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“Armie, I’ve had many scenes with him and he’s such a nice guy, he’s lovely. And he makes me laugh everyday, he’s really funny. I think he knows if we’ve been out in the cold, you know, we’ve done some tough scenes in the past couple of weeks now but he kind of keeps the mood up, he brings out his guitar…”  - Alicia Vikander

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hey lets talk about ronans buzzcut cause i just shaved my head, cool? cool

  • its therapeutic as hell
    • seriously its the best feeling
  • the first time he shaves his head its not long after niall died
  • everything he sees reminds him of his father
  • its one too many times he sees his reflection, sees his father staring back at him, and he decides fuck it.
    • he grabs a random pair of scissors and just starts chopping off his hair as close as he can get it to his scalp
    • he doesn’t sleep that night
    • he keeps having to wait for his vision clear to finish the job
    • its the first and last time he cries for his father
  • gansey finds him the next morning red eyed, wide awake, and clutching the scissors in a death grip
  • he takes the scissors away, doesn’t say a word about ronan skipping, and comes home that afternoon with proper clippers
  • from then on, it becomes monthly routine for them
    • “ok dick, no cutting my ears off”
    • “it was one damn time, and i barely nicked you leave me alone”
    • “language, dick”
    • “say goodbye to your ears”
  • the first time adam is around for it, he’s at monmouth for something or other, and him and gansey are doing homework (re: adam is doing homework while gansey is hunched over his journal waxing poetic about is magical sleeping boyfriend)
  • ronan busts out of his room, clippers in hand and just yells “HEY DICK”
    • cue gansey flailing and dropping all his shit
    • he’s a soft guy ok ronan startles him a lot
  • gansey gets up and goes into the bathroom/kitchen/laundry room to cut ronan’s hair 
  • adam’s kinda ???? until he hears the clippers
  • he’s…kinda curious so he goes in and sees ronan on a stool, gansey balancing on the side of the bathtub behind him (ronan’s super tall ok this is the only way he can get it even stop laughing noah), and noah’s chilling on the counter
  • adam can kinda tell like…this is Important. this is a ronan-and-gansey thing that he’s being allowed to be a part of because ronan? adam’s never seen him look this relaxed, like. ever. his head is tipped forward and that permanent set to his shoulders is gone. gansey’s even humming his terrible hipster music under his breath and ronan hasn’t complained once.
    • when adam and ronan first met, ronan was, of course, kind of a dick. but after this, after adam is allowed to be there for this little monthly ritual, he feels like ronan has taken him in. 
  • because theyre dumb boys ronan and noah will try to blow shavings into each others faces (which lemme tell you?? all those tiny hairs??? THEY GET EVERYWHERE ITS THE WORST)
  • gansey scolds them and all he gets is a “shut up mom” in unison back, and adam, sitting in the doorway watching his friends, can’t help but smile
  • later, when adam and ronan are dating, adam sort of gets obsessed with the buzzcut. he can’t make fun of ronan’s hand fixation at all okay the kid has not a leg to stand on because he’s constantly running his hands over ronan’s head, eventually he starts cutting it for him, theyre,, so into each other i can’t deal good god anyway
  • when adam is off at school and gansey is off helping his mom one weekend, blue and ronan are….unsupervised
    • theyre idiots ok 
    • blue decides she wants a side shave and lets ronan do it
    • the boy has never??? done it to himself??? he’s just standing there with the attachments and blue’s like “well?” and he looks at her dead on and just
    • “i have no fucking clue what i’m doing”
    • once she’s done laughing at his sorry ass, she calls in calla for help, who ends up just doing it for them 
    • ronan totally tries to sneak away cause hell no he’s not letting calla shave his head she’ll try to kill him
    • she snatches him by his damn tank top “sit the fuck down, snake. you’re starting to look unruly.”
    • you better be damn sure blue recorded the entire process of ronan grumpily getting his hair trimmed and sent it to adam
  • all in all, ronan loves getting his head shaved. at first, it was like the tattoo. it was about doing something different, of being something different, because how was he supposed to get people to see how much niall’s death changed him if he didn’t throw it in their faces with a buzzcut and a huge tattoo. 
  • but now….now its memories of calm afternoons with gansey and noah, and later adam too. its blue having to jump comically high to smack him on the head and yell “FRESH CUT”, and him pretending its annoying she noticed. its adam giving him a soft peck on the crown of his head after a trim. its a nice little monthly ritual with his family. 
  • he may not see niall’s reflection staring back at him anymore, but he’s not just niall’s son. he’s not just the greywaren, he’s ronan and he likes his buzzcut, he likes the people who help with it, he likes that it makes him feel like he has his own reflection. 
modern, muggle headcanons

