get it cause you rap


Casually bringing this back because it’s too good not to.

Guy: Spit a flow, man. Spit a flow.
Tablo: Spit a drunken flow?
Guy: Spit a drunken flow.
Tablo: I’m not even JK hyung, man. I can’t do that drunk.
Guy: Yo. You could do it drunk.
Tablo: JK hyung is sick drunk.
Guy: Yo you gotta do it drunk, man!
Tablo: I’m just sick drunk.

Tablo: Ok, fine. Yo, let me dumb it down for this diaper-wearing fake generation. I’m like Kanye on an award show. I got a hyperventil-‘late registration.’ Pass out, get drunk, and assed out. I’m like a handful of flyers–I’m quick to pass out.
MYK: You pass out but before you pass out, let’s get our raps out ‘cause we all stars that’s why they call us Smash Mouth. Yo, when I’m rippin’ these cats, I’m takin’ the trash out like I was the garbageman. Their flows can’t harm me, they’re all just garbage man.
Tablo: Garbage… What? What rhymes with garbage? Garbage… It’s like… Carnage. I’m killin’ the mic and I’m poppin’ ear blockage. I’ve been doing this since college. I got an ass for brains so even when I take a shit, I’m droppin’ knowledge.
MYK: And I’m ready to demolish. Anybody that wants to step to me–they’re not as fresh as me. These freestyles to me is so easy, it’s like takin’ breaths to me.
Tablo: Takin’ breaths to me, it’s like destiny. The death of hip-hop will be the death of me. That’s right, when I’m on the mic I like to rhyme tight and I’m always in the motherfucking spotlight.
MYK: Spotlight or, better yet, the limelight. That’s where we rhyme tight and we shine bright. Yo, I’m spittin’ with insight, grippin’ my mic tight, grippin’ it so tight I’m ready to take flight.
Tablo: Take flight! Take flight like a bird. I’m all up inside your head like a motherfuckin’ bird and I drop a turd. Flyest shit that you’ve ever heard. (lol)
MYK: And whether or not it’s absurd, yo my mind is fast like a blur. I wet the piss in your drink and with my dick I give it a stir. I smoke these words like herbs for sure, yes sir.
Tablo: Yes sir or yezzir, like I’m star-trekking. All these motherfuckin’ MCs better go home, better start packin’. I’m presidential when I flow. Yo it ain’t hard to tell: I Ba-ROCK the show Obamaself.

Man, I miss the Map the Soul days :(

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There's a storm comin' that the weatherman couldn't predict/I've start to ball prick you better flea cause I get ticked/It's a rap I was down, when I was down I was kicked, I got up/I'm back to punch ya to the ground ya trick/It's a trap, fuck my last CD that shit's in my trash/I'll be God damned if another rapper gets in my ass/I hit the gas and I spit every rap as if it's my last/You can die in a blink of an eye, so betcha I'll last

Ok…what the heck are these?

Suga - Best Friends to Lovers

“Y/N~ Can you come over today?” You were currently on the phone with Taehyung, or most commonly known as V from BTS. You had been their close friend ever since their trainee days so they practically treated you like a little sister even though you were starting to have feelings for a certain always-sleepy member of the group.

“Oh! Is that Y/N? Tell her to come quickly! Or else we will have to suffer from Jin hyung’s nagging again!!” Jimin shouted over the line with shouts of protests, presumably Jin as Taehyung started talking again.

“We’re going to watch Big Hero 6 today so come and watch it with us!” That was all you heard and before you could scream at him for waking you u at 6 am in the morning; you were hearing the infamous beeping tone.

Sighing, you could only get out of bed to get ready for the day. Truth be told, you were just living a few blocks away from their dorm and you could actually consider going back to sleep since you had only gotten a few hours of sleep after staying back at the bookshop you worked at.

