shrinks back a little bit, his face immediately becoming pale when he notices hades staring down at him, his eyes hinting at the slightest confusion as they drift between him, nico and persephone
  • nico groans. this is not how he wanted this to happen, but persephone catches on her husband about what’s going on. hades just looks at nico for a second before sighing and the two tag along to talk about the errands he came here for
  • afterwards, hades has nico and consequently will stay for dinner. will has never had a dinner in the underworld, obviously, so he’s kind of shuffling and awkward and suddenly he’s answering all of persephone’s questions quietly because of hades’ presence who has such a curiosity in his eyes and his gaze is hard on will
  • nico tries to understand the quiet conversation between will and persephone and what makes it so interesting before hades bluntly asks if they’re dating.
  • silence. a lot of silence. nico is pondering as to whether he should shadow travel away right now or stay frozen to his spot. the fear comes back to him at full force. it feels like the time cupid confronted him and he doesn’t want to be here in this situation right now with a pale face and a dry throat
  • but will just rests his hand on nico’s under the table and notices that he’s shaking so he swallows his fear and just says a blunt “yes”. hades looks between the two of them then and notices that his son looks like he’s about to pass out but he just nods and continues eating.
  • it’s extremely tense. persephone has just registered this fact and is just as confused at the totally opposite pairing, but she doesn’t care all too much because will is a cool kid who likes flowers
  • the rest of the dinner for the most part goes quite slowly and quietly and will’s hand won’t leave nico’s because he’s actually about to faint 
  • after dinner, nico rushes to leave with will and then takes will around the underworld because the kid is asking so much questions and eventually they come across cerberus, who nico is sure is going to terrify will, but will treats him like the cutest dog he’s ever seen and just starts baby talking and laughing at all the gross underworld dog slobber and cerberus immediately loves him
  • nico’s watching all of this in literal shock but he’ll take it as opposed to will being scared. as they walk along, sometimes glancing over the fiery pits beneath the “balconies”, will asks nico why he doesn’t seem to like persephone and he explains her jealousy of her mother and therefore her hatred of him
  • will is a bit disappointed at that, but persephone seems to like will and will likes nico so he’s hoping a connection can be developed there. he also comforts him about his father and nico just shrugs. will asks him if he wants to leave and nico says he does.
  • when they return, hades and persephone are waiting for them and hades asks nico if they can talk, immediately putting a pit in the boy’s stomach. but he tags along and puts a casual face on for will who looks a little worried but then persephone and him engage in the nerdiest conversation about how the two act like and ahhhh
  • hades and nico travel alongside the place, just walking at first until nico asks him if this is about will. hades is quiet for a second before giving a slight hum in reply and keeping his face quite nonchalant. nico stops in his tracks and so does his father and they both face each other.
  • nico breathes in and just closed his eyes as he looks at the ground and comments a very quite statement about how he can’t like girls like that and how he’s sorry. he doesn’t think he’s actually sorry, but he feels like he needs to be
  • for a moment, there’s nothing and nico is still wondering if he should just shadow travel away before hades, most surprisingly, puts a hand on nico’s shoulder and tells him that he’s proud of him. nico is in shock, but his shoulder relieve a little and the tears in his eyes threaten to pour out.
  • hades notices this and asks nico how he’s able to tolerate a son of apollo and nico laughs lightly and just a little and shrugs, trying to stop the blush on his face from spreading. hades almost smiles at the sight of his happier son
  • they talk a little bit about things, not all of which have to do with nico and will before nico realizes he has to go and the two of them return to the sight of persephone and will. nico looks happier, so will smiles as well and hades looks between the two of them before, gasp, offering his hand to will
  • will contemplates for a good, long second if he should take it or not before he hesitantly down and hades grip is cold but firm and will remember that he’s literally shaking hands with death at the moment. hades just nods at him and his eyes goes softer so will is able to relax just a little bit.
  • hades and persephone see the sight of their retreating backs before they disappear into the darkness. persephone looks up and notices that her husband has the slightest trail of smile on his face.

A guy and I assume his gf were shopping at my work and he starts talking to me causally. His gf says something about how I’m pretty and basically it ended up with the guy saying something about “I think my lady has a crush on you” and insinuating we should all “get together.” I’m guessing like in a sexual way so I’m like oh hell yeah sounds fun so a 3 way? And he laughs and says if I’m into that yeah and I’m fucking with him at this point and say yeah totally, it’s cool of you to be so chill with letting your girl have fun like that….so me, her, and another girl right? And he just gets this look on his face like 😑 and she’s just laughing.

Working 3rd shift is fun.

SanversWeek Day 7- Soulmate AU

Today’s offering was written by my wife who wanted to get in on the action :)

Alex wasn’t sure if she believed in soul mates… Yes she had the ‘mark’ like all humans did (hers being on her upper arm) but she just wasn’t sure how much she believed that there was someone out there for everyone. She was 28 and had never been in love… Sure she had had flings with guys at college. Most people experimented with ‘non-soulmates’ when they were younger, the older generation always then saying that when you find your soulmate it’s like fireworks in your entire being and the world just seems… right… But Alex had never felt that. She did get mildly excited once when a guy she had been dating announced that their marks ‘fit’ and they should announce that they were soul mates. But one look at his crooked spiky symbol next to her smooth flowing lines proved that he was indeed… just high.

