get it kalel

I love how everyone was livid about Sam Pepper sexually assaulting multiple women, but as soon as Kalel tries to defend him apparently it's not sexual harassment anymore. I don't care if you like her or hate her, sexual harassment is sexual harassment and you need to accept that your idols aren't perfect.

This is so rude!

Honest to god I am getting so sick of Kalel and believe me it has nothing to do with her dating Anthony or me shipping Ianthony, OR me loving Melanie! It simply has to do with the fact that this girl can’t just STOP! Like I’m all for everyone having opinions and beliefs OBVIOUSLY! But when you say you are simply trying to educate and inform people rather than forcing your beliefs on them but then blatantly disrespect everyone who does not share your particular belief, it is not only hypocritical and annoying but it is also EXTREMELY RUDE! Like I’m so damn sorry that I have absolutely no problem eating meat and think it’s completely natural! Like damn! Kalel needs to stop alienating and calling out her viewers that eat meat just bc she thinks it’s so horrible! There is nothing wrong with choosing to be vegan like go you! But I (and a lot of other people) don’t want to be vegan nor do I want to be preached to about it! I have made my choice and I have no problem with it! So please respect that and just STOP! ✋


So Joey Graceffa uploaded a video yesterday called The 5 Second Challenge and there’s a lot of controversy about him ‘copying’ Phil’s idea of the 7 second challenge. 


There is a board game out called 5 second rule.

Joey got this game and played it with kalel in his new video.

This game is a challenge like game so Joey decided to call his video The 5 Second Challenge. 

This board game is NOTHING like Phil’s 7 second challenge video.

You guys are so quick to judge and don’t even bother clicking on the video to see what it is and it’s ridiculous. You are giving Joey shit for something he never even did, 'copying phil’s idea’.

The next time you see a title of a video, FROM ANY YOUTUBER, and you think they are copying ANYONE’S idea, CLICK ON THE VIDEO AND WATCH IT!


You are giving Joey shit for nothing and it needs to fucking stop!

This is just getting out of hand and it’s ridiculous!

Something entirely new

they had arrived here days ago. what they were looking for was unsure but still had the colony nervous and fearful. the king  floated infront  of us, once again warning us all

“we know nothing of these alien invaders therefore  assume they can only be dangerous.  resist taking your land forms and stay far away from the dry lands until they leave this planet”

Kalel frowned at that. exploring the dry land was her favorite past time. there was so many treasures she found up there. with these visitors it made her want to go up there even more. how  could they really be dangerous? as far as she could see f from afar they were walking about mostly.

she wanted a closer look. the mermaid had to know what exactly they were dealing with. once it got closer to the sunless times Kalel made her way out of the city line. the girl nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt a tug on her tail, whipping around she saw it was her friend  Helmi

“your going to the surface to see the aliens arent you???” she accused, sounding displeased

“just a quick peek, ill be back before anyone even notices” Kalel said quick starting to move but was grabbed again 

“what if they see you?”

“they wont. just.. dont tell my father where ive gone ok?” the blue haired girl pleaded. the white mermaid frowned reluctantly letting go of the other “just dont get eaten ok?”

Surfacing, Kalel swam to where she saw them last, she could see some sort of flickering light on the Island. how was that possible the sun had dissappeared for  the time being. it drew her  closer and closer


you know what i want to say to the smosh fandom sometimes?


okay like seriously there is always a dumbass argument over something either its ianthony fans are all twats who hate kalel and want ian and Anthony to leave their girlfriends or kalel and Melanie hate each other or some stupid thing.

or people who like kalel get into arguments with the people who don’t

or if you don’t ship kalanthony but ship ianthony you get hated on everyone has there own opinion.

or you like Melanie but not kalel

or you do or don’t want Anthony and kalel getting married . really though its the same dumb shit each time get over yourselfs and stop fucking arguing all the god damn time . every other fandom on youtube gets along great and is like a family yeah some fandoms get into little fights sometimes but get over it. no in the smosher fandom its always a fucking argument and I am sick of it just shut the fuck up.

im sorry if that’s harsh but this is getting old.