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Married with Benefits (Part 2)

Summary: In order to not pay out-of-state tuition, you ask your friend, Steve Rogers, to marry you. Things, as always, never go as planned. (College AU)

Word Count: 599

Part 1

A/N: Sorry these parts are so short, but I’m writing them on my phone whilst I’m on break at work and stuff. Hope you all enjoy this :D 

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Bucky’s eyes widened to a comical proportion, extracting a laugh from Steve and even you. “W-What? A-Are—What the hell?”

“Yep,” nodded Steve. “We’re getting married.”

“You’re kidding me,” said Bucky, giving out a slight laugh.

“Nope.” Steve shook his head. “We’re serious.”

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Do the right thing

Alec stood staring at the door, hands in his jacket pocket as his mind tick over with all the events of the day that had led him here to Magnus’ front door, heart fluttering slightly as he tried to decided whether to knock or turn away.

He knew he should knock, allow Magnus to drown out everything else that seemed to be dragging Alec down lately. The clave was a large issue at the moment, with every decision he made as head of the institute getting penalised.

He had nearly lost his life today on a mission, a demon going a little to close for Alec’s liking, thankfully Izzy had taken the thing out before it had clawed away at his chest. After that everything seemed to just pile on top of him, coming back to the institute drained from the mission to find out the Clave were against another one of his decisions.

He took a deep breath, trying to stop himself from falling further into his own mind, a place right now that was dark and miserable.

With a deep breath he knocked gently on Magnus’ door before stepping back slightly and waiting.

The door open a few seconds later and Magnus appeared, wearing dark trousers and a deep burgundy floral shirt, necklaces hanging down and resting against his bare chest were he hadn’t button his shirt up fully.

Alec’s heart fluttered, beating hard against his chest as his eyes took in the man in front of him.

Magnus allowed a brief look of surprise to flash across his face before a soft smile appeared on his lips, happy to see Alec after a long day.

“Alexander,” he said, his voice easing Alec’s stress in a second, calm washing over him like a wave. “I wasn’t expecting you,” he added yet open the door fully and stepped aside to allow Alec to enter his apartment.

“Y-Yeah, I hmm,” Alec said, stumbling over his words slightly as he tried to find the right ones to explain his situation.

Magnus frowned slightly as he stepped inside, Magnus using his magic to shut the door behind him. He leant over to give Magnus a soft kiss on the lips, which Magnus happily returned, before stepping back and looking into the apartment.
He could feel Magnus’ eyes on him, studying him as if to read how Alec was feeling.

“You alright?” Magnus then finally asked, stepping closer to him and lifting a hand to place it on Alec’s shoulder.

“Yeah,” he relied before briefly closing his eyes and letting out a sigh. Magnus raised an eyebrow at him, a smile forming on his lips.

“You don’t sound like it, or look like it for that matter,” he said, noticing the bruise on Alec’s neck from where the demon had held him to the ground.

“It was just a mission, demon got a little too close,” Alec said, turning to look at Magnus to see the worried expression on his boyfriend’s face. “I’m alright now, it’s not that.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Magnus asked. “Or maybe just have a drink,” he added when he saw Alec hesitate.

“A drink sounds like a good idea,” Alec finally spoke up and Magnus nodded.

“I’d offer you beer but I feel like this is more of a whiskey type of situation,” he said as he began walking into the living room, Alec following after him.

“I’m good with a beer, thanks,” Alec said quickly.

“You sure?” Magnus asked, grabbing the bottle of whiskey to which Alec nodded. “Suit yourself,” he then said before pouring himself a glass before clicking his fingers, a bottle of beer appearing for Alec on the circular coffee table.

“Thanks,” Alec said, picking up the beer and taking a gulp just as Magnus lifted his own glass up in a toast.

“That bad?” He commented at Alec’s eagerness with his beer.

“I’ve just got a lot on my mind that’s all,” he said and Magnus nodded in understanding, moving closer to him.

“Want to talk?” He offered and Alec took a breath before nodding, knowing Magnus would understand and that talking about everything would helped.

