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Ok, so, if you had to pick animals that represented each dai companion, which ones do you think would be best? I saw that mod Sarah had a zoology interest and was a bit intrigued.


Cassandra: Perhaps a cat (any member of the family Felidae, though specifically for Cassandra, Felis catus, AKA the domestic house cat). Cats come in many personalities, just like humans and many other living creatures (not limited to vertebrates, consider cephalopoda). People, however, often associate them with being graceful and powerful hunters, but with also being somewhat standoffish– which is not a trait that is granted to all cats, as any cat owner would know. Most cats are loving and intelligent, too, which makes me think cats (mostly domestic cats, but if any of you are thinking of a black panther, which is just a melanistic member of any of the Panthera species) then go for it.

Iron Bull: A tough one. The bull (defined as any uncastrated males of the species Bos taurus), is the obvious choice– but with now much Bull likes dragons (while unfortunately not a real creature, because they can’t have a spare set of limbs to make wings-reptiles are part of the supergroup tetrapoda, have only four limbs; to have wings, the front limbs must be wings or or they don’t have any at all. In that regard, Skyrim dragons are the more anatomically correct dragons if they were to exist but WHATEVER this is a fantasy universe) a drake is also a very possible choice for Bull.

Blackwall: A bear would be the obvious choice, perhaps Ursus americanus, the American black bear, which is the most wide-spread of bear species and often the ones that wander into human settlements looking for food.

Sera: While many of you think of the a honey bee, any bee that is a species under the genus Apis, I don’t believe this suits Sera. Perhaps a raven, or another member of the genus Corvus. The reason for this is that members of the genus Corvus (which contains such species as ravens, crows, rooks, and jackdaws) are highly intelligent– and known to be ballsy as fuck. They can be taught human speech, and are known to even play tricks on each other for shits and giggles. They are the pranksters of the bird world, and I feel this would fit Sera excellently. 

Cole: A mimic octopus, Thaumoctopus mimicus. Bear with me on this; while all members of the order Octopoda, which are cephalopods, a subgroup of molluscs, are highly intelligent and capable of fantastic camouflage through the use of iridophores and chromatophores (to put it simply, they’re specialized dermal cells that contain pigment to rapidly change color), a mimic octopus is perhaps the best of all at camouflage. A mimic octopus is capable of changing its skin texture and shape to copy other species to blend in– sometimes called ninjas of the sea. Watch this TED Talk for further information: 

ANYWAYS, GETTING OVER HOW RAD I THINK CEPHALOPODS ARE, Cole was a spirit who took the form of the mage Cole, in the White Spire. We have no idea what he looked like before then– as Dorian describes most spirits, they look “bizarre (and) monstrous” in their true forms. If a spirit is capable of such mimicry and such intelligence, I can think of no better animal to represent Cole than a mimic octopus.

Varric: A parrot. Parrots are highly intelligent and known for their speech capabilities, along with being v. pretty. There are MANY different members of the order Psittaciformes, which encompass all parrots. It is a very large clade composed of 393 species to date, but I I think Varric could best be represented by an African Gray Parrot, specifically the Congo African grey parrot, an Old World parrot of the species Psittacus erithacus. These birds are SUPER COOL because they’re among the best at mimicking human speech; one in particular in Japan was returned to his family after repeating the address of his home. They’re also known for hearing things in their surroundings and then repeatedly saying it, much to the ire of the humans they live with.

Dorian: This one is easy; a peacock, which comes in three species, though all are members of the family  Phasianidae, which is shared by pheasants, partridges, junglefowl, chickens, Old World quail, and peafowl. These are popular gamebirds, often poor at flying but PRETTY AS FUCK. For Dorian, I think I’ll go with the Indian peafowl, Pavo cristatus– notice the familiar ‘Pav’ in the name, anyone?

Solas: An ostrich A gray wolf, Canis lupus. No further explanation needed.

Vivienne: An orca, Orcinus orca. Orcas are among the most intelligent animals on Earth, known for being beautiful as well as the apex predators of the sea (being cosmopolitan species, like humans, they are found in a variety of environments, across multiple habitats. 

Josephine: A dove, any member of the family Columbidae, which encompasses 310 species. (Fun fact! Members of Columbidae are the only birds that don’t have to lift their necks up to swallow water. All birds except for them have to pull it into the mouths and pull their necks up to swallow). Doves are seen as an international symbol for peace and love, suitable for an ambassador. For her, I think I’ll go with the diamond dove, Geopelia cuneata.

Leliana: Like Sera, I think she would also fit as a raven, but for the sake of being a nerd and introducing another sort of animal, the next runner-up is the ferret, Mustela putorius furo. Ferrets were domesticated for their ability to ferret– that is, to hunt and catch prey, specifically rodents, which often reside in narrow holes and tunnels that humans can’t reach. Being an excellent spy, well, I feel this should explain itself.

Cullen: An African lion, Panthera leo. If anyone has seen his helmet, it should be sufficient explanation, but they are also famed by their beautiful, voluminous manes– just like Cullen!

The moral of this story is: don’t ask me about animals unless you are prepared for the info-dump, because I love the kingdom Animalia so much (I got OVER 100% in a college-level Zoology course, I could regale you for HOURS on Animalia, ranging from Porifera (sea sponges), the basal clade and taxa of Animalia, all the way to Mammalia. I meant to do chores an hour ago but got carried away. Thank you, and enjoy my fangirling.

–Mod Sarah

Danny Rand makes total sense if he got the title not because he’s a chosen one...

but because he’s an emotionally traumatized, expendable orphan that shows enough physical prowess to be made into a meat-shield for the dimensional gateway. 

