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The Ice in Your Irises

❤ Soulmate Drabble (13/13) ❤

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Member: S.Coups
Genre: ???
Word Count: 488

When you change your hair color, your soulmate’s eyes change to that color. 

Your friends often joked that your soulmate must have been an idol. There was no other explanation for your eyes. Most of your friends had dark eyes, a couple of them with light golden eyes, and one with rusty ginger irises. They all stayed constant and never changed. You were the crazy exception. You used to have black eyes, but in your teenage years they started changing. They turned bright red, making you look like a vampire. Just as soon as you got used to that, they went back to black. Then they turned so pale they were almost white, making you look like a zombie. Throughout your years they’d been white with a purple ring in the middle, navy blue, a million shades of brown, and even at one point a soft pink.

Honestly, you believed that your soulmate could have been an idol. Why else would he dye his hair all the time? But then again, maybe he was just a punk kid with a tumblr blog and a sarcastic attitude. You couldn’t deny, sometimes (okay, every day…all the time) you scrolled through social media looking at pictures of idols, hoping to see one that matched your eyes. A few did sort of match, but you realized that it was probably in vain, since most of them had pretty nondescript eye colors, which made it hard to see if they held the color of your hair in their eyes. That’s when you made the decision to dye your hair an icy blue-grey. It was time to know. Except… that very same day your eyes darkened to black.

“Shit!” you cursed aloud to nobody in particular. This made things a lot more complicated. There were so many people with black hair. It was useless. What if your soulmate wasn’t even an idol and your real soulmate was somewhere out there, waiting to meet you, but you were too busy staying inside on your phone to actually go find them?

You tossed yourself onto your bed and put your hands over your face, trying to block out the world. You were getting too stressed out about this. It’d happen when it was supposed to happen and you just needed to let it go.

At that very moment, though, your phone buzzed next to you. Your friend had sent you an article about seventeen, and you assumed it was just some rumor about their possible May comeback. You clicked on the link, and once it loaded your heart dropped to your stomach.

“Seventeen’s Leader S.Coups Stuns Carats With New Look!” the headline read. Beneath it was a picture of him with freshly dyed black hair… and piercingly icy eyes. The exact shade of your hair. The comments on the article were filled with girls fawning over his “colored contacts.” Well, there was one mystery solved. The next problem was figuring out how to actually get to him.

- Marcy

Adventure Time Comics Supports Bubbline

Marcy helped PB to get the heart crystal for experiment while she was sleeping <3

Princess Bubblegum is trying to cheer Marcy

Even though Princess Bubblegum has a lot of responsibility, she still wants to hang out with her bae

Nice catch Marcy (I should point that the green skin people are vampires and they aren’t supposed to look like that and they should be dead)

The amulet looks like from episode “Broke His Crown”

I still can’t believe Marcy prank Simon for creeping around PB.


Oh my glob, their dancing and she doesn’t mind dancing with her before she goes to bed for sixteen days.

“Stop trying to hit on my girlfriend, Simon” 


She ditch her duties and basically said to important people to get lost so she could hang out with Marcy


“Be the same person around Lemongrab as you are when we’re alone, please? Please?” Oh my GLOB

Dat look on PB face when Marcy was helping Finn with fighting the Lich and she doesn’t say any caring words to Finn 

Was those pest about to say that Marceline loves PB for her?!?!?!?! Judging the way she look in the fifth panel

Oh my glob


I can’t believe Marceline got killed by this guy :’(

Poor Bonnibel Bubblegum. Sitting in a dark throne room alone next to Marcy throne :’(

Future Princess Bubblegum to Princess Bubblegum - “Marceline still loves you”

Future Princess Bubblegum to Marceline - “I love you Marceline”

That what I like to believe of what she said to them :)


She’s jealous guys, SHES FU@KING JEALOUS!

Her band are trying to give her confidence but their not helping. When she sees Bonnie, she got it back. 

Princess Bubblegum meeting Marcy Dad and he’s embarrassing her in front of her band and her girlfriend


When Bonnie clap, Marcy blush




“But don’t hurt her” Damn that was gay

Princess Bubblegum looked so sad for blasting Marcy off to space. :’(


She’s not done yet. She has to find her bae in SPACE


Please don’t blame Bonnibel for sending you to into space, just look at her face, Marcy! ALL I WANT IS FOR YOU TWO TO BE HAPPY TOGETHER!!!


I’m getting hurt 

The Star Crossed Lovers

Just say “sorry” and kiss already!

This page is basically telling that she needs Marcy in her life

I just realize that Princess Bubblegum does crazy rescue mission when Marcy is in danger like this and in the Mini-series “Stakes”


Their holding hands


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Oh my glob, is that Marceline and Princess Bubblegum child!?