She thought back to those compulsory lessons at school which explained the meaning behind the marks everyone had from birth: ‘birthmarks’ or ‘soulmarks’ as they were called. No one really knew their origins, whether humans had evolved them over the eons, or if an alien race had decided to meddle in the human genetic makeup, taking it upon themselves to provide humans with an easy answer to life (and love).

There were however, enough people out there with anecdotal evidence of finding their own true love, that a high percentage of the population believed it. Some spent their entire lives searching for that one person to share their hopes and dreams with… To share their life with… and the sad truth was that some never found it.

But there were also those that refuted the claims that their fate was already decided, and they went off script; purposefully ignoring other people’s marks and trying to find love the way their ancestors did: by trial and error.

Alex pulled up her sleeve to look at her own mark; dark bruise purple lines swirled across her upper bicep, ending sharply at invisible edges which supposedly would map exactly to those of her true love… her soul mate… Teachers explained it as one half of a puzzle piece, that the mark reflected your soul and that both were incomplete until they found their perfect partner.

Alex contemplated one day finding that perfect fit and sighed… just because people believed in a thing didn’t make it true. Alex was a scientist; she required proof, evidence, peer reviewed data, not just coincidental stories that spread across the internet like wildfire. If she believed blindly in the ability of a random patch of coloured skin to decide who she could love then she was no better than those who believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Earth was flat!

She huffed and pulled her sleeve back down so she could finish getting ready, she was already a few minutes late to meet Kara before they both headed in to work. A short breeze and a thud showed her how late she actually was and that her super sister had gotten bored of waiting.

“Hey!” the perpetually bubbly superhero announced, alongside thrusting a steaming hot coffee at Alex and a bag of one donut (the rest having been consumed en-route).

“Hey…” Alex sighed out as she grabbed the bag with its sugared treat and started gulping the coffee.

“Are you OK?”

“What? Yea I’m fine, don’t worry” Alex tried to brush off as she grabbed the last items she would need for the day.

“You thinking about your mark again?” Kara pushed, sweeping her cape out behind her before sitting on one of the kitchen stools.

“Only a little…” Alex murmured. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine, there’s no real proof for any of it anyway, and you don’t even have one!”

“But that’s because I’m not human… It’s OK to believe in something Alex… I believe there’s someone out there for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you have to be bound by whatever your skin looks like, I think people find their soulmate despite the ink on their skin… Not because of it…” Kara stood up and hugged Alex fiercely.

“I keep telling you Kara, it’s not ink… It’s a natural pigment in the skin combined with abnormal blood vessels showing through the tissue, not actual ink…” Alex tried to protest underneath the intense cuddling currently squeezing the breath from her lungs.

“Well it looks like ink to me!” Kara stuck out her tongue and gave her sister another bone crushing hug. “Right! Let’s get to work, do you want a lift?”

“No it’s OK, I’ll take my bike, see you there?”

“Sure” Kara smiled before jumping out of the same window she had flown in by.

Alex locked it securely behind the superhero before heading out her apartment and doing the same to her front door. She tried to push the thoughts of soulmates and birthmarks out of her head and sped to work on her Ducati, letting the cool breeze calm her mind.

Nine hours later and Alex was back on her bike, this time shooting off to a potential alien crime scene which had initially been secured by fellow DEO agents. She arrived however, to discover members of the NCPD all over the alleyway where it appeared that a human had been murdered. She flashed her FBI badge at the young cop guarding the entrance and after a sternly raised eyebrow when he started to stammer a protest, was swiftly let through.

Another cop was crouched on the ground beside the body whilst another spoke to an inconsolable man a few metres away. Between the tears, Alex’s ears picked out the words “Soulmate!” before he broke down completely and was gently led away and out of the alleyway.

Alex approached the woman crouching on the ground, a woman who was definitely not a member of the same top secret government agency as Alex.

“Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing at my crime scene?” She demanded, already furious that the NCPD had seemingly encroached on a DEO case.

The woman didn’t jump at Alex’s words but instead rose smoothly to her feet and turned to face her, confidently looking the agent up and down before replying.

“Anyone ever tell you all you feds are the same? It’s like you all watched the same bad movies together at Quantico.”

“Who are you?” Alex asked; a little annoyed that her agent status left the cop completely un-phased.

“Detective Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science division” Maggie flashed her badge as she spoke, and as she did so, the sleeve of her leather jacket rode up ever so slightly… enough to reveal a small part of a distinctive purple birthmark.  

“We handle all cases involving aliens and things that go bump in the night… Showed you mine… show me yours…” She challenged Alex, seemingly unaware that she had revealed her soulmark in addition to her badge.

A few seconds passed before Alex could process the words Maggie had spoken, her mind had fixated on the mark, to show someone your mark was considered quite intimate and Alex almost blushed at the innuendo of the Detective’s words before composing herself and answering.

“Agent Alex Danvers, FBI” She flashed her own (fake) badge.

However, Detective Sawyer had noticed the pause and smiled, she personally didn’t believe in birthmarks determining your soul mate so never made any real effort to hide hers (that combined with the slightly awkward position of it being on her forearm meant that it was often on show).

