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Alright, I’ll bite.

A theory I saw proposed once, which I definitely agree with (and unfortunately can’t take credit for) is that each enneatype is predominantly counterphobic or phobic oriented. This is due to how they deal with their core fear, and their general outlook. Sixes, due to their fear being fear itself, deal with it the usual way anyone deals with be abstract concept of fear: by running, or by “facing it” (IVE mentioned my skepticism of cp6 actually confronting things, but it certainly is more confrontational, if only interpersonally, than p6).

Phobic: 2, 5, 7, 9, p6

2: sacrificial - wants to be loved, sacrifices themselves often, avoids conflict, avoids pushing people in fear of being rejected or unwanted. Obviously phobic.

5: avoidant- prefers to withdraw to analyze, is hesitant to get directly invovled, solves problems by withdrawing. Phobic.

7: distractive- doesn’t confront problems but distracts themselves from them. Dislikes acknowledging that there’s an issue, remains unrealistically detached. Also phobic.

9: dissociative- conflict avoidant, feelings avoidant, everything avoidant. Dissociates to deal with problems, and lives in emotional denial. Phobic orientation.

P6: obvious argument

Counterphobic: 1, 3, 4, 8, cp6

1: direct- will often go against people for the sake of their perfection or morality. Will confront their problems as well as other people in their pursuit of Remaining Pure ™ in moral outlook. Counterphobic.

3: image-driven: doesn’t avoid their problems. Acknowledges them, and works to surmount them for the sake of success and admiration. Hardy and resilient only to impress others or feel some personal worth, but has those qualities nonetheless. Their image often relies on successfully surmounting obstacles. Counterphobic.

4: emotional confrontation- acknowledges their deepest emotions, and is aware of their flaws. Constantly seeking identity and self-understanding requires this counterphobic orientation.

8: aggression: eights are really obviously counterphobic oriented. They literally exist to confront and deal with problems and issues that arise, regardless of the type or difficulty. Known for interpersonal aggression, and are domineering even when attempting to help others. In fact, they often help others by attempting to control them and are sometimes seen as courageous for taking the reins.

Cp6: obvious answer as well

As for “countertypes”, that’s not what I’m talking about and is a completely different, though related, framework. Sp2, for example, runs counter to ennea 2 in general as was mentioned, but doesn’t change the fact that 2 is a phobic oriented type.

Honesty Amongst Criminals (Mob AU! Sunggyu)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: It’s the mafia infinite anon and could you make it about Sunggyu?

For the au requests, would it be possible for you to do a mafia infinite reaction to finding out that you, their seemingly innocent best friend, are actually the boss of your own mafia? (You found out about them being in the mafia around the same time.) Also I’m sorry if that makes absolutely no sense

“Must be a special occasion if the boss actually is getting off her ass” Howon’s voice rang out as he put his phone away. “Your boss is a woman?” Sunggyu’s voice rang out as he shifted in the seat he was tied up in. Sungyeol rolled his eyes “what’s her name?” Sunggyu asked. The two males sitting in front of him remained quiet. Sunggyu chuckles “she’s a monstrous mobster though. She loves torture” he finished as he let out a funky laugh. “She hates guys like you, you know?” Howon spoke as Sunggyu noticed he was waving a gun around “why’s that? I come up into her night club and sell drugs? I though she would love that shit” Sunggyu cooed. “She hates druggies” Sungyeol told Sunggyu as he leaned his head back and smiled before looking back at Howon who was leaning on his gun. “You’re as crazy as she is I’m guessing?” Sunggyu states blankly “you have to rather special to get into her circl-” Howon was cut off by the doors behind Sunggyu flying open and harsh heels clicking on the black marble flooring.

A hand yanked his head back “damn baby. How did you know I like it rough?” Sunggyu felt breath warm his ear “Sunggyu shut the hell up” his eyes widened as he looked up. “That’s why boss wanted to see you” Howon mumbles. “Undo the cuffs” you told Sungyeol made his way over and undid Sunggyu’s cuffs.

