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can you believe that sana’s dad is a quite busy man, but he always makes sure he doesn’t miss any of his daughter’s basketball matches? and he’s always there in the stands, cheering for her, telling everyone around him “that’s my daughter right here! isn’t she so amazing?” and he’ll tell his colleagues and his friends and family all about her matches, about how “there were just two minutes left, and she scored the winning points!” 

but honestly? he treats all of her matches like victories, not matter if her team won or lost, no matter if she scored or not. he’ll great her with a huge grin when she comes to him at the end of a match and he’ll clap and say “well done, you!” and he’ll wrap an arm around her as they walk to the car, and he’ll tell her that he hopes she had fun today, because that’s what matters the most to him, his daughter enjoying what she does. and he thinks she’s a star, really, with or without shiny medals and trophies, and he’ll always, always be proud of his sana 

A photo 4 years in the making! 

The Johto portion of my Soul Silver badge quest has finally come to a close. Bittersweet, if I’m honest. A lot of time has been spent hunting a shiny for every badge. Not many of the hunts were short. In fact, the majority of them went into the 5-digit numbers! But, in the end, the ends justified the means. The Johto League met its match and I became the champion with my shiny pals. 

One half of my journey is over, now let the second half begin! Onto Kanto! @shiny-type-null, I won’t let you beat me in this portion!!

Friend: you Can always talk to me! Whenever ! I’ll always be here for you
Me: * messages Them alot,sends Nice messages*
Friend: *ignores Me,saying They are buzy*
Me: ((((:


anonymous asked:

"She proudly played an active role in the genocide of Palestinians" She was a fitness instructor, never once seeing the battlelines. She never made any anti-Palestine comments, those lies that you made up because you want people to turn against her. She was supporting the troops in the IDF just like any normal American person would support their troops. She has done nothing wrong and it's disgusting that people like you try to demonize her for because you want controversy. You should be ashamed

thank you for this wonderful ask! 

and thank for all those wonderful assumptions, and making it very clear you didn’t even try to read any of the actual sources I listed (but I’m the one spreading lies? hmm…)  

Now let’s go back to your points: 

1. “fitness instructor” she was a combat trainer, so yeah she didn’t kill people directly, but she trained people to do it. Think of all the lives that were taken do to her training and instruction. All that blood on her hands. She said she’s gotten roles from this: “I think the main reason was that [the director] Justin Lin really liked that I was in the military, and he wanted to use my knowledge of weapons.” 
but you’re right, every “fitness instructor”, as you called her, has a complex knowledge of weapons used to murder innocent people.

- I mostly blame Israel for forcing their people into the military and militarizing civilians because it desensitizes them to the anguish from the other side by pumping them full of bias and making them literally watch bombings while celebrating.  

2. “She never made any anti Palestinian comments” again, dear anon, you didn’t read the first source I gave you, if you had you would have seen that she posted, “I am sending my love and prayers to my fellow Israeli citizens, “Especially to all the boys and girls who are risking their lives protecting my country against the horrific acts conducted by Hamas, who are hiding like cowards behind women and children…We shall overcome!!! Shabbat Shalom! #weareright #freegazafromhamas #stopterror #coexistance #loveidf”  While Israelis stood on hills and watched and cheered as the bombs dropped on Gaza. Why not post about how both sides are committing crimes? why not stand up for the innocent men, women and children who were needlessly killed by this attack? Hamas isn’t hiding in hospitals, Hamas isn’t hiding in Schools, Hamas isn’t a big enough threat to justify bombing a giant strip of land where you end up with way more civilian casualties. You don’t free GAZA of HAMAS by celebrating the deaths of innocent GAZANs. That’s not coexisting. that’s not stopping terror. She starts the #’s with #we are right and ends with #love idf. that’s not coexisting. 

- Being proud of your military does NOT mean you excuse their wrongdoings, that’s what leads to military leaders thinking they can get away with stuff like bombing hospitals and schools and using DIMEs (illegal) or Flechettes (illegal) in areas where there are innocent men women and children. (they’ve also attacked pregnant women, and killed many children but I see why one should be proud, you’re right!!) Google Ethnic Cleansing and then google maps of Palestine from the 70′s till now, google what tactics Israel uses. You want me to support someone who calls them right? Who loves them? 

But glad to see you listen to every twisted watered down version of a celebrity the media feeds you, you gave me opinions without research, and i gave you direct quotes from her, but yeah, I’m the liar. 

I got better things to do with my time than try to hurt another woman and make up lies, and I’m flattered that you think enough people care about my 3 note ask to take time out of your day to send me this. It is my choice to not watch the movie or support her, the only time i spoke out about it was when I was sent an ask, but thank you, anonymous, for sending me hate and claiming i’m the one seeking controversy. You really should reorganize your priorities (and maybe take a media bias class) (maybe also a research class, or how to google 101 or debate or smth).