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Jinki Elmo Giveaway

So long story short I ended up with an extra Jinki Elmo doll, the big one, and I figured as much as I love him I didn’t need two SO without further ado have my first ever Giveaway

What you get: 1 Large Elmo Jinki (tags and all :))

What you have to do: 

  1. I wanted to make this as fair as possible, as well as easier for me to keep up with things so I don’t miss anyone, so you only get one entry.
  2. You must reblog this and for my own amusement if you would like, put in the tags one thing you really love about Jinki.


  1. Unfortunately I can only ship to the United States right now so ;~;, must be in the States
  2. Must be 16 or older and comfy with giving me your address ^-^
  3. Don’t have to follow me at all
  4. Also, please only use one account, no side blogs etc (unless your main isn’t kpop/shinee related etc)
  5. This will go on until December 15th at midnight est. It’s a long ways a way but I go on winter break then and will be able to contact the winner and talk out details.
  6. I will randomly select said winner by a random number generator, and the winner has 48 hours to respond before I pick another ^-^ 
  7. Oh and I guess as well, please don’t have one already ;;; I want him to go to someone who doesn’t.

Good luck~

does anyone listen to ‘drive’ by the cars and think of all the teen/brat pack movies of the ‘80s? it just reminds me of duckie standing at the top of those stairs in his sunglasses and prom suit waiting for the lonely andie; it makes me think of andrew seeing the made-over allison when she steps out from the room and claire when she presses that diamond earring into bender’s palm; it makes me think of poor jules curled up on the floor of her bare apartment, with the st. elmo’s crew crowded at her window while billy bursts through the door to make sure she’s safe; it reminds me of keith yelling watt’s name down the street before sweeping her into his arms after she thought he didn’t want her; it makes me think of marty as his life source begins to fade, strumming desperately on that guitar watching as george finally steps up and takes lorraine into his arms for another dance and a long-awaited kiss; it reminds me of dallas winston tumbling to the ground as the cops shoot him down, the greasers running after him, begging for ceasefire; it makes me think of lloyd holding that boom box outside diane’s window and jake ryan waiting outside the church for sam and whispering “yeah you” as she asks in pure bewilderment if he really is waiting for her.

the music and movies of the ‘80s really were wonderful.

【腐】マクスズつめ  |  コト

※  Permission was given by artist, do not remove caption.

Arcana Famiglia 2 - Jolly

–this post contains spoilers–

I played his route last among the guys. My feels were once again betrayed by Hunex…I wanted to write his part second because all the things i got from his route is still fresh to me.

Jolly is the family Advisor and Mondo’s right hand man. When the head of the family is not around, he takes charge of everyone. He is an alchemist and a researcher of matters about the tarot cards.

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