You pulled a chair in front of Sunggyu as Howon and Sungyeol left the room. “Look at yo-” Sunggyu’s smirk and comment were cut short as your hand slapped his face with. His head stayed to the side “how mad are you?” he asked quietly as you turned him to face you. You managed to do some damage by busting his lip open. “You’re an idiot. Why the hell would you get invovled with the mob” you say as you and him shared a look that actually made your statement sound so dumb, you were a mob boss and you were asking him why he was involved with the mob? “Obviously you and I live in two different spectrums of pay. I need to make a living” he says “you could have told me-” “tell you what? I’m not good at living on my own?” he asked as you cupped his face.

“Kim Sunggyu we are best friends” you say “obviously we both have problems with being honest” he says honestly. “You’re never selling that crap in my club again” you say “you’re gonna work for me” you speak seriously “I don’t know the man I work for-” “the men that work for me are scarier” you promise giving him a wink “You’re going to just listen to me from now on” you tell him “I already do” he states as you nod in agreement “but now I’ll pay you for it” you finish as you lightly pat his cheek.

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About the most recent prompts, Namjoon 1/16/48 Or just 48, I just thought the three could work pretty well together 😊

1 - “You’re cute when you’re worried.”
16 - “I can’t… I can’t lose you.”
48 - “Did they hurt you?”

i guess it’s mafia au time

The day of your return was bittersweet. Being a member of Bangtan, the biggest gang in the city had its perks. However, there was the downside. You were the only female in the gang and it made you a direct target for other gangs. You’d never killed before, you’d simply been lucky enough to know Namjoon growing up. Then, you were targetted when he had joined the mafia so all he could do was offer you protection and that was to join. All else failed when you were kidnapped a week ago. The other gang, who’s name nobody would tell you, had tortured you. Kept you locked away and now your battered body was in pain.

You were finally alone for the first time in days and it almost felt nice. That was until Namjoon entered your room and you were met with a familiar presence. Your favorite one. You could barely move, but you wiggled yourself into an upright position with the help of his hands delicately on your sides before taking a seat next to you at the head of your bed. You couldn’t find yourself able to meet his eyes. “I’m sorry I was such an inconvenience, sir. I was caught off guard and-”

“Sir?” he chuckled at the use of the formality. “You know, you’re cute when you’re worried. Don’t be worried.” His face returned to a more serious one you rarely got to see. You were so used to the light-hearted Namjoon. Your best friend Namjoon. “Did they hurt you?”

You lifted your cut up arm slowly and waved a finger in his face. “Was that a rhetorical question? Of course they did.” He quickly extended and pulled you onto his lap, he quickly inhaled your scent. His favorite scent. He kissed the top of your head as you got into a more comfortable position on top of him. More laying down than sitting as you melted into his body.

“I wasn’t there when they went on the mission to get you. We figured as much and Jin said it would hurt me too much if I saw you the second we got you back. So, I waited and waited in my lonesome back home. Then when you got back, you were asleep. So, I just kinda of stood over you for a bit. Sorry if that’s creepy.” You craned your neck to see a blush creep onto his face. He sighed. “I just can’t believe I let this happen to you-”

“There’s no way this is your fault, Joon.” He tried to begin to speak again, but you quickly cut him off. “I know you blame yourself for getting me invovled in this Mafia shit, but I chose to follow you when I was attacked the first time. I would take one million more of these kidnappings if it meant I didn’t have to lose being with you all of the time.”

“I can’t… I can’t lose you.” his voice became small and raspier. You made sure not to look up at him this time. Those were signs of him crying and you knew because he repeated it so often, that he hated you seeing him cry. That he wanted to be strong for you, forever and always. 

“Joonie, you’ll never fucking lose me. Not until we both fucking die in some stupid way. You know that, right? I’d never leave your side.” you breathed for a moment before slowly starting to turn your body over. Soon you were hovering his wet face with your own and staring directly into his sad eyes with your hurt ones. “I love you too much to ever let that happen. Ever.”

