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prompt: spiderman kiss :p

Isak should have guessed what this was about the moment Even announced he was dressing up as Spiderman for Halloween. Really, it was obvious. He should have guessed. It was Even after all. And Even was Even and Isak should have guessed. It was all on him. “What do you think?” says Even.
“I’m not dressing up as Mary Jane,” says Isak.
“You can dress up as Iron Man instead,” says Even with a wink.
Isak brushes it off and goes back to his books. They have to match this year, probably, because they’re that one cheesy couple that matches at parties, and because it means a lot to Even.
Isak quickly decides that he doesn’t like the idea of Even dressing up as Spiderman.
“Can’t see your face and your hair. Nobody will know it’s you,” says Isak. “No wait, I take that back. You’re like tall as shit.”
“I’ll also be all over you. They’ll know it’s me,” Even laughs.
They know it’s him and Isak is a bit confused at the party because Even won’t take the mask off.
“We can’t even kiss,” Isak pouts.
He’s wearing a lame ‘404 Costume Not Found’ sign hanging around his neck. He forgot to to order his costume on time. He was too busy studying, and he feels bad because he’s sure Even is disappointed. He still has the Deadpool costume in his cart.

Isak still doesn’t get it when Even suggests ditching the party and going to the playground near their apartment.
“Why would we do that? It’s raining so hard outside and it’s like the middle of the night,” says Isak.
He feels bad though because Even sounds a bit disappointed.
Isak is chatting with Eva near the kitchen and watching Even laugh with Magnus who’s dressed as Spongebob this year.
“You two do the lame Spiderman kiss yet?” says Eva.
“You know the upside down kiss. It’s even raining.”
Isak feels dumb and he’s smiling wide, so wide. Of course.
The last time Even tried to drag him away from a Halloween party, he actually said yes and they ended up recreating one of the most epic movie kisses of all time.
Isak laughs and downs his beer before kissing Eva on the cheek and saying thank you.
He crosses the apartment in a few strides and grabs Even’s hand.
“Wanna get out of here?”

“Where are we going?” says Even, holding his jacket over both of them to shield them from the rain.
“The Playground.”
“What for?” Even laughs.
“You know what for,” Isak laughs right back, tightening his arms around Even’s chest.

It’s a bit of a role reversal, really. But Isak doesn’t really mind. He likes the monkey bars and he exercises a lot anyways.
“I forgot my body’s too long for this type of things,” says Even, a bit defeated because he’s Spiderman and he can’t even hang from monkey bars.
“I’ll gladly hang upside down for you in my shitty costume, Even Bech Næsheim,” says Isak, both legs and hands wrapped around the bars, struggling to let the words out.
“This is very cheesy,” Even laughs.
“By far the cheesiest thing I’ve done so far.”
“I can think of a few times you’ve outcheesed yourself.”
“Just take off your mask and kiss me already,” Isak groans.

And yeah, okay. It’s raining and Isak should be the one wearing the stupid spiderman mask, not Even, but it’s still the sweetest thing. He can barely breathe with the bar crushing his stomach, but he thinks there might be another reason to it, too. Because Even’s hands are wet and huge on his face. Because Even’s lips and big and full and overwhelming all over his. And they’ve done ying yang kisses before, but this still feels different. Probably because he’s about to let go and fall on his face, but he can’t even bring himself to think about it because it’s so soft and so hot and so overwhelming. Even kisses him softly and Isak feels butterflies in his stomach. BUTTERFLIES. Under the rain. Upside down. Actual butterflies. Isak is going to die. Even is going to kill him.
They kiss until Isak actually falls. But Even catches him and they laugh for a good 5 minutes before deciding that it’s time to go home and take a shower, or better yet a bath.
“I’ll pick an easy one next year,” says Even.
“Yeah, one that doesn’t involved me breaking my back, please.”
“How about the notebook?” Even laughs.
“I said I don’t want to break my back.”
“I’ll be Ryan Gosling.”
“Okay, let’s do that.”

That next year, Even doesn’t break his back but he still yelps in agony when Isak crashes into him. And it’s alright. Because they laugh about it and remember that they have a lifetime of Halloweens to recreate kisses that don’t hurt.

Holsom Dads

This started out in a fanfic of mine (here) where Ransom and Holster were chirping each other about how they would be as grandpas. In my notes at the end I wrote:
“Whatever you do, don’t picture Adorable Holsom Grandpas™ holding hands and playing silly little pranks on each other with the help of the Adorable Holsom Grandkids™”
Someone commented that also meant that Holsom Dads existed… And I discovered that I have a lot of feelings about that. So here goes!

(Under the cut because it gets kinda long)

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Jealous! (Michael/4)

Request: Can you do a Michael one where he gets jealous pleaseeeee

Sure can!


You laugh away at a joke Luke tells you. Most people think his jokes are lame but you think they can be quite funny.

“And who told you that one?” You ask

“My dad” Luke shrugs

“And why am I not surprised? You tease

You and the guys are hanging out today, ready for them going on tour tomorrow. You get on well with all the guys but, obviously, Michael’s your boyfriend and you’re going to miss him the most when they’re gone.

You and Luke proceed to converse about insignificant topics like Spongebob and How I Met Your Mother, but you can see Michael looking rather pissed off from the corner of your eye. You know it’s because you’re talking to Luke and laughing at things he is saying. You’re not trying to make him jealous, but if that’s what’s happening….

“You know what Luke?” You begin, “I’m really gonna miss you when you’re away”

He stops and looks at you, taken by surprise, “Aww I’ll miss you too (Y/N), we’re like spongebob buddies!”

You laugh, “Is that the name of our squad?”

“Squads need more than two people” Michael spits from the other side of the room.