After an hour, you were in the kitchen, grabbing an apple from the fridge to munch on as breakfast. It was still too early to head over, knowing them; they would probably get up in the afternoon after the phone call. However, you were fine with it. It was always like that anyways so you had long grown used to their rowdiness.

At times, Suga would sigh and look at you with a tired face but you were always sure to reply with a knowing smile and a pat on his back, as if telling him that it was alright to feel tired.

As you thought of Suga, you started thinking more about him, about how he was so cute whenever he would talk in his vlogs, how he would talk to you and how serious he was about music. It is an inevitable fact that that guy has nothing but music and you were proud of how far it had got him. From an ordinary boy who lived in Daegu, thinking day and night of hip hop to finally living out his dream.

You had known him ever since he was in Daegu, having been in the same high school as him. He was much different last time, a quiet, yet caring president. He would make sure to prepare presents whenever it was your classmates’ birthdays and hand out sweets to whoever was having a bad day. So having to see him debut with such a “tough” concept almost made you double over in laughter.

The more you thought of Suga, the more you found yourself falling deeper in love with him, to the point where you were blatantly staring at pictures of him in your phone, a stupid grin spreading across your face along with a blush as red as the apple you just finished.

Looking at the time, you shrugged and got your things, figuring that you could just stop by the convenience store to grab some snacks before heading over to their dorm.

Strolling across the rather empty streets on a Saturday morning, you took in a deep breath and exhaled with a smile. There was a slight breeze so you were thankful you were wearing black jeans along with a simple white shirt over your black hoodie and beanie.

Stopping by the convenience store, you walked around; looking for the snacks you and the boys could share before you saw two familiar figures at the end of the dairy section. You could recognize them easily; it was Jimin and Suga so you made your way, deciding to ignore the butterflies at seeing Suga there.

“Hey guys.” You smiled at them.

Both spun around, seeing you there and greeted you back with smiles of their own. “Hey Y/N! Why are you here?” Jimin had asked, looking at your empty basket.

“I came to get some snacks for us to share during the movie later, what about you guys?”

“Jin hyung sent us to get the ingredients for his special lunch he’s about to cook…” Suga grumbled as he shook his head, adding, “But we’re going to sneak our way out of it. I can never forget that ham bread thing he cooked in America.” He shuddered for added effect, earning a chuckle from you.

“It wasn’t that bad though, hyung!” Jimin defended and shook his head when Suga ignored him, laughing at his childish hyung.

“Y/N-ah, wait for us, we’re almost done actually, we’ll meet you at the cashier?” Jimin asked while you nodded, making your way down to the snacks section and getting as many different types of chips as you could.

After 15 minutes contemplating on the sweets you guys could enjoy, you settled with a pack of gummy bears before heading towards the cashier, seeing the two males already paying as you fell in line behind them.

Once everything was paid for, the three of you started making your walk back towards the dorm. It was still early so the probability of being recognized was relatively lower. Suga was being a real gentleman, offering to help carrying all of your grocery bags, leaving you to carry the bag containing of gummy bears.

“You know that I can carry them right?” You chuckled as Suga ignored your words, continuing his march ahead of you.

“I’m just afraid your arms might fall off~” came his sharp reply, accompanied with laughter from everyone. That was just how close you were with the guys, to the point where they could joke around like as if you were their eighth member.

Walking through the dorm’s front door, your noses were hit with a rather, strong smell, making you choke.

“You guys are back! Lunch will be ready soon so go and relax first~” Jin sang as he saw Suga and Jimin enter the kitchen, smiling at you.

“At this rate, we might just end up getting food poisoning…” Rap Monster whispered into your ear, causing you to chuckle. Jin wasn’t a bad cook actually, he just tend to add in different ingredients at times, claiming that he wanted to try out a new fusion.

“Suga hyung, you got backup right?” Taehyung asked as he stared at the elder seriously. Seeing the cups of cup noodle in the plastic bags, you finally understood what he meant by backup and went over to rest on the sofa.