Justifications (spoilers) under the fold:

  • Colleen’s students are a direct thematic mirror of Danny. The “Good Hand” gives a practical demonstration of an organization that its  believers (vulnerable and disadvantage youths given direction and a “mission”) see as just and righteous but is in fact self-serving and corrupt.
  • There’s no indication that the leaders or people of Kunlun are, in fact, good and noble, outside of Danny, who is not a reliable narrator. The various gangs also oppose the Hand, but they’re not on the side of the angels because of it. Davos is a zealot. 
  • Danny has been given zero help to come to terms with the loss of his parents, to the point where he still clearly has PTSD flashbacks to their deaths. He’s instead taught to bury his emotions, which is not what you’d do if you wanted a noble champion, but is exactly what you’d do if you wanted an obsessed killer with a whole lot of rage to tap into.
  • Danny is terrible at everything he attempts to do as the Iron Fist that isn’t fighting. He abandons his post, he uses violence and anger to discipline students, he’s genuinely bad at interacting with people, he’s trusting and naive, all signs that his training was not at all focused on making him a rounded person or even someone who might one day take on students. The power of the Iron Fist can be used to heal, but his teachers never bothered to show him that gift, or even tell him about it.
  • The Prophecy comes across as bullshit. We know there’s an Iron Fist in generation after generation. How many were “children who fell from the sky, touched by flame?” So did every Iron Fist crash in a plane, or a hot air balloon, or get dropped by an eagle onto a campfire? Or did a clever pseudoreligious cult leader see an opportunity and say something profound sounding at the right time? Why train one of your own to give his life fighting off a horde of poison-happy ninjas when the universe just dropped a white American kid in your lap that you’re going to have to feed anyway? 
  • The Dragon is “Not What We Thought”. While not expounded on, Danny says this abou the dragon Shou-Lao. What he means isn’t explained (really, Davos isn’t even curious about that?) but this is Marvel, so for all we know its an alien. When the entire mythology of the Iron Fist is built on the dragon, however, if the dragon isn’t what they thought, then neither is the Iron Fist.
  • The ending. KunLun is gone after what appears to be a Hand attack, but there’s no dead monks, and the way is closed when it should be open. Is the opening and closing of the gate really beyond the monks’ control? What else doesn’t work the way Danny thinks it does?

Iron Fist has a single recurrent theme: the manipulation and exploitation of children by authority figures that they trust. Colleen and Bakuto, Colleen’s Students and Colleen, Ward and Harold Meachum, Danny and Harold Meachum, and ultimately Danny and the Monks of Kunlun. 

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Legends of Tomorrow AU, where Mick - having reassembled the time scattered legends in early season two - decides that he's had enough of this hero thing and goes home.

1 - someone gets their face ripped off in the zombie episode. Who was it that was about to die and then Mick smashed the attacking zombie with a rock? Was it Ray? Stein? Jax? I think it was Jax, sad to say. Stein probably blows up shortly thereafter because Jax isn’t around.

2 - they get ambushed by ninjas during the Shogun episode because Mick isn’t there to fight them off single-handedly. God only knows how badly that goes. Probably we lose Nate because he doesn’t control his powers yet.

3 - Ray blows himself up in the white house. The other Legends have to scramble to stop a massive incident regardless of the fact nobody dies. Chances of them succeeding once an aberration like that has been created? Not high.

4 - The going-back-to-the-past thing in Invasion never happens because they don’t have enough people, so Cisco never forgives Barry.

5 - Sara definitely dies in Turncoat. Gideon’s ability to save her is kind of dependent, eventually, on SOMEONE saving George Washington successfully. Without Mick, the team resources would have had to be apportioned differently and they wouldn’t have gotten back in time.

6 - they never cure Rip because they never learn about cognitive intrusion. He continues to sabotage the ship. If they’re not dead already, they’re definitely going to be dead soon: see Season 1, episode 7 “Marooned" in which Rip spaces every other person aboard the ship by virtue of having the controls without blinking an eye. And that was GOOD Rip.

7 - everybody is totally dead without Mick okay?

8 - Mick is noodling around at home, grieving, and then Barry finds out why in his epic quest of “we need to CHANGE HISTORY to keep Iris from dying!” and decides that he and Wally will go rescue Len so that Len and Mick will be on their side in the final battle against Savitar and therefore history will be different. Mick is indifferent to their reasons; he’s just happy to have a very shaken Len back.

Closer (F!Reader x Genji Shimada)

A/N: I am traaaaash for Overwatch fluff, yes I am! So much of the feels for stupid shit like this. Thanks @zanthiasplace for dealing with my shitty ideas and letting me indulge in them with her over chat so I can end up writing reader-insert trash like this.

Summary: You and Genji are very close and you finally convince him to take off his visor and show you his face. Kiss, kiss~

Word count: 1919


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There was no way to describe what you and Genji Shimada were to each other. A lot of other agents liked to think of you both as a couple, but it wasn’t really like that.

At least not yet. Maybe. Kind of?

Well you wouldn’t have minded if you were a couple—you would have liked it, actually. Preferred it, more like, but it wasn’t like there was ever a good time to admit your feelings. The two of you were busy saving the world and it wasn’t like the bad guys would ever give you a day or two to sort out your love life.

So, for a while now, you and Genji have been content in being close.

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Instant Replay

Author: liketolaugh
Summary: In a last-ditch attempt to keep Sasuke in Konoha, Kakashi goes looking for an Uchiha who went outside the Hidden Countries thirty years ago - Uchiha Yuu.

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Hi my name is Sasuke Uchiha and I am a ninja (that’s how I got my name) with short spiky black hair and I have bright red eyes like bloody tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Sonic the Hedgehog (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Orochimaru but I wish he was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a genin (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. For example today I was wearing black pants and blue skirt with a white shirt, a giant purple bow and black ninja sandals. I was walking outside Konoha. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. Naruto stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him.


Just as Fukuoka was a convenient staging point for our trip to Karatsu, we used Nara as our base to get to Iga, the home of powerful ninja clans during the Sengoku period. It would have taken 2+ hours to get there from Osaka or Kyoto. And the JR was an experience because this was another truly rural line, with one or two cars running on a single track through the mountains of Mie prefecture with gorgeous views of a river valley below.

At Iga-Ueno Station, there are plenty of ninjas ready to guide hapless white people to the correct platform for the local train into town, although that was also a lesson in rural train procedures. There were no ticket machines or farecard scanners… we had to tell a dude on the train “Uenoshi ni ikimasu” so he could hand-write us a ticket, which we then paid for.

