get inside of me chicken

Drew this as part of a package I sent to @spinetrick and now that she’s gotten it in the mail I can finally post it. <3


My mom’s cat had kittens and they’re sooooo cuuuteeee, they’re a week old in this pic and they try and hiss if you touch them without mom around, but all that comes out is this little KHCK sound and they jump a little bit.

well, FML. my arthritis in my ankle is getting worse and I had to buy some compression socks and an ankle brace because it’s starting to swell up during the day too now and my cheap ankle brace wasn’t doing shit about it.

but at least I have a cute little turkey to cheer me up…

i love the weather when you’re sitting on a park bench with a chicken burger and a sprite and the air smells like a brewing storm and a flock of wild birds.
but the storm has the curtesy not to let down just yet because you’re about to go read a book in the library and didnt bring a jacket for the walk home.
i like lying in bed at home and feeling the thunder vibrate through me and tasting the drops of rain that have escaped through the fly screen on my window.
i love thunder still demanding to be present and heard, even when it’s already raining. 
i want to want to feel present and heard even when it’s already raining.