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ur stuck inside a 2006 highschool movie and suddenly a food fight breaks out in the lunch room and u have to defend urself. good luck.

its 2 am and ur thinking about the girl u have a crush on but shes taken so u spend ur night writing about her instead while wondering how it feels 2 make out with her.

u sneak out of ur house at 3 in the morning only to find a dimly lit street with a flickering light. the flicker flows in such a way that ur body can’t help but dance to its beat.

the sun starts to set while ur laying on ur trampoline and u become so entranced by the slowly appearing stars that you begin to think about the extraterrestrials and how they live up there. u get up and start jumping as high as u can while u wish u could be up there with them.

ur an experienced hacker and also trying to overthrow the government all at the same time. the CIA are trying to catch u but ur always one step ahead.

ur at an antique garage sale and u stumble upon an old lava lamp that u quickly buy. once u plug it in, u stare at the lava moving slowly when suddenly u feel urself being pulled into a trance, ur moves replicating that of the lamp.

ur sitting in the car, the wind from ur open window blowing ur hair, when u realize this is it. this is life. ur not scared, u feel okay. life is okay. life is good.

u accidentally got into an argument w dracula after u escaped him and now hes after u but u guys also secretly like eachother. a love hate relationship between the both of u is in the works.

let dan and phil make money without complaining 2k17

Even though I wasn’t able to go to any of svt’s concerts this year seeing people’s videos and photos that they took with their phones and not from an expensive camera made it so real for me??? Like wow…these 13 boys really ARE real…living their lives and performing their hearts out….

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hades how did frollo get to u to visit u dont u live in hell

To Be Honest, I’m Not Sure He Can Be Contained By The Forces That Govern Earth. I Don’t Know What The Fuck Kind Of Being He Is

Friendly reminder that Emperor Ublaz (a.k.a. Mad Eyes) painted his claws, wore color-coordinated outfits that varied by the day, and curled and perfumed his whiskers.

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this just popped into my head a lil while ago but what would the members be like as crusty old fellows? I haven't seen much of your writing recently so I thought maybe I could ask you to do what you do best? I just really miss your writings. Grandpa! au? hehehehehe

oh my god this took so long life has been kicking my ASS but anyways aww i miss writing too 😩 ive been so severely unmotivated and busy w everything but im out of school for 2 months so!! hopefully im more active


• does not understand how technology works he will ask u how to take a picture and get freaked out when live photo kicks in
• “ah yes what pretty pictures - oh my god why did it move”
• goes back and forth between two photos to see them move
• doesn’t faze with anything, it takes a while for things to process
• eats the same porridge with orange juice every single day, does not get tired of it
• talks SO loudly on the phone u could hear him in the next room


• he’s that old person u see walking up and down the block with their hands behind their back every morning
• drinks omega 3 oil and claims he feels 20 years younger after he drinks it
• thinks emojis are the coolest thing
• encourages young people to live as long as he has and gives pats on the back
• “if u work out like i did back in the days u’ll be as healthy as me!!”
• breaks into a coughing fit


• talks to every person he meets, once he sat on the bus next to a woman who ended up having to tell him about her family, her pet parrot, and what college she went to
• they ended up exchanging emails bc minhyuk’s such a cute little old man
• sometimes when he’s bored he calls up the people he’s talked to and starts off with “hey old sport!”
• he’s enthusiastic about everything he attended morning tai chi with kihyun one day and he just kept yelling “C'MON GUYS! GET THOSE RICKETY BONES MOVIN’”


• that old man that yells at kids to get off his lawn, probably waves his cane around
• looks at himself in the mirror and sighs at his wrinkles bc it just reminds him that he’s old
• sings old trot songs while dancing in his living room, hurts his hip and sits back down while singing
• pretended he didn’t know minhyuk when he went to morning tai chi with him
• ‘go to ur happy place, kihyun, he’s not here, i don’t know a minhyuk-’


• sleeps literally all day
• he goes to sleep at 7pm and wakes up at noon, has a 3 o'clock to 4 o'clock nap
• when he’s awake he reads books that he never gave back to kihyun, he still gets annoyed phone calls about needing to return the great gatsby
• falls asleep while reading sometimes
• sometimes he goes out to his front lawn, lays a mat, and naps in the sunlight
• no one knows how he’s alive


• walks his dog around the neighborhood everyday at 7am
• “sanche slow down!! i’m old!!!”
• is always playing and listening to throwback hip hop songs
• one of those old people that’re like “back in my day music was good”
• has a bunch of winnie the pooh antique plates in a cabinet at home that he doesn’t let anyone touch
• wears that paper boy hat every single day


• literally has more facebook friends than u, no one understands how
• leaves comments on facebook posts about science
• “Wow !! back then Pluto wasn’t a Planet! Science has really gotten so far since my time! Good Job Nasa! 👍🏼”
• likes every comment underneath that post
• likes to look back in photo albums and reminisce on the past




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Your so pretty im very jealous of you. You are so perfect, and you dont realize it. You are going to reply with this saying, no i dont!!!1!!1111!1 but just letting you know that you look perfect. Perfect as anyone can get.

This was so sweet! I’m far from perfect but thank you.
You should not be jealous I’m sure you are beautiful!

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Anon said: Happy 100th birthday to the gremlin I wonder how it must feel to be the oldest gay on the planet

- Nico celebrated his birthday at mcdonalds. Half the camp showed up plus Reyna. They were loud teenagers and annoying and Nico was an old grump. They got kicked out after Percy attempted to be a 3yo and got stuck in the playplace tube. Nico cried. Reyna punched Percy. 

-Chiron hosted an unofficial celebratory game of capture the flag. Nico felt better about being kicked out of mcdonalds after getting to Beat Percy’s Ass during the game. The apollo cabin won the flag for Nico’s team.

-there was a mini feast later in bunker 9 for the Seven plus Nico and Reyna.

All in all, the birthday king of the gays had a v nice birthday.

having the “are you going to kill yourself while i’m at work” talk is really awkward