get it because tomorrow is april fools day


you know what that means
I PROPOSE THAT WE 1) get #dontcrycraft trending on twitter
2) call Dan and Phil by their middle names which are James and Michael
3) spam every instagram picture of theirs with any of the following:
Hey buddy you in London
Damn Daniel
Fight meh I’m from teh north
That sounds real ace

‘BB-8 is the best wingman Poe can ask for’

“Okay buddy, today is the day,” Poe says tying a small ribbon he’d stolen from Jessika’s craft basket around the wildflowers he’d picked in the forest that circled the base. Poe gets a small beep in return that sounds like a question and Poe looks down to BB-8 who is waiting patiently by his feet.

“What do you think?” he asks as he holds out the small bouquet he has assembled; he watches as BB-8 examines it carefully. “It’s for Finn,” he continues, smiling when BB-8 lets out a sequence of excited beeps and whistles. “Yes, I’m going to tell him how I feel, that’s why I said today is the day and you’re going to help me. What do you say BB-8, be my wingman?”

Poe laughs as his little droid does a series of spins all the while beeping its little head off before coming to a stop to open a small compartment and extending his light torch in his now custom way of offering thumbs up.

“Okay,” Poe says taking a deep breath as he opens the door to his quarters. “Let’s go.”

Poe and BB-8 walk down the quiet halls of the base, it’s noon and that means most of the staff are at the mess hall but Finn since starting his training in the med bay was known for taking a later lunch to let some of the other medical personnel get something to eat first. With that in mind the duo head for the medical wing. When they get there, there are only a few medi-droids, Major Kalonia who has been training Finn in first aid and trauma care, and Finn himself. Major Kalonia spots them first, her eyes darting from Poe to the flowers in Poe’s hand to Finn and back again. The Major smiled, shaking her head in silent amusement and stands heading for the door where Poe hovers.

“Good luck, Commander,” she murmurs as she exits.

Poe gives her a grateful look, nerves preventing him using words. Poe looks over to where Finn sits, he hasn’t noticed them yet, his focus on a medical datapad in front of him. Poe takes a moment to take him in, how happy and healthy Finn looks after months of pain and recovery.

BB-8 now used to Poe getting lost in his new favorite hobby of staring at Finn rolls into him, giving him a small nudge and when Poe looks down the droid gives him a look that can only be described as impatient.


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me and the princess ( @spitefulsuggestions ) have come up with an idea for april fool’s day but we dont want to make a post going right out and saying it because that would ruin the surprise so we’ll message you with the info if you wanna hear it c:

it’s something completely harmless and would only last for tomorrow and would be really fun

if nothing else, you could reblog this just to get the word around because we really want this to be a thing

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