Yet again, this is probably another reason why this ship could actually become cannon. I’m still waiting for Bonnie and Marcy to hug each other because we never saw them hugging in the show   

This literally took me  two and half hours to make this post and it’s probably my longest that I’ve ever done and now I can sleep 

Fond Farewell

My dear friend @cahlac moved back to Brazil about a month ago, and I had drawn this for her as a goodbye present. can’t lose with gay art  I forgot that I coloured it, and thusly never posted it! 

It felt weird saying goodbye for an indeterminate amount of time - more so than usual. She’s a dear, and I miss having her around. 


can I have a text imagine where the reader is pretending that she’s not seventeen’s girlfriend bc she wants to see how would they react to it? p.s love all of your writings ❤️

I like how these just get progressively dirtier…oops.

- Marcy

Quiet as a Mouse - Part 1

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,586

Summary: Jensen and his girlfriend are on a break so he’s in a bad mood. His sister drags him out shopping where he meets the reader. She ends up being someone Jensen doesn’t expect.

“Is this really necessary?” Jensen whines as he puts his sunglasses on.

“Yes!” Mackenzie says already tired of his shitty attitude.

“You’re one of my favorite people…but for the love of all things holy…shut up!”

Jensen rolls his eyes and mutters under his breath. He is not a happy camper right now. The last thing he wants to do is go shopping with his sister.

“I didn’t come home to go shopping for girly shit, ya know.”

“It’s mom’s birthday, dude! Stop being selfish.” She says shaking her head.

Jensen knows she’s right but lately he’s had a dark cloud over his head and it seems like it’s not going away anytime soon.

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summer’s coming, so water park AU

bubblegum is the manager of a water park in competition with flame princess’s amusement park (being a princess basically equates to running some sort of family entertainment business in this universe) and lil’ marcy gets a job as an entertainer

whacky schemes and uncomfortable crushes ensue

Couples in cartoons
  • Princess Bubblegum/Marceline (Bubbline): PB sacrifices her most precious thing to help Marcie get her most precious thing back. If that's not love, I don't know what is. *quietly cries in a corner
  • Finn/Flame Princess: Finn is hurting so much and I know he made a mistake but it's time for FP to forgive him so they can be together again.
  • Jake/Lady Rainicorn: My girlfriend speaks Korean. Also, have you seen our 5 adorable kids?
  • Ruby/Sapphire: Don't worry about us, guys! Our relationship is so stable we even made a song about it.
  • Pearl/Rose Quartz: TEARS. SADNESS.
  • Korra/Asami (Korrasami): Started as rivals, then became friends, next they fell in love, and that's the end.
Cat AU

I just thought of a dumb little Voltron AU where the Paladins found a box of kittens ”their lions” and couldn’t find homes for them so they each adopted one. (I know all the cats are too different to be related just take my garbage)

  • Shiro has a long hair tuxedo color cat with yellow eyes. he’s super sweet and gets along with the others’ cats. His name is Dark.
  • Shiro has PTSD from a different (not alien related) event and Dark is always there when Shiro has panic attacks and such
  • Lance would definitely give his cat a dumb name like Thunder Lord, god of Destruction (Thunder for short). He’s a dark grey tabby with blue eyes.  
  • He’s the kind of cat who always wants attention, but not that much, and only eats a certain kind of food but only at exactly 6 pm. He hates all store bough toys but is obsessed with various pieces of trash like hair ties and that broken piece of plastic from the chair.
  • Kieth’s cat is a Siamese named Red. She’s got a temper and only likes Kieth. If anyone else tries to pet her they get scratched. The exception is Lance, but only sometimes. She tears up furniture occasionally so she’s mostly an outdoor cat during the day. She likes to bring home …. prizes….
  • Kieth and Lance live together. Red and Thunder get in fights all the time, but then the next minute are sharing bed space and getting along??
  • Hunks cat is a great cat. She’s a calico Persian who enjoys food just as much as Hunk does and is quite the lap kitty. Hunk originally tried to name her Banana but decided on Daisy instead.
  • Daisy is sweetie but unfortunately she’s the kind of cat who has a voice. She purrs like a motorboat and meows constantly all night. Hunk’s unaffected but whenever he has friends over they always struggle to fall asleep for some reason.
  • Lastly, Pidge’s cat. He’s a black cat with two-color eyes, one green and one blue. His name is Marcy and he is very energetic. Pidge has had to find ways to keep him occupied and off their equipment while they work.
  • Pidge has also become obsessed with creating kitty technology for him. They build little cat vests with tiny cameras and stuff on it and has Marcy record himself wherever he goes. Pidge even tried to use him to spy on Their friends but hasn’t been able to get Marcy to follow commands yet. All in good time.

600 Follower Celebration fic for @jaleeni - hope you like it! :)

Summary: The reader is tired of the handsome stranger coming in to her bakery and not buying anything, so she decides to do something about it, or him.

warnings: none

word count: ~1300

You were busy with the morning rush of regulars and visitors when the bell on the front door gave a jingle. Boxing up some muffins, you glanced at the door, smiled, and shouted a “Welcome to Y/N’s,” to the handsome man standing there.