“Well you can be part of the squad too” You suggest

“Spongebob’s for little kids” he grunts back

You sigh but turn back to Luke, “It’s okay” you shrug, “he obviously doesn’t appreciate spongebob enough to be in our squad anyway”

Luke laughs, but you can hear Michael sighing in the background. 

Instead of just talking to Luke, you bring Ash and Cal into the conversation too, you can’t leave them out.

“But remember the time when I was running too fast and I ran into you?” Calum says, trying to hold back his laugh

“And you ended up knocking me over and lying on top of me? Yeah, I remember it clearly” You laugh

He nods, “Yeah, that didn’t look too good did it/”

You shake your head, “No, it did not!”

Michael suddenly groans and stands up, stomping off upstairs. You all watch him as he disappears, you biting your lip.

“I think that’s my queue to follow him” You declare as you stand up and follow him upstairs.

You find him in the bedroom, lying down on the bed. You close the door behind you.

“Michael…” You say quietly

“Oh so now you’re going to take notice of me?” He spits, “Well fuck you go back to your little boyfriend”

“I am with my little boyfriend” You say, straight-faced.

“Well it doesn’t seem like it to me” He tuts

You sigh, “Michael, are you jealous?”





“OKAY YES! Yes, I am jealous, you happy now?” He yells

You let out a small laugh before you jump on him.

“Michael Gordon Clifford, do you really think that I’d rather date Luke than you?” You question

“Well it looks like it” he replies solemnly

You shake your head, “I love Luke, but I love him like a brother. Nothing more. You’re the one I really love, Michael”

“When we go back downstairs, will you sit with me and laugh at my jokes instead?” He asks, pouting.

You giggle, “Yeah, sure, if that would reassure you”


Finishing off the Michael requests today! 


I wanted to welcome my new followers the only way i know how, with a stupid fe comic! Or ripping off a lame Spongebob joke

But like Wow! I wasn’t expecting so much reaction from my doodles, It’s a pleasure and I’m just happy you guys are enjoying yourself, cuz they are plenty more to come! 

The tutor - Nash fanfic Part 7

I am so sorry you guys had to wait. I tried to post it but tumblr wouldn’t let me for some reason, but here it is.

What? Today was Wednesday, he would be at our house in three days. My ex best friend was coming over after not talking to each other for three years. Great. And why did he even agree?

“I haven’t seen John since before, you know, the thing. So it’ll be nice to see what he looks like.” That explains a lot. John thought that aunt Jess still thought me and him were close. Well he’s going to get a bit of a surprise.

Jess drove me home, we said our goodbyes and she drove off. I was really tired, and all I wanted to do was sleep.

I went to bed in my Spongebob pjs and thought about Saturday. You might think that a Spongebob pj is lame and childish, but I liked it. It was a blue tank top with a picture of Spongebob on it, and a pair of matching shorts. And who didn’t like Spongebob, right?

Saturday was only three days away and I was super nervous. Of course I won’t show anyone that I was. What’s the big deal? A guy whom I’ve know since second grade, and then started bullying me after my mom and sister died, was coming over. Nothing to worry about. Okay maybe a little. I couldn’t help hoping it would be like the old days when he wouldn’t even knock, just walk right in and yell “What’s up family number 2?” cause that was what we were. His family number 2, and his family was my number 2. I missed that. I missed his younger sister, Sam, who would always jump on my back and ask for cookies. I missed his dog, Daisy, the craziest yet sweetest creature ever. I just missed them all. What if he misses us. What if he has forgotten us already. I have literally no clue what he thinks about the whole thing, but it looks like he has forgotten. On that note, I fell asleep.

I woke up feeling like shit. I don’t know why, it was just one of those shitty days I guess. I got dressed and did my make-up before going into the kitchen to get some breakfast. As I ate a bowl of cereal, I of course managed to spill milk all over my jeans. I quickly walked into the bathroom, took a quick shower and changed into a pair of dry jeans. What a great way to start the day.

I got to school only to find Nash, John and Luke standing by my locker. As I made eye contact with John I just wanted to run up to him and give him a hug. I felt a tear forming just by thinking of how much I missed him, but I pushed it back. Far back.

“Can you please move?” I was in a really bad mood, and didn’t want to get any trouble so trying to be nice was what I was going for right now.

“Why the hell would we?” As Luke said that, I figured my plan of being nice, wasn’t going to work very long. I tried to push them aside, but they refused to move.

“Okay look, if you guys don’t move, I will make you regret it until the day you die.” They responded with ‘oh I’m so scared’, 'what will she do?’ and some laughing, but they did move. At first I gave them a confused look, but then pretended like that was what I knew would happen.

I got my books and walked into class. John and Nash were both in the same class as me, but they didn’t bother me much. Just them talking to each other, laughing and looking at me.

The rest of the day went pretty good. Today it was my turn to ignore them. I managed to only pass them once, receiving a few glares from them. I don’t know why, but this entire day I had been feeling like crying. Nothing much had happened, but I wanted to cry no matter what happened. Like in English for instance, I dropped my pencil and I was about to break down.

I walked over to my locker and got my books for the last period, geography. Turning around, I was face to face with Nash, John and Luke.

“What now?” I said as I tried to walk past them, but they blocked my way.

“You know, it wouldn’t kill you to use a bit of make-up once in a while.” Nash said with a smirk on his face.

“If you’re going to be two faced, at least make one of them pretty!” I said with a hint of anger. Luke looked at over at Nash with a confused look, then over at me.

“What the hell do you mean, two faced? You’re talking shit right now (Y/N).”

He laughed a little, giving Nash a quick nod.

“Oh, they don’t know yet?” I said pretended to be surprised, but failed as chuckle left my mouth. The boys looked from me to Nash, and then me again.

“Well why don’t we just tell them right now Nash? It would make it a lo-” I was cut off by a fist connected to my face.