Hold me Closer

A/N: I decided to write this fic yesterday after realizing that some people (including myself) might need a bit of comforting after the events of this week, and who better to take care of us than Negan? So, if you’re interested for Negan giving the reader some positive vibes then this fic should fit the bill :)

Word Count: 1576

Warnings: Negan’s potty mouth

Song I listened to on repeat to write this: Elton John’s Tiny Dancer

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It had been a long day, a long week, and a long year. You’d lost your family and friends, more people than you could count on all your fingers and toes. Every time you turned around that number only seemed to become larger.

You always tried your best to keep your emotions under wraps because you believed that there were others who had it worse than you. How could you go to them with your problems when it seemed like they needed you more? People looked to you for stability and you needed to be that rock for them. Who could they turn to, if not you?

Far too often these anxieties swelled up in your chest from swallowing them back for so long. When you couldn’t bear it any longer, you disappeared from the cushy parlor that you and the rest of Negan’s wives shared and hid in the unused part of Sanctuary. There you could cry to your heart’s content without calling attention to yourself. It was foolproof, or so you thought.

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Hello there! I wanted to waste your time today by writing about Lloyd, so that people hopefully can understand a bit more about him. Don't worry though: If you don’t watch Ninjago, or don’t care, you will still get to exercise that scrolling finger, because I think this will be one of those wonderfully annoyingly long posts that makes you wish tumblr had the same rules as Twitter when it comes to the amount of words one has the capability of writing down.

So lets begin! For the most part, Lloyd is the Lego version of Luke Skywalker. He has blond hair, rough past, but ultimately fights for the good side. His Father was evil for the majority of the time Lloyd met and knew him, and he didn’t meet his mother much either. Still, his aunt and uncle were not burned alive, and his father did not remove any of his limbs. His father is not the chosen one either, but in a lot of ways, Lloyd is easily a Skywalker to most people.

But that is not what I am going to talk about(well, maybe some): I am going to talk about his personality:

As we know, Lloyd was abandoned by his father, and his mother left him to a boarding school for bad boys. This is where the head canon starts, and feel free to comment me if I am wrong:

The greatest fear for Lloyd since he was little was being abandoned and left by himself. That is why he wanted to be evil, so his father would recognize him and take Lloyd with him. At this state. Lloyd thinks that the only way his father will ever love him is if he is evil enough, which is why he goes to such lengths to become evil and recognized by people. (Kinda like Naruto)

He goes from snake tomb to tomb, trying to find others like him, who were abandoned and left behind. He is so desperate for a friend that he doesn’t see that Pythor is using him, simple because he wants a friend so badly.  

Even when he is with the ninjas he does this, which was most likely for attention, so that they would not forget about him: Because Lloyd is scared that if they don’t notice him, he will be left behind.

We then enter the phase where Lloyd is recognized as the Green Ninja, which was probably one of his happiest moments: Finally! He was the chosen one! 

But alas, the ninja doesn’t want him to get into battles, which Lloyd hates, because he wants so badly to be part of the team, to be part of this new family. Things get even worse when he fully realizes that he will have to face his father (Darth Vader anyone?) and suddenly, the black and white world Lloyd lived in turned gray. He had met his father, who showed Lloyd that he did in fact love him, and that he had had good reasons for leaving him:

The poison was taking over him, and Garmadon wanted Lloyd to have choice in the matter of his future, which was why he left him to his mother. Still, Garmadon didn’t stop loving his son, as we can see when Wu fetches him:

Things get even harder for Lloyd as he meets his mother, who according to him didn’t have a good enough reason to leave him behind. Lloyd resents her for it, but he also misses her: He is conflicted with pain and sadness, but also happiness over finding his mother again.

Ultimately they get along, and Lloyd’s journey continues. He is grown up, but the fear of being alone is still within him. When he finally defeats his father, something wonderful happens: His father becomes good once again.

This is really like Star Wars: Luke defeats his father, who turns good, becomes a ghost and presumably stays with Luke. The same thing happens in Ninjago, only with Garmadon being alive. From that point on, their relationship flourishes, with Garmadon trying to make up for lost time, and Lloyd growing accustomed to having a loving father around him:

He gets various lessons and advices from his father, and say what you want about the third season, but their relationship was a joy to watch.

Then happens the unthinkable: Zane dies, and Lloyds worst nightmare comes to life: They split up, leaving him behind. Now, Lloyd is an adult, and he has his father, mother and Wu, but it is still hard for him, as he tries to get them back together in the beginning of the fourth season. Lloyd just wants his family back together, and who can blame him?

We also see Garmadon tagging along in this season, replacing Wu in the role as sensei, but also showing Lloyd that he will always be there for him, which I believe is something that Lloyd always wanted and needed: someone to be there for him. 

You can even see his personality in the latest season, as he is always against the decision the ninjas sometimes make, which is… Breaking up/splitting up. He doesn’t want them to go separate ways, because he is afraid that they wont come back again. he keeps telling the ninjas that they are a team, and that they belong together, while secretly saying that he doesn’t ever want to be left behind.

We also have the heartbreaking moment where Chen tells everybody about the letter, and Lloyd is once again faced with people leaving him, this time his parents, who he wants to be together, are close to leave each other, and also Wu, which basically means for Lloyd that all his blood relatives, his actual family, is on the brink of falling apart, which is hard for him.

That is probably why he at the end of the season decides that he cant bear to see his father leave him again, because he thinks he cannot handle the pain of seeing him leave him… again

Ultimately he accepts that he can not control life, that even though he has all that power, some things are out of his reach. 

And with that, he properly says goodbye to his father, and decides to remember him as a good person.

It will be interesting to see what awaits Lloyd in the next season…

Thanks @femkitti for the tag! I’ve been wanting to be tagged in one of these <3 

Rules: answer the questions and tag 9 or more people you want to get to know better.

Relationship: In an absolutely wonderful relationship <3

Favourite colour: This is a tough one. I like bright blood red, black, emerald and forest green, deep sky blue, and white.

Pets: a black cat named Ninja. He’s a beauty. And a black lab named Chandler Bing. He lives at my mom’s house, I miss him tons.

Wake up to: Either my alarm, the cat opening the blinds and letting in the light, the lawn mowers outside, meanwhile my girlfriend holding me.

Cats or dogs: Both!

Coke or pepsi: Coke

Day or night: Early morning or late night. I’m nocturnal.