[wolfstar and jily/jegulily, 1,5523]


  • oversized sweaters and button downs all day everyday
  • ink stained hands
  • collects old books - Most have torn pages and faded ink from constant rereading.
  • has too many half written stories all featuring the same characters he’s overly attached to (an: oh shit its actually me)
  • somehow always carries chocolate or knows the nearest place he can get some.
  • works in a book store (an: I just love this au too much ik its cliché as hell)
  • can and will fall asleep anywhere
  • all his clothes have rips in them or are extremely worn - not on purpose like Padfoot however (’MOONY ITS PUNK ROCK SHUT UP AND GIMME THE SCISSORS’)
  • enjoys the rain a lot - lucky they stay in Scotland then
  • Amber eyes and golden hair that lightly curls with his love of the rain (James gets jealous bc hes the ‘curly haired friend’)
  • always carries a notebook, of which he has wayyyyy too many
  • knows too many constellations which he doodles in all of his notebooks and always keeps track of the moon phases, hence the nickname
  • his sleep schedule is beyond screwed - probably caused by “ nope I cant sleep without reading Pads,” and then getting completely transfixed by a fictional world
  • always sketching people around him, he could happily sit in a café all day and draw everyone there, maybe he has an entire notebook of Padfoot sketches, maybe he does not, who knows
  • can’t function without coffee
  • very trustworthy of his friends almost too trusting, but can barely talk to a person outside of their group
  • almost too pale, couldn’t tan if he tried all that the sun does is give him a light dusting of freckles and chases away his beloved rain
  • loves living in the attic of their huge shared home (curtesy of James’ insanely large inheritance and Sirius’ uncle Alphaard) it has wooden walls and an obscene amount of plants, his favourite part is a large window on the ceiling that he enjoys climbing out especially when its drizzling when the others join him
  • usually the subject of Padfoot’s (favourite) polaroids
  • probably the only guy there that thinks of the consequences of a situation before they become a reality
  • the responsible one
  • can read & write music
  • pianist
  • Lily & Peter read all of his stories - annoyed they aren’t finished
  • loves animals, still pretends to be annoyed when James brings home stray dogs
  • gets sick constantly and secretly finds it hilarious when Sirius freaks out and acts like his nurse


  • constantly painting, drawing and creating awesome art pieces
  • photography nerd - has a huge collection of polaroids & pinholes in his ‘dark room’ (a cupboard under the stairs that has a red light)
  • owns a motorbike that he is constantly repairing and is attempting to convince James to get one too “prongs we’ll look awesome c’mon do it or the aesthetic” James can’t ride a damn bicycle
  • always stealing Remus’ sweaters, even thought they are all about 10 sizes too big
  • has at least 15 leather jackets.(Wears one bc Moony got him patches for it years ago)
  • Long black hair that is always falling into tired grey eyes - Walburga has threatened to chop it off too many times
  • works in an art gallery, occasionally slips in his own work (the manager knows but she loves his work)
  • angsty as hell
  • always listening to music - preferably on vinyls  “I don’t care how expensive it is Wormtail, it sounds far better (also it’s not my credit card its my cousin Bellatrix’s so???)
  • Smoker (probably for the aesthetic tbh) “yeah right Moons it makes me punk rock as shit,”
  • wears his biker boots all day everyday
  • plays guitar (secretly acoustic is his favourite)
  • all his clothes are ripped as heck
  • very very protective of his friends, has given out and received his fair share of black eyes for this “its for a noble cause also it makes me look pun-”        “ Padfoot for god sake we get it you’re punk rock!”
  • terrible at showing negative emotions but has learned to when it comes to Prongs and Moony - he’s getting there with some of the others
  • obsessive in his love for dogs and is genuinely offended when Lily gets a cat, the day he found out  James bought it the word ‘betrayal’ is genuinely used, even more offended when Regulus began playing with the cats “ Sirius I’m named after a star in the LEO constellation???”
  • such a drama queen (speaking of Queen imagine him & Bohemian Rhapsody?)
  • tries to hide his aristocratic background, though his mannerisms show it off quite often
  • fluent in French he has a slight French accent
  • Lives on Tumblr (surprisingly this was never meant on this site) & Netflix
  • also memorises the moon phases ( just to impress Remus honestly)
  • makes awful puns constantly “I’m serious”       “nah I’m Sirius you’re James”         “ugh are you fucking serious”         “nah I’m fucking Moony” *atrocious wink*
  • ripped skinny jeans - Wormtail still calls him emo for it