“How about we work together on this one?” She asked and offered her hand (the one with the marked wrist) to the agent.

Alex paused for a beat before gripping Maggie’s hand in her own, very carefully avoiding contact with the other woman’s mark as she nodded her agreement.

Alex and Maggie spent another hour directing other agents and cops collecting evidence before calling it a night. The body was collected to be transported for an autopsy, but so far it was inconclusive as to whether an alien had been responsible, everyone was hoping that the examination would provide more data.

Alex took a breath and offered her hand to Maggie “It was good working with you”

Maggie gripped it back firmly, Alex felt her heart skip a beat and a small shock shoot up her arm as she felt her index finger graze one of the smooth purple lines that made up Maggie’s mark.

“Same here, I’m finished for the night now, do you fancy grabbing a drink with me? I know a place…”

“O…K…” Alex stuttered out, thinking that maybe there might be something to this soulmate thing after all… And if not, well it was only a drink…

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I CANT BELIEVE HOW SOMEONE CAN FEEL THAT WAY ''should have known, as a poc i have to take what i can get and be grateful for it''. THIS IS SO WRONG. IF YOU ANON, READ THIS, YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING AS EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD DESPITE THEIR SKIN COLOR, RELIGION OR SEXUAL ORIENTATION. I'm so mad that you dont get to feel represented in the media. WE SHOULD ALL FIGHT for that cause at the end the media and the politics are a mirror of our society and right now WE SUCK. ps: im jonas

!!!!! this is a lovely message, thank you, i hope the other anon reads this. i truly truly felt heartbroken from hearing that, i will NEVER forget those words. representation matters SO SO much !!!! look at what s3 did for lgbtq+ ppl around the world???? it could’ve done SO much for poc around the world as well if executed correctly. after the “i should have known, that as a poc i have to take what i can get and be grateful for it” i feel more and more obligated and excited to write the elias fic + screenwriting in the future

also, if you’re a poc reading this, you DESERVE representation, NEVER take ‘what you can get’ but instead what you DESERVE. we should never stop fighting for justice

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*curtsies* Duke, how does one go about building a career in academia? I'm majoring in comp lit/english and would like to go to grad school and perhaps get a PhD in the future, but I don't really know what I would do after that to continue in research and literary analysis. Should I just keep getting degrees? I know I want to be a professor later in life, but I really have no idea how to get there or even start to find my way into academia. Any advice for becoming an academic? Thanks!!

*Curtsies* So, this is something that grad school will prepare you for. If you’re planning to enter the academy, you literally will not be able to finish a PhD without learning these things, because that’s partly what a PhD does: it teaches you how to teach, but it also teaches you how to research and write for professional academic publication. So, don’t worry about all that right now. If you’re serious about a career in academia, then yes, you will have to get more than an undergraduate degree, and depending on what field you’re in that may mean a terminal MA and then a PhD or a PhD with a non-terminal MA included, or something else entirely. Where you want to apply for graduate school and for what type of program will depend entirely on what you’re hoping to specialize in. For instance, ‘English’ is not specific enough. Most graduate programs are going to be divided up by cohorts (medievalists, early modernists, Americanists, and so on), so that’s something you need to work out before you apply: what your focus is, whether it’s literary, historical, what have you. Basically, you need to do the research, and the amount of help I can offer is limited when I don’t know you or what you want to study. The grad school tag may answer a lot of your questions, but what I’d really recommend is talking to undergrad professors in the field you’re interested in. Tell them what you’re long-term goals are and they’ll be able to help steer you in the right direction much better than I will.


Yay! First silly mod.

I really like default Sara’s face, and those animations are just adorkable, I can’t get over them. but somehow I now associate my Ryder with silver hair. So I gave her silver hair.

Also edited her facial texture a bit, right now only diffuse - gave her a bit of freckles and slightly modified lips and skin. All in all very minor tweaks but I like how she is in game now.

Of course wouldn’t have been able to do any of these withough @smoothintheshell ‘s tutorials! Thanks love <3 I also use your rocky angara eye texture and jacket edit. Love them both <3

Idk if anyone would want these so im not uploading yet. Should you though - let me know. I can post it on Nexus.

Yep… And here’s where he realized he went too far. Got a little too invested in his character and actually hurt somebody. Poor guy’s not gonna let himself live this one down, is he?

Oh, Steven, you precious little dough boy. Getting caught up in your asshole character doesn’t make you an asshole. But of course he’s having this conversation with the wrong person… I can’t see Amethyst having anything actually helpful to say in this situation.

“Those are just words people use to describe how they feel about you!”


Honestly though, I see what she was trying to say… She actually did mean to be helpful. Amethyst doesn’t think Steven should care how other people feel about him. All that matters is how Steven feels about himself. Buuuut, she worded it very badly and also that’s just not how it always works in life. If someone shouts in your face that you’re cruel and heartless, that’ll pierce ya right in the gut (especially if you’re a child). 

Difficult (Pt. 1)

Pairing: Namjoon x reader
Summary : Cold writer Namjoon walked into the cafe for a cup of coffee but instead walked out with unresolved feelings for you.

