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My mom’s cat had kittens and they’re sooooo cuuuteeee, they’re a week old in this pic and they try and hiss if you touch them without mom around, but all that comes out is this little KHCK sound and they jump a little bit.


Tsukishima’s face tho

You enjoy this too much, bby.

A memory away part 7

Keith couldn’t breath he was being suffocate by a sweat sweat smell the smell was coming out of Lance and it hit Keith like brave waves from the ocean taking over him making him dizzy and turning everything blurry the only thing he could notice was Lance “L-Lance” Keith manage to say Lance was blushing and sweating pretty bad but good at the same time he was shirtless and probably only in his boxers his tail wiggling side to side and his ears flick when Keith called his name.

Keith step in which kinda made Lance panic damn it why was Keith getting affect by Lance heat? This wasn’t suppose to happen his mother explain him humans didn’t get affect by heats but Keith smelled good so so good Lance couldn’t get himself to drive him away suddenly Keith weight was hitting Lance’s nest damn it Lance should’ve made his nest bigger so Keith could…no no no! This was wrong Keith wasn’t suppose to be there “Keith” Lance said ‘you have to leave’ Lance thought but the words didn’t want to come out of his mouth.

Keith left the conversation if there was any conversation Lance will just say his name like trying to say something else but couldn’t manage to do it as responde Keith will say Lance name before getting too close Keith stand up and walk to the door this made Lance let out a cute whine Keith tap something on the door and “door lock” the security sister said after it did Keith head back to the nest this time Lance moved forward to him when Keith was close enough wrapping his arms around his neck pulling him into a kiss it was passionate and sloppy Lance scent was growing sweeter more suffocating Keith loved it “Keith” Lance muffle in the kiss Keith stop kissing Lance to focus on other parts like his neck for example.

NFSW down bellow if you wish to skip it continue until you find a line of 💙

Keith and Lance lay down on the nest Keith on top of Lance leaving hickeys on Lance brown skin Keith just realice how much he loved Lance skin it was like brown sugar it even taste like it Lance new form was adorable he had claws not so long but not too short also this black ears and tail that totally match Keith hair color he removed his jacket and tossed it aside and keep kissing Lance, second later Lance was clawing Keith shirt he could hear it ripping Lance just ripe his shirt “did you just?-” Keith was interrupt “take it off” Lance said with the perfect tone it was a fine between an orden and a beg Keith couldn’t say no to that and just took his shirt off follow by his pants.

Now Keith and Lance where only in their underwear Lance moaning Keith name did Keith die and went to heaven? Because that’s how Keith felt “you smell fucking amazing Lance…so fucking good” Keith say rubbing Lance crotch this pulled so many moans out of Lance Keith realice Lance ass was wet “it looks painful should I remove your underwear?” Keith say Lance nodded “beg” Keith order holy shit what was making him act like this asking Lance to beg?! It didn’t sound like something Keith will do “p-please Keith….please t-t-take it….off” Lance manage to say how could Lance say Keith name so well and sexy when he didn’t even remember who was Keith the thought of Lance forgetting about who was Keith pissed him off “beg me more” Keith said “pleASE!! KEITH I cAnT…pLEasE” Lance moan as Keith pulled off his boxer and easily introduce a finger on Lance hole.

“Who else have been inside of you Lance” Keith ask moving his finger inside of Lance “n-no…one” Lance answered “really?” Keith ask “y-oh fuck KEITH!” Lance let out a mixture of a moan and a cry when Keith add a second finger “I’m your first? Am I Lance?” Keith ask Lance couldn’t answer Keith scissor him “answer me or I’ll pull my fingers out” Keith said it make Lance panic “no please don’t pull them out!!” Lance cried “then answer am the only one who touch you?” Keith said “y-YES!” Lance said “just you only you!!” He answered “good boy” Keith said “such a good boy” Keith complete he pulled his own boxers off exposing his erection “Keith…please” Lance beg “please what Lance?” Keith ask he had an idea of what Lance wanted but he wanted to hear it from Lance mouth “I wa-need you…inside me” Lance said speeding his legs.

Keith didn’t take a minute of hesitation he aline his dick with Lance hole and thrust inside of Lance who let out a choke moan “fuck you’re so tight” Keith said and for his huge surprise Lance instantly start rocking his hips against Keith, Keith start to move after that slowly pulls out and fast thrust and with every movement of Keith Lance moan every time louder and louder “Lance you voice…” Keith say “the team will hear you” he said “Keith I…I cAn’T….” Lance said or well moan “oh geez” Keith said and pulled Lance into a kiss to silence his voice.

How long has it been? Lance and Keith didn’t know or care about the time they both where way too deep in the feeling to care about that “how is that you have so much energy?” Keith groan in Lance back now Lance was laying on his stomach ass up while Keith fucked him “you’ve come already…what six? Seven times?” Keith said “a-and you four” Lance answer now Keith felt something different something going on with his own body with his dick to be precise it was a ball growing at the base of his cock it kinda make him panic “wow what’s this?!” Keith said pulling his dick out of Lance making him whine and turn “what is this?” Keith say looking up at Lance who looked surprisedly happy “that’s your knot” Lance answers positioning himself on top of Keith burring Keith dick into his ass “oh shit Lance…” Keith said Lance Mc fucking Clain was riding him Lance was letting gravity help him down slowly getting all of Keith dick inside of him “Keith…Keith pls…Knot me…please” Lance said.

Keith didn’t understand what Lance was asking but he did move his hips up to fuck Lance until this ‘knot’ got into Lance ass making him whine and shake against Keith as he come “fuck are you alright?” Keith ask concern about to pull his dick out “No! Don’t pull it out pls don’t!” Lance said wrapping his arms around Keith neck and letting his hand slide in his hair Keith quickly understood this ‘knot’ was a good thing Keith start moving his hips again harder and faster dragging moans from Lance “I’m gonna come” Keith said “do it inside pls Keith mark me…show everyone I’m yours Keith!” Lance said and that what was need to make Keith finish inside of Lance.


They both fell in he nest that was too small Lance with what he had left of strength move the blankets and pillows to make enough space for Keith once he was done Keith pull him close to him and cuddle.

Keith was surprise he wasn’t a cuddled but cuddle with Lance was like an instinct and suddenly he found himself staring at the back part of Lance neck he felt the necessity of bite him “Lance” Keith mumble open his mouth…