get into the mood for festive

I mean…Whatever you do, don’t think about attending a friend’s wedding with Harry. And definitely don’t think about him lining up for the bouquet toss because he’s had a few too many and is in that silly mood topical drinks always get him in. And you certainly can’t think about him catching the bouquet and then making eye contact with you across the dance floor, mouthing, “Catch,” as he lobs it your way. And for the love of God, don’t think about him hanging over you, both sweaty and hot from the humidity and festivities, as you stumble back to your room for the evening, bouquet tucked safely under your arm. And please don’t think about the silly smile he’d wear as he points at the bouquet sitting on the nightstand as you undress and says with full sincerity, “Guess it’s your turn now.”

  • Yuuri: *gets possessed by a squid demon and has a dark aura around him* I̫͜ ̧̣̦͍W̱̫͉̠I̦̩L̷͎͍͇̝͙͎L͖̻͔ ̞̻̬̘̪ͅD̲̻̼̦͜Ḙ̸̫̞̪S̬̻̭̝T͖R͏̳̲O͈Ỳ͚̞̪̝̹ ̰͙̗̠̭ͅEV̞̹̬̞̲̬͕E͍̟͕̲͢R̘̥͘Y͔̺͓͝T̸͙̩͓̮̗͔H̢̙I̦͕N̬͉̞̳̦G҉
  • Yurio: big mood
  • Viktor: I VOLUNTEER
Working at Phantomhive Manor would include

*Being friends with the servants

*Being envious of how perfect Sebastian is at EVERYTHING

*But also taking advantage of it and messing up sometimes so you have less work

*Taking care of Pluto when Ciel and Sebastian go on trips

*Occasionally knowing random facts about cases, so sometimes Ciel asks for help

*Having tea with Tanaka

*Cowering whenever Sebastian gets angry

*Judging everyone that comes to balls with Bard and Mey-rin

*“Can you believe said that?” “I know right, like if you spend 8 hours slaving over a stove you wouldn’t have time to prep for a ball either”

*Playing with and helping Finny in the garden

*Being confused when Grell comes to the Manor

*Laughing at Sebastian’s reactions to Grell, he glares at you afterwards

*“(y/n) would you like to receive extra "chores”?“ "N-no sir”

*Smiling at Christmas , but being kind of irritated when Elizabeth plans suprise parties

*But still being happy because she somehow gets Ciel into a festive mood

*But laughing hardest when she puts pink and girly things on Sebastian

*Enjoying being around them even when they annoy and terrify you


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eyyy pie! so prompt for shidge: so prompt for shidge: au where katie, as the tech junkie she is, is in the middle of a very long (and also very questionable) project and shiro is the new part-time delivery guy assigned on the route for her address. he doesn't question the delieveries, only hands her stuff with a smile. (part 1)

HOO BOY. Remember when I said I was going to try and write ficlets for these requests???

Well, instead, you’re getting this. I hope you enjoy!

Also tagging @battleshidge because everyone needs more Shidge in their life [happy belated birthday to the person who dragged me into Shidge hell and is therefore responsible for all of this]. Also @katieshirogane because ilu okay and @longhairpidge my constant support in these ventures <3

“Free Shipping”

Fandom: Voltron Legendary Defender
Paring: Pidge x Shiro
Words: 9441
Rating: T+
Tags: Slow burn, oblivious crushes, university AU, college AU, fluff, pining, sass, mistaken identities :D

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Shiro has learned many things in his first four months of working a delivery route part-time.

Some, he’s found out by word of mouth. He’d learned that his route, also called the “Gunderson Route” is always given to the rookies as a test. As far as he’s been told, there are only three ways out of the Gunderson Route: the hiring of a new employee, and therefore new rookie; promotion to a better route; or demotion to package sorting at the delivery center. The route was, according to Hunk, a senior delivery person, notorious in its toughness. Lance, whom Shiro has replaced, had done a dance in the middle of the break room upon the announcement that Shiro would be taking over for him.

Which leads Shiro to the second thing he’s learned about: the namesake of the aforementioned route.

With one exception, the Gunderson Route is an easy one - about seven blocks, mostly businesses and a few condos, and one apartment building with six units. The building - and most of the building’s tenants - was older, quiet, and unremarkable from the outside. Five of the six units received little to no mail on a regular basis. But apartment No. 5, on the eastern corner of the building, got enough packages on a daily basis to form its own delivery company.

Shiro had done a double take the first day Shay, his shift manager, had handed him the clipboard with the scheduled deliveries. How, he’d asked, could one address be expecting thirteen packages? Shay’d just shaken her head and sent him off with that sweet smile of hers. It didn’t take long to find out why.