His side

Originally posted by baebsaes

I woke up to the sound of rustling papers.Nothing surprising.These sounds have always been part of my tired mornings. Or afternoons. Or nights.
As the sunlight creeps into my room, I know it’s time to get up. To do what? Even I don’t know. But these are how my days go. Sometimes with a burst of energy. Sometimes everything down the drain. I should be on my desk right now, either typing away on the laptop or scribbling away in my diaries and notebooks. After all, that’s what writers do, don’t they?

Deciding I’ve done enough thinking for the morning, the need for caffeine makes it’s way to my system. Coffee- the thought is almost heavenly at this moment and enough to make me throw on some clothes and walk up to the kitchen.
Fighting a yawn, I look through the shelves for something to make that drink. Nothing. The fridge was empty. Realisation hits me : I hadn’t gone out of the house in a week. Wait, was it 2 weeks? Groaning, I grabbed my head rustling the blonde hair.
Well,without coffee my day wouldn’t start and without that I couldn’t buy the food I needed to survive on.

So, cafe it is. Grabbing my keys and bag I make my way out of the house and onto the familiar street.
People don’t greet my way. They’ve learnt in the past two years I’ve been here - I’m not one to greet them back. Nothing personal. I just don’t do it.

The roads of the city are not busy at this time. People stuck at work. Moms at homes. Kids at school. A quiet time, just the way I like it.
I spot a small cafe in the middle of some stores and walk in. The smell of heaven hits me instantly as the bell jingles above the door - signalling my arrival. I take in my surroundings and the place is almost empty except a few people working, some friends chatting and an old couple.

I order a simple black coffee. I was never much of a complex person and neither was my taste.
Sipping on the cup, I sit down on a nearby table and take out my notebook. A deep breathe in later I start working.
Looking through the late night scribbled notes, I try to decipher them. I can’t. The handwriting. God, I should really start writing in a way I can understand things later.
Soon the words start blurring, enhancing my confusion to new degrees. What’s happening? The voices around me are muffled, blurring together like the words in front of me. Collapsing from the chair, I clutch my chest trying to take deep breathes. Breathe in.
I should have taken my pills last night. Breathe out.
Damn where are they? In my jeans? They’re at home. Too far. Breathe in.
Shit. Shit. Shit. Why is it not working?
Damn these panic attacks. This is it. This is how I go. This is the end.
Until a loud voice pierces through everything and I see a clear figure in all the chaos. My mind’s chaos.
Her. She crouches next to me, taking my hands in her hers.
“Sir?Sir? Can you hear me?,” she asks. I nod weakly, no strength right now to form words.
“Touch anything solid”, she says. I clutch her hand tightly.
Grabbing a sugar cube from the table, she pops it in my mouth. My mind still muddled in confusion, it takes me a while to figure what’s she doing.
And then the pieces start coming together : she’s helping me ground. Bringing me back.

The blur of voices soon start making sense, my breathing more in rhythm now.
I lean against the chair, closing my eyes for a second, the cube melting in my mouth, leaving the familiar sugary taste. A hand rests on my head, smoothing the hair down, a gentle gesture. I open my eyes and it is then I realise that I will soon make a mistake.
I find her concerned filled eyes staring back at me.
Indeed I was in heaven today.
And then I make the mistake. Standing abruptly, still dizzy, I grab my bag and rush out the door I came in.

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I know everybody is sad because Skam is ending but you guys should remember that you are amazing people, that you have crazy imagination and creativity and love. You have so much love in your hearts which is why I know you are going to make great things, you Noelia, and everybody who follow you. My life is kinda crappy right now, but I have faith and I know that with patience it will be bright someday. Remember this as well.

Oh my god thank you so so much for this, you’re so sweet for sending me this

I hope that your life gets better, bad things happen bad they also get fixed and I’m sure that everything will be alright soon

I feel so lucky because I’ve had the chance to share this experience with all of you. You show me each day how amazing you are


I have this problem where gender dysphoria / insecurity and worries about being ace & aro spec feed back into each other. Like, when I get dysphoric, I start thinking about how a lot of people seem to get validation through sexual & romantic relationships, but that doesn’t feel like an option for me right now. (QPRs, maybe, but those are pretty darn difficult to get into!) And then I loop right back around to wondering if the reason I’m not interested in all that is because of dysphoria in the first place? Also I kind of want the validation of being seen as attractive, but then I get uncomfortable because of aforementioned ace and aro stuff. Idk, it’s all one big mess and I probably should not be worrying about this when I really need to get a job to pay my bills, but you know. Anxiety is difficult to wrangle.

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the main blog of the cult got deleted months ago after we told people on twitter (who weren't aware of the whole situation)to report her as many time as they could, I reported her ass on daily basis for harassing and cyberbulling minors so we should spread the word via dm again and report all those blogs together maybe that way if they receive more than 2 or 3 reports finally do something about it because i'm fucking tired of the "we recommend you to block them" message.

the thing is, they just remake, their ip needs to get blocked or something, like on twitter, i don’t know how it works but i do know that the reporting is WAY more effective on there

tumblr needs to do something about their reporting process, there’s way too many toxic blogs spreading malicious content on this website, and the more they get away with it the more they think it’s right

Long Live Octopus Pie

Three cheers!

