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okay so like as a Broke Bitch something i always loved about taylor was that you didnt need to spend a shitton of money to feel included in the fandom. you had the t party and then she started interacting with us online and inviting us to secret sessions and it was all so goddamn incredible and something no celebrity id heard of has ever done before but goddamn, the international fans really drew the short end of the stick here and i feel so bad for people who are upset that the world just seems to be against poor people and on top of that you got the taylor minions like ‘but she has done…. so much for us…. she sacrificed herself…. so that we could get the good shit but you couldnt…. dont be an ungrateful bitch’ like fuck off with that. sometimes its not your fuckin place to shoehorn yourself into those conversations

Here’s me falling in love with Hank Pym even more. Hank caring so much about AIs and being overjoyed when the android Victor Mancha is alive—enough to hug a Doombot. 

  • Voltron Fandom: *arguing over whether Keith was hatched from an egg or actually born (or whatever the toesies team stand for)*
  • Me, an intellectual: Keith came out of something and now he's alive and I love him for it.

i feel kinda like a giddy, foolish middle schooler, and i guess my relationship experience is at about the same level as one, but i’m having a lot of fun toying around with physicality. hanging out, having a good time, feeling safe and comfortable, sneaking kisses when others aren’t looking, playing footsie under the table while casually maintaining a conversation with a group of people, secretly slipping a hand under their shirts and tracing their backs. keeping things subtle in front of our friends out of politeness and to maintain normalcy, not because there’s any actual danger in being caught.

being and acting gay has always been something tinged with shame and fear for me before. whatever’s happening now is all new and exciting and confusing and i have no clue what’s going on. but i’m liking it.

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Do you think Sheith is one sided? If Shiro is a clone then "as many times as it takes" doesnt count bcos its only from Keiths side. And Keith has always been ultrafocused on Shiro (cause he's in love *wink wink*) while Shiro was just more professional or formal with Keith except when he thought he was dying. Also if Keith doesnt end up with Shiro, who do you think Keith is better off with?

At this point it’s kinda hard to see Keith end up with anyone besides Shiro if he infact has a romantic plotline in the show, like it would seriously suck for whoever his partner would be since they will always be #2 after Shiro haha. Keith’s priorities are : Shiro –> The Universe —> everyone else.

(And even killing Shiro off might not help, since I can totally see Keith finding a way to time travel to save him or something haha)

So I would say no one. (or you know maybe Acxa if it turns out she’s not related to him, cuz their meeting kinda seemed like a potential romantic plot line maybe? they might go that way..)

I dun think Shiro is good for him at this point in time where they’re at right now, because right now Shiro is actually keeping Keith from growing. But generally if Shiro is ok, I think he’s someone who Keith would be the most happy with. There’s no competition on that at this point in the show. Shiro is his sun and stars and he has the best influence on him.

And yeah, I do think Shei/th is one sided right now. I already said this before and I was saying this from the start, Shiro’s feelings are not the same as Keith’s. And I haven’t seen anything yet from Shiro that can’t be interpreted in a completely platonic way. (I have fun with shipping goggles sometimes ofcourse, but as far as actual canon goes, I still dun see it)

I think he loves Keith very much, I think Keith is very important to him and very dear to his heart, but I don’t see him having romantic feelings for him right now, I think he sees him as family at this point and I always thought Shiro would have to go through ALOT of character development first before he’ll ever look at Keith in any other way. (or anyone I guess)

And it kinda seemed like it was going in the right direction there atleast, (with Shiro stepping down, Keith stepping up, you kno…) season 2-3 I was like I can kinda see him atleast maybe starting to see Keith differently a bit, but season 4 kinda put all that to a stop for now.

Like, it doesn’t matter what the reason might be, if you feel like you have the right to give someone orders, you better not be looking at them as a potential romantic partner (unless you and them are into that kind of thing ofcourse and its all consensual haha). I think season 4 really kinda showed you where Shiro is when it comes to his feelings for Keith? And none of it said “romance” to me, in Shiro’s mind they are still cadet and instructor (or atleast how Shiro wants it to stay). The “That’s an order” made it very clear I think. Shiro doesn’t really see them as equals. (for alot of reasons that mostly have to do with Shiro’s issues right now whatever they may be, because in “reality” keith and shiro are actually complete equals right now.)

But you know, there’s still alot of show left… 

I always thought that if Keith and Shiro’s relationship ever takes a romantic turn it would only be after they clearly walk on the same grounds and Shiro starts seeing him as a man and a complete equal. It’s not there yet. He seems to be in a place where he actually kinda refuses to accept that Keith is becoming that, because Keith growing up and becoming a leader seem to actually make Shiro insecure for whatever reason. So I think as far as developing romance goes, their relationship took alot of steps backwards this season.

