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‘I Think I’m Pregnant’ Poe Dameron x fem!Reader

Prompt: I think I’m pregnant with Poe x Reader?

A/N: Not my best work yo ((’: 
        Han Solo x fem!Reader after this ey

Warnings: Terrible writing bc I wrote it fast and among 6 other one shots dang.

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anonymous asked:

i saw some of your headcanons!! amber as your bestfriend hcs??

Amber as your bestfriend;

here you go ♥♥

• is really proud of you

• always calling or texting you

• comes over when she’s bored

• she just bashes in without warning

• has house keys from your house

• is comfortable showering when you’re in the bathroom too

• brings an entire bag of food over for a sleepover

• has clothes at your house

• and you have clothes at her house

• you even have things for Jack Jack & Tuna at your house

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• duets

• constant laughter

• you two can have serious talks

• yoga at 3am

• movies movies movies

• goes shopping with you

• treats you to food all the time

• you both get 2 boba’s each everytime you go out

• and sometimes return for a third one

• karaoke

Originally posted by mmmmmilikeamber

• will cry over kdrama’s with you

• whenever a character dies she just stares at the floor

• “i hate it, nope, bye, i hate this drama, WHY”

• goes to the kitchen for her comfort food

• returns with food AND tissues for the next ep

• brings you comfort food when you send her a sadd emoji

• gives you souvenirs from other countries

• brings  you a lot of candy from japan

Originally posted by mmmmmilikeamber

• supports you when you get a tattoo or piercing

• calls your parents her parents

• calls your sibling her sibling

• people sometimes as if you two are family

• or if you two are dating

• knows all your family members

• comes to family parties

• “i’ve been adopted into this family”

• is loves by all your family members

• takes you out on friend dates

• you two have a weekly movie date

• unless if she’s away

• then you two have a Skype friend date

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When you get this, list 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people you have notes from! (You can do this in-character or not, whatever's comfortable!)

That’s a hard question… But probably sweets, fluff, gardening, purple, and sleep.

Because I keep imagining Genos as a cat using Saitama’s bald head as a pillow and keeping it warm :3

[This is omake for OPM Headcanon #7]

I hate drawing fingers… and fabric… and faces… basically everything.

Redrawing Saitama’s face 10 times got me like…

*crawls into hole of shame and dies*

5 Things Tag

Tagged by my fellow @saltykorean and korean-canadian @booseuksoon 

5 Things You’ll Find in my Bag
(backpack bc i’m a child and only use my backpack for everything)

- mango Burts Bees lipbalm 
- climbing shoes
- advil + allergy meds
- fox shaped scissors
- phone charger

5 Things You’ll Find in my Bedroom

- a color coded closet
- panda calendar :D
- course readers from old classes
- my collection of hats
- an extensive sharpie collection

5 Things I Always Wanted to do in Life

- be productive lol
- travel on my own
- learn to letter well 
- be done with school tbh
- get free boba 

5 Things I’m Currently Into

- boba (but i’m always into boba)
- thai food
- rock climbing
- being lazy bc its break  
- ignoring all the application essays i need to write (amongst other things)

5 Things on my To-Do List

- study abroad scholarship applications 
- WRITE FOR @wooziology
- redo tumblr theme
- record english version of spring day??????????
- cry bc school starts again soon and i’ll be drowned in work again

5 Things People May Not Know About Me

- i lived in California for 5.5 years
- i have a cousin who has the same face as woozi
- i have super small handwriting my 2nd grade and 8th grade teachers needed a magnifying glass whoops
- i’ve been following seventeen since 2012
- i run a salt blog for my salty korean soul where i just complain about koreaboos tbh

I’m tagging @hoshinoyas, @minghaeo, @jamlessjisoo, @wonnmoo@verhoon, @soon-shine​, @chocoshua, @kwon-grandma, @hansold, @momjeonghan

rat: *twiddles his fingers when he waves his painted nails and quotes katy perry and wants to get some boba and lounge on the beach*

someone: god just look at this…… masculine manly man

A Matter Of Time

Chapter 5 of my ridiculously long slow burn has arrived. Its a little short this week, but I was busy with other stuff Shoub.

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Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4

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