Text or call: Omg pls just text me.

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick. Lipstick is so high maintenance to me, I can’t keep up with it, but on occasion I do wear it.

Last book i read: The Way to Love. It’s a book on loving without attachment, very good book.

Last song i listened to: Passionfruit - Drake.

Last movie i watched: Shutter Island. It was a good movie but it was a god awful experience to watch, so disturbing. Never again.

Top 3 TV shows: Friends, Broad City, The L Word and The 100. I know it said just three but fuck rules.

Top 3 characters: Raven from Teen Titans, Bette Porter from The L Word, Octavia Blake from The 100. 

Top 3 ships: Chandler and Monica, Octavia and Lincoln, me and my girl

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When you see an attractive homeless person, that really makes you think. That means they were unable to get by on just their looks.

white women, in Denver, at a concert

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All For One and One For All.*Sebastian Stan x Reader*

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Requested by @marir10 :  If you’re still taking requests can you do one where Sebastian takes his twin sons trick or treating. You can pick what outfits they wear because I can’t decide lol 
Warnings: fluff, Dad!Stan


“Wow, here I thought us Stan men couldn’t get any more handsome.” He grinned at his boys who sat on the floor looking up at him, he gave a small chuckle as Ivan made grabby hands for him, “I know, I look strapping too, Ivan.”

You had unfortunately been called in for work, meaning you’d be missing trick or treating this year with your boys, press tours were lousy especially when you had kids. Sebastian had finally been able to pick the costumes this year, considering you were gone, therefore you had no control over what they wear.

He had chosen, The Three Musketeers, he even got really cool fake swords for the three of them; not that it mattered too much to the four-year-olds in question. He took a couple funny photos before taking one of their hands in each of his, their other hands holding their pumpkin candy buckets for sweeties.

“I’m gonna get more candy than, Ivan” Stefan the eldest of the two by three minutes stated, his big blue, innocent eyes that resembled Sebastian’s was shielded slightly by the feathered hat, Sebastian raised his eyebrows.

Ivan glared at his brother, the three musketeers walking down the street to their first house, “it’s not a competition, is it dad?”

“Of course not, you’ll both get an equal amount of candy because you are both equally adorable.” Sebastian chuckled, “If I had my own bucket then I may end up getting more candy because let’s face it, little dudes, I am cuter.”

Ivan and Stefan giggled at their dad, each rolling their eyes, something Sebastian is adamant you taught them. Not believing that maybe the fact he is a major goofball that it’s just an instant reaction to the things he says.

Every house they went to they all got complimented on their outfits, especially about how adorable all three looked, which Sebastian would blush at cause he’s a big dork.                

“We enjoying Halloween?” he turned and see Ivan and Stefan sword fighting, hitting their plastic swords against one another’s, “hey, tootie fruities, the three musketeers don’t fight one another.” He tells them, resting his hands on his hips, blowing at the feather coming down and tickling his nose from his hat.

“What do they do then?” Ivan asked his left arm behind his back from where Stefan had cut it off.

Sebastian chuckled and got down on his knees, “well, they work together as a team, brothers almost. They also have this cool saying they do when they hold their swords in the air.” He grins as both his sons look up at him brightly.

“What do they say?” Stefan asked walking forwards and hugging Sebastian’s arm looking up at him, Sebastian smiled at his son.

“My little musketeer Athos, they say; one for all, and all for one.” He grinned both Ivan and Stefan looked at one another.

“Athas?” Ivan asked his lisp really coming through with his ‘th’.

Sebastian laughed, “No, Athos that’s a musketeer! We’ll watch it when you’re older,” Stefan chuckled “anyway, they hold their swords up like this,” he got his own fake sword and it held up. “And the other musketeers will hold up theirs and stand in a sort of triangle, then yell that at the same time.”

“Can we do that?” Stefan asked putting down his pumpkin bucket full of various candies, Sebastian brightly grinned and nodded, he placed Stefan beside him and they all held their plastic swords up in the air.

One for all, and all for one.” They all yelled together; Ivan slightly messing up the words causing his brother to snicker beside him.

They carried on trick or treating, bumping into their friends from preschool who complimented their outfits, the other dad’s chuckling at Sebastian’s enthusiasm to wearing a costume; it is his job to dress up for a living they shouldn’t be too surprised.

“The Romanian translation for that is; Unul pentru toți și toți pentru unul,” Sebastian tells them and opening the front door, carrying their pumpkin buckets as the two small boys pretended to fight bad guys for the king.

Both boys stop and look at Sebastian; he smiles down at them as they both try to repeat what he said in Romanian. He laughed loudly at their attempts, they only got the basics of his language and that was okay, it just meant he got to speak it a lot more around them in the hopes they will pick it up fluently.
He placed their sweets on the kitchen counter both boys about to climb on the kitchen stools. Sebastian grabbed them both, throwing each boy over his shoulders as they laughed their hats falling off in the process as ran up the stairs to their bedroom.

“Okay, little Musketeers get your pj’s on and brush those pearly whites, I’ll be in to tuck you both to sleep.” Sebastian sets them down by their beds kissing their heads as he stands up to make sure the front door is locked.

He walked back to see them still playing with their plastic swords only, this time, both in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles footsie pjs. He chuckled at the scene before him both boys stopping and yelling that he was the villain, resulting in two bundles of green turtles to attack his legs, he pretended to fall to the floor in defeat.

He started to laugh as he laid face first on their blue carpet, “dad you’re meant to be dead.” Ivan explained smoothing a small hand through his dad, longish brown locks.

He snickered and leant up on his elbows. “Can we carry on my death and your victory tomorrow? You two musketeer turtles gotta get some rest.” Both boys yawned and nodded, allowing Sebastian to pick them and place them into each bed, kissing their foreheads.

“Noapte bună, tată.” His sons sleepily mutter to him as he walks to the light switch; his heartwarming despite the fact their toddler voices muddled a few of the words and their accent was slightly off.

“Good night, tootie fruities” he smiled before shutting the light off and leaving their door ajar.

He lazily walked to your bedroom, pushing the door open and taking off the sword belt and throwing it onto the chair, shutting the door behind him and turning around to the bed.