Magnus gestured to the balcony with the hand holding his drink, the other going to take Alec’s free hand.

The sudden contact between them eased Alec even further, something about Magnus, he didn’t know what, but something about Magnus just calmed him.

Magnus led him to the balcony, guiding him to the large chair before pulling him down to sit.

“I’m all ears,” Magnus then said, crossing one leg over the over and turning slightly to face Alec.

He swallowed as he tried to think of the right words before wondering whether he was making a big deal over everything. He was just feeling pressure from work, which wasn’t anything new so why all of a sudden could he not cope.

“It’s nothing really,” Alec said, picking at the label on his beer bottle with his thumb which Magnus noticed, his eyes drifting down to Alec’s hand before looking back up at his face.

“Alexander,” Magnus said to draw Alec’s attention away from his bottle and up to his boyfriend. “It is never nothing, if something is bothering you should never hold it back. You can talk to me,” Magnus said and Alec could see the honesty in his boyfriend’s eyes, that look suddenly gave him confidence to talk.

“It’s just…” Alec paused to take a breath, Magnus waiting patiently for him to continue. “Work is stressful at the moment, being head of the institute is everything I wanted and I’m gratefully for it but it’s… it’s,” Alec wandered off, words failing him.

“It’s a lot to handle,” Magnus finished his sentence for him, drawing Alec’s eyes back up to see Magnus was watching him closely, his attention purely on Alec and nothing else.

“There’s a lot of pressure to do well and every decision I make the clave is always there to tell me how it’s wrong and after today,” Alec wondered off. Magnus titled his head, eyes narrowing slightly as he thought for a brief moment before replying.

“What every you do the Clave is always going to be there judging you as a leader,” Magnus began, his words not really doing anything to sooth Alec’s growing stress. “However, you can’t please everyone in this life, trust me I’m talking from experience; and it’s not like the Clave haven’t made decisions that many people disagreed with. You have to decide what is right and what’s best for the institute,” Magnus said and Alec shifted slightly, turning to face Magnus move who lean back slightly to give Alec enough space.

“That’s just it Magnus,” he began, suddenly opening himself up more. “I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong,” he said and Magnus nodded slightly in understanding.

“If you want my honest opinion,” Magnus began, propping his elbow on the back on the sofa and resting his head on his hand. “Do what you’re heart tells you,” he simply said and Alec huffed a laugh, looking away and to the buildings across from them.

“That’s your advice? My heart has been wrong many times. You’ve lived for centuries, aren’t you suppose to be all wise and everything?” Alec asked with a small smirk and Magnus laughed at his words, lifting his head from his hand and straightening out his arm so that his fingers brushed against Alec’s shoulder.

“Of course I am wise, but right now you don’t need someone telling you what to do,” he said. “And you’re heart isn’t always wrong Alexander,” he said with a small smirk, his fingers going to run through Alec’s hair, knowing that it calmed his boyfriend.

Alec closed his eyes briefly, his breathing slowing and the stress of the day somehow easing from him.

He slowly began to feel more at peace, just him and Magnus with nothing else in the world mattering.

“You have to have an opinion on the matter,” Alec said, keeping his eyes closed as Magnus titled his head slightly, dropping his hand from Alec’s hair and resting it on the back of the sofa.

“Of course I do, I have an opinion on everything,” Magnus said as if shocked Alec didn’t know that by now.

Alec raised an eyebrow at him, glancing sideways at Magnus who shifted slightly, glancing away from Alec briefly before turning to lock eyes with him once more.

“I’ve never been a big fan of the Clave and you know that, many of their decision favour the few and not the many. You’re an excellent leader Alexander, I’ve seen you flourish from it so don’t let anyone else tell you differently. If you chose to do what you think is right Alexander then I’m sure it will have the best outcome,” Magnus said softly to him and Alec took a deep breath, allowing the stress from the day to completely wash away from him, Magnus’ words helping him to relax.

“Well I did chose you instead of marriage,” Alec then said to lightened the mood which it successfully did, Magnus laughing lightly.