Pidge Gunderson was young, maybe twenty-four at max, barely came up to chest height on him, and had what he’d heard a fellow grad student once call ‘resting bitch face’. When he’d rung the doorbell (with his foot, since his arms were laden with eight of the thirteen heavy, misshapen packages to be delivered to the address), he’d had to wait three minutes before she even swung the door open.

“There’s supposed to be thirteen,” she’d said, squinting at the packages through a tangle of brown hair that fell over her face and past her shoulders.

“The other five are in the truck,” Shiro had said, taken aback. “I could only carry these eight up at once.”

How he remembers months later that she’d been wearing an oversized and hole-pocked NASA tee-shirt, he isn’t sure, but it sticks out as clearly in his mind as the thing she’d said next: “You’d be able to carry nine if your prosthetic were fit properly. Maybe ten, since you look pretty strong.”

He hadn’t known how she’d seen his arm under the mountain of packages, or why she’d decided to point it out like they were discussing the weather, but Shiro’s immediate reaction had been to drop the packages at her feet, whip out his clipboard, and ask her to sign. He hadn’t said a word to her on his second trip up, and she didn’t even seem to notice. Lance had seen the look on his face back at the center and passed him an unopened juicebox without question.

The third thing he’s learned is that “Pidge Gunderson” isn’t her real name. That one hadn’t taken long to figure out. Lance and Hunk had been speculating that for months before Shiro showed up that there was something strange about Pidge (besides her general demeanor and persistent package deliveries), but their guesses always ended in alien conspiracy theories  and government cover ups. It had been Shiro who’d confirmed it, simply by looking at the signature afterwards. Whatever name she’d scribbled on his clipboard, it’d been much shorter than “Pidge Gunderson”, and contained at least one ‘t’.

The fourth thing, he’s learned - well, he’s still learning it. He’s learning that, as ridiculous as it sounds, he might be falling just a little bit - just a smidge - in love with the odd and demanding girl on his delivery route.

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This is all the fault of the official art, yukata, and the way Otabek looks at Yuri like he’s the most beautiful thing in the world.

He has been invited to Hasetsu again. Not that Otabek is complaining, but he wonders why Yuuri and Viktor are so keen to have him here with all their friends and family.

Then again, J.J. is here as well, for some reason, so perhaps it’s only top figure skaters they’ve invited? Maybe they are planning another show and this is their attempt at persuasion, just getting everyone in the mood to discuss business?

Otabek doesn’t know, he really doesn’t, but then – does it matter right now?

He leans forward, chin on his hand, and watches Yuri wolf down a second helping of katsudon, despite the fact that they must have eaten their weight in unfamiliar but tasty food at the festival tonight.

Now little bits of rice and onion land everywhere as Yuri struggles with the chopsticks, but he’d adamantly refused a fork when Yuuri had offered to give him one.

Otabek tries to hide his smile behind his hand.

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anonymous asked:

what are your favorite ziam moments from every year (2010-2016)?

favorite ziam moment from every year 

this is so rude 

since is ziam from every year gonna start with 2008

2008-zayn was supposed to go to xfactor liam did go to xfactor but didnt go too far 

2010-zayn finally go to xfactor and liam was back to xfactor they finally meet

this is some “couple predestined to happen”


2011- zayn talking on bravo about ziam first kiss(?)

bonus-liam tweet about zayn 

2012-It is the worst year to choose so much has happened is the the ziam year roller coaster.

you have liam really missing zayn and not knowing how to function

because zayn place is 

and ou have ziam more and more close but then ( because always have a but)

vegas It happened and everyne have a  opinion about vegas  but the question is zayn was with a “ I had enough”attitude

the girlfriend leave and zayn mood get better 

but then we have liam quoting a classic zayn’s tweet

but then the last concert of the tour 

but then have liam’s birthday

and FINALLY itunes festival say hello to the new couple :D

but then we have MSG and as every big 1d moment we must have “all the boys must have girldfriend less niall” so liam “girldfriend” is back 

but you know actually my fave 2012 moment is ziam Germany

because nothing warms up the heart,make people happy,get your in better mood that a newly couple in love

bonus- last first kiss

2013-ziam on 1dday because has so much happen that you dont know where to focus

ziam sex time

ziam dancing

ziam sex kinky time

ziam what is personal space

ziam comforting boyfriend

ziam proud boyfriend

ziam sex kinky time (again)

ziam worried boyfriend

ziam singing for the other

bonus-  the toothpaste kiss

liam harry run to put the toothpaste bu zayn stay to listen the instructions but for some reason the 3 are back in the same time and ziam is like that

and you have zayn smile “ “I just kiss liam when we’re live for all america”

