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A moody morose moray merm.

some more gorillaz headcanons
  • murdoc is actually pretty decent at voguing and can pull off a flawless death drop. he does it whenever he’s not getting his way and wants to be petulant about it. there have been a lot of arguments in which murdoc is about to lose but instead drops to the ground suddenly and slides away on his back, whining “you can’t maaaaake meeeee.” he’s been doing it less as he gets older but he’s still not allowed to come on supermarket trips anymore. last time russ wouldn’t let him get the sugary cereal he wanted and he death dropped in the middle of the aisle and caused a scene and a cleanup on aisle 4. 
  • everyone steals everyone else’s nail polish, even though as a whole the band has over 400 different bottles. this sometimes leads to really passive-aggressive messages in the group chat. when noodle was little, she insisted on painting everyone’s nails for them; this doesn’t happen as much anymore, but since there’s always a bottle of nail polish somewhere in reach, long conversations between people tend to be held over a communal nail painting session. 2d still can’t paint the nails on his left hand; murdoc usually paints them for him. 

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‘I Think I’m Pregnant’ Poe Dameron x fem!Reader

Prompt: I think I’m pregnant with Poe x Reader?

A/N: Not my best work yo ((’: 
        Han Solo x fem!Reader after this ey

Warnings: Terrible writing bc I wrote it fast and among 6 other one shots dang.

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ow guys & girl’s (not all) idea of a perfect date/day

I’ve got an essay to write, but screw that~


He likes to have privacy, like a lot. A day where the both of you could have a deep conversation with some light-hearted jokes thrown in is already a good day. Bring tea and incense into the mix and he’ll be the semi-happiest man at the moment.

(I know some Asian cultures only light incense when someone dies, but you know…other people like to light it too relax :P Lit dude) 


Of course he’s fine with every date idea, but he’s lowkey selfish and wants you all to himself. Putting on a movie (any kind), turning off all the lights, and cuddling with you under a warm blanket will make this cyborg melt. 

Lucio (might be kinda ooc (Out Of Character))

Going to see a fellow musician’s concert is pretty rad. It’d give him a break from his own music and get inspired by someone else. Plus, he loves music! Why not share it with someone he loves?

Streaming! She gets to show you off to her thousands of fans, while playing video games. This gremlin won’t back down from winning against you though. You’ll scroll through the comments and see a lot of fans fangirl when Hana clings onto your arm.


Coffee date for sureeee. She loves the taste of coffee, all coffee. Angela drank it all the time while she was in Switzerland, making her Valkyrie suit. The atmosphere at any coffee shop puts her at ease. 


Going for a run, or a jog. Lena doesn’t like to sit around and do nothing, so she’s always on her feet. She’ll encourage you to keep going if you lose all hope. Make sure to prep yourself when you two run, she doesn’t play around when she runs.


GOING TO GET BOBA. If you never had boba, boiiii you need to get it. It’s one of Junkrat’s favorite drinks! The cashier at the boba place will know him, and his order by heart. He’s always drinking it when he isn’t out on a mission with Roadie. 


Staying in bed and cuddling <3 This cowboy is one of the laziest people in Overwatch. Did you want to actually go out and do something for a date? SoRrY. Jesse isn’t leaving his bed >w<


Maybe…following her around as she works on her hard-light machines. Idk I give up on her already.

nct and their boba orders

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Anon said: all of nct’s boba orders & why? (ps ily u already know who this is)

my dude… i live for this concept. 

  • Taeil: Taro slush ! This drink isn’t too sweet but provides the feeling of being refreshed after drinking it. This could relate to Taeil because even though he could be shy at times, when he does have a moment it leaves everyone happy !!  

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Let Me Love You (Lai Guanlin Twoshot pt 2)

When you were first paired up with Lai Guanlin for your Advanced Business final, you didn’t know what to think. Guanlin was quiet and shy, but as you continued to work together, you realized that he was also kind and a gentleman with his own personal problems. Slowly, you fell for him, and unbeknownst to you, he’d been in love with you all along…

  • featuring kang mina (pd101/gugudan), kang daniel and ong seungwoo as your best friends
  • park jihoon and yoo seonho as guanlin’s best friends
  • high school! au

this is part two! read part one here


“(Y/G/N) (Y/N) and Lai Guanlin, Ethics and the Law in Business,” your teacher called out. You twisted in your seat to look at Lai Guanlin, the transfer student from Taiwan who always sat in the back of the class with his friends Seonho and Jihoon. The three were all on the basketball team, but they didn’t talk much in class, so you didn’t know how well you two would work together.