He was wearing jeans and boots, an army green jacket over a red plaid shirt.  Out of the corner of your eye you watched as he looked around the shop, eyes moving from you to roam your display of baked goods.  He took a deep breath, shoulders rising with the flow of air into his body.

You were pressing buttons on the register when you heard the bell jingle again, and you watched through the window as the man got in a black car and drove away.

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I Need a Hero

Member: Wonwoo
Genre: Fluff/a little comedy
Word Count: 918

Wonwoo didn’t believe in love at first sight. It wasn’t like he was a negative person with a pessimistic outlook on life, but he always thought that it was dumb to think that you could fall in love with someone without knowing anything about that person. Love was something that took time and effort to achieve.

Pool parties were also something that Wonwoo didn’t believe in. Too many people crowded around a giant tub of water was an accident waiting to happen. At least, that’s what he told his friends. Mingyu and Jun didn’t have to worry about pool parties because when they stripped down to nothing but their swimsuits every girl within a 5 mile radius melted. They were golden skinned gods with muscle and appeal. Wonwoo had some muscle definition himself, but only because he had a fat content of about, oh, nothing. He was a very pale, very noodle-y looking person in comparison to his friends, and he was definitely a little self-conscious about it.

Jun, Mingyu, and Wonwoo were some of the first ones at Vernon’s first annual pool party, and that was actually a good thing. Wonwoo could reserve a pool chair for himself and read until his friends decided they wanted to leave. Knowing that he might have to wait for quite a while, he had a novel he’d read about halfway through, along with three he hadn’t even started yet. As long as his messenger bag stayed dry, it’d all be fine.

He waved hi to Vernon and Seungkwan as he made his way to the back where the pool was; they were a little busy helping Seungcheol untie a giant fake whale from the top of his car. God knows what they were going to do with that. Jun and Mingyu quickly found their way into the kitchen to get drinks, and Wonwoo planted himself down in a plastic lounge chair and pulled out his first book. He got sucked into it pretty fast, and he barely noticed as the space around him filled with people. He recognised some familiar voices, but unless one of them came up to him to say hello, he wasn’t going to go out of his way to speak to any of them.

It wasn’t until he was a quarter through his second book until something managed to make him look up from his reading.

“You’re going to get crumbs in the pool,” one of the familiar voices said amusedly.

“Ugh, Joshua, I’m not going to; now leave me alone before I accidentally drop this in the water.” an unfamiliar female voice said back. Wonwoo couldn’t help but be intrigued by this conversation, and he definitely wasn’t un-amused by the situation. There was a girl standing in the pool by herself, trying to eat an entire footlong sub sandwich.

“Aren’t you supposed to wait thirty minutes after eating to swim?” Wonwoo asked you, gently setting his book down beside himself.

“Well, if I eat while I’m already in the pool, that cancels out, I think.” you replied, looking up at him after taking a huge bite. When you two made eye contact, you made Wonwoo change his beliefs on two matters. Firstly, this pool party was suddenly worth being dragged to. Secondly, he definitely now understood the term love at first sight. By the looks of it you felt the same way, because you stood there and stared back at him with the same dumbfounded look on your face…until the sandwich started to fall apart.

“MY TOMATO-” you screeched as the vegetable landed in the water, breaking the intense staredown you were sharing with the handsome boy above you. “HOLD THIS,” you all but shouted at him, eagerly holding out the sandwich for him to take. He shot up to grab it without question as you dove underwater to find the tomato slice before anyone else did, however he could not protect it for long.

A stray frisbee made its way past him, and Vernon dove to catch it, knocking Wonwoo into the pool as he went. You came up from the bottom of the pool holding your tomato in victory, but the floating lettuce and cheese all around you when you wiped the water out of your face was a little disheartening. There was no way you were going to be able to hide your pool snack now.

Wonwoo broke the surface of the water with a gasp for air, and you put two and two together to figure out what had happened. He saw you and tried to stutter an apology, but all you could focus on was the way his wet t-shirt clung to his body, and how good his hair looked flipped back like that. He looked even more delicious than that sandwich had, in all honestly. He was still trying to apologize when you just reached up to get a stray pickle slice that had stuck to his hair.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” you giggled, tossing the pickle over to the edge of the pool. “How about we get out of here and you buy me another one?”

“I think that’s a great idea.” he said, relaxing a little bit, even though his face was still flushed red. You realized that you hadn’t properly introduced yourself yet, and you were about to tell this mysterious boy your name until Joshua suddenly appeared in your peripheral vision.


- Marcy (You get the title? bc hero is another name for a sub sandwich? Sorry, I’ll let myself out.)