“If I didn’t look so pathetic right now, I could kiss you.” he mused, his voice perking up a little bit after that. He helped you flip back around so you could be more comfortable.

“You’ll have plently of other chances.”

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As much as I want it to be sincere, i think he is just apologizing for the stuff with Billie to take everyone’s attention away his OTHER controversy going on right now (ya know, how he accepted pictures of half naked 13 year olds). But, hey, what do I know. I’m just a Ted Cruz roleplay blog.

I really wanna see protective older brother Jimmy Pesto

I have a feeling Andy and Ollie would probably get picked on a lot at school, especially when Louise isn’t around to get kids to shut their traps. I really wanna see Jimmy nervously going up to the kid picking on his brothers, and all but stuttering through a threat to leave his brothers alone, as Ollie clings to one leg, and Andy clings to the other one, while Zeke backs him up and casually reminds the bully that he’s on the wrestling team, and that “Anyone who has beef with J Ju or his family has beef with me”

Jimmy Junior who tells bedtime stories to the twins even though speaking really isn’t his strong suit, and has since they were babies, because Jimmy Sr. has to serve dinner to his customers and can’t find the time to come upstairs and read Goldilocks to his boys

Jimmy Junior who always lets the twins dance with him, even though they aren’t very good and have trouble keeping rhythm, because he knows they just want to be like him, and honestly it’s cute watching them prance around, and he likes seeing them so happy

Jimmy Junior who always gets invovled in their passions, no matter how bizarre they are, because he knows how hard it is for family to judge you for something you’re passionate about

Jimmy Junior who always comforts the boys when they have nightmares, because Jimmy Sr. has been working all day and he’s a heavy sleeper and the twins don’t want to wake him, and besides, their big brother understands a little better

Jimmy Junior who hugs his brothers when they miss their mother and reassures them that even if she doesn’t come to visit all that often, and even though she doesn’t call every week like she promised, she still loves them all a lot and she misses them as much as they miss her, even if he isn’t always so sure himself

Jimmy Junior who never tries to separate them, even as teachers and his dad and other adults in their lives try and pry them apart, because he understands that they need each other, and that they aren’t ready to be independent yet, and that’s okay

Jimmy Junior who sees his dad sigh in disappointment or scold the twins for being silly or “abnormal,” and sighing and telling him to “Just leave them alone, Dad”

Jimmy Junior who hears his dad make another crack about the twins “earning his love” or watches him try to spit out a begrudging “I love you” and sees their smiles falter and their faces fall a bit and immediately reassures them that “Dad’s just stressed, don’t worry, he loves you” 

Jimmy Pesto being a good older brother to Ollie and Andy, please

Not Manly
  • Natsu: I'm totally manly!
  • Elfman: Well, in the manly rules of the manliest, you must prove that you are manly by doing something of the most manliness. How about making a move on Lucy? That would be MANLY!
  • Natsu: Pft. That's easy.
  • Mirajane: Yes....everything is falling into place.
  • Gray: I will not let droopy eyes infect Lucy with his idiotness!
  • Juvia: Gray doesn't like love rival, does he?!? Love rival! How dare you take Gray-sama from me!
  • Lucy: E-eh? When did I get invovled in this?
  • Natsu: Lucy, I need to tell you something.
  • Mirajane: NaLu is finally happening.
  • Gray: Flame brain, don't you dare!
  • Juvia: Gray-sama! Notice me!
  • Natsu: Lucy?
  • Lucy: Yes, Natsu?
  • Erza: What's going on her-
  • Natsu: Your boobs are like two giant mountains of bounciness. They look even bigger than Erza's!
  • And this is the tale of how Natsu ended up in the infirmary.

So  that whole thing about making and selling jewelry I always say I’m going to do.. Well i’m really going to do it this time. And this time with a cause.