I check the webpage out of habit, but Meredith Gran’s comic work Octopus Pie is over.  I feel like this is how sports fans feel when a jersey is retired and lifted to the rafters, forever in its untouchable place, time divided between when it was active and whatever comes after.  

That might sound grandiose, but in my mind, nothing tops the ten year run of Octopus Pie.  And in the lifespan of what we call Webcomics, 2007-2017 is a granddaddy of a run, worthy of names like “pioneering,” “influential” and “groundbreaking” because in the space of those years, in this new medium, there was room to be those things without any hyperbole.  The comics landscape of the past decade needed filling out and Meredith carved her space out with precision, showing a polish and drive and a talent from the beginning that set a high standard.  

I’m guessing that I started Hark a Vagrant about six months after Octopus Pie began, but Meredith’s was already a name to be reckoned with, due to the solid reputation of her previous comic Skirting Danger and because she was an honest to god trained animator in a sea of stickmen comics or two-dudes-on-a-couch comics (RIP forever *kisses fingers, holds them to the sky*). I was intimidated by her sheer capability.  But inspired too.  I did not need to be intimidated, she was one of the first people I met in comics, and easily one of the best.

Meredith and I briefly shared an apartment and a studio, and I can tell you, she can draw circles around everyone you know.  I later shared a studio with Mike Holmes, who could also draw circles around everyone, and now the two of them are married in some sort of talent supernova.  I am happy for them, even though I feel like I make grade three crayon pictures next to them.  But the other thing that being friends with Meredith for a long time has shown is the cutting wit, the care for stories done right, the love for a medium that will take you through highs and lows that come with comics, and lately through her job as a comics professor, the nurturing of upcoming talent.  I see all of this in Octopus Pie, a comic where character was paramount, where plots were expertly moved, a fine balance was found between the messiness of people and the fun you can have with stories, where subtle emotional movements where rendered with room to breathe, where I felt like I could reach deep into the hearts and minds of the characters on the page because they had been fleshed out so well over the years that they seemed as real people, people that I loved.

I don’t really like that phrase “comics will break your heart,” commonly attributed to Schultz, or Kirby, it doesn’t really matter.  You see it all the time, mostly when people are reckoning with the fact that they work in an unforgiving medium.  I don’t even know what it is about the saying that I don’t like.  Maybe it’s because we all know that comics are hard work, we all know that you might put your life and blood and heart into something and you might get nothing back.  There are no surprises to be found there - it’s not a bad day you had, it’s a life you’re well aware of living, if you do.  But we love the perserverers in comics.  The people who live the phrase are the ones who inspire us the most.

I’m saying all this, and pardon the segue, because I have seen Octopus Pie, some of the finest story work of my generation, passed for recognition time and again and it confuses the hell out of me, truly.  I don’t want to turn a tribute to a work I hold dear into sour grapes, that’s not the intention here, but lord above, if I can’t point this out now, then when can I?  We all know that there are no guarantees in this life (comics will break your heart) but I’ll say this once and then leave it: this is a comic of quality that was miles ahead of so many of its peers, and it deserved better, industry wise.  To wrap up the earlier point, maybe I don’t like CWBYH because it implies that you should shrug your shoulders and not ask for better every time, that a short end of some kind of stick is expected even.  That’s easy when it’s yourself, but speaking as a fan now, I say to heck with shrugging, I want to put Meredith on my shoulders and parade her around and dump her into a Scrooge McDuck thing full of awards.  

Actually that sounds pointy and bad and the Ignatz awards are bricks to begin with so maybe forget that analogy but you get the idea.

I hope you read Octopus Pie, I hope you buy the books.  I hope the legacy of it is long and full, because it always will be for me.  And I think readers will agree, because I know this devoted fan base pretty well.  I read the comments, I’ve sat next to Mer at comic shows, I’ve listened to some of the emails that touched her.  I know this is a comic that meant a lot, to a lot of us.  In this world of work we put our hearts and souls into to begin with, that is a wonderfully worthy thing.

I do not know what Meredith will do next, but whatever it is, I am here for it, seat pulled close to the stage.  The retired jersey is in the rafters, the game is still being played by the people who dreamed better because it was there.  Aw what can I say, I’m sentimental!

 Thanks, Meredith. <3

The signs as song lyrics I've written

Never been in a fight but I want to fight
Fight a bitch at night
The dark is cool
Fuck school
Wanna destroy everything
Including you

Just woke up messy hair
Attitude I don’t care
Should i even get up and start the day
Does it matter if i do shit anyway

Thought, thought, thought,
I thought if I thought a lot
Maybe my thoughts could learn to stop
I feel my brain beginning to rot
They are so fucking loud
All around
Up and down
I’m starting to look like a fucking clown

What am I feeling right now?
I feel like a drifting cloud
Full of storm water
Today rain is all I’ve got to offer
What’s wrong with me?
Changing tides like the sea
I can be a deadly storm
A catastrophe
Or calm and cool, my bottom lurking with things unseen

I love the way you fuck me 
Baby this is how you want me, thirsty 
I beg love me love me 
Love me more than i love you 
At night i feel so ugly