He stopped dead in his tracks at the sight before him, eyebrows shooting up and mouth falling in a silent gasp.

You laid on your side, your head resting in one hand and the other draped down your side, a coy smile upon your smile. Your smile eventually dropped as you took in what your husband was wearing before you.

“Seb, what are you wearing?” you frowned at the sight before you.

“No, no you can’t ask me that wearing… that,” Sebastian countered his eyes still taking in your costume that you had decided would be perfect.

You were currently wearing that Princess Leia outfit that every dude fantasised over, you only wore this damn thing because he had hinted that he was gonna make the boys wear the best golden trio costumes ever, meaning Star Wars!

“I thought you’d be Han Solo, duh” you sit up on your knees now, giving a full view of the outfit and Sebastian had a hard time being a gentleman before you. “You said the best golden trio, I thought Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Chewie.”

“That’s a really good idea, I really should have thought of that,” Sebastian muttered to himself before shrugging it off. “No, I meant the three musketeers, babe.”

You sighed as he chuckled wiggling his eyebrows as he strolled over to you, dipping his head as his own hat fell forwards, you had to admit he looked very enticing in the get-up. Hat creating a shadow over the top half of his face; his chiselled jaw line being the most prominent feature, the outfit really clinging to his body and stretching over the hard muscle.

“This is gonna be a weird one, I can tell.” You smirk as he leans down and presses his lips onto your own, his arm encircling your waist and pulling you flush against him, “space princess and a musketeer, that’s a good story.”

He pulls away and chuckles, “one for all-“ he’s cut off by the very loud, hushed whisperings of children sneaking down the stairs and passed their bedroom door, he gives you a look as you chuckle.

You throw a robe on yourself before following Sebastian down the stairs to the kitchen where both, Stefan and Ivan, sat on the bar stools peeking into their Halloween buckets; you smiled lovingly at your mini Stan’s.

“Little men, I thought dad said no candy till tomorrow?” you call out and both boys turn grinning at you, you couldn’t help but walk over and sit on the counter also peeking into the buckets as Sebastian just sighed.

“Happy Halloween, mumma,” Ivan smiles up at you, you grin down at him and lean forward to kiss him on his nose.

“Look at all this candy; you did me proud, musketeers.” Sebastian leans against the counter beside you and holding Stefan in his arms.

Stefan and Ivan raise their arms pretending to hold fake swords, Sebastian following suit, you frowned as they yelled, “One for all, and all for one.”

“I now understand why I usually pick out the costumes,” you sighed gently pulling out a toffee sweet, resulting in the three men you loved to yell at you for eating sweets before bed.

(I don’t know Romanian if the translation is wrong, I am awfully sorry. Hope you enjoyed this, decided three musketeers would be hilarious, don’t know why and the ending with the reader dressed up was my friends idea. - Rosalee)

Canon NaruHina moments

So… I was just scrolling through the anti sasusaku tag when I - surprisingly - found quite a few anti naruhina/pro narusaku posts there as well, all saying something like “there are no canon NaruHina moments”. That confused me … a lot. Like… seriously? Did we even read the same manga? If you ship Narusaku, that’s fine, but please don’t “bend” the content of the manga in favor of your ship… Personally, I don’t ship Narusaku and I would be incredibly disappointed if this wonderful guy ended up with her… but I am fine with anyone who ships it, at least it makes some sense as opposed to Sasusaku. Anyway, I’m just gonna post the most important and beautiful canon NaruHina moments here.

Naruto has Hinata’s blood on his hands and vows to defeat Neji. For Hinata. This moment gave me the chills…

This is really special, too. Naruto is depressed and doubts himself and who is the only one he confides in? Hinata. Not only that, she even manages to lift him up again. :)

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Hero's Treasure

(Closed rp with @superhedgehogirls)

Five colorful ninja had just finished taking out the Kraang again. They’d been helping the turtles for a while now. The plan was to blow up TCRI.

As the boys were running to get out before the building goes out, one of the ninja noticed a lab. The ninja in white, Zane Freeze, walks in after hearing the sound of two babies crying. Normally, it wouldn’t bother him. But his programming keeps him protecting those who cannot protect themselves. With the place about to go up in flames, he needed to get the children out.

Kakashi and Gai

On May 25th, I was asked by an Anon:

“Hey since you do analysis of the ships can you do one on friendship too like gai and kakashi and Naruto and gaara you did so many on sasuke I hope you could please tackle other character thank you”

Anon, this is for you :)

From Gai’s very first appearance, it was made known to the readers that he and Kakashi were regarded as rivals among the Konoha Jounin:

And much like Lee, it was very easy to let Gai’s goofy nature fool people into thinking that he wasn’t a big deal, but again much like Lee, this would be very wrong; Gai was strong, very strong. He gave the first indication of this when he demonstrated his incredible speed by appearing behind Team 7 in a flash, as depicted in the image above, leaving Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto in shock.

However, Kakashi and Gai’s “rivalry” is very different from the other examples demonstrated in the series, in the sense that there is absolutely no animosity between the two of them whatsoever; they’re actually the best of friends, and their rivalry is based on nothing but friendly competition regarding trivial activities, including rock, paper, scissors, eating contests, and races; all meaningless competitions which nonetheless served to bring Kakashi and Gai closer together than most of the other Jounin in the village. This closeness was demonstrated on several instances during Part, particularly during the Chuunin exams where they engaged in their trademark friendly banter:

It wasn’t until a while during Part 2 that we really got to see the Dynamic Duo back in action together. They arrived during the war together with the intention of helping Naruto against Obito, and were dubbed as “The Masters” in homage to their skill and teamwork:

During this confrontation, they’d demonstrate said skill and teamwork when they showed how seamless and coordinated they were with their attacks. They’d formulate strategies on the fly and execute them to perfection because that’s just how well they knew each other:

Through all of the 100 odd competitions that they had between them, they had learned of each others’ strengths, weaknesses, habits, mentalities, ways of thinking, everything. And it showed with how well they worked together:

It was almost as if they fed off one another, as even after facing countless waves of enemies, fatigue didn’t seem to be an issue for either of them. It was like they were once again competing with each other, although this time, it was subconscious, to see how many hordes of enemies the other could defeat:

