get it bom get it

So it is CONFIRMED that CL dropped her stuff in the US for 2ne1 cb, wrote for 2ne1, they recorded an album that is sitting somewhere COMPLETE, YGE decided to suddenly disband them, essentially pulling the rug out from beneath their feet without any prior warning, and the group, which did NOT WANT TO DISBAND, is left with a goodbye single that hasn’t been promoted a single ounce in attempt to set them up for failure

What a way to treat the iconic record-setting, third best selling girl group world wide that made you millions


annyeong, annyeong.

*Girl Group does hip-hop concept*

2ne1 fans: Wow look at them copying 2ne1 

Me: Man i could have sworn 2ne1 didn’t invent hip hop, i’m pretty sure it was black people. This must be that new history 

The 2NE1 criticism that I hate the most is that they weren’t good visuals (utter bullshit) and that they alienated the male market. You know what? That’s a good thing. It was nice having just one group that didn’t cater to the male gaze, that focused on female and personal empowerment and strong images and lyrics. 2NE1 offered an alternative to the fabricated images of many k-pop groups. They were real, their music was real. Lonely, Missing You and Ugly are just a few examples of vulnerable and painful songs with a sound and message that no one else has been able to achieve yet. I’m so going to miss 2NE1, the rule-breakers, the trend-setters. The ones that never shied away from bold fashion, from fierce stages, from letting loose on stage with gazes to the camera like they could set it on fire if they wanted to. I’m going to miss 2NE1, the girls who could just come out and perform great songs, many of which had 0% to do with relationships, and were instead all about having fun, independence, being free, following your dreams and dancing. I’m going to miss 2NE1 so much, especially in a world that badly needs true idols like them. But at the same time, I am so grateful for the time we had with them, and I hope their legacy will inspire future girl groups and girls and women around the world for many years to come. 

“Even if a long time passes by, we’ll still remember each other.: - 2NE1, Missing You

Arnold Cunningham is King of the Lizards

One day in Uganda, Arnold finds a tiny lizard and he raises it like a son. All the Elders, including Naba and her village, drop off other lizards they find in Arnold’s room because he’s been complaining that his lizard seems lonely. Soon, Arnold has amassed a lizard army.

(i’m so sorry)

ok but listen listen all these girl groups are disbanding? i straight up blame the companies.

for instance, let’s start with one disbandment that hit a lot of people hard: the one of 4minute’s. cube did a very shitty job of promoting ALL the members; only HyunA was fully promoted, and as an idol, what use is it if only one member is known in a group of more than 2 people?

the next group i want to talk about is rainbow, a 7 membered south korean girl group that disbanded last year around november. know them? if you don’t i wouldn’t surprised because their ex company dsp is utterly trash at promoting them. honestly, i feel like rainbow would still be in the industry if not for dsp’s lack of promotion.

i want to add spica too, because they, too, were very poorly promoted. the members all were talented, they had some great songs, but due to lack of promotion, they weren’t getting any where so that could be why they disbanded?

next group: 2ne1. and i agree full heartedly with everyone on their disbandment. first off, yg’s only cause to disband them was because bom’s drug scandal which was PROVED to be her depression MEDS not DRUGS. yet, he blamed everything on bom’s mental health, which was a VERY low thing of him first off. also, when i heard minzy left, i was feeling very happy. it had been TWO YEARS since their full comeback [goodbye not included] and in that time period, yg didn’t let them have a comeback due to “bom rethinking her mistakes.”

i could keep going but let’s just keep supporting female idols loudly and proudly and try to make sure another girl group doesn’t disband this year~


I made a very important compilation video tonight that took a lot of time and effort and skills, I’m pretty sure this is the magnum opus of my editing career.

y spelling bee needs a bigger fucking fandom
  • its a damn good show with jokes and emotions
  • the characters are rlly good and pretty developed and VERY relatable 
  • but since the setting doesnt change we only see these characters in one environment
  • so theres a lot the fandom can do to write the characters in new scenarios
  • also we see them as tweens and then hear about them grown up at the end so its really fun to think about them in high school, college, etc
  • and we hear about their parents and some of them we do see but theres a lot of potential for development there as well
  • also they arent shown interacting as much with each other in long intervals but the short bits of interaction we do see are interesting enough to enjoy elaborating upon
  • so in summary the show has great characters that are so fun to flesh out but very few people seem interested in this and i would love seeing ppl join me on this
summed up bom songs
  • hello!: you get jesus and you get jesus and you get jesus
  • two by two: getting paired with some annoying kid in middle school
  • hasa digi eebowai: lmao y'all are clueless
  • turn it off: the no homo jam that every musical has ft. not so repressed ginger
  • sal tlay ka siti: requiem from dear evan hansen
  • man up: please don't cry my sweet innocent baby oh wOAH THIS GUITAR RIFF
  • spooky mormon hell dream: sUch a good song oh my god do you have any idea i love it so much oh and homosexuals in hell
  • i believe: actually a little serious and when taken out of context is a pretty good song really it's quite nice and rlly the ending is so cute
  • baptize me: blue from heathers the musical
  • tomorrow is a latter day: the beginning tbh take my tears, i believe is reprised, group songs in high school rehearsal once everyone has memorized the song and the actually good singers are belting, aww the hello! reprise is cute too, hey did i mention that mckinley let's his feelings out (btw that means he's gay)