But not you, youre alive not dead
I hear all the voices that go on it your head
They never calm but you find peace in them
Taking their words of wisdom
They sing inside your lovely mind
You hum along, intertwined

I’m sitting in front of the man of my dreams
Love his dick, give me that cream
His face is amazing, it makes me want to sing
His voice is as lovely spring

Sometimes I think I see god
But then I open my eyes and it’s the same shit all around
Breath in the toxins of a cigarette
It’s all I got sometimes, wanna drown out the sound
Talk to a few and that’s fun
But real quick im done

If I could see your soul, I’m sure it’d be a work of art
Like a painting on a canvas, painted by the heart
You know you’re a masterpiece
A genius in disguise
I wish I could see what you see through your eyes

If there’s one last thing
I gotta sing
it’s that there’s no possibly
Just possible I am the unstoppable
Incomparable hear these words and know it’s me
I do not go unseen
(This one’s written by my boyfriend)

I’m so tired everyday
I want life to be so extraordinary that more than half the time I wouldnt know what to feel or say
Wheres my burning passion?
Melancholy, my minds gray.
Why care when you feel useless why give a fuck, this world is strange

You got me and you got me down for you and you only
Baby, look at me, I want you to be the one to own me
Devil or angel, you’re my sweet, lovely baby.
Tell me angel, have you looked in a mirror lately?

SKAM S04E10 Clip 3 - Jonas

JONAS: Once, he forgot to bring his bike so I had to..

EMMA: You had to..?

JONAS: I had to take..

EMMA: You had to take his bike?

JONAS: But I’ll text you.

EMMA: Yeah. We will.

JONAS: Yeah.

EMMA: Where are you going?

JONAS: To the A-building.

EMMA: Okay.

JONAS: And you?

EMMA: To the B-building.

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Grasping the Obvious

Bucky Barnes was in love, and it seems that everyone figured it out but you. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Fluff, tiny segment of angst. 
Author’s Note: Don’t you love fluff? I do. After writing angst for three days straight I could use a little fluff. Enjoy! This is 3000 words long! 

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It’s a [Tinder] Date! (Part 3/3)

Summary: Thinking he needs to find a date, Natasha signs Steve up to Tinder. In Queens, Peter Parker does the same to you. It’s a match!

Word Count: 3,405

Part 1 Part 2

A/N: Almost a month later, but this fic is officially done :D I hope you all enjoy this fluffiness. 

Originally posted by mackievanstan

Work managed to distract you enough to not keep looking at the clock every five minutes. Despite part of your brain telling you that there was no way you had a date with Captain America, there was another part that couldn’t help but to hope this was true. And so, you found yourself daydreaming of showing up to the restaurant and seeing him there. What would you even say to him? What kind of greeting would you use? Would you address him as Captain, or maybe Mr. Rogers, or just Steve?

By the time you got home, you had a few outfit options in mind and made a beeline to the bathroom, taking a shower before you got started on getting ready.

Peter came around as you were choosing between four different outfits you had draped on your bed. He helped you picked the one that was form-fitting, waggling his eyebrows playfully.

“We gotta tease him,” he said.

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okay, so. the thing that kills me about Wonder Woman is that it’s so, so absurdist, and in the best way. all of the characters except diana go into the entire thing knowing that the war might never end, that the people in charge of their armies don’t give a flying fuck about what happens to the people on the ground, that everything they do might not even matter in the long run. steve even says when he’s on themyscira that it seems like the world’s going to end.

one of the most famous lines by camus (who was an absurdist) is “in the middle of winter i at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer.” the entire point of absurdism is staring into the void and saying, “no, i refuse.” the world is empty and bleak and meaningless, and you could choose to be nihilist about that, or you could pick yourself up and create the meaning you want to see. and that’s what all of the characters in wonder woman do.

when he gets in that plane steve knows, he knows, that they still might not win the war. he knows diana might not be able to kill ares. he knows dr. poison might still escape. he knows that people are still going to die. and you know what? he gets in the plane anyway. he stares into the face of a war that might never end and says, well, i can save today. and that is what matters. 

sam and chief and charlie watch their friend run toward a plane and know he’s on a suicide mission (that might not even save the war!) and they yell to stop him at first and then they cover him like he asked them to because even when they hate it, they respect his ability to make his own decisions and they hold up their end of the deal. they risk their lives helping him risk his because it’s what they signed up to. it’s what they should do. 

when diana leaves themyscira, she knows she might not live to come back. sure, her character is driven by a kind of relentless optimism, but it’s a chosen optimism, not a naive one. she might die, but she’ll be damned if she dies doing anything other than what is just, what is her duty as an amazon. her mother says, “what if you never come back?” and diana’s reply is, “who will i be if i stay?”

when steve’s on the plane and it looks like they’re all about to die, all sam and chief and charlie do is they lean in to each other. yeah, the world’s ending, so what are we gonna do? we’re gonna spend those last moments with each other. we’re gonna close our eyes and know that we did all that we could and even if it ends up doing nothing to affect the war as a whole, well, at least we did something.

there’s a story from the holocaust about a group of jews reciting prayers when one stops and says “why are we doing this? we’re about to die. only a madman would say these prayers now.” and the rabbi looks at him and quietly says, “our enemies have taken everything from us, but they cannot take our freedom to say these prayers. we must live as free men temporarily in captivity. that, if necessary, is how we will die.”

the characters in wonder woman push on even when they think it might be pointless, because that is the point. absurdism is about accepting that maybe you’ll never be able to make everything right, you might not even be able to make everything okay, but you can always do something. you can walk into the unending darkness, hold up a lighter, flick it on and say, “i win.” and in doing so, you will have won.