You hadn’t realized that Guanlin had even been listening to you, let alone that he remembered such a passing comment like that.

“Your family is staring,” you murmured quietly, letting yourself savor the feeling of Guanlin swaying you back and forth.

“Let them stare,” Guanlin responded, deep voice rumbling in his chest, intense gaze looking down at you.

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wolfishpennings  asked:

A traditional Mando'a Kenobi, adressing Fett in their first meeting. The possibility of change.

OMG the clichés I used here, the deus ex machina and the tropes. Perfect, thank you, that was a lovely one !

Jango stares at the man escorted by Taun We inside his quarters. Apart from the Cuy’Val’Dar wearing some, and the pale copies worn by his clones, the last time he saw proper beskar’gam was when he looked at himself in the reflection of the fresher’s mirror.

He was expecting a Jetii.
What’s a Mandalorian doing on Kamino ?


“Who are you ?”
“I’m someone who remembers who you are, Ner Mand’alor.”


Obi-Wan sees the exact moment Jango Fett’s eyes lose their wary curiosity for resigned fury.

“There is no Mand’alor here.” Fett growls.
“There could be.”

It took time, and skill, to both redirect the Jedi tracking the lead, the clues perfectly difficult yet somehow just easy enough to decipher, leading them directly to Geonosis without going through Kamino, and finding the hidden system himself, lured by the name of Jango Fett.
But Obi-Wan is stubborn, like any good Mando, and he has a purpose.

There’s war looming, and while it’s a Mandalorian’s calling, they would be lambs for the slaughter without someone to unify them.
And he likes Sabine, he really does, but while peace is a noble goal, naivety and willful blindness aren’t the ways to achieve it. You do not erase hundreds of years of culture for the sake of pacifism, not without turning into a tyrant. Change has to come, but as a group effort, not from people never leaving the golden domes of Sundari.

They need a Mand’alor, not a Duchess.

Except the one they have…
Has rejected his title years ago.


Jango sees the blade of purple light arcing towards his neck and is too slow to do anything about it.
Killed by a jetii. Of fucking course.

There the sound of a blaster, and a hiss of pain, and a very glaring lack of death. Jango opens the eyes he wasn’t aware he had closed and stares at the men in tan and black beskar’gam standing in front of him, pressing a hand against a wounded flank and swearing at the Korun Jetii.
Jango may not understand a word of Haruun Kai’s tongue, but he knows how to recognize insults when he hears some.

The Jetii looks startled, and his gaze drops to the side, widening when he catches sight of Boba.
He steps back, glaring and mouth set, but turns back towards the arena, going to help his fellow Force-users.

Jango catches the other Mando just before he collapses, glaring at him.

“Why did you do that ?”
“A flesh wound instead of your head, and you’re asking ?” scoffs the man, removing his helmet, revealing his red hair and blue eyes, his mouth twisted in pain. “It’s not fatal, and I have bacta. Re-attaching a head is a bit more complicated.”
Jango scowls. “You could have died.”
“There are worse fates than that. You are my Mand’alor.”
“I’m no-one’s Mand’alor.”

It’s the young man’s -how did Taun We call him ? Obi-Wan ?- turn to scowl at him.

“You’ll be mine until one of us dies, deal with it.”

He shrugs off Jango’s hand and gets up, wincing. Boba immediately takes his place at his father’s side, despite Jango’s orders, his eyes shining with worry.
Jango looks at his son, as he swears he’s fine, looks at the arena where the droids are corralling the jetiise, Tyrannus ready to sentence them all to death.
It should bring him joy but as he looks at his son, he doubts, for the first time in a long while.

Is this what he wants ?
Could there be another way ?

“Who would come ?” he whispers, halting Obi-Wan’s departure. “Apart from you and your inexplicable faith, who would come, to the call of the ghost of the Mand’alor I once was ?”

Jetpacks’ sounds fill the air, followed by a hail of blaster fire, as dozens of men and women in beskar’gam fly into the arena, firing EMPs onto the droids and coming to the Jedi’s help.
Jango recognize sigils, patterns, some that make him seethes, some that are old friends’.

“They would.”