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“if reyna was rejected by two guys and then ended up with a girl, it would play into that idea, as if her sexual identity was a consolation prize rather than an integral part of her character.”

man i sure do wish that rick had ever talked to a lesbian in his life or would listen to one of us so someone could tell him how incredibly completely wrong this is


After Matty had decided to hit the court with Ollie in the Spice district, Tia chose to tag along and work on her homework. By the time she’d finished, Matty and Ollie were still going hard, so she decided to take a stroll along the street; the last thing she expected was for Sylvie to race up behind her and jump on her back, almost knocking her clean off her feet.

“Sylvie!” Tia cried, the wind knocked clean out of her lungs. Sylvie grinned at her, eyes glinting, and Tia was immediately suspicious.

“So you’re trying to get a boyfriend, huh?”

Tia groaned. “I can’t believe they already told you! Yeah, I am.”

Sylvie looked absolutely delighted. “I know what you need, Tia. You need a wingman. And I shall be that man - or woman, in this case, I guess.” She dug her phone out of her pocket, then, scrolling through her Simbook feed until she brought up a post made by some of the other kids in their grade. “Look! There’s a party by the Old Salt House this weekend, and we should go to scout you out a man!”

Tia grimaced a little, but she couldn’t deny the idea sent a thrill of excitement through her. “Well… you sure?”

“Of course I am!” Sylvie replied, feigning hurt. “I’m the best wingwoman ever. You can count on me - we’ll get you a guy in no time.”

She said it with such conviction - such confidence - that Tia couldn’t bring herself to doubt her. “All right, let’s do it!”

Adena knows shes got Kat wrapped around her finger. I mean the last time they were together, Kat was ready to go ALL IN. So when Adena hears Kat say shes going on a date… I know Adenas just laughing on the inside bc she knows its not going to work out. They have too much chemistry together for either of them to try anything with anyone else.

Gonna combine these two. So on the Homra and Scepter 4 sides, I imagine they probably already know about the Sarumi daughter from when the Strain first caused her to appear but then say she briefly disappears and everyone assumes that’s the end of it. But then she returns and this time it’s permanent, Yata and Fushimi really do have a biological daughter who they are raising together. I imagine both Scepter 4 and Homra being all charmed by the girl, Scepter 4 probably thinks she reminds them of Fushimi while Homra argues that no, she’s definitely Yata’s kid. Munakata would definitely be all for doting on and spoiling the child, like the first time Fushimi takes her to work he finds Munakata giving her a lollipop and is like Captain you look like you’re about to kidnap her. Munakata just smiles and says he finds the child very charming, ruffling her hair and wondering if he should ask her to call him uncle or grandpa (while Fushimi’s just sitting there like ‘no’). Oh, and imagine Fushimi taking her to Awashima because he doesn’t quite know about girl things like braiding hair and such and Awashima has to help him get used to having a little girl. On Homra’s end Kusanagi’s the one doing most of the doting, though I think Kamamoto would be pretty charmed by her as well. The Sarumi daughter probably spends a lot of time clinging to Anna though, like she’s more Fushimi-like in temperament and kinda shy so whenever there are too many people around she runs over to Anna and they have this super cute sister vibe happening (Sarumi daughter and Anna twinning in the same dresses, please just imagine this for a moment).

Eventually someone asks Yata what he’s told his family and Yata kinda has a 'crap, I guess I should tell my mom I have a kid now’ moment. It’s probably a bit awkward, like his mom doesn’t know a lot about Kings and Strains and such so how are they going to explain the new kid. Yata insists on taking her to meet the family though, like he can’t not tell his mom that she’s technically a grandmother now. Fushimi’s maybe a little unsure about all this because this is probably another big family thing for him, like he doesn’t really have a family to tell and it also makes this more real now, like they’re a family and they have a child and they’re telling Yata’s mom about her. Yata’s mom is somewhat confused then when they show up at her doorstep with this cute little red-headed blue-eyed girl in glasses and Yata’s just like 'um, mom…meet your granddaughter?’ Maybe they got permission from Munakata and Kusanagi to tell Yata’s mom the whole deal about the Slate so Yata’s able to give his mom the entire story, she’s confused but probably lets it slide because she’s all thrilled to be a grandma. I can totally see Yata’s mom fussing over the little girl and being all sweet with her.

Yata’s siblings I think would be a bit more confused, wondering how exactly Misaki and Saru ended up with a kid, but Yata’s mom is just like 'meet your niece’ and sends the girl off to play with them a bit so she can talk to Fushimi and Yata. I feel like Yata’s mom would be a good person for them to talk to here because Fushimi especially is probably silently freaking out about raising a kid and Yata’s mom can tell they need some advice. Yata admits that he’s not too sure how to be a parent and he’s kinda scared, like they’ve been given this lucky break and have a kid of their own and everything but he doesn’t even know how to raise one. Yata’s mom assures him that he and Fushimi will both be good parents, like no parent is ever perfect but the important thing is to love their child and the two of them clearly care about this girl a lot, even if she was created by an outside force she’s still their child and that’s all that matters. (She also asks what the girl’s name is and Fushimi and Yata just exchange looks because maybe they haven’t actually gotten around to that yet, Fushimi initially refused to give her a name because he thought she was going to disappear and he didn’t want to do anything that would make him more attached to her. Yata’s mom just gives them this look and says that she expects her granddaughter to have a name and that just leads to Yata’s family, Homra and Scepter 4 all competing to find the best name for the Sarumi child.)

The cool thing about the time lapse videos is that you can see the dough relaxing after I stop shaping it very clearly.

I’ll have to do another one of these for the work Instagram; I should have shot it from the other side, so you can see me cutting the dough instead of just watching this mass of sourdough slowly relax while I take it apart 😂😂😂

We use organic, unbleached all purpose flour, instead of bread flour, which does really well with cakes, but I have to modify this bread recipe between shipments of flour… sometimes even between bags. I’ve had to do interesting things to my puff pastry recipe to get it where I want it as well.