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REAL types of mutuals on tumblr

1. furry mutual

2. mutual who posts nothing but snake eater nightcore three times a day

3. unofficial sandsverse blog with 8 followers and 37,000 posts

4. onceler ask blog but it’s the first ever onceler ask blog and its about the actual onceler

5. an actual spambot who somehow manages to generate cutting political commentary surprisingly often

6. John Green

7. pet lover mutual but the pet is a human guy named hunter

8. official social media account of your local small town breakfast joint

9. guy who made a youtube poop in 2008 which now has 120,000 views and is now getting lawsuits from jerry seinfelds legal team


JADE’s NOTES IN “ How You Doin” Get Weird Tour though?! 💁🏾💅🏾❤️💕 ( credit to keepingupwithperrie on Instagram )

Schwifty tree complete
add me on snapchat if u want lol: elainabanina
I make dumb rick and morty vids


Jerrie singing Secret Love Song at Get Weird Tour 👭 How beautiful is that😭

I’ve gone to work with a few of the people, but I’ll say this about working with Lennie and Melissa, that was super awesome for me because, one, Melissa, before she was … I think this is known, but she used to be a casting director, and I used to read for her all the time. She is the sweetest person. She left, and I didn’t know where she went, then I saw the first season of The Walking Dead. I’m like, “Oh, there she is!”

I was a boom operator for 10 years, and I worked on second unit for Walking Dead, and for other productions. I saw her there one day and we just talked and chatted. I was like, “Man, I would love to work with her without having to stick a microphone in her face.


Get to Know Me Meme: Favorite Movie [3/5] → Stand By Me (1986) 

Vern didn’t just mean being off-limits inside the junkyard, or fudging on our folks, or going on a hike up the railroad to Harlow. He meant those things, but it seems to me now it was more and that we all knew it. Everything was there and around us. We knew exactly who we were and exactly where we were going. It was grand