Writing Tips - YOI Edition

I decided to start my little series of writing tips with a Yuri On Ice specific post because that’s the fandom I’m most familiar with. While I’ll make examples from the anime, keep in mind that most of these things can be taken in a more general way and applied to other fandoms as well.

These are only tips and if you don’t follow them that’s perfectly fine, your fanfiction is valid.


Different characters speak different languages with each other, and implementing that in your fic can make it feel more realistic. That doesn’t mean that you have to include a full dialogue in a language other than the one of your fic (although a few words thrown here and there like terms of endearment are always good, and even a couple of full sentences are fine, just remember to translate them in the notes), but there are ways to show this even if you don’t do that. Simply have your POV character hear a dialogue and not understanding it, and asking about it later (or just wondering about it in their head). Another small thing is to not have the POV character be surprised by this (unless for very specific reasons): they’re used to being in international environments and to hearing different languages being spoken by other skaters, so it’s usually not a big deal to them.

Another tip is to understand what being bilingual (or tri- or multilingual) means. We don’t randomly start mixing two languages. The only instance where I’ve had that happen to me is when for some reason a word in one of the language I speak has to be in my sentence, then it might happen that I actually keep talking in that language. 


Gli ho detto che è bravo nel multitasking, and like-”

As you can see, the “and like” is some of those things we’re used to saying to connect sentences (like “you know” and other stuff), so it’s something easy to slip into if we’ve just said a word in English. You also see I stopped the sentence there because that’s what I feel happens, you don’t go on speaking in a different language for ten minutes, you usually notice right away and stop yourself.

That’s a very specific example of course, but what will mostly happen in your fic is that a character will switch back and forth effortlessly.


Yuuri is talking to Victor in English, then his mom brings them homemade katsudon and Yuuri thanks her and holds a short conversation with her in Japanese. Then he goes back to speaking to Victor.

Yuri and Otabek are speaking on skype in Russian. Otabek’s sister enters his room and asks him in Kazakh to help her with her homework, and he tells her (in Kazakh) that he’ll be right there, then he proceeds to explain Yuri what happened in Russian and they say goodbye and hang up.

Yuri and Victor are talking at the rink in Russian, then Yuuri skates towards him, and both Yuri and Victor switch to English to include Yuuri in the conversation.

Who speaks what language:

Generally speaking, all skaters interact in English.

Victor, Yuri, Mila, Georgi, Yakov, Lilia, Nikolai all speak Russian among each other. They might use English around other people if they don’t want to be rude to them, but in general they’ll have a tendency to keep speaking in Russian to each other, no matter how fluent in English they are.

Victor speaks fluent French as well as Russian and English, so it’s safe to believe that he and Chris speak French when they communicate.

Looking at the Japanese side of things, Yuuri, Yuuko (probably her husband too), Minako and Mari all speak fluent English, contrary to Yuuri’s parents who don’t appear to speak it at all. The triplets are 6 years old so they most definitely only speak Japanese. I headcanon that Minami doesn’t really speak a good English since he doesn’t appear to have competed much or at all outside of Japan, but I don’t think we have enough info about him so do what you want with him.

Otabek’s first language is Kazakh. It uses the same alphabet as Russian but it’s a different thing, but Kazakhs generally learn Russian and Otabek is definitely fluent in it. He’s also lived in the US and in Canada so he’s fluent in English as well. When he interacts with Yuri you should keep in mind that they’re speaking Russian.

Of course, when writing post-canon, it’s entirely possible and even very likely that the couples (or even friends, for example Yuuri and Phichit probably learned a little of Thai and Japanese respectively) pick up each other’s languages. Victor will learn Japanese, Yuuri will learn Russian, Emil will learn Italian. I headcanon that in some couples only one of them will learn the other’s language (for example I don’t think it’d be very useful for Yuri to learn more than a little basic Kazakh), but that’s absolutely up to you.

Another thing I personally like to do in my fanfics whenever there’s characters with different nationalities is to remind the reader that everyone has different accents. You don’t have to point it out in every sentence, but even just doing it once in your whole fic will make it feel, once again, more realistic. Another accent fun fact: at the beginning it’s hard to understand an accent you’ve never heard before, but it gets easier the more you keep hearing it. Try to think of ways to show that in your fanfic if that’s something you want to do.


