get into that man pile

Every woman who calls herself a lesbian when she falls in love with a man is another stone to get piled on our backs when we try to explain ourselves.

Every woman who calls herself a lesbian while she enjoys sex with men is another brick they wall us up with.

I hate it so much.

Why are they so ashamed of being our bi sisters? I don’t call bi girls who date mostly men straight, why would I say it the other way around?

Anyone I see who calls themselves a lesbian while talking about how happy they are with a man gets blocked. Instantly.

If you “met the right man”, you aren’t a lesbian. There is no “right man” for any of us.

It’s hard to make people understand how hard it hurt us when men touched us when you tell everyone how much “lesbians” like you like it.

I know this is not my usual tone. But I’m very heartsick right now. Love to my lesbian sisters, your exclusive love for women is beautiful. And solidarity to my bi sisters who are unabashedly themselves. Your love for women is beautiful too.

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"I wish you would write a fic where..." All the ladies of Overwatch get into the world's most epic semi-platonic cuddle pile.

Oh, man, this would be so cute. I think I’d want to frame it as a “behind the scenes” sort of thing - like Overwatch as we play it / see it is something like a TV show, so they’re on break.

Hana organized it, because of course she did. Lena and Emily bring those giant beanbag lovesac things. Amelie and Satya are in charge of doing people’s nails. Aleksandra and Mei are favorite cuddle targets for everyone. Ana brings the movies. Fareeha and Angela don’t even pretend, they just immediately curl up together and Sombra takes pictures of everyone before she gets pulled in.

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Can you explain who Milo yiannoupolus is? (I butchered the fuck out of his name but whatever) All I know is that he's a British trump supporter.

He’s a Breitbart columnist (Breitbart is a far-right news and opinion website, so that says a lot right there) and a conservative asshole who actually thought it would be funny to dress up as sexual assault victim advocate Emma Sulkowicz during his visit to her university. He’s also sexist and racist and thinks because he’s a gay man, he can get away with being a steaming pile of human shit.

Aw, dude, trust me, it’s no secret of mine.  Finding your ideal chill out mode or whatever is different for everybody!  Honestly, the perfect de-stress method comes through trial and error.

One tip I do have for you though: Sometimes you gotta just let yourself not care about things. I’m not saying be apathetic or lazy all the time or whatever, but trust me, man—anybody can get worked up if they let junk pile up on ‘em for too long.  You deserve a day off!

Need a little space to yourself?  Dude, don’t worry about what your friends are gonna think!  It’s nothing personal to say you need a day to yourself or whatever. Also, don’t feel like you gotta be productive, like, a thousand percent of the time, alright?  Even super workaholics rest sometimes.

Or at least, they should. Geez, does that Ford guy ever sleep?

As for like, actual stuff to do when you’re relaxing, that’s totally up to you.  Me? I’ll catch up on something I’ve been meaning to get to for a while, like a sick magazine or video game or whatever.  Soos? He’ll usually just hit an epic buffet or arcade and eat/play/both until he falls asleep.  Basically, the trick is to find something you really like to do, but something that isn’t too exerting.

If you’re going all out, then you gotta pay attention to your surroundings. Want to unwind to the max?  There’s always the classics:  Hot bath, scented candles, guided relaxation meditation…

Oh yeah, and high-intensity neon silly string wars.

Bottom line:  If you’ve earned a break, you’ve earned it.  Don’t feel guilty for it!  Find something fun, try your best to clear your head and stuff, and don’t worry for a second what other people think.

Seriously. If they judge you? I’ll silly string ‘em right where it hurts.


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!!!!!!!!! Illegally awesome aged-up character!!!!!

Took the opurrtunity to draw somebody I don’t draw often enough

Nepeta: *terminally fucks up somebody’s day*