get it god

wary….its an all around good idea just to leave her alone…

(back from dead!; istg i draw more than just jasper in sweatpants, lmao, but bonus doodle:


tfw when the fandom you’re in is full of:

  • racist (fetishizers)
  • islamophobic (fetishizers)
  • biphobic (fetishizers)
  • ableist (fetishizers)
  • transphobic (fetishizers)
  • lesbophobic (fetishizers)
  • stalkers and harassers
  • 18+ who who treat minors as though they’re 18+

and the list just keeps increasing day by day by day …. 

and yet you gotta somehow still manage to smile :) through :) the :) pain :) and :) shame :) with the decent friends you do have within the fandom :))))))

If you don’t download the STARZ app, Technical Boy will think you’re fucking with him.

Holy fucking shit.

Outlast 2 is hard to stomach.

#Kawakami defense squad

a-taller-tale  asked:


YES. IT’S TIME. strap the fuck in, you knew this was gonna be a doozie when you sent it. obligatory tag for @capricornfraud.

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Decided to go through my blog and delete old D0ctor Wh0, Supern@tural, and Superwh0l0ck stuff.

In other news, I’m going to scoop out my eyeballs and deposit them in the trash.

I’ve been continuously deleting this stuff for the past couple of years hOW IS THERE STILL SO MUCH