2014- “you and i“this song is on midnight memories that is actually from 2013 and explains liam’s tattoo and that is actually liam fave song in 2013

but in 2014 we have liam crying when they sing the song for the first on zayn solo

and honestly if liam says “its you” to me like that even i would do a song called its you to liam 

bonus- ziam brits

thanks for make clear that this was a ziam holiday

2015-liam always talking about zayn 

bonus- liam extremely embarrassed with a (sex) joke about zayn

2016-nobody asked but liam want you to know that he loves zayn

bonus- zayn tattoo hand that reminds me liam smoking

juicy j wiz khalifa-you feat.liam cover /mykl posting a picture that is the inspiration of zayn tattoo

liam you/zayn its you

and of course 

none of the gifs are mine 

all credits to the owners
Nanbaka Ch. 78 Translations

♪ The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town~ ♪ :D

Just the usual disclaimer, but I have no typesetting or cleaning skills at all (I’m learning though!), and I’m doing this purely for practice and to have fun, so I’m sorry in advance for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy!

A Festival with Saitama
One Punch Man Vol. 1 DVD Drama CD
A Festival with Saitama

Translated the drama CD track from the One Punch Man Vol. 1 DVD, titled ‘A Festival with Saitama,’ where Saitama and Genos go to a summer festival together. Enjoy!

Saitama: One Punch Man Special CD, a Festival with Saitama.

Saitama: On that day, I was in quite a hurry.
Saitama: All right! And with that, I’m done washing my laundry. Hey Genos, did you get the clothes?
Genos: Yes! I have finished collecting the clothes, Sensei.
Saitama: Awesome, so once we’re done folding the clothes we can be done with these chores. I’ll help with the folding.
Genos: No, it’s fine!
Saitama: But there are this many t-shirts alone, so if we do it together it’ll be much faster. C’mon give me a few so I can help out.
Genos: It’s okay. I am very confident in my folding skills. Look at this, Sensei!

*folds the clothes*

Dang, you’re right. You’re super methodical. *folds another shirt*
Genos: Ah! What was that?
Saitama: Is something wrong?
Genos: What just happened? What is the meaning of this…the speed of Sensei’s folding…it’s not normal! *calculating* TWO SECONDS!
Saitama: Why are you suddenly speaking so loudly?
Genos: With my calculations, even at the fastest speed, folding these t-shirts would still take five seconds.
Saitama: Eh?
Genos: But then with this over-accuracy, there is a possibility that I would damage the fabric of the shirt.
Saitama: What the?
Saitama: What?
Genos: Not only that, but not an inch is out of place! The shirt is perfectly folded!
Saitama: Genos, what’s wrong?
Genos: How is this possible?
Saitama: Hey, why did you grow so serious all of a sudden? Genos?
Saitama: Whaat?
Genos: Please fold this t-shirt one more time.
Saitama: But I just did!
Genos: No, please once more!
Saitama: Huh? Are you interested in how I fold things? Okay so one more time…I’ll demonstrate with this t-shirt right here.
Genos: Yes!
Saitama: You ready? So you take the two sides of the t-shirt like so, put them against each other and then you just kind of flip it over and look! Didja see that? It folds instantly! Amazing, right?
Genos: Amazing…as expected of Sensei!
Saitama: Eh? You’re that surprised?
Genos: Sensei, where did you learn such an amazing method of folding shirts?
Saitama: I was watching TV and saw this show about how to save time by doing…HEY YOU! Why are you messing up the clothes I just folded JEEZ? You must be kidding me!
Genos: I see now…With this t-shirt folding mechanism in place, I seem to be hung up on an existing form of this art.
Saitama: Are you even listening?
Genos: I understand now, Sensei! For a normal way of folding t-shirts, you would first place the back of the shirt facing up, fold the two arms in, and then fold the shirt in half. Just like that, right?
Saitama: Yeah, I guess so. Yeah…
Genos: But Sensei’s method is different! I have captured a bias in that form.
Saitama: Uh…what are you talking about?
Genos: For the sake of speed and progress, you change the way you fold your clothes. It is an impeccable change of thought process! As expected of you, Sensei!
Saitama: Like I said, people who know how to do it this way would do it like me. And besides, I just saw some lifestyle improvement tips from the TV that included this anyway!
Genos: Please wait a moment, Sensei. I need to write this in my memo.
Saitama: Just memorize it normally. Okay, whatever. Just hurry up and clean up since today I would like to―
Genos: Now that you mention it, you did say you were looking forward to some event today, right? What kind of event was it?
Saitama: Oh, did I not tell you? Today is―