I’m going to have an organization for each color theme of jewelry. For example. if someone buys something that is pink a part of the proceeds will do to breast cancer awareness. And things like that. I have started making a list of what colors or piece of jewelry will go to each organization that I support. 

Since I am just starting out there will be a mixture of embroidery floss bracelets, hemp and bead keychains, and wire, bead and leather earrings and bracelets. 

As I improve in my skills I will add many more things to the list of pieces I am selling. 

I will keep tabs of everything and at the end of the months I will donate the money earned to the respective organizations that they belong to. 

Once I get all of the samples made I will start making post about them and a place online to view and order them. 

I hope people become as excited about this as I am. I cannot wait to get started. And I’m glad it will be something I can stick to doing even with the amount of time school will take up!


It’s always an interesting dynamic coming in,being new.It’s that fear of the unknown,you know?I don’t know if everyone’s gonna be nice,I don’t know how easy is gonna be to work on set so…But once I got here,everyone’s just so lovely and welcoming,it really made it easy to work right from the go.(x)

Would you like to volunteer to help clear litter?

The council has installed a number of extra large capacity waste bins in the city centre and Shirley, Bitterne, Portswood and Woolston district centres to increase our provision of street litter bins and provide additional disposal resources for local people working with us to keep the city clean.

If you or your community group would like to volunteer to help clear litter from your local area please contact Actionline 0800 519 1919 with your details and an officer will contact you to discuss your offer and what we can do to assist. The council will be able to provide you with equipment and practical and health and safety guidance.

Everyone can play their part in helping keep the city clean by disposing of their litter with care and consideration.

Hello everyone! It’s that time of year where we all just want to curl up with a good book and read. it’s also that time of year to get a move on with our reading goals before the year ends. I have decided to create a roughly two week readathon in the spirit of the holidays. 

Tis The Season Readathon will take place on December 12th through December 24th. There will be reading sprints involved on my tumblr and perhaps @bookandwords as well. Of course we will be having reading challenges so I’ll get a move on with that.

  • Challenge 1 - Read a book with red on the cover 
  • Challenge 2 - Try to read 4 books before the end of the readathon 
  • Challenge 3 - Read a book that has been on your TBR since the beginning of the year
  • Challenge 4 - Have a friend or family member recommend you a book to read 
  • Challenge 5 - Write at least one book review for one of the books you read during the readathon 

I do plan to add onto the challenges once I get a feel of how many people are interested in the actual readathon. I would love to see people take part and get more invovled in the booklr community. I will be tracking the hashtag #tistheseasonreadathon and #ttsr so please post your TBRs and use the hashtag! I might also include photo challenges so if I do I’ll be updating this post. 

Yo, I need some help

Originally i was planning on making a nice and spruced up commission info but now that some jerk stole my bike,Good news! Bike not stolen! I just owe $100 to my landlord because of a ticket though it seems i’ll have to make it expedited. And to top it off, i still haven’t been able to find work and got a CC bill to pay.

I’ll be opening commissions to try and get funds i’ll need (around $200)

Monochrome SD/Chibis $5

Colored Sketch with BG $10 (extra characters are +$2 per character)

Polished Color with simple BG $30 (up to two characters free, any more is +$3)

I’m pretty lax and liberal when it comes to what i’ll draw with some exceptions. I will not do:

  • Hardcore Pornos/NSFW (beyond some slight nudity, as long as nothing is going in or coming out)
  • Gore/gratuitous blood/realistic anatomical drawings
  • Fetish stuff
  • Stuff that you will sell and not give me a cent
  • Racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, ableist, etc stuff
  • Anything meant to incite or instigate a fight (I am not getting invovled in no petty arguments with strangers)

Beyond that, anything is fair game for me.

If you’re interested send me an ask joronjo or petit-flower (my art blog) and we can arrange stuff.

Please help how you can (even just spreading the word is good enough) 


I’m putting together a project for Dan and Phil to give to them at VidCon 2014 and I need your help! Please reblog this video to get it around to get as many people invovled as possible. :)

The link to the blog is here