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i guess it’s a series now

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Devil/Angel AU

Hey guys it s Julie
Hope you are all well
Just to let you know that Jon and I will be away for a couple of days so expect a few queued posts and some delay with asks but I ll get him back to you asap
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Ps I just got a new septum piercing will link the Etsy shop I got it from in the comments if anyone wants to get cute handmade jewellery

Life is funny like that

An impromptu encounter and travel plans could change their lives forever. 

Sansa Stark wasn’t looking for anyone or anything, she was done with all that. At least she thought she was…until she saw the way he was looking at her. 

He hadn’t once looked at Margaery or Roslin like that she was sure. She felt slightly guilty for feeling delighted about that. 

He was obviously older then her but it didn’t bother her as much as she thought it might. It was actually a self confidence boost, that an older, powerful and wealthy man was looking at her that way. Sansa felt that there was a lot more of that to come yet and her body heated at the thought.

When Margaery had first suggested the idea, she wasn’t so keen. However in a flurry of excitement and mixed drinks from a well stocked bar, new travel plans had been arranged. It would only be for a few days anyway has they made their way up the coast on the very lavish super yacht the ‘Mockingbird’.

(Three University girls, a loved up Lores and Renly, a Dornish Prince and Petyr Baelish on a pimped up superyacht - what could possibly go wrong?)

do you ever see a really pretty girl on here and send her an anon msg that she responds to very nicely too and think “this. this is it. this is my future wife. right here. this is her. this is our story of how we met right here. this is happening. right now. love you future wifey.” because of those cute stories about people meeting on tumblr,,,,, because yeah i literally do that ten times a week


Sweet like sugar but I’m good for you 🍬😏

dont get me wrong i love all of the friendships in gsd but i LOVE when hyeri and yura are together bc they always have so much fun together and theyre always laughing and making fun of each other to the point that theyre really loud, and theyre just yelling and laughing (plus their laughs are the cutest thing ever) and they get so close,, when theyre laughing, like their faces are almost touching,, and they start pushing each other bc they find their jokes hilarious and everyone around them are like ‘wtf whats so funny??? but they keep laughingjdndje, anyways i love them