*cellphone rings*

Genos: So Sensei, what was this important thing you were trying to tell me again?
Saitama: Wait, aren’t you going to pick that up? I’m interested in what’s going on.
Genos: Oh, uh…okay. Hello? Yeah, it’s me. Oh really? Where?
Saitama (to himself): That guy…there are things I just don’t get about him. And we ended up not folding anything! That guyyyyy!!!!!!
Genos: It’s a call from the Hero Association.
Saitama: What did they say? A monster appeared?
Genos: Yes, today in Z City a single monster has been advancing within the premises. At the moment, we are waiting on confirmation. According to witnesses, this monster does not seem to be a major threat. The level of the monster is low, so Sensei will not need to be involved in such trivial matters.
Saitama: Oh? So I don’t need to go?
Genos: Yes, although the Hero Association did call for us, I do not think that it is necessary as Sensei is looking forward to the event later today anyway. If absolutely necessary, I can handle this alone.
Saitama: Really? By the way, where is the thing located? When it’s over let’s meet up.
Genos: It’s in Central Park.
Saitama: What…did you just say Central Park?
Genos: Yes. I did.
Saitama: Wha―whaaaaatttt!?!?!?!?!?

Festival Monster: Ehehehe! I finally made it to the festival! All of this stuff was made for me to destroy! Yes, I will never forgive the stupid summer festivals for ruining me! I’m going to destroy it all! I became so jealous of all these girls and boys attending the festival and got so angry that I became a monster! I am the Loner Festival Monster!
Saitama: Hey, you!
Festival Monster: Who are you? Some kind of random priest?

*punch* *monster goes flying*

Festival Monster: Guess I’m off!!!!!
Saitama: I’m not bald! And this is a yukata!
Genos: Sensei!
Saitama: Ah, Genos! Seems like the monster has not interrupted the preparations of the festival!
Genos: Yes, the monster did not cause a large commotion yet.
Saitama: Thank god we made it in time. But it was super risky! If this guy were to really mess things up, the Summer Festival would be cancelled!
Genos: Sensei…do you mean that the event you were very excited about was this festival?
Saitama: Yeah, this festival.
Genos: That’s what I thought. I am not sure what makes festivals so fun, but if Sensei says so, then perhaps there is something more than meets the eye at these ordinary events that might be linked to why you are so powerful…?
Saitama: No no, that’s not it! Stuff like this is just FUN! It helps you forget the bad times! See? Festivals are the epitome of Summer! Look at all the kakigori (shaved ice) and yakisoba (fried noodles), and all the bustling food stands! For a normal young person, this kind of stuff really gets you in the mood, right?
Genos: I am sorry, Sensei. I am not like other normal human beings as I have artificial parts and…
Saitama: No, this has nothing to do with parts! *sighs* I just thought that, well, you’re always fighting monsters and taking all these notes, always being so serious and putting yourself under stress. I thought that maybe going out to places like this will be good for you. And it’s free too…
Saitama: I see…I guess you’re not really into those kind of things? Well, it’s been a really long time for me as well…
Genos: No, it’s not that I am not interested in this, but it’s more like I do not know much about it.
Saitama: Eh? Do you mean you’ve never come to a festival before?
Genos: No, it is a bit different. I do have memories of coming to a festival when I was very young with my family, but I am not sure if that memory is real or not. I have been so caught up in my goal that I try not to remember much about my past.
Saitama: Oh, I see. I assumed so. You seem to be quite complex. It’s my bad…
Genos: No, it’s fine! I see now… so this is what a festival is like!

*Bon Odori music starts playing*

Saitama: Seems like the Bon Odori* is about to start over there!
Genos: Bon…Odori?
Saitama: Shall we go, Genos?
Genos: Of course! Let us go together, Sensei!
Saitama: Yup! Besides, we already defeated the monster today as well!
Genos: Right! And if we hurry, we can go back home and fold the rest of the t-shirts, Sensei!
Saitama: Wait, you’re talking about THAT? *nudges Genos* Jeez, that’s all on you man, since you’re all about that!

T/N: *Bon Odori is a type of traditional group dance done during the Obon Festival (usually around August), which is done to honor one’s ancestors and heritage.

And uh…festival date much lol?

  • Keith: But it's the beginning of November.
  • Lance: Between the time it takes me to think of good gifts for all of you, to buy them, wrap them, not leak any spoilers, decorate, get into the festive mood, try and ignore the crippling fear of the upcoming school year, and maintain a positive outlook on life, I NEED an extra month to prepare.
  • Keith: I'll help with the Christmas lights.
First Date

Summary: In light of Boruto episode 17, here’s how I think SasuSaku’s first date went! Sakura’s flashback as she reminisces on the bench. Post-war, pre-travels.

Sakura sits down on the bench overlooking the water, her hand instinctively reaching out to feel the wooden panels. Time had weathered them a bit, but they were still as she remembered them. The shiny reflects of sunlight atop the waves bring her back almost immediately.