  • super athletic
  • Loves photography claims to use the best equipment but still constantly invades Sirius’ excuse for a dark room
  • plays drums
  • somehow the only one who can cheer up Regulus instantly
  • only has 1 pair of glasses even though he is horrendously clumsy, Lily is assuming he is just seeing how much tape he can build up before they are entirely useless
  • obsessed over football - he manages a small team that he is way too enthusiastic about
  • still surprised Lily even talks to him “James we’ve been dating for 5 years stop being a prat”
  • plans out the biggest pranks and somehow manages to get everyone involved, if he doesn’t they turn to shit but that’s a ‘secret’ everybody knows
  • only shoes he actually ones are trainers & football boots “James you are not wearing Nikes to Alice and Franks bloody wedding!”
  • really copetitive
  • obsessively plays Xbox and has weekly gaming nights with everyone (Sirius always rage quits) Wormtail is the only one who is still playing with him after 30 minutes
  • goes on tones of unplanned road trips with Lily
  • tries a weird new diet practically every week, sort of a health freak
  • way too much house pride - his whole room is decorated red and gold
  • has an old pickup truck he prides too much even though he is almost needing to fix it as much as Sirius and his ancient motorbike
  • the ‘mom friend’ always looking after everyone


  • actually the only reason they don’t all eat fast food & take aways 24/7 - he’s a great cook
  • proof reads all of Remus’ stories for him before they get posted
  • works as a barista in a grunge as hell café across the road - the others always hang out there when he’s working
  • secretly enjoys the challenge of James’ strange dieting (gluten free+ vegan month was definitely a challenge though)
  • owns 2 pet rats - is scared shitless that Regulus’ pet snake is going to eat them at one point
  • really good at giving gifts because he’s great at listening to people
  • has a massive collection of hoodies for no apparent reason
  • always third wheeling because of Wolfstar and Jily, it’s better now that Regulus has move in though
  • really good at video games - occasionally lets James win because he gets too moody otherwise
  • bassist
  • only listens to indie & grunge music - secretly loves Sirius’ obsession with vinyls


  • not super feminine but always has the latest fashion trends - usually fairly alternative (known to sport the jeans + fishnets thing that looks bomb as hell)
  • reads almost as much as Remus and is always hanging out in the book shop he works at
  • really enjoys playing football with James - finds it hilarious when he gets competitive
  • super long ginger hair + green eyes
  • loves tattoos, has handpoked a few of her own (mainly gets them done professionally, her friend Marlene is a tattoo artist) & Sirius let her do a moon on his wrist
  • doesn’t know that James reads all the books she talks about until she finds 3 of them hidden on his side of them wardrobe and interrogates him
  • super spontaneous really enjoys the constant unplanned road trips 
  • does a lot of digital art, usually draws characters from books most often the characters Remus will never let go of in his stories
  • can ride a motorbike and occasionally takes Sirius’ for a spin
  • just a badass tbh
  • everyone takes their problems to her because she somehow has a solution for everything
  • wants to get into interior design and when they move in she helps everyone decorate their rooms, constantly adding to their home paints a different wall every week
  • literally friends with everyone - nobody dislikes her and probably couldn’t if they tried
  • has a weird skill for knitting, likely the source of 90% of Remus’ holy sweaters
  • obsessed with ‘retro’ things, favourite things tend to be from the 80s/90s
  • always helping Wormtail when he is baking, as long as she gets the first taste

an: this was just a random thing I wrote in a notebook at school, the next time we get a cover teacher I’ll probably add some secondary characters (Regulus, Alice, Frank etc)

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Okay, so I saw the ask about Rosie and her first heart break, and it's really really cute and amazing but could you imagine if any of her aunts caught word of this? You know Angelica is out for blood.

oh boy,, lemme just say rest in peace to whoever breaks rosie’s heart


  • how to get away with murder starring angelica schuyler
    • angelica, fists clenched: “what the hell do you mean he broke up with you”
    • rosie, not understanding the question: “um, i guess h-he just wasn’t interested in me anymore”
    • angelica: “bullshit that little douchebag probably wasn’t ready to commit. there’s nothing wrong with you do you hear me, rosie? some men are disgusting and complete pigs but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, do you understand?“
    • rosie, nodding quickly: “y-yeah, auntie”
  • she’s calm for like 2.5 seconds before she’s got this murderous look in her eye
    • angelica, after taking a deep breath: “i’m gonna need the name, address, and phone number of this little condom accident”
    • rosie, nervously laughing: “um…mom?”
  • angelica’s also dropping a little bit of her feminist ideology
    • angelica: “you know what won’t let you down—a steady career. to hell with men. who needs ‘em? here’s to independence!”
    • rosie’s not set on ruling out boys completely but she does agree independence is a very important lesson that she can learn


