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OKAY!!! (He had actually been on my List™ of things to listen to, but sadly, I am lazy and cannot manage time) but I WILL LISTEN TO HIM I PROMISE

Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Andrew Lincoln and Robert Kirkman with Chris Hardwick

hardwick: I’m very excited to announce my new boy band, The Proper Boyz. We bust straight up grooves about manners and elocution yo. There’s me (the Loud One), Andy (the Brit), Normo (the Bad Boy), Robbie (the Cuddler) and JD (The Brainy One–he loves books!). We’ll be on the road all next year on our “Double Windsor” tour with the hit singles, “Diphthong Bikini” and “Allow Me To Get That Chair For You, Gurl”.#ProperBoyz

get the fuck ready for some DP HEADCANONS ABOUT MY GURL STAR

first up her last name is Benson because @melancholicmarionette
made it so in a fic and I’m adopting it because it sounds gud thank

Star Benson has an insane memory, like she remembers everything, and it’s all important stuff like who’s fucking who and which stores have the best deals and all the important current political figures and their policies

and also she can recite the entire Bee Movie script by heart for some reason

she only uses this power for evil

Star Benson knows everyone, literally everyone, that kid who moved into town last week? Star knows his favourite colour, that girl who sits in a corner and doesn’t talk to anyone? Star knows exactly which hair salon she goes to every month for that shitty dye job

names, phone numbers, addresses, Star knows them all, her phone is so full of contacts and emails and she has an account on almost all forms of social media and follows everyone from school on all of them, if anyone needs to contact someone Star can hook you up, she’s owed favours by half the student body

she is a gossip queen, she has all of the dirt, she can recognise someone by voice, by mannerisms even. she knows who the Red Huntress is, she knows who Danny PHANTOM is

nobody knows how she knows all this shit

Star Benson’s mother is a hippy fortune teller, she reads tarot cards and crystal balls and palms, very few people know this. Dash, Kwan and Paulina are the only ones she allows over her house, and they know better than to tell anyone, Star has dirt on ALL OF THEM

Star might be lowkey psychic nobody can be sure

she’s defs highkey gay tho Star is so gay and everybody knows… except her mum her mum doesn’t know because if her mum knows she’ll be so excited that she’ll tell EVERYONE and then her dad will find out

Star does not want her dad to find out her dad is a dICK

but everyone is defs lowkey scared of Star tbh Paulina acts like she’s top dog but only because Star let’s her because Star is crushing on her SO HARD, in reality Star runs the whole fucking social structure of the school. but she won’t fuck over her friends she’s not a MONSTER… as long as they don’t fuck over her first

Danny knows Star’s mother, their parents are friends, they used to hang out as kids, they didn’t have much in common but they were chill, Star and Danny are still pretty chill, mostly when nobody else is around to see it, they still chat at family barbecues

Danny doesn’t know Star knows his secret, Star doesn’t tell him, she doesn’t tell anyone

well she tells Wes because Wes already knows and nobody believes him and he keeps begging her to back him up

she thinks it’s funny

she doesn’t like Wes, he stole her chocolate bar in elementary school and Star n e v e r f o r g e t s

Star knows better than to fuck with a superhero, she could have him wrapped around her little finger but she’s smart enough to recognise that his secret is important, HE’S important I mean he regularly SAVES THE ENTIRE TOWN AND SOMETIMES THE WORLD she ain’t gonna fuck around with stakes that high she knows better than that

she doesn’t say shit about the Red Huntress because Valerie is a fucking rage nuke who can hold a grudge tighter than a god damn hydraulic press, playing with Val is playing with fire and Star ain’t about getting her ass kicked by fucking with the wrong bad bitch

Star is really focused on things she’s into the only classes she makes sure to nail perfectly are the ones she’s interested in and the ones that are relevant to her intended future political career so she’s really good at anything involving history, geography, politics, economics she’s into learning about the world and where it’s been and where it’s going

Star is going to be president of the United States one day, she’ll make fucking sure of it


“Oooh, gurl! Where’d you get that outfit?!”

There are more of these located on my tumblr page under ‘Outfit Break downs” ! XDD

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Can I be honest? I feel a little bad sometimes that I like yoi because it's yaoi and I read somewhere that yaoi, in itself, is homophobic, which makes sense to me, because, it's targeted towards girls who, presumably, fetishize gay men. But I didn't know what yaoi was when I started to watch yoi, I had only learned of the term much more recently. I watched yoi because, being a queer female, I was desperate for gay content. Does that make me homophobic then, for watching and enjoying yoi?

Never feel bad about watching yoi, which isn’t a yaoi/porn anyway lmao obviously. It’s just got a gay couple instead of a straight one and just like i (gay male) ship my straight pairings in Doctor Who, i don’t see why straight girls and boys can’t ship a gay pairing?

Ji-eun : You have legs don’t you?! If you want to go home, you can just use your crutches and go alone! 

WHAT Sangwoo SAID: Hey now! you’re just angry! *smiles* 

WHAT Sangwoo MEANT: nobody insults my hostage but me, are you really trying to test me gurl? know your place gdi Ji-eun. Imma fuck you to death, its me and Bum’s anniversary,how dare you???  


Ji-eun: Don’t be an idiot! *crosses arms* 

Sangwoo: just because youre beautiful, that doesn’t mean you can make fun of me *smiles* 

also Sangwoo: first you insult my hostage, now you insult me? gurl you gon’ get it tonight, better dig your own grave, you make a great wedding cake btw, your cause of death is my bat hitting your insides