“Naruto, we just wanted to see the fireworks. We’ve been wandering through the forest for half an hour now all because you supposedly know of a secret spot to see them from,” Sakura complained, annoyed that they’d even considered trusting Naruto.

The festival had been dying down in anticipation for the show of fireworks to come. This was probably the last outing they’d get together as Team 7, since they were expecting Sasuke’s departure soon now that he’d been pardoned for his crimes. He was never one for participating in these activities, usually leaving Sakura and Naruto to enjoy the events without him bringing the mood down. Now that he was uncertain about the length of time he’d be away, when they’d proposed one last outing together, he felt guilty saying no. That’s how the three of them, along with Kakashi, found themselves lost in a maze of trees. 

“Sakura-chan, don’t you worry! I’ll have us out of here in no time!” The eccentric blond flashed her his thousand watt smile, with a thumbs up for good measure, but Sakura remained unimpressed. 

They continue on like this for a few minutes before Sakura breaks away from the group, seemingly distracted by something. Sasuke was well aware that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but old habits tend to die hard. It was dark, they didn’t know exactly where they were, and he felt better knowing that she wouldn’t be going alone. His feet carry him in the same direction as hers, leaving behind his best friend and former sensei. They had taken to bickering amongst themselves, with Kakashi offering dry and subtle quips about Naruto’s spontaneous nature, and Naruto returning with hot-headed replies about his perverted, old-man ways. 

Sakura glances back at him, letting him know that she was aware he was coming with her, but not offering anything about where she was headed. He soon understands that she is intrigued by a fire lit atop of a tower. Wordlessly, they both pass through some bushes and come upon a bench overlooking the sea. 

The nearly full moon was perfectly in view, creating shimmers on the peaceful waters before them. Sakura smiles at him before taking a seat on the bench, her gaze fixated on the reflection of the moon in the water. 

She is surprised to find that Sasuke not only sits on the bench close to her, but places his hand over her outstretched one. She assumes that it’s accidental and makes to move her hand away, lest he be uncomfortable. Before she gets the opportunity, however, his fingers curl ever so slightly over hers. It wasn’t enough to lock them in place, should she decide to move away, but it was evident that he was holding her hand. 

The pinkette stares down at their hands, her mouth hanging slightly open in shock. His hold on her neither tightens nor loosens, and they share this stolen moment where time seems to hang in the air before them, unseen, unmoving. Her gaze travels up to his face then, and she is glad that he continues to look straight ahead, unable to see the rosy hue that colors her cheeks. She remains unaware that his cloak covers the heat that warms the back of his neck. 

The first firework goes off before them, and Sakura can’t help but smile; a silent thank you to the universe for allowing them this almost surreal opportunity. They both knew that there wouldn’t be many for the time being. 

Her thumb curls slightly over his pinky as the next few fireworks light up the night sky, their reflection a myriad of colors on the surface of the sea. Their hands are calloused and rough from years of training, yet the touch between them is gentle. His palm is warm, and there is a comfort in the feel of his fingers holding hers. For a few more moments, they are contented by each other’s presence, not feeling the need to exchange words. 

“OI, KAKASHI-SENSEI, I FOUND IT.” Their knuckleheaded teammate emerges from the bushes, but they have already moved away from one another, putting some distance between them on the bench. Kakashi emerges a moment later behind Naruto, taking the scene in from behind. 

“Oh, is this the spot you were talking about, Naruto? I could’ve brought us here ages ago,” Sakura says, playfully condescending. She glances over at Sasuke, offering him a playful smile. 

He only smirks slightly in return, offering a simple, “hn.”

One may have missed the short, meaningful look between them behind Naruto’s complaining, but Kakashi was still as sharp as ever. He sits down between them on the bench, offering them both a warm, knowing smile beneath his mask. Only at this does Sakura slightly blush, and Sasuke turn his head away, clearing his throat. 

The rest of the night is lost in conversation amongst the four of them beneath a sky full of explosions. It was contrary to the spark that lit between them when their hands touched; two and a half minutes that would that would lead to a forever-burning fire.

little teaser for my thesis film ‘Necromancer’

There were a bunch of things that I wish I could have fixed/done, but this was a really great learning experience!! 

Will be screening at the Dusty’s on May 7th!!!

Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 98 review (+ theories)

This chapter marks the ending of volume 24 and finally ends up with the moment that was hyped at the beginning of the book, in chapter 95:

The highlight of the Liberio festival, the stage - Ch. 98

And what a festival it was! It’s probably the only chapter of the volume where Reiner spends a good time in company of the kids, where every event happened according to the plan… till the cliffhanger of the volume came to ruin the good mood.