“You better not have sworn off marriage forever though,” Magnus replied back with a smirk before they both locked eyes, their smiles fading slightly as they realised what Magnus had just said.

Magnus looked away first, busying himself by taking a large sip of his drink while Alec cleared his throat as the air suddenly became thick.

“So you’re open to it?” Alec asked, surprising himself at how he had the courage to speak first. Magnus slowly lifted his eyes to look up at Alec, a small frown forming.

“To what?” He asked innocently.

“Marriage,” Alec said and Magnus took a breath, trying to calm his racing heart.

“Are you proposing to me Alexander?” He then asked and Alec suddenly realised what he had actually said and how it had sounded.

“No, no of course not, well not yet anyway,” he rushed out and Magnus smirked at him, the corner of his lips curving up into a smile.

“Good, because I may not look like I would but I’m a sucker for a fancy proposal,” he replied.

“What’s it to say that I’d be the one to propose?” Alec asked with a hint of mischief in his voice.

“Well I would certainly do it in a better settling and I’d especially not propose while sat down,” Magnus commented, glancing sideways at Alec who laughed lightly before shifting to stand, placing his beer bottle on the ground as he did so.

He then knelt down on one knee in front of Magnus, hands placed on his knee and back straight as Magnus turned to face him.

“Do you, Magnus Bane, promise to go way over the top if you ever ask me to marry you?” Alec asked and Magnus couldn’t help but smile at his boyfriend, picturing Alec actually asking him to marry him.

It made his heart flutter in a way it never had before and just emphasised how much he loved the man knelt down in front of him.

“I do, and do you, Alexander Lightwood promise to get on one knee if you are ever to ask me to marry you?” Magnus questioned back to which Alec smiled widely.

“I do,” he then said before standing and leaning over, kissing Magnus.

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You denying someone request was hilarious. Idk why but it was 🏝

Hahahah I only did it bc it was @stylishmuser and she’s being really mean by feeding into my Daddy!CEO feels… like, I can’t get Harry with a baby out of my head now and all the cute things he’d do during the pregnancy…. like….. sighs. Xx

“Elle… where.. what the hell are you doing?” He sleepily asks as he finds her in the dim light of the kitchen, her hand pressed to her just showing tummy as she looks up at him, a smile across her face.

“Uhm… I hope you don’t mind.. I’m eating the fruit I prepared for you to take to work…” she gestures towards the container of mixed fruit she had previously made for him, “the baby seems to like the strawberries and it helped my nausea, strangely.” … “I’m sorry, I should have just stuck with something else, now you have no fruit to take.” She sighs, looking doen at the container.

He shakes his head and chuckles, “If you share with me, I’ll let it slide.” He winks, stepping over towards her and stealing a piece of fruit, “cmon, you need to sit, you’ve been on your feet most the day.” He comments, carefully lifting her up to sit on the counter, her legs dangling over the edge like a child.

“Thanks, so… you’re not mad?” She tilts her head to the side, watching as he plops fruit in his mouth,

“Nope,” he shakes his head.. “quite the opposite. At least you found something you can keep down. This cantaloup is really good,” he smiles, pressinf a small piece to her lips, “remind me to get more on the way home.” He adds, one hand resting on her thigh as he stands st her legs, the other leaning back into the container. “Do you feel anything yet?” He softly questions, gesturing towards her tummy,

“No, it’s too soon… I feel hungry though,” she smiles, opening her mouth for another piece of fruit, “mmm, delicious,” Elise grins before she frowns,

“No,” Harry pouts with a sigh, “little one, don’t start this one. Not at this time, be nice to your Mummy.” He moves his hand from her thigh to rest on her tummy,

“He or she didn’t like that one piece,” Elise pouts, “I think we have a picky eater… wonder where they got that from.” She smirks, staring at Harry as he grins, shrugging his shoulders.

“I have no issues with this fruit.” … “you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good. Wanna give me another piece? Just not the cantaloupe.” She chuckles, opening her mouth, waiting for him to feed her another piece, his lips kissing hers when she finishes the fruit.