“The Masters” had proven how well they worked together as a cohesive unit. However, they also shared an unspoken mental bond. When Kakashi began having second thoughts while coming to terms with the fact that their opponent may indeed be Obito:

Gai was privy to what Kakashi was thinking, before the latter was even able to voice his thoughts, and he revealed that the same thoughts were currently running though his head as well. Yet, Gai managed to find the right words to free Kakashi from his doubts and uncertainties:

Because after all, Kakashi was currently leading in their head to head competitions, so he had to prove to Gai that he could back that up! :D

And with that, Kakashi was back in the fray:

And Gai couldn’t help but feel elated that his “Eternal Rival” was once again pumped up, and full of the “Power of Youth”!:

Following Madara’s absorption of the Tailed Beasts, he truly became an opponent unlike any the Allied Shinobi Forces had ever faced before; he was in a league of his own. They also eventually deduced that the only effective methods of attack on Madara were senjutsu and taijutsu:

And seeing as how Minato’s senjutsu wasn’t very advanced and would therefore take too long to gather the necessary chakra, that’s when Gai knew; he knew his time to shine was now! :D

Gai subsequently went on the offensive, activating the 7th gate and attacking with the Daytime Tiger, but Madara came out of the attack relatively unscathed. It was then that Gai deemed that he had no choice other than to open the 8th Gate, the Gate of Death, in a final attempt at defeating him:

As he was witnessing his best friend essentially sacrifice himself, Kakashi thought back to when they had first met outside of the academy:

Sakumo asked Dai if their children could please get along, to which Dai replied how that would be impossible, because Gai had apparently failed the entrance exam to the academy:

Obviously, Kakashi at this point was still very narrow minded and saw things from a very black and white perspective. He believed that a ninja attempting to enter the academy despite not being able to demonstrate any ninjutsu skills, was a preposterous concept:

Despite Kakashi’s condescending tone, Gai wouldn’t allow himself to be deterred, and whilst emulating his father….

Gai instead took Kakashi’s words as a bit of supportive observation, much to Kakashi’s confusion, and Dai’s delight:

Sakumo was no doubt impressed by Gai’s strength of character, and was subsequently convinced that Gai was by no means handicapped by his shortcomings in ninjutsu and genjutsu. He therefore warned his son that Gai’s sheer will and determination could prove to be enough for him to become even stronger than Kakashi sometime in the future, so he’d do good to remember Gai’s name, as he’d make for a great rival:

And as it turns out, Sakumo was correct on all fronts. Not only did Gai eventually become the rival and best friend of Kakashi, but the latter also acknowledged that Gai had indeed surpassed him:

As the sheer strength of Gai’s chakra and the speed of his movements were enough to twist the very air in his immediate vicinity:

And he managed to land the Night Guy, an attack so devastating that it literally obliterated the entire right side of Madara’s body, and this was the 10 Tails Jinchuuriki he had done this to:

Gai would subsequently be on the verge of death due to the usage of the Gate of Death, but thankfully his life would be saved by Naruto, because REASONS. However, Gai undoubtedly left a huge impression on the spectators; “Konoha’s Sublime Green Beast of Prey” had proven just how powerful he truly was.

15 years after the war, it was nice to see that Kakashi and Gai were still bro’s for life. The latter may have been wheelchair bound, but was no doubt still emanating that perpetual vitality that he was known for:

And even after all this time, I’m sure they could still remember each one of their trivial competitions with each other. I do wonder which one of them ended with more wins, or if it was an out and put tie; I hope it’s the latter ^_^ 

In a series where rivalries were depicted as being rife with anger, resentment, jealousy and drama, in came Kakashi and Gai’s rivalry, which showcased such an amazing and close friendship that many could aspire to emulate. It was such a telling contrast, and made their bond stand out that much more.

Who could possibly dislike these two dorks? Honestly? XD

I want Stiles trying to change the oil in his Jeep and just fucking it up and getting oil everywhere and grumbling about how it looked so much easier in the YouTube videos and Scott’s like, “Dude, doesn’t your dad usually take care of oil changes and stuff?” And Stiles mentions how his dad has enough to worry about right now, and how changing your own oil is a useful life skill. But it’s clear Stiles is struggling, and Scott says, “I could do that for you. I change the oil in my bike and in Mom’s car all the time. It’s cheaper than taking them to the shop, you know?” And Stiles grumbles about letting strangers feel all up in Roscoe’s nethers, and Scott grabs Stiles’s ankles and pulls him from under the Jeep, and Stiles kinda like rolls out because he was lying on the Ninja Turtles skateboard he and Scott pooled their allowance money to buy when they were like 10 or something.

And Stiles looks a hot mess, covered in grease and sweat and dirty oil, and it’s all on his clothes and in his hair and Scott tries not to laugh, but it’s too late, he’s giggling now. Stiles gets indignant and huffily flails his way off the skateboard and gets in Scott’s space and sorta shoves him like, “Ugh, shut up. I’m trying to be manly here.” And he gets grease on Scott’s pristine white tank top. Scott stops laughing and stares at Stiles. He glances at the stain on his shirt and back at Stiles. Then Scott gets this wicked gleam in his eye, and Stiles is a little sorry for shoving Scott, but on the other hand he’s not, because Scott smiles at him benignly and says, “Want me to change your oil?”

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It was hard not to laugh at just how concerned the ninja was all of a sudden, and doubly so since he’d hardly ever seen such surprise on her features before. But he shook his head and waved away her concern as best as he could.

“Now that would be a sight. If you think you’ll get me in water wings, I’ll just assume you’ve got the blackmail camera set up, Yuffie…”

Now that he really meant it. And it was touching to think she was so genuinely concerned, even if he wasn’t planning on getting wet at all. Of course, ‘The Great White Rose’ tended to react better to being teased than having her concerns held against her, he felt.

“But I promise - hand to heart - you go and enjoy yourself enough for the both of us and I’ll sit tight in the shade, alright?”

