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If you could make it work with his character at all, could you fuck me up and write something post mj about haymitch being completely heartbroken over losing Effie

It’s chapter 600! And since it’s crazy, let’s have something equally crazy to go with :p [X}

Heart Beats Still

Medics were running around in the corridors, their resources stretched thin, and Haymitch was vaguely aware of orders being shouted left and right, of statics coming on and off the radios, of celebratory smiles that clashed with grim looks as if people couldn’t decide what they were feeling.

Haymitch hadn’t smiled at all since news of Snow’s surrender had arrived.

His ears were still ringing from the bombing of the City Circle. He had been too far to do anything but too close not to see. Even if hadn’t been in Command… It had been broadcasted live on every screen still working in Panem. The children

He kept on walking, following the dark bulletproof jacket of the soldiers in front of him. Plutarch was talking, going on and on about the assets the soldiers had found in the recess of the prison. Agents of his or influent contacts that might help the rebels secure power more quickly. He wasn’t sure. He didn’t care. He wasn’t hearing a word of what the Head Gamemaker had to say. He hadn’t been hearing a word since he had realized who had really dropped the bombs on the kids.

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So I went for an MRI for my brain on Sunday to check for MS, and since there’s new abnormalities on my MRI (found thx 2 contrast dye) I’m being sent to a MS specialist in mid May. Still have to get my spine scans done tomorrow; since they’re mostly with and without contrast dye, I was told it could take up to 4 hours

All this fun and I haven’t even gotten to the lumbar puncture yet!!

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The mastus with a puerto rican s/o

Oh gosh golly, I hope I get this right. I only understand sports.

Osomatsu: Doesn’t mind it at all, but he isn’t too sure about family visits. He doesn’t want to be the one who messes up and gets a sandal thrown at him from across the room. Oso knows he’s annoying and bad.

Karamatsu: How exotic a lover! How they bloom differently, but all flowers are beautiful, his s/o is special cause they have tame- Did they just pick something up with their feet? A flower with many special talents.

Choromatsu: Shares his traditions and in turn likes to know about theirs! Its all very cute and fun. I hope only for the best life for them.

Ichimatsu: Doesn’t really mind anything, he found out however cats keep Puerto Rico clean from rats. He’s so proud of the kitties, and he’s glad they protect everyone including his s/o.

Jyushimatsu: Im not saying you’ve found your match if you want someone to be excited about winning baseball, but you have. Him watching the championship games between the Caribbean countries, is about the same excitement as a whole stadium full of people. 

Todomatsu: Is excited to learn about the culture, whats socially acceptable, the outfits, if he needs to change to be cute in everyones eye, the usual you know!

why is it that whenever i poke my head back into dc some weird shit is going down. young justice is either crossing over w the outsiders or is just borrowing the name??? teen titans is getting a live action show called titans focused on raven kory and dick but it might involve the cw verse??? batman and harley quinn animated movie with a nightwing/harley subplot????