Indeed, it’s one of the rarest cases where it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen next, because our now-protagonist was left in the dark since Eren surfaced in Liberio, triggering a bunch of unexpected events by his mere presence… just like Grisha did when he came inside Paradis. Because hey, the idea of hope and prosperity for Mainland Eldians wouldn’t be funny to envision if literally everything went as planned! 

Looks like Eren isn’t in position to attempt anything funny. He’s got what he wanted in Liberio and can return to Paradis. At best, we’ll see another timeskip of reorganization before sailing on Paradis, at worst, someone interferes against Eren or Eren does something stupid and the mood is already ruined before the operation even starts.

T’was a nice chapter with content definitely worth talking about.

  1. The cadet batch
  2. The future of Marley
  3. The Yeager’s family reunion
  4. Willy Tybur
  5. The basement meeting
  6. Key points

Follow me under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

bokuaka for the ship thing would be great!!!

BokuAka is great!!!!! <3 

  • who hogs the duvet
    Akaashi, he likes bundling himself up in it and Bokuto’s naturally really warm so he doesn’t mind~  when it’s really cold during the winter, they’ll become a deluxe blanket burrito since Bokuto + duvet = maximum warm and Akaashi loves it
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going
    Bokuto! Sometimes he texts during class, but Akaashi is diligent and won’t respond until afterwards; it’s usually just things like “what are you having for lunch today?!” “i hate math, it makes my brain hurt…” but sometimes Bokuto will text “i miss you </3″ and during break time Akaashi will quickly text back “I miss you too” 
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
    Bokuto! He’s actually pretty observant about knowing what Akaashi likes, and often gives gifts that surprise him~ 
  • who gets up first in the morning
    They’re both pretty heavy sleepers and can honestly sleep like 11 hours straight; it takes 5 alarms with the ringer on full blast to get them out of bed in the mornings, but once they shower they’re fully awake and ready to go! 
  • who suggests new things in bed
    Bokuto, Akaashi’s a bit more reserved about these sorts of things, but Bokuto wants to learn all the different ways of making Akaashi feel good~ 
  • who cries at movies
    Bokuto, Akaashi doesn’t cry easily when it comes to movies but Bokuto gets caught up in all the emotions 
  • who gives unprompted massages
    Bokuto! He likes helping Akaashi relax and his fingers are strong but gentle; he usually peppers Akaashi with kisses at the same time 
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick
    They both fuss over each other, but Bokuto’s way more intense about it and becomes a nervous chatterbox because he’s so worried; Akaashi ends up having to calm him down and he can sound exasperated but he knows this is one of the ways Bokuto expresses his love 
  • who gets jealous easiest
    Akaashi, Bokuto makes friends with anyone willing to be friends with him and Akaashi knows how easy it is to be wooed by his passion, power, and good looks, so he gets in the habit of observing people who act close with Bokuto and mentally file them as a threat or not; but at the same time, Akaashi knows that Bokuto can be really troublesome and usually reassures himself with the knowledge that he’s the only one who can truly deal with the whole Bokuto package 
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music
    Uhh I feel like Bokuto listens to hip hop, alternative rock, pop, and dubstep, while Akaashi listens to classical music, jazz, and electropop
  • who collects something unusual
    Akaashi collects owl-related things (plushies, keychains, he even has an owl onesie) since he thinks owls are cute (I wonder why…)
  • who takes the longest to get ready
    Bokuto because he has to spend time spiking his hair~
  • who is the most tidy and organised
    Akaashi, although he still makes small messes sometimes; Bokuto’s a little bit more of a whirlwind and leaves some clothes on the floor, some dishes by the sink, but when it’s time to clean he does his fair share
  • who gets most excited about the holidays
    Bokuto gets more outwardly excited, but Akaashi gets excited internally! They love being able to spend time doing things they don’t usually have time for amidst school and volleyball, like marathoning TV, going to the beach, sleeping in, going to hot springs 
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon
    Bokuto is the big spoon, Akaash is the little spoon~
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
    They both get competitive, although it takes some egging on to get Akaashi to participate
  • who starts the most arguments
    He doesn’t start it purposefully, but Bokuto’s fluctuating mood can happen at the wrong times and Akaashi doesn’t always have the patience to deal with it, so he’ll usually go do his own thing and leave Bokuto to stew, and once he comes back Bokuto’s either snapped out of it or Akaashi will talk him through it 
  • who suggests that they buy a pet
    Akaashi! He likes cats and Bokuto thinks they’re cute so they end up getting two~ one of them is named “Val” and the other “Libra” 
  • what couple traditions they have
    Massaging each other’s hands after a game; Wednesdays are Chinese food nights; matching ugly Christmas sweaters; making nachos with the works when marathoning a TV show; going to festivals and winning prizes for each other; going to the countryside for a week in the summer to get away from the city and enjoy nature; Akaashi bakes heart shaped cookies for Bokuto on Valentine’s day, while Bokuto buys him chocolate candy; marathoning Marvel films during winter break
  • what tv shows they watch together
    Sense 8, The Flash, Black Mirror, Bob’s Burgers
  • what other couple they hang out with
    KuroTsukki, Konoha/Komi, KenHina
  • how they spend time together as a couple
    Discussing volleyball; practicing plays; study sessions; buying snacks after school; watching Pacific Rim when Bokuto randomly gets in the mood for it; Bokuto warming Akaashi up when they’re outside and even with three layers and a scarf he still feels cold; Akaashi making their lunches for the next day and Bokuto hugging him from behind as he does so; Akaashi kissing Bokuto’s fingertips and Bokuto kissing Akaashi’s forehead, cheeks, nose, and mouth; going for picnics and lying on the grass and holding hands as they gaze at the clouds; wiping away tears, hugging each other fiercely, murmuring “I love you forever and always” 
  • who made the first move
    Bokuto, he just got to the point where he couldn’t hide it any longer and blurted “Akaash I like you so much would you pretty please go out with me?!” Akaashi responded “Bokuto we’re still having practice” and Bokuto went into dejected mode until Akaashi added “that wasn’t a no” 
  • who brings flowers home
    Bokuto! He likes placing them behind Akaashi’s ear because they look good on him~ 
  • who is the best cook
    Akaashi, especially when it comes to cooking meat; Bokuto can make basic dishes like pasta 