Truth be told, light reading at a table suited him just fine. Etro knew he was pale enough to soak up every UV ray possible if he even thought of going near the shore…

My First Impressions of "And the Fatal Separation"

I haven’t done one of these at all this season! But this is probably one of my favourite episodes ever. This is really my second watch, but I was studying at the same time and didn’t get the full experience. But here we go~~~

-A bunch of Asian characters. Asian-centric episode. Y E S.

-Stone’s kickass fight scene. I’m ready to see him kick some more ass in the next season and episodes. I love that Christian Kane didn’t use a stunt double for this part besides the flip. 

-Monkey King. I love his character. And does he just keep that tail coiled up all the time? 

-In martial arts, there’s always a ‘death punch’. Why is this a thing?

-BANANA SMOOTHIES. that’s so cute. Jake doesn’t want magic, well you get a smoothie.

-Wow, Charlene’s candle is a whole candelabra. Dang.

-Baird’s candle being the next largest. Brilliant.


-Flynn……….. why is your candle almost oooooout?

-They have smoothies in a tiger cup. TIGER CUP. Omg, cute.

-I know I shouldn’t have laughed when the Monkey King was telling Jake to get the staff, but his voice sounded as if he was wearing a too tight turtleneck.

-NOOOOO. STONE. How the hell do you survive a waterfall drop when unconscious? You have to survive that fall.

-YES badass Asian woman.

-Whoa, on and off switch. I love Cassandra’s gift, it’s one of the coolest things about this show.

-Eve and Cassandra having a girl moment. There hasn’t been enough moments of them bonding, but the few are so special. 

-Eve being an amazing Guardian. And she’s working so hard to get them all to their full potential like from the first season. I hope we get to see them at max Librarian mode.

-Can I be Eve Baird?


-LOL “black PJs”. That’s the sign of a ninja.

-What happened to leg Flynn? Put your leg away LOL.

-Not gonna lie, it was super random that Jake had a marital arts master. But very cool.

-White magic..?

-Always talking about good and evil. Can’t forget the balance.

-’Multiple levels of suckage.”

-there are like three magical times: midnight, sunset, and sunrise.

-The Odyssey = Trojan horse = pirates Ezekiel & Cassandra + their secret cargo from the Library. 

-Shit Ezekiel & Cassandra look badass. I need this look more often. I need this ot be a permanent look.

-What are these names? LOL.

-Dang, Cassandra is just as badass as she looks.

-Important decisions over tea. Asian to the max.

-OOOOOH Im liking this look on John Kim. Damn.

-”EZEKIEL JONES” with the arrogant accent. 




-LOL FUSED JAW. No talking for you Ezekiel. 

-Replacing the staff with another staff reminds me of an Ezekiel sort of a plan.

-damn these blow darts.

-oh shit Stone. Right in the forehead.

-Guardians > Librarians. I always forget that.

-”Bake our way out” They always underestimate Flynn’s plans.

-LOL Ezekiel dribbling. 

-Electroplating… Never would have thought of that. Ever. Did not know that was a thing.

-My Casekiel babes are  as Badass as they look

-Flynn and Stone. What a great underestimated tag team.


-Always okay. Charlene is always okay. How do you get to be as cool as these Guardians?

-Omg, you can’t stop Apep??? I don’t want to hear that. The Librarians don’t want to hear that.

-Wow, Charlene is so noble. Ugh, I’m gonna cry. She’s gonna be noble in the end.

-These outfits! Ezekiel’s shirt! Cassandra’s outfit! Why do we not dress like this more people????????

-I forgot that Eve and DOSA lady have never met face-to-face before. This whole interaction makes me uncomfortable. No, no, no.

-Sleeper agent in the Library. What are you plotting DOSA lady???

-OMG the whole show was a plot!!!! nonononononoono. A complete mind explosion.




-omg Eve don’t cry!!! You love them. Don’t let DOSA lady make you question that. 

-omg.. she brought in the oath. YOU TRUST THEM EVE BAIRD!!! DONT LET HER MANIPULATE YOU.

-hahaha, Charlene questioning everything they do. 

-”We didn’t have Charlene as our Guardian.” 

-I won’t stop saying it. These looks are bad ass as hell. I LOVE IT.

-Casekiel team ups are my favourite thing.

-She’s figuring out her gift and it’s perfect.

-Hahaha, I did not know Cass could speak Chinese

-I love that they can comminucate silently.

-Do you even know what a whatever whatever approximation of pi is, Ezekiel?? 

-”Are you alright?” “I am now.” All because she saw Ezekiel Jones, Eve Baird felt better.


-Murder Harp…? Corrupted soul! Poor Monkey King.

-Sterling Lam.. not sure how I feel about this character.

-Flynn, you’re good at stalling. You can do this.

-What’s he going to do? Why is he going to lose his life? What’s happening, Flynn? Please explain.


-Flynn is never alone. 


-Wow that javelin like throw tho. 


-Are you branding Jacob Stone?

-HAHAHA TAKE IT OFF. Like you can take off a magic tattoo.



-Awe, who can deny Jenkins? 

-But I guess she’s in love with Judson. It does suck, Jenkins. Poor man.


-AWE Flynn! Please don’t cry. No crying, please. 

-Omg my heart is hurting. My heart is hurting too much. Too too too too much.

-”Keep all receipts.” 

-You’re ready, but no one else is.

-Too many goodbyes.

-”Goodbye, my love.” UGH NO JENKINS WHY.

-where do they go…?


Naruto Manga 700.5 "What Type of Man Are You?"

Bolt stood with his head bowed respectfully. His fists were shaking at his sides. Naruto was still in shock.

“What… did you say..?” The seventh speaks, slowly processing the words that had just come from his son’s mouth.

“Ugh… I’m sorry, dad. I won’t do it again.” The young boy spits out, turning his head angrily to the side. “I cleaned my mess and apologized to the old people I covered in the paint I threw off of Hokage mountain…”

A few more moments of silence hung between the two. Then, Naruto spoke…

“I’m impressed, son. A strong shinobi admits his mistakes and takes responsibility for them like you just have.”

Naruto smiles brightly at Bolt, who stops pouting in realization of his father’s praise, returning an excited, equally as brilliant smile. 

“I… I did?” Bolt says, then corrects himself with his usual confident air. “Yeah. I totally did!”