Lunch came and passed with remarks passed around and promises made to never make such a dish. Though you felt bad seeing Jin pouting and sulking for the last 10 minutes, you took it upon yourself to finish the dish, having a large appetite yourself.

“Y/N is the best! All you guys don’t know how to appreciate true cooking!” Jin declared while grinning at you. All you could was muster a small smile back.

Seeing your discomfort easily, Suga patted your back before handing you a glass of water. “Wash off the taste in your mouth if it’s that bad.”

During the movie, everyone was settled in their very own spot. Jin was situated on the right of the sofa with Suga on the left, leaving you to sit in between them. J-Hope sat on the floor along with Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook while Rap Monster was left to lean against the right side of the sofa.

Time passed and before you knew it, your eyes had closed as you fell into a deep slumber. Light rain pattered against the windows outside the streets of Seoul as your head rested against Suga’s shoulder. His head was currently resting on top of yours and your hands were actually intertwined.

By the end of the movie, only Jimin and Taehyung were awake with Taehyung almost falling asleep himself. Jimin turned around and smiled to himself as he saw how close you were with his hyung. Truth be told, he could actually tell how much Suga liked you.

Come on, who couldn’t when Suga kept smiling every time you were brought up in the conversation? He could have tried to hide his smile but there was no hiding of that gummy smile and Jimin could ultimately see through the tough facade of his hyung.

Nudging his best friend, Jimin snickered, “They obviously should date already!” Taehyung half-whispered and half-groaned out as he collapsed against Jimin, eyes closing as sleep consumed him too.

The first to wake up between the both of you was Suga and when he saw how close you were to his chest, almost right where his heart was, he swore that he could feel his heartbeat increase rapidly. He tried to calm himself down as he admired your sleeping form, smiling at how peaceful and pretty you look, even though you had eye bags.

“She’s pretty right, hyung? Confess soon~” Jimin whispered softly into Suga’s ear with a grin and wink before heading into his room. Suga was shocked, was his expression that obvious? Did you already know? What if you rejected him? He did not want to be rejected but he still hadn’t tried, had he? How sure was he that you would reject him?

Ultimately, his life motto did say “I don’t give a shit.” So what did he have to lose if you said no? He would just have to suck it up and continue life, didn’t he?

You woke up a few minutes later, realizing how close you were to Suga, your face heated up almost immediately before you pulled away. Looking around, you saw that almost everyone was either sleeping or on their phone with the exception of Suga who was staring at you.

“Y/N?” His voice came out soft and unsure, it wasn’t uncommon but now, he seemed much more anxious than ever which made you nervous too.


“Okay, hip hop is dead anyway, ” he muttered softly to himself before speaking again. “I know that this way of confessing is stupid and cowardly, but are you willing to continue holding hands with me in your sleep while resting your head on my shoulder?” By now, his face was a dark shade of red against his pale skin tone.

Your blush could easily rival his too when you heard his words. Had you heard wrongly? Was he really confessing to you or was it just a new prank? But if it was, why would his face be so red?

Your mouth and closed, pretty much like a fish out of water before you decided on nodding your head furiously, afraid that if you didn’t, you might just lose this chance.

Suga’s gummy smile came out again as he pulled you in for a tight and warm hug, cheering happily by himself and startling his members.

“Y/N agreed!”

“About time~” Jimin sang playfully, his head peeking around the corner.

“Exactly…” Taehyung remarked, a wide smile on his face.

“Here we were discussing how to get you to make the first move by locking you two in the room or something!” J-Hope exclaimed, high-fiving Rap Monster.

Your jaw dropped, had they known at long?! Were your feelings for Suga that obvious too? Suga’s expression was the same as yours as Jungkook laughed loudly.

“Now that we have the birth of a new couple, I’ll cook up a new dish to celebrate!” Jin hummed as he made his way into the kitchen.

At that, everyone groaned and fell onto the floor in protest and mock agony.

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