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home for the holidays. (jerome valeska x reader)

words: 1331
warnings: none
sorry for the long overdue festive drabble, i was in a christmassy mood a few days ago y!kes


a scarf, a present wrapped very poorly, a kiss

“Any idea when you’re gonna be home?” You stared out the window at the quickly darkening sky, hoping to see your boyfriend making his way down the snow covered sidewalk at any time. He had been out for quite some time now, and you just wanted to spend the bitterly cold January evening inside with him. “It’s getting late.”

“I know Doll, I promise I won’t be long.” His voice made you smile, and you nodded to yourself, eyes watching the way snow drifted down from the sky and landed softly. You hated how clingy you seemed, but it wasn’t your fault you missed him so much.

Jerome had died. You watched it from the comfort of your own home, as it aired live on television. Nothing had ever hurt you so much, and you spent over a year without him by your side by the time he miraculously came back. It had been a day you would never forget. Jerome was back, and although he had suffered some minor…alterations, he was still Jerome. However, now you found yourself worried whenever he left the house for elongated periods of time. You were terrified he had come back only for you to lose him again.

“I love you.” You offered a sentiment, making a chuckle crackle through the receiver.

“Yeah yeah…” You knew he was rolling his eyes. He never seemed to take you seriously when you expressed your feelings for him, which was why his response caught you quite off guard. “Love you too.”

You were beaming, but he hung up before anything else could be said. You sighed and shook your head slightly, shutting off your phone and going back to watching out the window. He had never sounded so genuine as he did just then, and your heart was fluttering in your chest just thinking about it.

Jerome loved you.

It seemed as if the months upon months you spent thinking about him, from his laugh, to his grin, to every little freckle he possessed, weren’t a waste of time. You meant something to him, just like he meant something to you. Now your eagerness to see him was filling you to the brim, and you couldn’t wait any longer. With little to no thought, you got to your feet and headed for the front door, scooping up your coat and hat on the way outside.

Snow flurried around you and you didn’t hesitate in pulling on your outerwear. It was truly cold, and you found yourself sniffling as you peered down the street, rocking back and forth on your feet. It was unusually quiet in the city tonight, as most people thought it wise to stay indoors. Jerome, however, had insisted there was ’something he has to do’. And ’no, it can’t wait until tomorrow, y/n…’

It just so happened to be so quiet you could hear his whistling before you saw him. The injuries to his mouth caused him difficulty, and made it come out very off key and rather painful to listen to. That was how you knew it was him.

You saw him turn a corner and couldn’t help the grin that spread across your lips as you broke out into a run.

“J!” You called, making him glance up and his eyes widen. He stopped in his tracks and let out a laugh as he watched you race towards him.

“What the hell are you doing?” He braced himself as you hit his chest, your arms immediately sliding around his torso and squeezing him tightly. He returned the gesture, giggling into your hair and furrowing his brows. “What are you doing?” He repeated, allowing you to hold him a little longer than usual. “I was only gone a few hours…”

You pulled away and shrugged, a blush rising on your cheeks. “Sorry.”