(unless I dunno, he’s insecure about that because he thinks Keith won’t need him anymore or something if he’s not his mentor haha.. but I feel like that’s a reach)

But this conflict they are having is good, because conflict is what makes relationships in stories develop and transform. But like let Shiro deal with all his issues first before perusing romantic relationships… it’s hardly the time for that now haha

So like we’ll see where that goes, Shiro has way more important things on his mind right now than romance that’s for sure.

Also I guess all the above only applies if they indeed met at the Garrison. If their history goes way way back, like not even from Earth, then my opinion completely changes ofcourse.

(and I didn’t exactly get what you meant by “as many times as it takes” and clone theory…)


I feel this connection to her that I can’t explain.

Risking it all in a glance

“Draco… Draco.” 

His father’s voice sounded strained, almost like a scared whisper. He hesitantly stretched out his arm, his hand balled into a fist. Draco swallowed hard as several heads turned towards him, watched him. He was sure they all expected him to walk across the courtyard without hesitation. It was where he belonged after all.

All these years he had done as his father had said. He hadn’t defied him once. But now, everything in him screamed to stay where he was, not to go to his father. It came too late. What was the point in defying him now?

Harry Potter was dead. There was no hope left.


Draco’s eyes darted to his mother. Her voice rang through him and immediately found its way to his heart, squeezing it violently. She took a step forward, smiling at him almost sadly.


Hesitating only a second longer, Draco started moving, his head bowed. He didn’t dare to look anyone in the eye.

Harry Potter was dead. What was the point in fighting?

Draco’s body went rigid when the Dark Lord enveloped him in his arms.

“Well done, Draco,” he whispered into his ear. Draco thought he was going to be sick. Silently, he made his way to his parents, avoiding his father’s waiting arms and grasping his mother’s hand instead.

He tried to suppress a sob when his eyes fell on Potter’s lifeless body, held tight by the half-giant. It made him want to scream, to sink to his knees and beg the heavens to return him. What were they supposed to do without Potter now? What was Draco supposed to do without him?

For the rest of his life, he would be haunted by the knowledge that the last time he had seen Harry Potter alive, the Gryffindor had saved his life, had saved him from the Fiendfyre. And what had Draco done? He had simply grabbed his wand when it had fallen out of Potter’s hand and had made a run for it.

His hand tightened around the wood, making his knuckles go white. It didn’t even feel like his wand anymore. It only reminded him of what he had done. It disgusted him.

He could barely listen as Longbottom stepped forward and told them it didn’t matter that Potter was dead. His heart gave another violent squeeze. He wished he could go back in time. Draco doubted it was in his power to save Potter, but he should have at least told him that he… that he…

Draco saw something sparkly out of the corner of his eyes when suddenly chaos erupted. Longbottom was holding something; it looked like a sword. Draco looked around, taking in the shocked faces of the Death Eaters. That’s when he finally saw it; Potter, jumping out of the half-giant’s arms. In this mere second, Draco’s whole world shifted. It was as if time was standing still. Potter was crouching on the ground, his face full of determination.

Draco’s mind was completely blank. He didn’t think, he didn’t question it when his feet started moving of their own accord.

“Potter!” His voice was choked, desperate. The feeling only intensified when their eyes met. Draco hadn’t thought he’d ever see those eyes again. It made him shiver. He didn’t think about repercussions, about what his parents would say, what the Dark Lord might do to him. How could he, when Harry Potter was alive?

Without a moment’s hesitation, he lifted his arm above his head and threw his wand with all his might. His heart hammered wildly against his chest as he watched Potter catch it mid-air.

They were saved. He was saved.

Even though relief flooded through him, at this point, Draco really didn’t care what happened to him anymore. He had experienced what it meant to lose  nearly everything.

Harry Potter was alive and that was all that mattered.

So, quick intermission because there’s this song you could listen to real quick. Yes, this was indeed inspired by a song originally sung by the Backstreet Boys lol. BUT can you honestly listen to it and tell me this is not one of the most drarry songs you’ve ever heard? I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed before! So, with that in mind, the story continues…

It was quick, fleeting, but it made Harry stop dead, the air completely knocked out of his lungs. Grey eyes, hesitant, sad, locked with his.

Someone bumped into him, breaking the eye contact. Harry whirled around, the shopping bag in his hand hitting the wizard beside him in the back.

“Sorry,” Harry mumbled. He quickly turned his head back down Diagon Alley, searching for grey eyes but there were just too many people.

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