  • eliza has this quiet sort of anger to her
  • she’s not swearing or threatening to kill the boy but her voice is very low and she’s very soft spoken
    • she’s not one to directly come out and say how angry she is–more like little side jabs
      • eliza, quietly: “i wouldn’t cry too much bc he wasn’t that cute anyway”
  • she’s angry for rosie but at the same time she understands
    • heartbreak is never easy to deal with
    • she’s almost mourning with rosie at this point
  • she’s just trying to be calm while her sisters are yelling and ranting
  • she also brings rosie a little care package!
    • it’s got all of her favorite snacks, movies, and girl things like nail polish and bath bombs
    • she’s even got little playlists/cds/mixtapes of all girl bands and girl independent anthems


  • peggy doesn’t swear like ever—especially in front of rosie but she’s cursing up a storm
    • peggy, kicking your front door down: “SO WHAT DID THAT LITTLE FUCKER SAY TO YOU”
    • you: “pEGGY, LANGUAGE”
  • her and angelica are ready to commit the perfect crime
  • peggy’s crazy protective of rosie bc she helped bring rosie to you all so her anger is justified
    • you’re still a little scared bc she’s got this look in her eye,,,
    • it’s a normal look on angelica’s face but peggy’s never like this (and that makes it 10x scarier)
  • rosie: “auntie, i’m okay i promise“
  • peggy, probably: “i’ll chop off his dick i swear give me the word”
    • you know she will,,
    • you start to drag rosie away bc what the heck peggy is getting scary but rosie is smiling so big
    • it’s just funny to her but also endearing?
      • like hey, my “aunties” care enough about me to kill a boy that broke my heart…how many people can say that?
    • angelica is saying things like “i’ll make tye-dye shirts out of his blood” and you have to admit it’s pretty funny


  • you have a girls day and rosie feels a lot better once she gets her mind off of things
    • angelica: “this, my dear, is called sisterhood and it’s one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have”
    • eliza: “we actually have matching jackets with a girl gang patch on it”
    • rosie: “no. way.”
    • you: “yes way. i’ll get you one too”
    • your codenames/alter egos are based off of lipstick colors
  • angelica is wisteria rose, eliza is electracute, peggy is bronzine, you are shanghai scarlett
  • rosie is still deciding on hers, she’ll get back to you on that

pairing: AsherxReader
summary: Asher’s managed to get himself extremely drunk on stream and he texts you to come over and help him. You do, but you don’t expect him to confess that he loves you.  
warnings: N/A
word count: 1,830
notes: thank you to @cat-tries-to-write who prompted this for me, bc she knows my love for asher. this is based off of the time he got really really drunk on stream like a month ago?? and this appeared. but yeah, i hope everyone enjoys it!!

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chopping off a bunch of hair feels so good

more reasons darke was a fuckin wild ride bc i was flipping through it yesterday and HOO boy this book was a ROLLERCOASTER

  • merrin holing up in the palace for like six fucking months before anyone even noticed
  • wolf boy triplets showing up out of NOWHERE
  • marissa/jenna kiss which i have touched upon before
  • stanleys rat triplets?? quintuplets?? HOW MANY ARE THERE EVEN
  • beetle literally 1) getting teleported into a manuscriptorium closet, 2) climbing into a sewer drain, 3) almost fucking DYING in said sewer drain but he doesn’t thanks to marwick’s HANDY DANDY TRIPLETS that show up out of nowhere, 4) getting into ANOTHER fistfight with merrin, and finally 5) LOCKING HIMSLEF IN AN OFFICE FOR THREE FUCKING DAYS bc “to save all the knowledge” or some shit like jfc beetle go take a shower u must smell horrific by now no wonder jenna didnt stick around
  • that whole scene in the darke halls dudes that is some CLASS A CREEPY SHIT
  • marcellus chopping off merrin’s thumb like it’s nbd
  • moral of the story i am DYING i need to reread the whole series and liveblog it or smth bc these books do not mess around

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u dig angst right?? do u have any headcanons abt pete takin care of sick/hurt trick?????? im just feelin it rn

OMG. well i dont do headcanons but i can like. freestyle some shit i guess ya?