He just shook his head with a chuckle, his arms falling to rest at his sides as he gazed down at you. The two of you stood in silence, and you weren’t sure whether or not you should make a move to go inside. It was just such a calm, quiet and sincere moment, which was the complete opposite of Jerome himself. You gently pulled his scarf back to reveal his damaged yet beautiful face, and simply smiled up at him.

You looked at him and he looked at you, and there was so much hanging over your heads, unsaid because both of you were afraid of spoiling the undeniable love radiating between the two of you. Your eyes wandered across his unreadable face, lingering on the snowflakes that were accumulating in his bright hair. You gently reached up and brushed your trembling fingers through it, giggling as his nose scrunched up at your purely fond expression.

“Are you gonna tell me why you’ve been acting so…not like yourself?” You asked, settling back on your feet properly and watching him with curious eyes. “It’s freaking me out.”

Jerome’s eyes lit up slightly and a sheepish smile stretched across his scarred face. He reached inside his coat and his glove cloaked fingers produced a small gift of sorts. He shrugged and turned it over in his hands before his eyes ventured up to the dark sky littered with stars.

“I’m sorry I was…gone…for so long…” He mumbled, making you roll your eyes and pull one hand off the box to hold it in your own. You instantly knew what he was talking about.

“I’m not mad. It’s not your fault you died you idiot.”

Jerome emitted a choked, raspy laugh and shook his head, eyes rolling slightly. He held onto the gift a little tighter and took a step closer to you. “I know I know,” He waved you off, simply thinking about how long he spent dead making him feel sick. “But being dead was so…boring. Must’ve been even worse for you, y'know, without me here to keep you company.”

You playfully smacked his chest and glared up at him, before flicking your eyes back down to the gift. You couldn’t help but be curious as to what it was, and if it was for you or not.

“So, what’s with the gift?” You smiled mischievously, making him shrug halfheartedly and hold it out.

“Felt bad for missing Christmas, thought I’d uh…grab you something nice.” He said quietly as you took the gift in your own hands, scoffing at the wrapping job.

“Do this yourself?” You asked, humor dripping from your voice as you pulled at a loose flap of candy cane covered paper.

“Oh shut up. I tried, okay?”

With a giggle, you carefully unwrapped the small box and furrowed your brows, lifting the lid off. Your eyes landed on a ring—a beautiful ring lined with small diamonds and featuring a tiny crown. Your wide eyes flew up to Jerome, who had an equally widened smile and nodded to the ring.

“Well, put it on,” He encouraged, his grin widening even more as he added, “Princess.”

You nodded quickly and slid the ring on your finger, admiring the way it sparkled under the moonlight. It was definitely the nicest thing Jerome had ever given you or done for you, and it made you look to him with welled up eyes.

“Awh come on, why are you cry—”

You cut him off mid complaint by locking your lips together in a deep, passionate kiss. It caught him quite off guard, and you could tell by the way his hands seemed unsure on where to land, and the slight hesitation he showed before kissing you back. His lips were no longer soft and gentle as they moved against yours, but it didn’t stop you from pulling him closer to deepen the already heavy kiss. His hands settled on your waist, gently pulling your body towards his. You broke for only a moment to mumble a question you already knew the answer to.

“Did you actually pay for the ring?”

“Don’t spoil the moment.”


Summary: Coffee have always been key to lighten up your mood in cloudy days. Specially when its made by your favorite barista.

Author: @sleepywinchester prev. deanwincehster-af | Mobile Masterlist 

Pairings: Barista!Sam x Plus Size!Reader

Words: 1.4k+ 

Beta: @waywardlullabies​ 

Warnings: None.

A/N: Guys… Things are gonna get interesting from now on. Just warning y’all.  Feedback is always appreciated it! <3


“I’m not drinking. Ever. Again.”

Your words came out slowly and with an under gruff tone. The morning after your birthday party wasn’t as festive and carefree as the night before. Instead, you woke up with a dry mouth and headache. Events of the night were mostly blurry or non-existent in your mind. Only recalling all the tequila you drank, the money you won and that you ended up in your apartment heavily drunk.

Sam scoffed with a small flat smile as he slid the hot coffee towards you. Inhaling the smell of brewed coffee made your insides flutter with joy. The smell of coffee being really satisfying in this moment of regret. Blowing air in order to cold the coffee before you took a small sip.

“Thank you,” you sighed placing the cup on the counter.

Sam nodded with a weak smile. “Babe?” he said softly catching your attention.

You watched him laid both hands above the kitchen counter. Something was off about him since both of you woke up this morning, being mostly silence and pensive. You gave Sam a nod with an arched eyebrow as answer instead asking what.

Sam clenched his jaw, “Do your remember anything that happened last night?”

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