Another important aspect in YOI is the use of nicknames, like Yurio or Katsudon. The thing is, not everyone uses them, and not in every context. If you want to use them in a fic and be true to canon, learn who uses them and why.


is a nickname given by Mari to Yuri P. to avoid confusion between him and her brother Yuuri. Yuuri, Victor and Yuuri’s family and friends are the only ones using it. Yuri hates it. He wouldn’t use it for himself, so avoid using it in your fic unless:

  • the characters I mentioned above are talking to him
  • one of the characters above is also the POV character (especially if it’s first person)
  • Yuri himself is complaining about it

Especially avoid using it when:

  • it’s Yuri’s POV
  • it’s the POV of someone close to Yuri or who knew Yuri before canon (like his grandpa, Yakov, Mila, etc)
  • it’s Otabek’s POV. He’s his friend (or more) and he would use his given name (unless for some reason he wanted to annoy him - which he probably would at some point lol)


I don’t feel educated enough to talk about this myself, I could only say what I saw in the anime but you should definitely read this post because it’s well done and explains who would call Yuri Yura or Yurochka.


Only Yuri calls Yuuri Katsudon (sometimes he switches it for pig). Victor called Yuuri little piglet or something at the beginning of canon, but definitely doesn’t do it later on.


This is not canon yet, but it’s a really widespread nickname for Otabek within the fandom, that only Yuri (or Otabek’s family) uses.

In general, I think nicknames rub off on the people we talk to. So for example, when I write Otayuri I sometimes have Otabek think of Yuuri as “Katsudon”. Why? Because at least at the beginning he would only hear Yuri talk about him, and Yuri would refer to him with that nickname. He would probably not call Yuuri like that directly in a dialogue, but that’s all just speculation. I just added this bit because I think it’s one of the many ways to both build someone’s characterization and show instead of telling the kind of relationship two characters have.

Other writing tips: (coming soon!)

general pt.1 | general pt.2 | plot | dialogues | characterization

The Ballad of Captain Jackass Sparrow (aka: Two Bards and a Mutiny)

Context: The session we’re playing is called the Shaded Isles and is a homebrew gothic pirate adventure that has been lovingly crafted. Our party consists of a Goliath Rogue (Vendran), a Human Bard (Ash), a Lizardfolk Ranger (Jesk), a Tiefling Warlock (Flotsam), and a Kenku Bard (LimeWire). We’ve been hired as mercs to guard this unknown cargo from the small port we’re in to somewhere in the Shaded Isles (a group of islands supposedly cursed and definitely frequented by lycans) and our employer (a smarmy asshole of a man named Patrik) refuses to tell us what the cargo is, or let us see it. On our first day aboard the Albatross (named by one of the players), someone is seen floating in the water. We pull them up and they are resuscitated, only to be run through by Patrik, who looks us deadass in the eyes and says “No one can be allowed below deck. No survivors. No quarter will be given.”

At this point, most of us fucking hate him in-character as well as out of character and we’ve been colloquially referring to him as ‘Captain Jackass Sparrow’. Then we run into a pirate ship that is p much confirmed to be run by werewolves, one of which LimeWire (a pirate themself) recognizes as a really famous pirate captain. That’s when Capt. Jackass shoves his foot right down his gullet.

The lycans have done nothing but get close for boarding. He draws his blade–silvered–and yells “GIVE NO QUARTER!”

LimeWire (casting a p competent Vicious Mockery with an accordion after pretty much committing mutiny): YOU TWILIGHT ASS DISCOBALL MOTHERFUCKING BULLSHIT ASS BLOODSUCKER FUCKING DICKBACK USELESS MUDIR SIR!!!

(I should mention that, at this point, it’s almost confirmed by word of DM that Patrik is a vampire.)

…not too much later…

Vendran: *picks up Patrik and carries him towards the pirate ship*

LimeWire (OOC): oh….oohhhhhH!!!!


Jesk (OOC) *laughing loudly*

DM: *cackling*

Ash: I’m…I’m gonna cast Vicious Mockery as well.

DM: Are you sure? Cause-cause he still hasn’t had his turn and he has disadvantage from LimeWire’s Vicious Mocker.

Ash: Psychic Damage though…

DM: …fair point. Patrik rolled horribly so have at it. What’s your insult?

Ash: *inhale* *in a scottish accent* You’re going down, Mr. Stupid Hat-Wearing, Rat-Face, Butter Knife-Wielding, Clype-Dreep-Bachle, Gether-Uping-Blate-Maw, Bleathering, Gomeril, Jessie, Oaf-Looking, Scooner, Nyaff, Plookie, Shan, Milk-Drinking, Shit-Faced Shilpit, Mim-Moothed, Sniveling, Worm-Eyed, Hotten-Blaugh, Vile-Stoochie, Cally-Breek-Tattie!

All of us collectively lose our shit.

DM: are you? Can you say that in six seconds?

Jesk (OOC): Actually, because it deals psychic damage, it’s one second of insult being beamed directly into his head.

LimeWire (OOC): *laughing* That’s like a sniper-bullet of insult!!!

Flotsam (OOC): What????? *laughing*

DM: *laughing* you know what? I’ll allow that. Yeah…thart checks. And he takes how much psychic damage?

Ash: Four.

36″ x 48″ (M)

word count: 3.6k

genre: smut; idol!verse

pairing: reader/taehyung

warning(s)/kink(s): intercrural sex (thigh fucking) + dirty talk + come play + size kink (?)

a/n: the title is a joke about canvas size, that of which is a large size for one lmao


Originally posted by taehyungsource

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