Naruto rises from his desk and rustles his progeny’s spikey locks, grinning madly with pride. “Hey! Since you’re here, how’s about we take a break and go get some ramen?" 

Bolt nearly jumps for joy. "Yeah, yeah!!” He shouts in agreement as his father retrieves his white coat from a hook on the wall and flings it over his shoulders. To Bolt’s surprise, instead of walking through his office door, Naruto jumps onto the windowsill. 

“Hey, Bolt… I’ll race you there!” The Hokage jumps from the window before Bolt could respond. “First one to Ichiraku is the fastest ninja in the village!” He yells out as he hops onto a nearby roof. 

Bolt looks apprehensive as he also jumps onto the window and looks over the edge. Naruto waves at him in the distance.

“What? You scared, son?” His father taunts.

Bolt grins, with a determined look on his face. 

“You wish, old man!” He retorts as he flashes forward onto the balcony on the opposite building, scrambling as fast as he could past his father. 

Naruto knew that he was faster than the young ninja and she would have told him to let him win, but, he needed to teach his stubborn son a lesson…


An hour later at Ichiraku Ramen…

“No fair!” Naruto whines as he sits next to Bolt in their favorite ramen shop. “You cheated!”

The younger Uzumaki laughs heartily. “Nope! Maybe its because you’re so old!” He slurps on some noodles as he celebrates his victory.

“I’m only like… thirty something.” Naruto complains.

“You don’t even remember your age. You must also have Alzheimer’s.” Bolt adds sneakily.

“Why you little—-”

“Thanks, dad.” Bolt interrupts his father, smiling earnestly at him. “I had so much fun with you today.”

His son’s honesty was like a kunai to the heart. Naruto smiled, awestruck by the development between the two of them. 

“You know, Sakura was the one who said I should talk to you…” The young boy continues casually, eating his ramen contently. 

Naruto grins. “Ah, so it was your stepmother who got you to do that, hm?”

Bolt nods unintelligibly as he enjoys his food. He kicks his legs happily under the counter. 

“She’s scary… but, she helps me out a lot.” He speaks with pieces of noodles spraying from his mouth. 

Naruto smiles proudly at his offspring as he pats his back affectionately. “I love you, son.” He says with his trademark grin.

“Yeah, yeah…” Bolt retorts, blushing.

“Seventh!” Two voices cry in unison. Naruto rolls his eyes and swings around in his stool to face his assistants. 

“Go away! I’m in an important meeting…” He winks to Bolt, the small boy grinning in response.

“No! This is urgent!” Moegi says frantically, wiping the smile off of Naruto’s face and replacing it with worry.

“What is it? Are we being attacked..?” He stands heroically from his stool, the ramen shop assistants sighing in admiration at the young Hokage. 

“N-no.” Udon stutters nervously. “It’s your wife, sir!”

Naruto and Bolt both look very tense as they let the Hokage’s assistants finish their message.

“She’s in the hospital.”


“Where is she!? Where is my wife?!?” The frantic Hokage bellows as he barrels through Konoha Hospital with Bolt in tow. 

“R-room four t-t-t-twenty…” A frightened nurse squeaks as she could almost feel heat emanating from Naruto’s glare. To her great relief, the Seventh dashes away to find the room which held his wife. 

“Sakura-chan!” He yells as he flings open the door to 420. 

“N-Naruto…” Was the female response from inside of the room.

“Stay in the waiting room, son.” Naruto orders Bolt to quickly head towards the waiting place where he met with a handful of family friends.

“It’s about time, idiot.”

Bolt rolls his eyes as he faces his step sister, scowling.

“Shut up, Salada! I’m here, ain’t I!?”


Sakura was surrounded by robed medics and nurses. The head medic is in the process of calming her down. “Please, you need to push, Uzumaki-san…”

“Naruto… Naruto…” The pink haired woman with the swollen belly cries out painfully, pleading for her husband. Naruto rushes to her side and grasps her hand delicately.

“I’m here, Sakura-chan. I’m here.” He says tenderly as he looks emotionally into her eyes. Sakura smiles at him sweetly. “Naruto…”

Her super human grip tightens painfully onto his hand, locking it in a vice grip. Naruto looks frightened as he sees her sweet smile turned into an evil one. 

“Where. Have. You. Been..?” She says venemously, crackling, popping sounds coming from the bones on his hand.

“Ow, ow, ow! Sakura-chan! I was at work!” Her grip tightens.

“Liar. Your assistants couldn’t find you in your office…” A little tighter.

“Eheh… I was… well… Bolt and I… we were at Ichiraku…” He whispers weakly. “Please, honey… that’s my only good hand…" 

"SHANNARO! You were eating RAMEN while I was here GIVING BIRTH TO YOUR CHILD!?!?" 

Her grip loosens, and she smiles genuinely, sweating profusely from her exertion.

"Bolt… so he did talk to you! I’m so proud of him!” Sakura states breathily, holding Naruto’s aching hand gently. “I’m proud of you, too, Naruto… Making time for your son…”

Naruto winces momentarily before kissing his wife’s cheek. 

“No, I’m really proud of you! Now… push so we can see our son." 

The Hokage’s wife takes a few labored breaths before groaning loudly and pushing with all her might. 

A few tense minutes later, there was sharp cry that echoed in the room.

Naruto gave out a sigh of relief as he heard the wails of his new  child.

"I love you, Sakura-chan.” He kisses his childhood sweetheart lovingly on her pink hair as their tiny son is handed to them in a bundle of blankets. 

Sakura cries as she kisses the soft cheek of her freshly born baby. 

“You are the best thing that has ever happened to me throughout my entire life, Sakura-chan.” Naruto says in admiration of the beautiful scene taking place before him.

“You’re just saying that because I just popped your kid out of me…” Sakura narrows her eyes at him warily. Naruto waves his hand in front of his face dismissively. 

“No, no. I’m being honest.” He puts his arm around his wife and holds his son with his artificial one, grinning roguishly. “You’ve shaped me into the man I am now." 

Sakura leans her head onto his shoulder and sighs. 

"And what type of man are you, hm?” She says playfully.

Naruto doesn’t respond immediately, instead opting to stare into the sleeping face of his child for a few moments before answering.


-Story by Opera de Glace (ODG)