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kind of a continuation of this

Elder Church helps Elder Poptarts visit his sister’s grave for the first time since she died. She passed away right before he left for Uganda so he hadn’t seen her headstone and had extreme anxiety at the thought of visiting her. Church shows up with a huge bouquet of lilies one day and asks if he felt strong enough. Poptarts cries the whole time and squeezes Church’s hand so hard it hurts. 

Church gets his own place when he’s back in the states (that he shares with his roommate Poptarts) but still visits his mom every week to see how she is doing. He’s very nervous about introducing her to people because he knows what she’s been through and doesn’t want her to ever be hurt again. One day, Poptarts asks if he can go with him. Poptarts bakes her a cake and she loves it.

dude like
every person whos played elder mckinley ever? an angel. (literally)
rory o'malley? the og! smal and wiggly boi! also a good stern district leader.
pierce cassedy? got DAMN he is one seductive thin mckinley.
stephen ashfield? an energetic mckinley!! boppin and sassy.
steven webb? ive only heard the recording of his “turn it off” but my god it was the cutest one ive heard!!