  • lil bb patrick wearing himself out after like their third show ever and pete has to drag him back to the van and patricks babbling excitedly bc “dude they were so into it like they were singing along and moshing and this is! it’s gonna work dude! we’re gonna do big things man, and this is just the beginning! and omg this one rlly pretty girl was checking me out we should go back and talk to her-” but he keeps yawning and pete just smiles and pushing him into the van like “we’re gonna go to sleep, okay?” and pete gets patrick all tucked into his sleeping bag and curls up next to him and listens to patrick go on abt what producers he wants to work with when theyre famous and how cool the grammys are gonna be until he talks himself to sleep ahh
  • pete would go over and take care of patrick when he was sick, you know he would!! he’d make sure he had blankets and hot tea and patrick would be a bitter sniffly lil bitch but pete would curl up next to him and hold tissues for him and theyd watch 80s movies together and when pete got sick two days later he wouldnt care bc patrick would be right there throwing a blanket at him and going “here u go asshole im gonna go make u some soup”
  • when fob goes to tour for this first time patricks mom goes to pete like “u take care of him, okay? don’t let him mess around with groupies, don’t let him get hurt, make sure he’s warm at night. i don’t want my son coming home with any stitches or stds, you hear?” and petes like “yes mrs. stumph ill take good care of ur son” and he does! to the point that patrick gets annoyed!! except when pete spoons patrick at night bc hes worried patrick will go home and complain to his mom abt gettin hypothermia at night bc he was so cold and pete does not want to get his ball chopped off he needs those - patrick kind of doesnt mind. like at all
  • patricks implied that he eats when hes depressed, so i like to imagine during van days, like when they all lived together while recording grave, patricks sad over smth and pete never sleeps so he goes into the kitchen at midnight for a glass of water or smth but instead he finds patrick on the floor sitting in front of the fridge with a big thing of ice cream crying and hes like wtf and patricks sad abt smth dumb but pete sits down next to him and takes the ice cream and munches quietly and intercepts occasionally while patrick rants abt whatever and then when he’s done he silently hands the ice cream back, stands up, gets a blanket, comes back, grabs the ice cream and puts it away, then wraps trick in the blanket and brings him to his bed bc patrick takes care of pete all the time, he’s happy to do the same when the tables turn
  • so allegedly patricks first and only other gf besides elisa (altho apparently he had another one but we kno literally nothin abt her so i just pretend she doesnt exist) cheated on him and broke his heart, and apparently pete found out and told patrick, so like. patrick bein absolutely heart broken and pete spending like four weeks w patrick, takin care of him bc his depression’s bein a motherfucker, making sure he’s using music making as coping instead of other more unhealthier things, shit like that. letting patrick cry into his chest at night and say he misses her and pete just holds him tighter and pats his back and writes lyrics to match the sad melodies patrick been makin in his head
  • patrick didnt kno he had adhd for years and at least for me it’s p hard to deal with so like one day it’s too much and he breaks down but petes right there bc he knows how that feels and patrick just wants to be alone but pete sits with him and talks him thru it and isnt a selfish asshole for once and afterwards patrick respects him so much more for it
  • patrick getting into a rut after folie’s failure and petes there!! always there, offering him support, telling him stories abt his own past, yknow, problems or whatever, occasionally throwing in a shitty impersonation of someone from some old movie to make patrick smile a li ah
  • pete calling patrick up after the confessions of a pariah thing!! and patrick answers with a flat “what.” and pete can hear in his voice he’s been having a rough time, hears the hopelessness because he’s heard himself talk the same way so many times before, and he just says “what’s up, rickster? long time no chat, eh?” and patricks like “yeah. how’ve you been, pete?” and petes like “i’m good enough, but you, man, are you okay? i saw that post, are you-” and patricks all defensive like “i’m fine, that wasn’t a suicide note or anything, for the hundredth fucking time, i’m fucking fine-” and petes like “don’t try to bullshit me, i know you to well. are you at ur la place? i’m coming over.” and patricks like “pete-” and petes like “let’s make some music. it’s therapeutic, you know it is, it’ll make you feel better. you need it, and i’ll be honest, i could use it too.” and patrick grudgingly says ok so pete shows up and patrick opens the door and he looks so worn out and pete hugs him so tight ah

im bad at fluff sorry fam i hope these r cute idk

Imagine Hakyeon singing Feliz Navidad.