get inked get pierced

They say that if

She dyes her hair after you break up,
Y'all ain’t getting back together.
Ya girl done dyed her hair,
Got a piercing she said she never would,
Got tattooed on a whim,
And even got new silverware for her house.
You’re not even remotely coming back into my life.

Probably need to get my hair trimmed, but it’s getting so long!!!

Also, need to bleach and re-dye my hair. No makeup, almost 9 months HRT, three LHR on my beard, and many more other places. So fun

April’s Man Meat is serving up a fishy slice of Tyler McClure aka Menace McClure of Ink Therapy Tattoo in Plainfield, IN. Hit ‘em up if you’re around the shop- 317-268-6869- he’s giving a free piercing today in honor of his #diabloorganicsmanmeat debut!!! #aprilfools

I’m wide awake at midnight craving adventure! I want to explore somewhere I’ve never been, try food I’ve never tasted and make someone smile that haven’t smiled in a while xo