:) xx

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hmmmmm maybe they should shut down all the gross pornblogs, following me, a 14 year old. when i go to block them i see images i can never get out of my head ;-;

tumblr has a rampant problem with pornbots and has for years but they really don’t seem to make any actual effort in solving it. Like, I do not expect them to be able to completely get rid of pornbots, but they just don’t ever seem to try to do anything about them. They usually even have blatant nsfw terminology in their blog names, how is that not an auto-flag but innocent LGBT stuff is?

I’m very sorry you have to see stuff like that. I’m not sure how you’re blocking them, but I’m guessing you’re mousing over the blog names and using the drop down? If so, try it this way (if you’re on a computer): Go to settings, click on your blog name, scroll to the bottom of the page to where it says “Blocked Tumblrs” and click the little pencil and manually type in the name of the blog. That should allow you to block it without seeing the ‘top posts’ thing the drop down shows you.

I mean, tumblr really should do something about this so you don’t have to do this yourself, but in the meantime you should’ve have to see that kind of stuff just because tumblr is a useless garbage site

It’s like..I get this strong feeling with Marlene saying “there will be two very real masks in the finale” (Which seriously can we agree the Wilden mask was the most ridiculous/unrealistic thing PLL has ever done? They have shown us multiple masks through out PLL and all of them have looked like masks then you get the Wilden mask which looks EXACTLY like Wilden, like? No. Anyways..) I feel Twincer is a fake and is going to probably be either Melissa or Mary.

I can’t wrap my head around Mary because..gross? Why on Earth would she bone Toby. I get pretending to be Spencer to find out who killed your daughter Charlotte (the Spencer Hanna sees in the barn) and maybe meeting with Wren. But boning your daughter’s ex for absolutely 0 reason is just..odd to me. And I know Mary has done something similar (pretending to be Jessica to bone Peter) but, that was legit to get back at Jessica. She has no reason to try to hurt Spencer like that. She just went to jail for her. 

Now Melissa..

I can see why she would. Spencer has “gone after” pretty much all of Melissa’s past boyfriends. Is Melissa A.D? I highly doubt it only because it was hard for them to get Torrey in the finale and I can’t imagine they’d make Melissa A.D and not know if she’d be available. If that was a lie though, to make us rule out Melissa, then I could definitely see Melissa being A.D because nothing can convince me her Black Swan costume wasn’t a nod at her being Black Widow and Black Widow is supposedly end game. I’m not sure why she’d pretend to be Spencer to find out if Hanna killed/knew who killed Charlotte. However, it’d make sense why she went after Toby (again, pay back for Spencer going after Wren and Ian and possibly others we don’t of) and maybe she thinks Toby is A.D/trying to find out information. And it would explain why she met with Wren, either to find out why he was in town or that’s why they were arguing. He knew it was her. I haven’t worked out why Melissa is doing this if she is or isn’t A.D. That’s the why that most of us probably haven’t been able to guess.

EDIT: I guess it’s possible the two masks are both Spencer and the scene with Hanna was Mary pretending to be Spencer? The other two Melissa.

Confession #2,569

I have undiagnosed chronic issues. Right now it’s pretty mild, but I can feel it getting worse, slowly but surely. I’m afraid to go to the doctor. I don’t know if I’m more afraid of finding out it’s nothing or finding out it’s something. If it’s nothing, then it’s all in my head. If it’s something, it might be something bad. I’m just scared.

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Right. So, the lodge scenes? Not horrible at all. Yes, I mean he hit Aaron over the head, tied him to a radiator, and held a gun to him. BUT.🤷🏼‍♀️ I LOVED seeing Rob FINALLY hit rock bottom. All of these emotions he's kept bottled up over the years, spilling out the way it did. I mean, come on. It was PERFECT. I could have done without Paddy (😒) but I couldn't get enough of the angsty dramatic tears from both (more Rob tears pls) The subsequent fallout? So goddamn juicy I'm living for this.

my dude


yes exactly


You threw glass on the ground
And it shattered at our feet,
I looked at the mess,
Suddenly understanding it was both of our broken hearts I was looking at
Wondering if I could fix it

But every time I try to pick up the pieces,
You throw them back down,
You won’t let me try.
I broke your heart, right?
And you broke mine,
It had to happen.
You, the one who tried hard, over and over
And you thought I didn’t try at all, right?

But you didn’t watch me late at night,
When you were sleeping,
And I was angry, not at you, at me
For being the way I was,
You didn’t watch me push the demons in my head away,
And struggle and struggle as I tried to get out of their grip.
You didn’t watch me when I abused myself because I hated how I was.
You didn’t watch me make calls for help.
You didn’t watch me cry when they told me they had no room.
You didn’t watch me struggle to change, beg for peace, for self love
So I knew that I, too, could be worthy,
Instead of pushing it away at all costs,
Refusing to believe you had fallen in love with me.

But instead, you saw the worst parts, you saw the storms,
You saw me tightening my grip, not letting go,
You saw me obsessing, festering, pained.
I didn’t know I was suffocating you.
I should’ve known that you have to open your hands and let your loved one fly free,
And just trust that they’ll come back home to you.

Instead, you flew away and didn’t return,
I understood.
But please know that I,
Despite all our mess,
Despite all your mess,
And despite all mine,
Through it all, I loved you
I loved you then,
And I loved you now,
But in a much better way.
Now, I want you to fly free
I want you to feel free,
I want you to breathe easy
Even if I’m still fucked up, in a different way,
I love you.
In a different way,
And I’ve learned that different isn’t always a bad thing,
Sometimes it’s even better than before.

And know that if ever you do fly back,
Or years from now,
I won’t squeeze you too tight,
Instead, I’ll just hold you gently
And instead, cherish what we do have,
So that you always feel free to fly,

- and I’ll trust that you’ll come home again,
But if you don’t,

Please breathe easy.

the pretty one

in a universe always

expanding, I’ve propped my bed

on wooden stilts. sometimes higher

than night can climb

in a certain field,

we’re always spending tuesday

at the dock

you are looking to lose

your toes in the minnows

i unwrap a bowl of clementines

seedless, with a perfect peel

of laughter. my feet

swung across your lap

a field so distant

small rabbit hole

out the trout’s threading eye

a universe is always expanding.

places we’ve been

–all the pretty ones

get further and longer away

(my dreams are too far apart)

small rabbit heart

crisp white ears in the head

-lights of some fast-moving train

in this verse I buy

a soda. a robin

lands on a telephone pole

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hi i just need some tips and i am sorry if i am bothering you! so i am currently laying in bed and i am so nervous bc in two days i will be travelling around half the globe with a bunch of teens i dont know, and i am so afraid that i wont get any friends and basically i am partly doing this so i can try and talk to people(i am very shy and always stutter and i am afraid to be judged) so i am just so so afraid and thoughts just keeps coming to my head, what if nobody likes me? what should i do?

hi! first of all, omg im too excited for you! i hope you get to see so many beautiful places and you just enjoy the entire trip! also, since you’re all pretty much strangers to one another, im sure they’re a little anxious about the thought of meeting new people too? so dont be shy! saying hello wouldnt hurt! and im also sure that there’s someone out there that you will be able to get along with! you’re all equally on the same level! i hope you’ll be okay!! send me updates if u want and feel free to hmu if u ever need help! also, to keep the convo going: let em talk first and relate it to your life, etc? most people like to talk and share their lives! good luck bb! :)

A loved one not lost but remembered. 


cause certain things mend us when we’re hanging on for dear life
we held on so tight

  • taeyong raps: ty track
  • taeyong as an athlete: ty runs track
  • taeyong checks where his mail is: ty tracking
  • taeyong gets confused: ty loses track
  • taeyong wants to fight: ty attack
  • taeyong is eating chips: ty snacks
  • taeyong tries drugs: ty crack
  • taeyong is lazy: ty slack
  • taeyong from the behind: ty's back
  • taeyong cant do a thing: ty lack
  • taeyong goes to the casino: ty blackjack
  • taeyong runs for president: ty barrack
  • taeyong breaks into a computer system: ty hack
  • taeyong becomes a duck: ty quack